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Post-Operative Instructions


1. Gently clean inside the nose with hydrogen soaked Q-tips and then apply a thin layer of Mupirocin ointment with a Q-tip 2-3 times a day. 2. Use saline nose spray as often as needed. 3. The plaster dressing will be removed after approximately seven days at your 4. Rinse your mouth with alcohol-based mouth wash such as Listerine, after 5. Take good care of your oral hygiene. When brushing teeth, avoid brushing the upper gum where the incision wound has been stitched, as you may accidentally break the stitches causing the wound to break open. The stitches are dissolvable ones and need not be removed. ACTIVITY
1. You may shower (USING WARM, NOT HOT) water, avoiding direct spray of water on the face or around the nasal splint the first day after surgery. 2. Keep upper body elevated following surgery. Sleep on back and elevated 30-40 degrees. Sleeping in a recliner is ideal. Sleep elevated for approximately 2 weeks and on your back for approximately 2 months. It is recommended to sleep alone for 1-2 weeks after surgery to avoid accidental bumping of the nose. 3. Avoid straining or any activity that causes a feeling of pressure in the face and nose. No bending forward. Check with Dr. Arthur Tjandra before resuming any physical activity (including driving). 4. Do not manipulate the splint or tape dressing. (The splint will be removed by your doctor approximately 1 week after surgery.) 5. Avoid bumping or hitting the nose. It is recommended not to pick up small children. Please notify us if you sustain an accidental blow to the nose causing excessive swelling and bleeding. 6. Do not tweeze the eyebrows for one week following surgery. 7. Avoid excessive movement of the upper lip. Do not pull the upper lip down when applying lipstick. Avoid excessive grinning and smiling. 8. Avoid “sniffing” (constantly and forcibly attempting to pull air through the 9. Avoid constantly rubbing the base of the nose and nostrils with a Kleenex or 10. Avoid sneezing. If you must, let it come out like a cough, through the mouth. 11. Do not blow your nose for two weeks. 12. Eyeglasses can be worn as long as the splint is on. After that they must be suspended off the bridge of the nose. We will show you how this is done. This Tel: +62 61 453 2400 Fax: +62 61 453 3580 Website: Email : [email protected] is important, for the pressure of the glasses may change the new contour of the nose. 13. Contact lenses may be inserted the day after surgery. 14. Avoid sun exposure and heat as much as possible. 15. Under NO Circumstances touch or poke your nose with any foreign objects. 16. Contact lenses can be inserted the day after surgery if your eyes don’t feel dry. Do not wear glasses for 3 weeks after surgery if possible. 17. No Facials or Massages for 3 months after surgery.
1. Begin with bland foods (clear liquids, broths, etc.) and advance as tolerated. 2. Resume a well-balanced diet including protein and high fiber foods. 3. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine for two weeks, for these will dramatically 4. Increase fluids such as water and fruit juices (with the exception of citrus MEDICATIONS
1. Take antibiotic as directed by your prescription (on medication bottle). 2. Take pain medication as directed (avoid driving or consuming alcohol while 3. If pain is mild, you may take extra strength Tylenol instead per manufacturer’s directions. Do not take any products containing ibuprofen (including Advil, Midol, etc.) in place of pain medicine. 4. Do not take aspirin for at least one week following surgery. 5. Take stool softener as directed beginning the evening of surgery. 6. Occasionally, you may encounter a sore throat due to anesthesia. Lozenges, such as Cepacol, will relieve this discomfort. 7. Please check with your doctor before resuming any medications taken on a WHAT TO EXPECT
1. Some bruising and swelling is normal as well as a small amount of blood tinged nasal drainage. You will continue to improve up to one year after surgery. Please notify us if the drainage becomes quite bloody and flows profusely, as when one cuts a finger. 2. Nasal blockage is normal and will gradually subside over a period of time. Salt water (saline) nose spray can be used as per manufacturer’s directions. 3. The lips may become dry from breathing through the mouth; you may use Vaseline, chap stick, or lipstick to coat them. 4. Some mild nausea or vomiting is not uncommon the first 24 hours following surgery. Please notify us if you are experiencing severe nausea and vomiting and are unable to keep liquids down. Tel: +62 61 453 2400 Fax: +62 61 453 3580 Website: Email : [email protected] 5. Many patients have some periods of discouragement or mild depression after cosmetic surgery. It is natural to be concerned when your face is swollen and bruised. 6. Resuming social activities and returning to work depend upon the level of physical activity and public contact you require, as well as the swelling and bruising you may develop. The average patient goes back to work or social activities in 7 to 14 days.

Be patient. It may take as long as ONE YEAR for the subtler contour changes of the nose to take place and finalize. Please note this hospital has a no smoking policy Tel: +62 61 453 2400 Fax: +62 61 453 3580 Website: Email : [email protected]


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