The following students obtained their Master's degree after defending a thesis on : • 1. Ameloot Paul: Effect of fluoride and lead on rat tooth germs in organ culture. • 2. Berneman Zwi: Flow cytometric study of erythrocytes. • 3. Carels Inez: Biological evaluation of polymer-bound metronidazole. • 4. Distelmans Wim: Interaction of microtubule inhibitors and gamma-irradiation in murine • 5. Geerts Hugo: Mobility analysis in cells using colloidal gold and video-photobleaching. • 6. Rillaerts Eddy: Erythrocyte viscosity and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. • 7. Schuit Frans: Cell specific somatostatin recognition by pancreatic A- and B-cells. • 8. Van der Elst: Josiane Livermetastasis of colon carcinoma in cyclosporin A treated rats. • 9. Van Riet Ivan: Use of monoclonal B-cell specific antibodies in the purification of • 10. Van Schravendijk Chris: Interactions of insulin-like growth factors with pancreatic islet • 11. De Deyn Peter: Benzodiazepine receptor antagonists on mouse neurons in cell culture. • 12. Abdi Y Mohammed: High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of pentoxifylline and its major metabolites in biological fluids. • 13. Chatterjee Nirjhar: Neurotensin inhibits PRL secretion in purified single PRL cell • 14. Cosaert Jan: Protein phosphorylation-dephosphorylation in the chromaffine cell • 15. Herregodts Patrick: Study of the monoaminergic neurotransmitters in Alzheimer's • 16. Manuel Y Keenoy M.B: Subcellular fractionation of parotid and islet cells for the study of 45Calcium uptake by endoplasmic reticulum vesicles. • 17. Opsomer Yves: The study of a possible new fimbreal antigen from an enteropathogenic bovine Escherichia Coli strain 111 KH 86: detection, purification and introduction to genetic cloning. • 18. Verhoeven Didier: Infiltration and stroma in breast cancer. • 19. Xie Zhong Wei: Leukocyte involvement in PAF-acether induced thrombosis. • 20. Lacor Patrick: Study on peripheral blood B lymphocytes and hemopoietic stem cells in • 21. Ling Zhidong: Development of culture conditions for long-term preservation of insulin- • 22. Diltoer Marc: Differential sensitivity of short- and long-term potentiation to anesthetics affecting human memory studied in rat hippocampal slices • 23. Offner Fritz: TNF in the pathogenesis of septic shock. • 24. Palermo Gianpiero: The role of assisted procreation in longstanding infertility due to male factor or to the presence of anti-sperm antibodies. • 25. Vercammen Martine: Islet cell and pituitary cell surface antibodies in insulin-dependent • 26. Cortvrindt Rita: The influence of the V- and C-Fos gene on the proliferation and differentiation of bone related cells in organ culture. A morphological approach. • 27. De Vis Joanna: Immunophenotyping of leucocytes in clotted blood and bone marrow • 28. Impens Nicole: Prostaglandins and asthma. • 29. Jimoh A. Mariam: Immunomorphological analysis of human long-term bone marrow • 30. Schots Rik: Study of antigen receptor gene rearrangements in lymphoproliferative • 31. Van De Velde Hilde: An attempt to characterize the CD5 antigen. • 32. Wisanto Arjoko: Recent applications of diagnostic ultrasound in assisted reproduction. • 33. Deleu Dirk: The use of microdialysis for the continuous intravenous (intramuscular and subcutaneous) monitoring of levodopa and 3-O-methyldopa. • 34. Govaerts Paul: Aminoglycoside induced ototoxicity. Effect of isepamicin dosing scheme • 35. Heimberg Harry: HLA-DQß genotyping in diabetes. • 36. Philippé Jan: Pattern recognition applied to the biochemical diagnosis of sepsis. • 37. Qin Yunfeng: Somatostatin analogue RC-160 inhibits the growth of implanted colon • 38. Sermon Karen: ß-N-aceylhexosaminidase activity in mouse oocytes and preimplantation • 39. Van Blerk Marjan: Evaluation of a biopsy technique on decompacted late mouse • 40. Decaluwe Joris: Purification of the lysosomal enzyme, iduronate-2-sulfate sulfatase, • 41. Demanet Christian: Bispecific monoclonal antibodies (anti-Id x anti-CD3) for treatment of murine B cell lymphoma : in vitro characterization. • 42. Eerdmans Pedro: The acute and chronic effects of alpha2-adrenergic agonists on resistance sized arteries of spontaneously hypertensive rats. • 43. Kazemzadeh Mitra: Dopamine effect on prolactin mRNA level in different prolactin-cell populations separated on a discontinuous Percoll gradient. • 44. Korbutt Gregory: Twenty-four hour hypothermic preservation of the rat pancreas prior • 45. Maes Eddie: Waiting line theory in a health-care system. • 46. Tan Weiping: Insulin autoantibodies in newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetic • 47. Teng Hui: Pancreatic insulin content after islet cell transplantation in diabetic rats. • 48. Van Liefde Isabelle: Regional distribution and subtypes of a2 adrenergic receptors in • 49. Van Rossem Koen: Contribution to standardization of continuous sensing of oxygen tension in rabbit brain cortical tissue during and after photochemically induced infarction. • 50. Vermuyten Karen: Determination of neuron specific enolase concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with