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Jan J. Shim, M.D.
4 East 88th Street
New York, NY 10128
Tel. (212) 535-5020
Day Before Examination
You may have a LIGHT BREAKFAST. For LUNCH AND DINNER, LIQUIDS ONLY(such as clear juice, tea, clear broth, soda,
sorbet, clear Jello), on the DAY BEFORE the procedure. No red liquids/ Jello or milk products. You should NOT have any more
food or liquid after midnight.

Step 1
Take 2 Tablets
Take two (2) tablets of bisacodyl delayed-release tablets with water. DO NOT chew or crush the bisacodyl tablets. Do not take the
bisacodyl tablets within 1 hour of taking an antacid. Take the tablets at 12:00 pm. noon
Step 2
Mix Halflytely Solution
Add lukewarm drinking water to top of line on bottle. Cap the bottle and shake to dissolve the powder. The mixed solution will be
clear and colorless. Add flavoring pack to the solution if desired.
Step 3
Wait for a Bowel Movement
After a bowel movement occurs (usually in 1-6 hours after taking the bisacodyl), begin to drink the solution. Even if no bowel
movement occurs after 6 hours, begin to drink the solution.
Step 4
Drink All the Solution
Drink 1 (8oz) glass of the solution every 10-15 minutes (about 8 glasses). Drink each glass quickly (if possible) rather than drinking
small amounts continuously. A watery bowel movement should begin approximately within 1 hour. BE SURE TO DRINK ALL THE
You will still have loose bowel movements for about 1-2 hours after you finish drinking the solution.
Remember: If you are on INSULIN or ORAL DIABETES MEDICATION or COUMADIN, please inform Dr.
Shim and obtain specific instructions with regard to these medications. DO NOT TAKE ANY IRON TABLETS,
inflammatory medications (such as MOTRIN or INDOCIN) for one week prior to your procedure. If you are on
MEDICATION FOR HYPERTENSION OR HEART DISEASE, you should take your medications at least 2 hours prior to
your scheduled appointment. Because you will receive intravenous sedation, you should have someone to escort you home.
Commonly asked Questions:

How do I know if my prep is adequate?
The stool should be watery in consistency. It does not have to be clear in color like water since digestive juices will continue to tint the stool yellow & small flecks of debris are not a problem as long as the stool is not muddy or thick.
Will the prep interfere with my other medications?
Medications taken at least an hour before beginning the prep should be adequately absorbed, but thereafter, they are likely to be washed away by the prep.
If you have any questions about this procedure, please call Carmen at (212) 535-5020.
Your colonoscopy will take place on:
Date: ________________ Time: _____________
Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment at: Jan J. Shim, MD
4 E 88th Street, New York NY 10128


PROGRAMA DE SALUD ORAL BASADO EN LA ESCUELA Y LANZAMIENTO DE LA RESPONSABILIDAD Como parte de la iniciativa “Niños Sanos, Mente Sana”, el Departamento de Salud Pública de Chicago y el PROGRAMA DE SALUD ORAL BASADO EN LA ESCUELA de las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago (el “PROGRAMA”), dentistas licenciados vendrán a la escuela de su hijo(a) en un futuro próximo para proveer EXÁMENES

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NOTE SULL’IMPIEGO DEI FARMACI INIBITORI DI POMPA PROTONICA (PPI) IN GASTROPROTEZIONE ED IN TERAPIA Gruppo di lavoro sul a appropriatezza prescrittiva dei PPI del a Diverse categorie di farmaci di comune impiego possono essere causa o concausa di danni gastrointestinali. La possibilità di ridurre questo rischio con provvedimenti diversi rappresenta un argomento importante nel a Alcune

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