80W Power Supply - 24-48 Vdc Input
1. Product Description
+15 Vdc: maximum of 200 mVpp -15 Vdc: maximum of 200 mVpp The PX3511 is a switched power supply, 19.2 to 57.6 Vdc input, double-height euro standard, and supplies power for 2. Components
The package contains the following items:  Maximum output power according to ambient temperature:  QK2691:1/2 AA Lithium battery – module for memory retention in CPUs connected at the same rack as the power supply. It is installed on the front panel of the power supply, and is hot-swappable. 3. Functional Features
3.1. General Features
 Connected to the process by screw terminals.
 Cables with gauges between 0.5 and 1.5 mm2
 LEDs that indicate the status of the output voltages.
 Normally open dry contact indicating operation of the
power source, available at the OK0, OK1 and the GND  Battery self-test circuit. The status is shown in a LED on the panel, and may be read by the CPU diagnostic  Reading of the power supply statu (+5, +15 and – 15V) by  Protection class: IP20, protection from incidental access charge duration (self-discharging): 5 years @ 25°C  Operation with maximum output load up to 10 ms of according to IEC Pub. 144 (1963) standard interruption in power supply without affecting operation according to IEC 1131/IEC 255-11 standards  Protections: any of these failures causes the source to turn off, with automatic reactivation after repair:  Relative humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing according to IEC 1131 standard, level RH2 according to the IEC 1131 and IEC-536-1976 calculated according to MIL HBDF 217E standard 1500 Vac rms between inputs and outputs during 1 minute 3.2. Electrical Features
according to the IEC 1131 e IEC 255-5 standards 1000 Vac rms between the dry contacts which  Severity level of the electrostatic discharge: 4 according to the IEC-1131 standard of severity level A and IEEE 3790.1 part AC (SWC)/IEC 255-22-1  Immunity to electric noise of the fast transient type: according to the IEC 801-4 standard, level IV  Immunity to the radiated electromagnetic field: according to the IEC-1131/IEC 801-3 standard  Resistive switching capacity of operation indication contact 1 A @ 30 Vdc 0,28 A @ 110 Vdc 1 A @ 62,5 Vac 0,5 A @ 125 Vac 80W Power Supply - 24-48 Vdc Input
4. Physical Dimensions
5. Purchase Information
5.1. Optional Items
The following item can be purchased separately:
The QK2691provides energy for RAM memory retention in the CPUs connected to the power source rack; it consists of a non-rechargeable lithium battery. 6. Installation
The PX3511 source must be connected to the rack bus with
the power supply off. The power is supplied from the front
connector, using cables from 0.5 to 1.5 mm2
The ground wire connection must be carefully carried out. A wire with a minimum 1.5 mm2 gauge must be connected to the system common ground. For further information refer to the PX2004 CPU User’s Guides.


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