neurological disorders by means of a sensitive enzyme immunoassay. • 51. Matton: An Influence of opiates and stress on the prolactin secretion in male rats. • 52. Nagy Peter: Complementation of HLA DQA and DQB genes confers susceptibility and protection to insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. • 53. Ofori-Anyinam Opokua: Inhibition of the early stages in poliovirus replication by three • 54. Van Der Biest Inge: Flow cytometric isolation and culture of human proximal tubular • 55. Wang De-Yun: Fiberoptic examination of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx in children. • 56. Wang Ya Qin: A study of the determination of Calcium antagonists in human plasma by • 57. Yang Qing: Palladium matrix modification for the determination of trace elements in biological materials and foodstuffs by means of graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. • 58. Zhang Fan: Islet amyloid polypeptide (IAPP) in the human fetal pancreas: an • 59. Amfo Kwasi Henry: Oncogenic mutations of the H-ras gene and chromosome 11P allelic • 60. Brissinck Jan: Treatment of mice bearing BCL1 lymphoma with bispecific antibodies. • 61. Liu Jiaen: Cryopreservation of biopsied eight-cell mouse embryos. • 62. Luo Wei: Ly-1 (CD5), a membrane glycoprotein of mouse T lymphocytes and a subset of B cells, is the natural ligand of the B cell surface protein Lyb-2 (CD72). • 63. Schleusner Roland: The effects of superovulation by the association of a GnRH analogue & HMG and by FSH on the follicular fluid of women undergoing In vitro fertilization. • 64. Szücs Eva: Nasal resistance distribution in a healthy caucasian population. • 65. Talukdar Md Mahiuddin: Evaluation of xanthan gum as a hydrophilic matrix for controlled-release peroral dosage form preparations. • 66. Van der Auwera Bart: Molecular and cytogenetic analysis of XX males. • 67. Van Ganse Eric: The role of antihistamines H1 in adult asthma, review of the literature and meta-analysis of the relevant clinical trials. • 68. Yan Hong Qu: Interleukin 1 and Interleukin 6 production in rat brain after injury. • 69. Boonkerd Suchitra: Preparations of Ipriflavone solid dosage forms with controlled • 70. De Corte Veerle: Characterization of a motility-promoting factor isolated from a human • 71. Mpanju Onesmo: The influence of lysosomotropic weak-bases on early events of • 72. Tu Jian: Gradient isolation of rat pancreatic islets before purification of islet B-cells. • 73. Wang Xiaoning: The use of curved calibration lines in Atomic Absorption Spectrometry • 74. Abd-El-Sattar: Ahmed Selection of motile spermatozoa from oligo- and/or astenozoospermic semen and enhancement of acrosome reaction in normal human sperm. • 75. Delhase Mireille: Molecular cloning of the human cDNA for transcription factor PIT- 1/GHF-1. A new probe for pituitary adenomas analysis. • 76. De Raeve Hendrik: Detection of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-linked antigens on the surface membrane of blood cells as a diagnostic test for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH). • 77. De Vos Anick: Identification of cell-specific proteins in pancreatic ß-cells. • 78. Hautekeete Marc: A study of the human fat-storing cell in normal and pathologic conditions using toluidine blue staining and transmission electron microscopy. • 79. Iqbal Mohammed: Immunophenotyping of leukemia and lymphoma cells with IGSS: comparison with APAAP and flow cytometry. • 80. Nkenmkeng Asong John: Biological variability of HIV-1 isolates from Africa and Europe. • 81. Pansaerts Resi: The development of a serological test, based on a Haemophilus ducrey • 82. Vergani Patricia: Expression of the transcription factor GHF-1/PIT-1 in pituitary adenomas. Further identification of this transfactor in lymphoid tissues? • 83. Zhang Tie Mei: Proinsulin biosynthesis by fetal pig islet cells. • 84. Zheng Lei: Effects of PACAP 38 on growth hormone and prolactin secretion in cultured • 85. Aboud Muhsin: Mechanisms of inherent resistance to adriamycin in human pancreatic tumour cells: the role of adriamycin cellular pharmacokinetics and DNA damage. • 86. Anak-Bodur Özlem: The activity of FAD-linked glycerophosphate dehydrogenase in spleen lymphocytes of control and diabetic animals. • 87. Cirunay J. Joyce: Evaluation of a new filler/binder for direct compression using factorial • 88. Dzeka Tafadzwa Nancy: Metabolism of carbamazepine in rat brain using microdialysis • 89. Janssenswillen Cecile: Coculture with vero cells of germinal-vesicle-stage and • 90. Lu Wen-Gao: Immunocytochemical characterization of cells isolated from human • 91. Malur Anagha: Expression of PRL, GH and Pit-1/GHF-1 in haemopoietic tissues. • 92. Shen Shali: The dynamics of arteriolar vasomotor tone and blood cell-vessel wall interaction: an in vivo microscopic investigation. • 93. Suksomtip-Tanthai Maneewan: Ruggedness test of HPLC methods: Comparison of Plackett-Burman designs and interpretation methods. • 94. Wang Rennian: Pancreatic Beta-cells growth in normal and streptozotocin-treated • 95. Grognard Nicolas: Comparison of the efficacy of Delmopinol, chlorhexidine