O ct. 2006
1001 -8166
10-1025 -08
2006 -0 5-08
2006 -08 -30 .
404 0102 3
1 000 2 000
Svens son
clim atope
Refe ren ces
Arnfi el d
Two decad es of u rb an cl im ate res
A review of
t urbul en ce
exchan ges ofenergy and
urban heati s-
Interna tiona l J
Cl im at ol og y
Inf luences of the
rest on w eath er and
cl im ate param eters
At m ospheric
En viron-
3 3 4 1 73 -4 18 3.
Key i ssues and
research p ri orit ies in
lands cape
An idiosyncratic syn thesis
L andsca pe
35 5-365 .
Principl es and
Appl icai-
Inf luence of land scape
structure on
ecologi cal ef fect s of ci ty gard en s
ourna l of
regional clim ate
L andsca pe
4 133 -15 5.
Lan dscape
Arc hit ectu re
Introducti on to
orology i n
Urbani zation
En vi ronm ent
ol ogical
im pact of a sm all l ak e
on h eat s tress i
Medi terranean urban park
on cl im ate at
lands cape
ternat ional J
ournal of
Bi om e teorol ogy
15 6-165 .
Phi losophic al
Tran sa cti on s of the
S hengyan.
Inf luence ofl and
cover change
Bi ol ogica l
Sci ence s
s urface tem perat ure in
Geographi ca
Yangl in .
dynam ics of urban lands cape
7 61 -770 .
pat tern and
it s ecol ogi cal im pact on pl an ning
Advan ces i n
840 -8 44 .
7 61 -770 .
840 -8 44 .
Vegetati on as an urban clim ate con
trol in the
sub trop i-
Eli ass on
Spatial air tem perature variati
cal cit y of
Botsw ana
Interna tiona l J
ournal of
urban land
A stati stical approach
Mete orologic al
m a tology
1 307 -1 322 .
13 5-149 .
Urbaniz at ion and
S ustain ab le
el opm ent i n
Potential eff ects of vegetati on o
u rb an t herm al en-
vironm ent
Atm o sph eri c
Envi rom ent
437 -448 .
Xiaobin g.
Research on sp at ialther-
Di vi sion of
NS FC . 2 006 s
m al environm ent in
Cit y based on
S upported by
Advanc es i n
G eod aeti ca et
Cartographi ca
1 271 -1 279 .
1 39 -14 4.
1 27 1 -1 279 .
Lands cape
Patt erns
S cale an d
Canyon geom etry an d
nocturnal u rb
an heat island
Hi erarch y
Edu cati on
Com pari son of scale m odel and
fi el d observati
Inte rn a-
ourna l of
Cl im at ology
1 2 37 -254 .
Im provem ent of assess m en t
A m ult ipl e li near s tatis tical m odel f
m et hods for ecological ef fect of urban green l
th e m ean m axim um
urban heatisland
The oreti calan d
Cl im at ol ogy
233 -24 3.
Tem poral variati ons
ship between urban t em peratu re and
t he st ru ct
ure ofurban su rface
Zhi xi an g
di fferen t
Geographi ca
159 -168 .
urban green -
spati al patterns and
nvironm entaleff ects
A cas e of th e
cent ral dist rict of
Hu bei provin ce
1 59 -16 8.
18 6-192 .
m on itoring
eval uation of relations hip b et w een heat i
ef fect an d
greenb el t di stribu tion i n
Sh anghai urban are
Agricl u-
Sha ngha i
field s on sum m ertim e air t em peratu re in res
ident ial
Lan dscape
Pla nnin g
Veget at ion and
clim ati c changes in a
Ecologi cal
Econom ics
3 55 -360 .
ef fect of variati ons in surface
m oi sture
therm al region of urban
on m es oscale circulations
park s in tw o cit ies wit h diff erent s um m er cli m
Inte rn a-
192 -208 .
ou rn al of
2 0 85 -2 10 4.
A num erical s tudy
of eff ect of wi
dth of plant zone
S hihong.
