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The ash content increases considerably when needles and bark in the mixture is increased or if extraneous material, e.g. metals and minerals Refining of Novel Products by Biomass Gasification
from sand and soil, have contaminated the raw material. The needles and bark mainly affects the ash content by increase of Ca, K, P and Si and the contaminations usually affects the ash content by increase of Si, Al, Ti, Fe INFO from the project
and Na. The moisture content mainly depends on whether the material is fresh (green), i.e. have not been dried before use, or not. Stumps are another forest fuel with large potential but the environmental Considering forest residues and stumps as
impact from logging has to be solved before full commercial use is possible. Furthermore, factors such as which technique that is most cost fuel feed stocks in slagging biomass efficient and environment-friendly and how the fuel should be stored,
transported and sized also affects the possible use of stumps as well as the chemical composition, e.g. the amount of contamination (ash content). Forestry biomass is believed to be a promising bio-energy resource with Regarding if the forest residues and stumps are suitable to use as a fuel large potential. One way of refining forestry biomass can be to convert it in the pressurized entrained flow gasification plant at ETC depends into valuable biofuels. Currently Energy Technology Center in Piteå, ETC, probably mainly on how sensitive it is to variations in content and is planning to optimize the performance using forestry fuels in a composition of the ash in the fuel. The slagging gasifier should enable Pressurized Entrained flow Biomass Gasification, PEBG, process for fuels with increased ash content but the variation may be a problem since further production of biofuels. Since different biomass differ in their it can vary considerably from time to time. If the process have problems chemical, physical and morphological properties it is important to with varying ash content it is possible to narrow the variation for forest determine if the fuel meets the requirements of the gasifier or if it can be residues by using biomass that has been dried, brown forest residues, to treated to meet these requirements. The aim with this work was to make a decrease the natural ash content mainly from the needles and bark (but compilation of the characteristics of forestry fuels with main focus on this category has in general a higher content of contamination ash) or to forest residues and stumps in order to determine if they are suitable to use only long tops or filtered material. This will, however, probably increase the price of the feedstock. For both forest residues and stumps Forest residue or logging residues are the portions of the trees that there is a demand of removal of larger particles such as stones before remain on the ground after logging operations have taken place. The sizing the fuel due to risk of damaging the sizing equipment. forest residues consist of branches, tops, wood needles and foliage in Sweden mainly from the species spruce, pine and birch in decreasing order. Forest residue is a fuel that varies widely in composition, especially regarding ash and moisture content. These variations mainly depend on; type of biomass (plant species and parts of plants), harvesting time and collection technique, transport and storage conditions, pick up of Ann-Christine Johansson
extraneous material, and blending of different biomass types. +46 911 23 23 96

Source: https://ciweb.chydenius.fi/project_files/HighBio%20project%20INFO%20EN/INFO%20HighBio%20E75.pdf

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