and placebo mouthwashes on gingival inflammation in patients with gingivitis. • 96. Lammens Nicole: Human craniofacial typology and muscle fiber characteristics of M. • 97. Moradi Sabzevar Mehran: Efficacy and safety in patients with gingivitis of a delmopinol mouthwash. Effect on plaque formation in comparison with chlorhexidine and placebo mouthwashes. • 98. Amrom Dina: Prospective study of diaphorase 4 activity in babies with perinatal • 99. Dueñas Gustavo R.: Steady state mRNA levels of extracellular matrix proteins and of TGF-ß1 in viral and alcoholic liver disease. Comparison with histopathological findings. • 100. Levtchenko Elena: Investigation of proinsulin in isolated human ß cells and human • 101. Niki Toshiro: The effect of dexaethasone on extracellular matrix gene expression of • 102. Selamawit Yimer: 13C-labelled nutrient catabolism in intact cells. Limitation in the study of 13C-propionate metabolism in RINm5F cells and interpretation of 13C-glucose conversion to deuterated L-lactate in human erythrocytes exposed to D2O. • 103. Semakula Crispin: Two year follow-up of insulin (auto)antibody concentrations in patients with type 1 (insulin- dependent) diabetes of recent onset. • 104. Szücs Zsuzsa: Application of fluorescence in situ hybridization techniques in clinical • 105. Tavares da Silva Anselmo João : Development of a rat model for xenotransplantation of fetal pig islet cells - a study of the thymus as an implantation site. • 106. Van Droogenbroeck Ilse: Study of islet amyloid polypeptide in human pancreatic tissue • 107. De Meulemeester Nick: Computer-assisted location of reference points in three • 108. Lamoral Sabine: Open, non-comparative study to evaluate the long-term safety and efficacy of subgingivally applied minocycline in adult periodontitis. • 109. De Paepe Monique: ß cell growth after intraportal islet transplantation: a • 110. Katesuwanasing Dontree: Expression of c-Jun, Jun-B and Jun-D in normal ovari epithelium and epithelial ovarian cancer at the cellular level. • 111. Williams Tokunbo L.: The effects of guanidinosuccinic acid on synaptic transmission in hippocampal slices of the rat: an electrophysiological preliminary study. • 112. XU Zhi Wei: Epidemiological typing of Klebsiella oxytoca by plasmid profile, genome macrorestriction analysis and arbitralrily primed polymerase chain reaction fingerprinting. • 113. Yin Ting: Molecular analysis of patients with antithrombin III deficiency. • 114. De Meester Johan: Characterization of antibodies in highly sensitized patients awaiting • 115. De Roeck Karolien: A survey on medical ethics committees in Belgium. • 116. Dogusan Zeynep: Tumor necrosis factor-a and interleukin 1-a mediate cell death in process-bearing cells of the L3 cell line. • 117. Fan Ye-dong: Experience with heterotopic liver transplantation in the rat. • 118. Fernandes Edrisi: Investigation of determinants of human gastric mucosal cell proliferation status using proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) immunostaining. • 119. Hou Xue: A new immunoadsorption method for the measurement of proinsulin conversion intermediates in human islets. • 120. Hu Zheng Yu: Detection of soluble ICAM-1 in serum of multiple myeloma patients. • 121. Luo Dian-Zhong: The number, distribution and recruitment of Hepatic Natural Killer • 122. Lyaruu A. Isaack: Polymorphism of human chromosome 11p15 in insulin-dependent • 123. Pavlovic Dejan: Expression of major histocompatibility complex molecules by • 124. Tao Jie: Development of islet implantation in neonatal rodents: an experimental model • 125. Wets Laurens: A clinical study to evaluate the activity and safety of intravenous (IV) poly I:poly C12U (Ampligen®) in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. • 126. Xu Guoxiong: Fibronectin isoform gene expression in rat fat-storing and parenchymal • 127. Zambre Yasmeen: Analysis of insulin-like peptides produced by human pancreatic ß • 128. Zhou Xiaolan: Growth hormone secretion and its inhibiting factors in cafeteria diet fed • 129. Fulilwa Peggy: Eosinophilic inclusions in dog hepatocytes induced in vitro by alpha-2 • 130. Kutthatharmmakul: Multivariate calibration in UV and NIR analysis of Siriporn • 131. Rytilä Paula: Cellular composition of induced sputum in asthma, chronic obstructive • 132. Saelens Nathalie: Therapeutical changes in extraction versus nonextraction • 133. Wijgaerts Ingrid: Electrical versus manual toothbrushing during fixed orthodontic therapy. Effects on plaque removal and periodontal status. • 134. Chen Meng-Chi: Major histocompatibility complex class I gene expression in human and rat pancreatic ß-cells - quantification by competitive reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction. • 135. Chowdhury W. Hoque: The effects of guanidinosuccinic acid, an endogenous metabolite accumulating in renal insufficiency, are modulated by extracellular Mg2+ ions, glycine and 7 Cl-kynurenic acid in the CA1 region of rat hippocampal slices: a qualitative electrophysiological study. • 136. Chukwumezie N: Studies on the heterogeneity of a Helicase-like Beatrice