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October 2012
o everyone and welcome to the October edition of our newsletter. A Wonderful World of Animals!
We have been extremely busy at the salon this month and have been welcoming many new clients and their dog's to Dogs Palace, thank you ! Researchers have found that
to everyone who has recommended us to their friends or family. stmas is on its way (yes I said the 'C' word!) this year we are open ambidextrous—just like we are, and Monday 17th - Friday 22nd December 9am - 9pm and we are also open Christmas Eve - Monday 24th December 9am - 4pm. We are already they’ve been studying how right- or fully booked some of the previous days before Christmas so please left-brain dominance could make a don't delay and book your Christmas grooming appointments straight difference in breeding dogs for away to make sure your doggy friends are smelling fresh and looking different tasks. According to The all the girls at Dogs Palace UK per cent of people show a OCTOBER SPECIAL OFFER!
Book a grooming appointment for October and choose 
these extra treatments for only £10 extra (worth £23): 
! Police in Austria believe a Maine
Teeth Brushing and 
Breath Freshener 
Blueberry Facial 
to Orange News, this breed of cat Scrub 
Dremmel Nail Filing 
Shea Butter Paw Pad 
way is to go to our website and click on Dogs Palace U.K
98 - 100 High Street, Nailsea. Bristol. BS48 1AH
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Has Your Dog Still Got Fleas?
Did You Know?
October certainly brings us a lot to enjoy and One reason that shampoos intended for look forward to, such as the beautiful autumn humans can be harmful to dogs is because colou rs and crisp, clear days (hopefully). It also they’re formulated for the wrong skin type. bring s us closer to the end of flea season, Humans tend to be slightly acidic, whereas which is as wonderful for us as it is for our dogs tend to be slightly alkaline, so they pets. However, you may still be experiencing require a different chemical formulation from flea problems, especially because the fleas us for the best results. seem to be acquiring a resistance or tolerance True or False Quiz
treatments. If you’re finding fleas on your pets in spite of those treatments, here are a few thing 1. Some pure-bred dogs are more likely to
have health complications because of their 1) Discuss a more frequent treatment regimen genetics. T F
with your vet. Sometimes a pet can be treated every two-and-a-half to three weeks, instead 2. Puppies shouldn’t be exercised as
of every four weeks, but this largely depends vigorously as adult dogs are, because it’s too on the exact type of spot-on treatment and the strenuous for their growing bones and needs of the pet. Too much of it can be joints. T F
hazardous to their health, so it’s important to 3. A warm, dry nose always means that a dog
is running a fever. T F
Switch brands. If your preferred brand of treatment doesn’t seem to be working as well 4. Ringworm is a type of fungal infection and
as it used to, you may have better luck with a not an actual worm. T F
different one. However, be sure to wait for the other medication to clear out of your pet’s 5. All dogs need to have their anal glands
system before introducing a new one, as a veterinarian. T F
meantime, you can combat the fleas with a - Flea combing: Brush the fleas from their hair with attention to the neck, stomach, and base of the tail, and drop the fleas into a cup of soapy - Frequent bathing using a dog-approved flea shampoo. Apply it to the neck first while bathing your dog so the fleas don’t have a chance to flee to the harder-to-reach spots. We can also schedule your dog for more frequent grooming if you’re unable to bathe them at - Frequent cleaning: Vacuuming at least twice weekly and washing all our dog’s bedding and linens routinely in warm, soapy water will help keep the flea population down. Just be sure to empty the vacuum cleaner bag or canister into a plastic bag when you’ve finished, because fleas can escape the vacuum! It’s a dog’s life at the groomers!
