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Goth Seengar Foundation (GSF) 
Report of Flood in Sindh  
District: Sukkur‐ Khairpur  
Dated: 9‐8‐2010 
Conducted By: Goth Seengar Foundation  Goth Seengar Foundation
Medicine type
Medicine name

1. MEDICAL CAMP at Sagion Taluka Sobho Dero District
Medical Camp has been organized since four days. The below team is supporting to flood
affected communities
™ Dr. Mahkum-din Shah ™ Shakir (dispenser) ™ Sohbat Ali Khaskeli (volunteer) ™ Naveed Ali (volunteer) ™ Qurban Ali Shah (volunteer) ™ Zameer Hussain Bhatti (volunteer) Bellow diseases are seen through Medical Camp, o Cholera / Gastro/ diarhea o Skin diseases ( allergy , scabies, eczema , o High fever: sun stock, heat stock. o Eye Diseases o Allergy o Vomiting o Malaria fever o Tansels o Snake bite This Medical camp has been continued from 5-8-2010; the patient detail is as under No: 0f Patients has been
treated in Medical camp

1 5-8-2010
2 6-8-2010
3 7-8-2010
4 8-8-2010
5 9-8-2010
List of Medicines are available in medical camp for flood affected communities is as under
2. Ripri Relief Camp Taluka Gambat.

This relief camp has been organized at village Ripri . One ambulance has been provided
by GSF that was in need in the area because there are plenty of cases i.e. Snake biting,
Cholera, Gastro, Intensive high fever, Allergies, Rashes and many more. This ambulance
brings the patients to the hospitals or big camp organized by the government, where the
patients treated well.

List of volunteers at Ripri Relief Camp

1. Nadeem Ujjan 0334-2721164 2. Nasser Ahmed 0300-3124990 3. Muhammad Baksh 4. Lutaf-ulluah 5. Hafizullah 6. Hyat Muhammad Soomro 7. Shoukat Ali 8. Ahsan Sheikh The team has reported that people are migrating from river area the detail of villages is as under 1. Jalal Mangnejo 2. Qadir Bux Sheikh 3. Miran Bux Narejo 4. Kharil Abad 5. Mithal Jagerani 6. Gullo Sial 7. Shafi Muhammad Shahani 8. Muhammad Bux Shabani 9. Bahno 10. Jogi Shabani 11. Umar Panhwar 12. Lal Kumbahr 13. Qazi Panhwar 14. Pyarial Kalhoro 15. Jamaldin Jhangan 16. Allah Warayo Shabani 17. Shafi Muhammad Shabani 18. Khando Narajo 19. Gulan Narejo 20. Jaro Narejo 21. Ismail Kurio
3. Relief Camp Khairpur city.
This camp is organized for collecting donation from the people. GSF is playing the main
role and other civil society organizations are working under the umbrella of GSF for
collecting donation to give relief at the needy place. From here we are collecting
donations, gathering volunteers, medicines and other related stuff. GSF is in contact with
the EDO (CDD) and in the end of the day a meeting held where need assessment is
considered and then decisions made that where this donation could be best utilize. We
had installed 2 hand pumps at Girls High School, Baberlo; where about 2500 people are
getting relief and shelter. There was a need of water and having many people in the
school it was difficult to render safe drinking water on large scale. Therefore, to fulfill the
need of water hand pumps were installed to meet the need. Crockery is also providing at
the relief camps by GSF and other Civil Society Organization from the collected donation
and food is providing by the government in the camps.
List of Volunteers in Khairpur camp.

Iqbal Ahmed 0300-9317189
Rasheed Bhatti
Shoukat Solangi
Faisal Rana 0333-7595234
Current flood effected areas and Status of Khairpur district collected by GSF Khairpur
Date: 09 August 2010
S:No Effect areas
Live Stock Camps started from 0 point to Sagyoun 15 camps and vaccinated 10924 animals
Bots in use: 53
Medical Camps 20 ……. (GSF -2) (PPHI -10) (DHO H - 8)
Vehicles: 35 Tractors (Govt & Seminars)
45+5 +50 Datsun (Govt & Private)
09 +4+13 Turks (Army & Private)
04 Cars (GSF)
01 Ambulance (GSF)
Water flow from Sukkur Barrage at 4:30 pm up/ 1135986 down /1089486 (Down flow
reduced due to opening of Nara Canal, NWF Canal, and all canals from gudu)

GSF coordinated other NGOs at Khairpur flood relief CAMP and taking efforts
for facilitation of district government khairpur.

1. Provided 2 Hand pumps in Govt: Camp at Baberloi Govt Girls High School 2. Provided medicine to Bhatti social welfare at Sadeji bhattyoon up Rs: 10000/= 3. Provided 1 hand pump at sadderji Bhattyoon Camp. To arrange Test &Vaccination camp of Hepatitis B at Baberloi Camp and arrange 1000 p
4. Flood Relief Cell Sukkur

This cell is organized to get the information from the departments of government, other
sources and from the areas where GSF is working i.e. Kashmore, Jacobabad, Khairpur
and Sukkur. This cell is collecting the most update information from all the areas and
then disseminate in the related departments of government and other stakeholders.
Through this all the information is sharing and it is acting like the grid of communication
and data collection. The team is as below


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