Transcription • 137. Faid Louiza: In vitro study on the adhesive interaction between tumor cells and bone • 138. Gomez Patricia: Proliferation of human multiple myeloma cells in the "CD40 system. • 139. Hoorens Anne: Protein synthesis suppresses a constitutive apoptotic program in rat • 140. Idigo Joseph: Mutation screening of the Jun-D gene in ovarian cancer. • 141. Minzi Omary: Selection and development of assay methods for pharmaceutical formulations containing antibacterial sulphonamides. • 142. Mohsin Shahida: Enumeration of peripheral blood stem cells with flow cytometry: • 143. Tokola-Smith Nancy: Effects on cryopreserved human spermatozoa of conditioned media from four mammalian urogenital cell lines. • 144. Villafuerte Sandra: Analysis of HLA-DMA and -DMB polymorphism in insulin-dependent • 145. Yuan Xiao-Wei: Identification and antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial enteric pathogens and study of the plasmid profiles of salmonella strains. • 146. Van Der Schueren Guy: Cephalometric study of the treatment effects of a fixed • 147. Khatib Rana: The application of near-infrared spectroscopy in the pharmaceutical • 148. Lovisetti Paola: Molecular and Immunological characterization of a chromogranin-like • 149. Cornelis Marc: Residues of veterinary drugs: their safety evaluation in the EU. • 150. Deang Jocelyn: Characterization of duct from human pancreas. • 151. Hostens Katleen: Differences in proinsulin and insulin release from perifused human • 152. Hu Yanxin: Morphological characterization of an in vitro maturation system for early • 153. Ruangsomboon Orawan: Effects of oestrogens on prolactine gene expression. • 154. Depreter Marianne: Regulation of expression of hepatic peroxisomes during normal • 155. Njunju Mbindo: Mutation analysis in patients with cystic fibrosis and congenital • 156. Ni You Ping: GLP-1 receptor gene expression in mouse islets. • 157. Keto George: Production of polyclonal antibodies against the mouse lung GLP-1 • 158. Izurieta Sanchez Sylvia: Effect of trihexyphenidyl on the biotransformation of L-Dopa to dopamine in the striatum of hemi-parkinson rats. • 159. KhanAKD Ghous Md: In vivo microdialysis study of neurotransmitter levels and electrocorticographic changes following vigabatrin and lamotrigine administration in pilocarpine-induced epilepsy in rats. • 160. Terrazas Aranda Katty: Irreversible neutralization of poliovirus. • 161. Gobbers Erik: Evaluation of the utility of the HIV1 RNA NASBA assay for confirmation of HIV1 infection and to monitor HIV1 RNA load during antiviral therapy. • 162. Asosingh Kewal: Circulating CD34 positive cells in cord blood and mobilized blood have a different profile of adhesion molecules than those in bone marrow. • 163. Bovy Karin: Management of severe paediatric cancer pain in Flemish University • 164. Delmeire Dominique: Expression of adenylate cyclase isoforms in rat pancreatic a-cells • 165. Devolder-Irobi Ijeoma: Genetic identification of candida species in HIV-positive patients using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis. • 166. Donnelly Fergal: Adverse events in the CNS of second-generation antihistamines: a metanalysis and perspectives for the future. • 167. Laureys Steven: Transient focal cerebral ischemia assessed by in vivo microdialysis and diffusion magnetic resonance imaging in the rat. • 168. Momen Afsana: Combined evaluation of myocardial perfusion and global left • 169. Van Moer Carine: Comparison of reproducibility, accuracy and dimensional stability of linear measurements on indirect digital and conventional intra-oral radiographs. • 170. Aka Peter: Development of a DNA Heteroduplex Mobility Assay (HMA) for subtyping • 171. Domingo Ronald R: Inducibility of gluthathione S-transferase isoenzymes in collagen gel sandwich and immobilisation cultures of rat hepatocytes. • 172. Khonputsa Panrasri: Pancreatitis during drug treatment: a comparitive evaluation of three algorithms for assessing the causal role of drugs. • 173. Kisanga Elton Richard: Effect of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors on proliferation and ECM expression by rat hepatic stellate cells. • 174. Sachdev Neera: Characterization of rat mesangial cells in renal cortex sections and in • 175. Tobback Christine: Nuclear and cytoplasmic maturation in mouse oocytes: a comparison of in vitro cultured oocytes to in vivo controls. • 176. Verheyden Bart: Stabilisation of the oral polio vaccine. • 177. Wu Dequan: Morphometric analysis of pancreas in glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor • 178. Xu Jinpeng: Serum levels of bone specific alkaline phosphatase and insulin-like growth factor-1 in Kashin-Beck disease patients supplemented with selenium. • 179. Zeinoun Ziad: The TGF-ß1 autocrine growth suppressive circuit in human ovarian • 180. Liu Jun: In-vitro growth of primary mouse follicles. • 181. Lobe Emmanuel: Angiotensine II administration in rats: evaluation of renal damage • 182. Matthijs Stefan: Plaque removing efficacy of a tootbrush with new technologiy bristles. • 183 Nogueira Daniela: Frozen-thawed testicular sperm: Ultrastructure