Ecology and
E nviron m en t
on local cl im ate
S haoz ong
Atm osph eric
En vironm ent
3 79 -392 .
An overview ofst udy
Measuresim p roving
u rb an w arm
on atm osp heri c en vi ronm ent
in urban street ca
urban pl an ning
P lann ers
Sci enti arum
Natural ium
Uni versitat is
Pekine nsis
41 146 -153 .
Xinsh en g.
app lication of wi nd
i n urban plann ing
Dicki nson
com m on land
B ull etin of
S cien ce and
Tech nology
Bul leti n of t he
Am erican
Mete orologic al
1 01 3 -1 014 .
Yun feng.
Statu s quo
prospect s
assem blage
st ories and
of dwell ing
of res erach es on atm osph eric boundary layer o
ver in hom ogeneous
Ad ap ted w ith urban cl im ate
und erlyin g
Adva nces in
tect ural J
22 3 -230 .
22 3-230 .
Ch en gh ui.
Charact eris tic an d
app lication
Act ual ity ofs um m er ur-
erate res ol ution
S pect roradio-
ban h eat i sland
im pactof urban plann in
Inf orm at ion
greenl an d
to reducing
intens ity of u rb an
heat i sland
ourna lof
Me teorol og ical
357 -36 6.
w ind ow al gorit hm
for retrieving
su rf ace tem perau tre
3 57 -36 6.
Geographi ca
4 56 -466 .
Eli ass on
use of cl im ate know l ed ge in ur
ban plann ing
Land sc ape
Plan nin g
456 -46 6.
Quant itati ve
Lands acp
Atm ospheric science -
Techniq ue
m outer space takes
Sprin ger-
Eart h observat ion
El iasson
Diurnal air t em p eratures in bui lt
Di ck inson
boundary con dit ions
areas in rel at ion t o urban pl ann ing
Lan dscape an d
MODIS data an d
cons eq uences f or th e
o of a cl im ate
Pla nni ng
R esearch
Im proved concept s
10 .102 9 /20 03
GL 0191 04 .
in analysis and
eval uation of th e
rban cli m at e for
Sat elli te-
deri ved urban heat i s-
op tim i zing
urban planni ng
process es
At m osphe ri c
En viron-
f rom t hree coastal cit ies and
ti on of s uch dat a i n
4 1 85 -4 19 3.
urban clim at ol ogy
Inte rn ati ona l J
ourna l of
Sim u lation of greenbelt s
1 699 -1 720 .
ef fect on m eteorological en vi ronm en t in u rb a
n plann ing
Therm al rem ote sen sing
of urban cl im at
ourna l of
Ge ophysics
265 -2 74 .
Envi ron m ent
37 0-384 .
El iasson
Urban nocturnal t em peratu res
street geom etry an d
265 -2 74 .
Env ironm ental
Researc h
Environm ent
Abs tracts
In this paper
of im pacts of urban
lands cape
their dynam
environm ent are rev iewed
follow ing
effects of urban
num eric sim ul ation
ote sensing
s im ula te
ic of atm osphere layers
im pacts of
patt erns.
ote sensing
im portant role in
e studies
inform ation
im portant param
eters needed
e air sim ulation
atm osphere sim ulation
m odels and
it is necess ary to m ake
e effects and
applicati ons ofthe
landsc ape
air envi-
ronm ents w ere ident ified.
lands cape
patte rs w ere no
stil latthe
preli m inary s tage.
For advancing
applications ofknow l edge
ts oflandscape
patterns in
f m ulti dis ci pline
different scale
follow ing
tw o ques tions
Is there any
of landscape
y correlative
air environm ent
there optim al landscape
pattern for
environm ent
Air environm ent
ote sens ing.

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Normalization of Information Processing Deficits in Schizophrenia With Clozapine Veena Kumari, Ph.D., William Soni, M.B., B.S., M.Sc., and Tonmoy Sharma, M.Sc., M.R.C.Psych. Objective: The authors tested the hypothesis that the use of an atypical drug, clozapine, for patients with schizophrenia is related to less impairment in information processing def- icits (assessed by prepulse

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