We ask you to provide the following pre-treatment information. The information we collect enables us to provide you with better care. Your privacy is important to us, so all information provided will be kept strictly confidential. YOUR DETA
Title : Mr Mrs Ms Miss Dr Others________________
Given Name : ____________________________ Preferred Name : __________________________ Surname : ________________________________ Date of Birth : ________________________________________ Postal Code : ______________________________________________________ Home Address : _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mobile Phone : ________________________________ Home Phone : _____________________________ Email : ______________________________________________ BUSINESS CONTA
Your Occupation : ____________________________________________________ Work Phone : ____________________________________________ Business Name : ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Postal Code : ___________________________ EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS
Name : ___________________________________________________ Contact No. : _____________________________________________________ Relationship to you : _________________________________________ DENTAL IN
What is the purpose of your visit today : _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you had any problems with past dental treatment? Yes No If yes, please explain : ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If Yes, Which one? ____________________________ Membership No. : ______________________________ Ref No : ___________________________ No Card No. :_________________________________ How did you hear about this practice? _______________________ To whom shal we make your accounts payable? ____________________________ I have read and understand Beyond Smiles Privacy Policy. I understand that payment is required on the day of treatment.
Cash EFTPOS Credit Card
Patient/Guardian Name/Signature : _________________________________________ Date : ____________________________________________
Failure to give 48 hours notice for appointment changes may incur a cancellation fee.
Name of your general Medical Doctor : _________________________________________ Phone : __________________________________________ Address : ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Are you being treated for a medical condition at present? ____________________________________________________________________________ Are you taking any medications or supplements at present, both prescribed or over the counter? (Please List) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you have, or have you ever had, any of the following medical conditions?
Do you have any al ergies? (Penicil in, codeine, nickel, latex) Please Specify : _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you take any prescribed drugs, tablets, medicines, or creams? Please Specify : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever been given medication for Osteoporosis or Osteoponeia? Have you taken bisphosphonate medications? (Didronel, Fosamax, Aredia, Pamisol, Actonel, Zometa, Bonefos, Skelid or Bonviva) How long have you been on the medication? _______________________ When did you last take them? ____________________________________ Have you even had any adverse reactions or allergic reactions to any treatment or medications? Please Specify : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you have a heart murmur, or artificial heart valve? Do you have any prosthetic body parts? (eg. Artificial hip shoulder or knee joints) Please Specify : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ladies, are you pregnant, undergoing fertility treatment or family planning? If so, how many weeks?______________________________________________________________________________________________________ If so, how many?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Patient/Guardian Name/Signature : ____________________________________________________ Date : _____________________________________________


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Assessing the Potential Value of Rare Metals in Urban Mines: A Comparative Look at Korea and Japan By JUNG Ho-Sung Co-authored by KIM Hwa-Nyeon and CHOI Myeong-Hae September 2011 I. The Rise of Rare Metals Rare metals refer to metals which are scarce in the earth’s crust, or which are scarce because they are difficult to extract and process. Rare metals are also met

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Medical Information Dowling Catholic High School Instrumental Music Department Student name: ___________________________________ Grade: _________ Birth date: ________________ Address: ________________________________________ Home phone: ______________________________ Parent/Guardian: ________________________________ Work phone: ___________ Cell phone: _________ Parent/Guar

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