and application in • 184 Ngonseu Ernest: Hosts susceptibility and influence of pregnancy during Plasmodium Berghei malaria infection with special attention to preerythrocytic stages. • 185. Ahmad Idrees: Colon carcinoma cell to sinusoidal endothelial cell adhesion in early • 186. Albano Carola: Clinical assessment of GnRH antagonists during ovarian stimulation prior to assisted reproduction techniques. • 187. Declerck Barbara: Validation of heterologous expressed human cytochromes P-450 as tools for the identification of the human cytochrome P-450 involved in the metabolism of a new drug. • 188. Echchgadda Ibtissam: Degradation products of antisense oligonucleotides: effects on • 189. Patanawong Yuwadee: Encapsulation of morphine and bupivacaine in liposomes. • 190. Qin Hong: Identification of somatostatin receptors on rat hepatic stellate cells. • 191. Shi Lin: Incidence and treatment of opioid-induced nausea and emesis: a comparison • 192. Wu Wei: Development of a mouse model to evaluate antifibrogenic drugs in vivo. • 193. Zhu Yulan: Estrogen receptor expression in nontumorous pituitaries and pituitary • 194. Gerlo Sarah: Expression of prolactin and it's receptor in myeloid cells. • 195. Bogdani Marika: The expression and localization of the BRCA1 protein in the normal and tumoral breast and its correlation with prognostic markers. • 196. Nguyen Minh Nguyet: A Optimisation of a flow injection analysis assay using • 197. Zhang Jigang: Renal damage and antioxydant enzyme status in mice treated with • 198. Kupper Cardozo Aless.: Analysis of exonic mutations leading to exon skipping in patients with pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency. • 199. Enhtuvshin Gendendaram: Generation of human dendritic cells from frozen-thawed • 200. Van Uytsel Kim Tae Yung: Biosynthesis of islet amyloid polypeptide in the rat • 201. Van Autrève Jan: Sequence-based typing of type 1 diabetes susceptibility HLA-DQB1 • 202. Mei Shaoping: Interaction of colon carcinoma cells with hepatic sinusoidal endothelial • 203. Jin Chengluo: Suppression of TGF-B1 induced collagen synthesis in rat skin fibroblasts and hepatic stellate cells by trichostatin A. • 204. Nasako Theodora Apha: Evaluation of the newly developed HIV-1 RNA quantification assay (ELOSA HIV-1) for diverse HIV-1 subtypes (group M, O and N) and SIVcpz. • 205. Prasad Ajay: Development of a screening assay for HIV1 TAT inhibitors of medicinal • 206. Shabana Wael Mansour: Utility of diffusion weighted echo planar imaging in evaluation • 207. Zhang Yi: Construction and characterization of YAC and cosmid contig on the short • 208. Chua Shawn: Can the Herpes Virus Protein VP22 improve transduction efficiencies and growth suppressive effects of TAM 67 in ovarian cancer cells. • 209. Shamputa Isdore Chola: Detection of a gene encoding an a-crystallin homologue in numerous mycobacterial species other than Mycobacterium tuberculosis. • 210. Lombaerts Jan Frans: Immunogenicity of an engineered internal image camel single- • 211. Lahoutte Tony: Characterization of the influx of 125I-labeled tyrosine analogues into myeloma cancer cells: evidence for System T transport. • 212. Borkham Erawan: A novel carrier-adjuvant expression system based on the lipoprotein 1 from P. aeruginosa: potential for use in anti-cancer vaccine design. • 213. Castano Alvarado Marlen: Evaluation of the feasibility of conducting clinical trials in • 214. De Brito Manique Isabel: The role and possible mechanism of action of anti-thymocyte globulin (ATG) induction therapy in renal transplantation, survey of the literature and meta-analysis of significant clinical trials. • 215. Debebe Zufan: Development of an in vivo calibration method to study the distribution • 216. Dong Jing: Islet/brain 1 (1B1) mediates Interleukine-1-beta-induced suppression of insulin and GLUT2 gene expression in rat pancreatic beta cells. • 217. Gebretsadik Kahsay: Evaluation of in vivo antifibrogenic properties of the HDAC inhibitors TSA and 4-Me2N-BAPH in the CCl4-induced Balb/c mouse model of hepatic fibrosis. • 218. Go Justina: Clomiphene citrate in assisted reproduction. • 219. Krajc Mateja: Mutational analysis of the BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 genes in Slovenian families with a high incidence of breast and/or ovarian cancer and investigation of feasibility and the moral implications of counseling of these families in Slovenia. • 220. Liu Dongbo: Effects of cytokines on gene expression and survival of pancreatic islet cells isolated from iNOS deficient mice (iNOS-/-). • 221. Nguyen Anh Tho: Studies on extraction, isolation, purification and structure determination of alkaloids in Folium extract of Erythrina orientalis L. Fabaceae cultivated and collected in Vietnam. • 222. Pottier Xavier: Study of amyloid polypeptide and its precursorforms in human type-2 diabetic islet amyloid: immunochemical detection and mass analysis of microdissected deposits. • 223. Redivo Myriam: The Belgian Cystic Fibrosis Registry. • 224. Tabaku Mirela: Mutation analysis in NF1 patients. • 225. Tavaniotou Asimina: Correlation between endometrial