Al BARB ratings supplied by: Kantar Media - Infosys top 10 cHiLdren’s proGraMMes
top 10 factuaL proGraMMes
(Age 4-15)
(mil ions)
1 The Sarah Jane Adventures
1 The Apprentice
2 The Story Of Tracy Beaker
2 Countryfile
3 Gigglebiz
3 Antiques Roadshow
4 The Story Of Tracy Beaker
4 The One Show
5 Combat Kids
5 The One Show
6 The One Show
6 The Story Of Tracy Beaker
7 The One Show
8 Dani's House
8 Inside Out
9 Bear Behaving Badly
9 The One Show
10 Octonauts
10 Wal ace And Gromit’s World…
sarah Jane returned to the top of the table with rival tracy Beaker
the apprentice knocked countryfile off its perch with one of its
close behind. Gigglebiz was a new entry in a respectable third position,
biggest audiences of the series. The nature show was beaten into second as was combat Kids, scoop and Bear Behaving Badly. Disney was
place, where it was just ahead of fellow Sunday night fare antiques
unable to break into the table, after charting with two shows last week.
roadshow. inside out and Wallace and Gromit performed well.
top 10 draMa proGraMMes
top 10 entertainMent proGraMMes
(mil ions)
(mil ions)
1 Casualty
1 The X Factor
2 Inspector George Gently
2 The X Factor
3 Holby City
3 Strictly Come Dancing Results
4 Accused
4 Strictly Come Dancing
5 Midsomer Murders
5 Strictly Come Dancing
6 Midsomer Murders
6 I'm A Celebrity. Coming Out
7 Midsomer Murders
7 Coronation St: 50 Yrs, 50 Moments
8 CSI: Miami
8 Take Me Out
9 Midsomer Murders
9 Piers Meets Elton: Life Stories Spc’l
10 Midsomer Murders
10 Coronation St: 50 Yrs, 50 Moments
➤Although Holby city was down 2.05 million this week, thanks to Corrie’s ➤ The final of the x factor pulled in a massive average audience of 16
50th, it still snagged a top position. Meanwhile, a repeat of George Gently million viewers on ITV1, easily the highest-rated episode of the series and
bagged second place. Channel 5 had a rare entry with csi: Miami and
rising to more than 17 million with ITV1 HD. A show charting coronation
afternoon showings of Midsomer Murders dominated.
street’s best moments for the soap’s 50th anniversary had two entries.
top 10 coMedy proGraMMes
top 10 Music & arts proGraMMes
(mil ions)
(mil ions)
1 Live At The Apol o
1 This Is JLS
2 The Impressions Show…
2 Imagine.
3 The Armstrong And Mil er Show
3 Kings Of Leon: Excess Al Areas
4 Miranda
4 The Review Show
5 The Impressions Show…
5 Folk At The BBC
6 Dad’s Army
6 Freddie Mercury: Magic Remixed
7 Dad’s Army
7 T4: Beyonce: I Am. World Tour
8 Miranda
8 Folk Music At Christmas
9 Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights
9 TOTP 2 John Lennon Special
10 The Trip
10 One Night Stand With Ne-Yo
➤ A single episode of Miranda had two entries in the table, with the first
➤ A documentary on former the x factor contestants JLS pulled in
broadcast attracting 2.5 million viewers to BBC2 on Monday, while the 2.7 million and put ITV1 on top. Tuesday’s imagine. . on Bruce Spring-
repeat picked up an additional 1.3 million on Tuesday. The final episode steen grabbed second spot, while a repeat of Kings of Leon: excess all
of the trip was beaten by frankie Boyle’s tramadol nights.
areas was third. A totp2 John Lennon special also featured.
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