Choosing the Right Collar
Caring for Calluses on the Joints
and Lead Combo
If you have a large-breed or heavyset dog, Usually when purchasing a new collar and you may have noticed rough patches of thickened skin on their elbows, hind legs, or lead for a dog, we don’t consider much chest. These calluses are similar to what we more than the size of the items and develop on our own hands and feet from whether they match. However, considering having our bare skin in contact with hard or the pros and cons of certain items as well rough surfaces. Large dogs typically develop as the personalities of our dogs can them in the areas that support their weight actually help us find a combination that when they lie down. Normally, they’re no callused skin tends to be very dry, it can For example, if your dog tends to pull on crack open, leading to discomfort, bleeding, the lead or shows other types of or infection. may benefit from using a Halti collar and a Fortunately, there are a few simple things thicker, more durable lead, such as a you can do to help soften the callused skin chain. The Halti, which slides over the and to help prevent any complications from dog’s head like a horse halter does, has it. One thing is to encourage them to lie shown to keep dogs calmer and more down on thick, smooth cushions, instead of engaged with their owner’s commands. on the hard floor, by placing the cushions in The thicker lead is simply a preventive their favourite spots. measure to help ensure the lead doesn’t break if your dog should become overly To soften the calluses, hold a warm compress on the area a few times daily. A soft cloth Corrective collars, such as “choke chains” soothe and moisturize the skin. You can then and anti-bark collars, can be far less further protect the skin by lathering on a thin effective than standard behavioural coat of petroleum jelly after patting the area training, and when used improperly, they dry with a towel. Regular lotions and can also be physically or psychologically moisturizers are not recommended, as dogs harmful. So, it’s usually best to try a may try to lick them off and can become ill behavioural modification plan or to work from doing so. with a professional trainer before resorting Canine Acne
Tiny dogs can greatly benefit from wearing We’re not the only ones who get calluses, a harness instead of a regular collar, as and unfortunately we’re not the only ones many of them are more prone to neck who get pimples either. Dogs do too! Canine injuries, especially if they tend to tug on acne occurs on the face, usually around the mouth, and appears similar to the pimples extra satisfaction on their walks when on a retractable lead, as it lets them safely Betsy Brevitz, D.V.M., recommends washing wander to check out new sights and scents the affected area frequently with a cleanser at their owner’s discretion. These are also that contains benzoyl peroxide. However, if a great choice if you prefer to sit back and you notice acne-like spots on other areas of relax while your dog explores, but be sure the body, the dog should be checked by a to select the proper lead according to your veterinarian for seborrhea, bacterial Doggy Humour
Split and
Broken Nails :
After many months of weekly sessions, a psychiatrist Even when dogs have their nails trimmed said to his canine patient, “It seems that we’re not larly, they occasionally break or split one. getting anywhere with therapy. After all this time, I’ve When this happens, it’s important that any yet to identify any real issues, and honestly, you seem bleeding be stopped immediately and that any to be a perfectly happy dog.” The dog sat quietly for a sharp edges be removed as soon as possible. moment and then said, “Well, since we’re being honest. I don’t come here to work on any problems. I only come The nails contain blood vessels, so they often because you let me up on your couch.” continue to bleed unless a styptic powder or firm compress is used. Because the nail also connects Keeping Your Dog at a Healthy Weight
to the foot with tissue, snags from any sharp Lots of dogs gain a little extra weight when it gets chillier outside, possibly because they spend less time edges while walking can be incredibly painful. running around outdoors but eat just as much—if not Broken nails can usually be treated at home or more. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as the fixed up at the grooming shop; however, if you dog remains active and is eating a healthy diet. You may notice multiple broken nails and continuous nail want to make a couple adjustments to their routines, problems, or if the bleeding won’t stop or your dog seems to be experiencing a lot of pain, a If your dog is less active during the cooler months, their calorie intake can be lowered slightly to match their exercise level. However, dogs that primarily spend their Weak nails are a symptom of several different time outdoors may actually benefit from a gradual medical conditions, including infections, auto- increase in calories to help keep their bodies fit and immune disorders, and mites. With proper comfortable in winter weather. Another option for indoor treatment, many dogs are able to regrow dogs is to help them maintain their current level of healthier, stronger nails within a couple months. exercise with a combination of indoor and outdoor As always, if you have any questions or concerns It’s also beneficial to keep table scraps completely off about the condition of your dog’s nails, please do limits to them, because our foods can pack on a lot of call. There’s always help and advice here if you empty calories and even be upsetting to their digestive systems. Not all human foods are bad for them, however. Giving them fruits and veggies instead of Newsletter Copyright!
regular dog treats can be really good for them and also This newsletter is provided to you every month so that help them maintain a healthy weight. Just be sure to we can give a little bit extra back to you. The content avoid giving them human foods that are dangerous for has been carefully selected in order to provide you with dogs, such as tomatoes, onions, and macadamia nuts. the best possible information. Hopefully you find it
entertaining and useful.
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