morphology, endocrinology and integrin expression in the early luteal phase in natural and stimulated cycles. • 226. Vu Viet Anh: Development of a fast separation strategy for chiral substances using • 227. Kefas Benjamin: AICA-riboside, an activator of 5’AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), interferes with glucose suppression of apoptosis in pancreatic b-cells • 228. Liu Tao: Strategies to label the sulci on flat maps of the cortical surface of the human • 229. Ni Jie: Effects of Mycophenolate mofetil and a combination therapy (Losartan + Enalapril) on oxidative stress in a model of kidney disease • 230. Tchantchou Flaubert: Monitoring of HIV-1 subtypes distribution among individuals newly (year 2000) diagnosed in Belgium by means of V3 serotyping and Heteroduplex Mobility Assay • 231. Zhang Menghui: Quality control of plant materials with antioxidant activity using Near • 232. Zhou Yan: Epitope mapping of the inhibitory monoclonal antibody MA-159M12 against • 233. Adenowo Abedukola: A new particle in the assembly of Theiler’s murine • 234. Ako-Arrey Donatus A.: Cholinergic regulation of the activity of L-aromatic amino acid decarboxylase (AADC) in the striatum of the rat • 235. Borromeo Cecilia: Tissue distribution of islet amyloidosis in human type-2 diabetic • 238. Mohebbian Nahid: Biocompatibilty of dental alloys and their corrosion products using • 239. Ngambi L Vivian: Evaluation of calcium metabolism in an elderly Sub-Saharan • 240. Sani Musa: Development of an HIV-1 integrase assay for high throughput screening • 241. Song Dalin: Influence of catecholamines on myocardial markers and morphology • 242. Takahiso Chio: The role of ATP citrate lyase in glucose-regulated insulin release in rat • 243. Van De Wouwer Marlies: Links between coagulation and inflammation: Role of the lectin-like domain of thrombomodulin in inflammation • 244. Verelst Katleen: Anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis effects of chlorhexidine chewing gum • 245. Yan Chunli: Development and optimisation of a HPLC-method to determine biogenic amines in wine using an experimental design approach • 246. Yang Xin: Effects of resuscitative mild hypothermia, oxygen concentration on survival time after uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock in mechanically ventilated rats • 247. Zheng Fang: Transplantation of isolated fetal porcine pancreatic cells into nude mice • 248. Abdel Gadir Yasir: Infection control in endotontic treatment and retreatment • 249. Baila Liliana: Methodology of clinical trials in cancer applied to the field of breast • 250. Feng Yingmei: Deregulated C-MYC expression contributes to apoptosis of the • 251. Guerra Mendoza Yolanda: Genetical analysis of human blastocyst by fluorescence in • 252. Kochaji Nabil: Expression of cell proliferation-associated nuclear antigen Ki67 in jaws • 253. Kolibianakis Efstratios: The effect of ovarian stimulation with recombinant FSH/ GnRH • 254. Makkat Smitha: Evolution of ischemic penumbra in acute stroke ? a correlative study of early MR imaging findings with evolution of infarct • 255. Ntemgwa Michel L.: HIV-1 Neutralizing antibodies in African Women • 256. Sadeu Dongfack Jean-Clair: Study of folliculogenesis in vivo in Cavia Porcellus • 257. Wang Chen: Gamma aminobutyric acid production in pancreatic beta cells following exposure to streptozotocin, no donor and interleukin-1 beta • 258. Xie Jingwei: A model for the evaluation of radiolabeled tyrosine and phenylalanine • 259. Yuan Hong: Histological, behavioural and neurochemical chararterisation of an animal • 260. Ankghuambom Chiambah: Evaluation of a probe hybridization assay to subtype human immunodeficiency virus type-1(HIV-1) circulating recombinant form CRF02(IbNg) in Cameroon • 261. Cai Ying: BCL-2 prevents apoptosis induced by glucose limitation and AMPK-activation • 262. D’haese Jan: Comparison of the efficacy of sonic versus ultrasonic scaling • 263. Elaut Jurgen: Decalcifications and bond failures: a comparison of visible light and argon laser curing for bracket bonding, in vivo • 264. Meurs Alfred: Behavioural, neurochemical and electrocorticographical effects of • 265. Thys Steven: Development and validation of an immunotoxicological assay and evaluation of its usefulness in toxicology • 266. Van Eygen Isabelle: Influence of a soft drink with low pH on enamel surfaces. An in • 267. Yao Xiaoli: The proinsulin/C-peptide ratio as a possible predictive marker in the preclinical phase of type 1 diabetes mellitus • 268. Zhang Ying: Evaluation of ß cell function in antbody positive first-degree relatives of type 1 diabetic patients by a hyperglycemic clamp technique • 269. Abdul Muhammad Zehra: Small interfering RNA mediated suppression of SOCS-7 • 270. Asi El-Alyaa: Use of hyperglycemic clamp test to predict glucose intolerance in high risk relatives of type 1 diabetic patients • 271. Atemnkeng Magnus Ajong: Quality control and preclinical investigation of a paediatric antimalarial dry suspension with artemether as active compound • 272. Braimoh Segun: Differential Modulation of Extracellular Central