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You will receive and need to fill the following prescriptions prior to your procedure.
Valium, a relaxed patient just heals faster.
to be used for severe pain only. This medication can be taken every 6 hours, however,
some patients may experience nausea or constipation so we encourage Tylenol for minor pain.
Medrol Dose Pack, a low dose steroid treatment to reduce facial swelling. Please open the pack
and review the instructions. You will start this the morning after your procedure with breakfast,
as instructed, and continue until the pack is empty.
Zofran, for nausea, if needed place under tongue.
Ambient, for sleep the first couple nights.
You will also need from the pharmacy prior to your procedureTylenol ES.

DIET: Start with fluids in a small amounts and work your way up to drinking at least 1 gallon of
fluid daily
. Cocoa-Cola, ginger ale, Gatorade, and tea are good things to drink. No DIET! Avoid
citrus juices, dairy and coffee the first day as they may cause nausea.
Start eating slowly with bland, easy to digest foods such as clear soups, toast with jelly, Jello, or
crackers. All foods should be relatively soft for the first week.
ACTIVITY: You should avoid any strenuous activities including any activities that cause you
to bend at the waist putting your head in a dependent position until otherwise instructed. Getting
up and moving around the house is encouraged but don’t over-exert
RESTING POSITION: Your head must be elevated on at least 3 pillows at all times until
further notice.
DRESSING: The head dressing should be maintained as is until you are seen in the office post-
DRAINS: You may or may not have drain(s) post-operatively. A drain is a thin tube with a bulb
on the end. When compressed it creates a vacuum to suction fluid from the surgical site. The bulb
will then collect the fluid. You will need to empty the bulb every 8 hours by removing the
stopper located at the top of the bulb next to the tube. Record the amount of fluid in the bulb in
relation to the numbers on the side of the bulb and empty contents into the sink or toilet. Re-
compress the bulb, re-seat the stopper and re-pin the bulb to your dressing. DO NOT DROP THE
SHOWERING: Do not shower or take a bath until you are instructed to do so by Dr.
I acknowledge receipt of these instructions and have had all my questions answered.
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