Monoamines release by Selective Glutamate Receptor Ligands with Proven Anticonvulsant Activity • 273. Ghalamkarpour Arash: Validation of disinfectants used in clean rooms • 274. Ibeakanma Charles: Expression of endocrine markers and developmental transcription • 275. Lambiv Wanyu Louis: The roles of WNT signals in neural induction and midbrain • 276. Ma Thida Khin: The role of liver natural killer (NK) cells in the clearance of colon carcinoma cells during the early onset of metastasis and their interaction with Kupffer (liver macrophage) cells • 277. Wang Qidi: Glibenclamide stimulates protein synthesis in rat beta cells through • 278. Xiao Xiangwei: Manipulation of hematopoietic stem cells for pancreatic beta cell • 279. Xu Xiaobo: Evaluation of in vitro and in vivo models to search for stem/progenitor cells • 280. Yosef Salwa: The anti-diabetic drug metformin activates AMP-activated protein kinase in insulin-producing MIN6 cells and induces their apoptosis • 281. Abdul Muhammad Munira: Ceramidase activity in mammalian epidermis • 282. Ijiyemi Oluwasegun: Assessment of type 1 diabetes-associated genetic risk in the Belgian general population: a feasibility study in the Brussels region • 283. Thys Bert: An alternative replication system for Theiler’ Murine Encephalomyelitis virus • 284. Ubani Ogonnaya C.: Changes in proinsulin/C-peptide ratio during the pre-clinical phase • 285. Dombret Bernard: Plaque removing efficacy of a prototype powered toothbrush • 286. Wyn Iris: Comparison of the plaque removing efficacy of powered toothbrush at two • 287. Asscherickx Karlien: Influence of orthodontic anchorage implants inserted in the median palatal suture on normal transverse maxillary growth in growing dogs. A biometric and radiographic study. • 288. Bauwens Matthias: In vitro evaluation of 2-I-D-phenylalanine as a new potential tumour tracer for SPECT and radionuclide therapy • 289. Bovend’Eerdt Paul: Tooth-borne surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion (SRPE) compared to bone-borne surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion (TPD). Are there any differences in the change of the cant of palatal plane? • 290. Chen Yuhong: Effects of rapamycin on glycemic control in normal rats. • 291. Cosyn Jan: Short-term anti-plaque effect of two commercially available chlorhexidine • 292. Finsi Jamil: NADH: Ubiquinone oxidoreductase inhibition following metformin exposure • 293. Glarentzos Anastasios: Comparison of the efficacy of tongue scraping and tongue brushing in reduction of oral malodor in periodontal healthy subjects • 294. Hanssens Jean-Louis: Toxicity of orthodontic materials in 3-D cell cultures • 295. Igwe John: Identification of receptor for Advance Glycation End Products (RAGE) in • 296. Papanikolau Evangelos: Late follicular phase endometrium histology and steroid receptor expression in GnRH antagonist and gonadotropins IVF stimulated cycles • 297. Quintens Roel: Gene expression profiling of purified primary rat alpha- and beta cells • 298. Shi Qing: Study of different configurations of the capsule and ligaments of the talocalcaneonavicular joint and of the trabecular pattern in different types of calcanei" • 299. Stragier Pieter: Genotyping of Mycobacterium ulcerans, M. marinum and M. liflandi using mycobacterial interspersed repetitive units, and gyrase restriction enzyme analysis • 300. Torosian Kristina: A pilot study investigating potential muscle toxicity due to chemotherapy as a main cause of fatigue in breast cancer patients • 301. Abdo Shaaban: Relative quantification of WNT, frizzled and secreted antagonist gene • 302. Jia Yutao: Insulin receptor expression and signaling in quiescent and activated murine • 303. Agbor Agbor Terence: Expression pattern of the frizzled receptors during early mouse • 304. Folefac Aminkeng: Contribution of TNFA-DQ haplo- and genotypes to type 1 diabetes susceptibility and protection: a genetic study in the Belgian population • 305. LI Hongyun: Glucose and glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor signaling regulate endoplasmic reticulum stress response in rat pancreatic beta cells • 306. Long Chunmei: Glucose and IGF-1 stimulate proliferation of pancreatic beta cells and decrease their apoptosis via increased AKT/PKB signaling and synthesis of specific proteins • 307. Romero Loyola Sergio: A model for in vitro culture and meiotic maturation of Cumulus- Oocyte Complexes from immature follicles • 308. Zhang Huan: Development and validation of analysis of an artemisinin combination therapy formulation of artemether and amodiaquine • 309. Aka Elizabeth-Patu: Soluble Cadherins in breast cancer • 310. Eugene L. Asahchop: Development and evaluation of an affordable microbead-based assay for the quantification of p24 antigen in the plasma of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infected patients • 311. Han Siying: Quality control of antimalarials from East Congo D.R. • 312. Ji Xiangming: Mutation analysis of the EGFR and ERBB2 tyrosine kinase domain in • 313. Juliana A. Anchang: Validation of the fluorogenic polymerase chain reaction for the determination of Plasmodium falciparum genotypes linked to drug resistance • 314. Schroyen Ben: Characterization of leptin and adiponectin receptor isoforms on mouse • 315. Shi Xiaojing: Prophylactic insulin treatment in IA-2 autoantibody positive first-degree relatives of type 1 diabetic patients. Effects on diabetes-free survival, islet autoantibodies and stimulated C-peptide release • 316. Stein Barbara: Receptor tyrosine kinases as therapeutical targets in Multiple Myeloma • 317. Tchouate G. Lea Olive: Effects of TAM67 and EGFR-1 pathways inhibition in lung cancer cells expressing wild type EGFR-1 receptor and the proto-oncogene C-Jun • 318. Cheongwa Nkwete Wanzie: Akt/PKB prevents AMPK-mediated apoptosis and inhibition of proliferation in pancreatic beta cells • 319. Fomenky Bridget E: Pharmacological stimulation of intracellular heat shock protein 70 • 320. Kosmas Ioannis: Endocrine and endometrial profile of four different antagonist • 321. Morampudi Vijay: Evaluation of the immunogenicity and protective efficacy of plasmid DNA vaccines against Buruli disease based on proteins implicated in mycolactone synthesis • 322. Mynbaev Ospan: Transplanted cancer cell metastatic syndrome in the peritoneum wounds or/and port-sites: Russian roulette in surgical oncology • 323. Nchindia Ntonghanwah Bebonchu: Homing of in vitro expanded bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells: a study in the C57BL/KaLWRijHsd mouse model • 324. Sethuraman Anandanatarajan: The study of a set of orthogonal HPLC systems in a • 325. Sun Shouyue: Development of omentum as a site for islet transplantation in diabetic • 326. Tytgadt Virginie: Functional analysis of the USP26 gene • 327. Arrey-Akpang Emile: Generation and characterization of nanobodies (VHH) against • 328. Barthson Jenny: Phenotypical description of neonatal rat beta cells in search of specific • 329. Berlengee Frederik: Study on Fas-mediated apoptosis in xenoreactive human T • 330. Chinaka Uzoho C: Exploring conditions for adult rat ß-cell proliferation and survival • 331. Emeagi Perpetua Ukachi: Lentiviral vectors in anti-cancer therapy: direct • 332. Govaerts Elke: A prospective study on maxillary changes with bone-borne surgically- • 333. Liu Zhe: In vivo homing properties of culture expanded human mesenchymal stem • 334. Potikanond Saranyapin: Interactions between TNFa (Tumor Necrosis Factor a) and IGF-I (Insulin-like Growth Factor-I) signaling in prostate cancer cells in relation to cell survival and proliferation • 335. Rathnavelu Mohanakumar: Potential application of the association of vitamins C (sodium ascorbate) and K3 (menadione) as auxiliary therapy in cancer treatment • 336. Sanchez Ramos Flor Ines: Stage-Specific oocyte gene expression during mouse • 337. Tacken Michel: Survival rate and influence on periodontal health of glass fiber reinforced retainers compared to multistranded retainers • 338. Umelo Ijeoma: Functional assays for epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in • 339. Asanghanwa Milca: Autoantibodies against zinc transporter 8 and insulinoma- associated antigen 2ß at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes • 340. Dairo Oluseyi: The use of brain cancer cell lines as a model system to study the • 341. Desimmie Belete: Characterization of Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor and Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Receptor expression in adult rat pancreas • 342. Takukeng Cletus: Regulation of posterior HOXA genes in Tetrapod Limb Development • 343. Calleja Louel Ross: Effect on transient total pancreatic ischemia via arterial occlusion • 344. Mbunwe Eric: Human Leukocyte Antigen Class I A and B Locus Polymorphisms and Type I Diabetes in the Belgian Population • 345. Mei Jie: Phenotypic characterisation of murine hepatic stem/progenitor cells following their isolation, purification and culture • 346. Mfoataw Nchemti Vikhram Ebot: Development of nanobodies (VHH) against human zinc-alpha-2-glycoprotein(ZAG) and synaptosome-associated protein of 23kDa (SNAP-23) • 347. Onyema Oscar: The role of histone deacetylase 4 during hepatic stellate cells • 348. Seynaeve Geert: Induction of DNA damage by silica nanoparticles • 349. Siti Aminah B Abdul Rahim: Tec tyrosine kinase - promoter of cell survival and


011 E.MAlumni Board 2.0 e­meeting (12 Jan 2013, 14 h CET) – Meeting Notes Attendees: Corinna, Cristiano, Iva, Krisztina, Lynn, Monika, SofiaAdoption of the Agenda: The agenda is centred on the finalisation of the organisation of t○ GC arrivals: one participant (Anastasiya) is not able to come b○ Accommodation: 14 confirmed rooms at Villa Cipro as of 12 Jan 2013○ Cater

PROTEINS: Structure, Function, and Genetics, Suppl. 1:210–214 (1997) CASP2 Molecular Docking Predictions With the LIGIN Software Vladimir Sobolev, 1* Theodore M. Moallem, 1 Rebecca C. Wade, 2 Gert Vriend, 2 and Marvin Edelman 1 1 Department of Plant Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel 2 EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany ABSTRACT Seven docking predictions were mad

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