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Article 223: Asava Massage -part 8
For years, medical science felt they were finally winning the battle against the tiny disease-causing microbes which had ravaged mankind for centuries, …as a result, they announced control of many diseases, yet many of these “controlled” diseases, such as polio, dengue and yellow fever, and smallpox are making a come back, tuberculosis has grown resistant to many antibiotics which were used to keep it under control, malaria has become increasingly resistant to chloroquine which was used for decades to control the illness, and new diseases such as AIDS, Ebola, and Marburg have appeared. It seems that with mass vaccinations and antibiotics …reinforced by improved sanitation and healthcare, we grew over-confident and complacent about our lives and wellbeing. But our improved health and living conditions resulted in an increased population …which put a great strain on water, sanitation, sewage systems …and food production and storage processes, …and mass transportation made it possible for diseases to spread rapidly. New strains of influenza~which killed almost 20 million sufferers in 1918-1919~arise every year …and spread rapidly. Nearly half of each year’s premature deaths are attributed to infectious diseases. It seems that as quickly as medical science limits or controls one disease …others arise, viruses and bacteria resist controlling medications, and old infectious diseases seem to re-emerge. Does this mean that tiny microbes are winning the battle? …or could it be that regardless of life’s improvements, people are still living by the unwholesome, even deadly fruits of good/evil judgments …and struggling with the resultant sadness and illness, pain and suffering, even premature death which result from those fruits. The tiny judgment-beliefs you are harboring, which you consider benign or even beneficial, can destroy you and the life you truly desire, …therefore, let’s continue our insightful look at your life and see if we can discover how to improve your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, words, and action …and create the self and life you truly desire, for where there is no vision …or where your vision has been obscured, withheld, or destroyed by even tiny judgments, you will certainly pain and perish. Consider these questions: Does it seem that your life and relationships are too complex? You make or fail to make the choices that determine the course of your desired self and life, …are you concerned that life does not intend for you to live easily and abundantly? Are you fearful of letting go? Do the same problems seem to occur again and again? When facing problems and difficulties, are you resilient? …or too firm and “fixed”? Are your emotions painful? Do you feel that in your present life and relationships you are being crushed? …squeezed or held back? Can you localize your pain? …or does it seem to move about from one place to another? And, in your life, do your pains seem localized, …or do they as well move from one person to another? …from one event to another? …from one activity to another? …from one circumstance to another? Do you feel too tender and sensitive for events ahead? …for the relationship you are in? …for the life you have created or allowed? Does it hurt to bear down and meet your commitments? In what ways does your pain arise from your beliefs? Is it painful to be flexible? …adaptable? It is all right to set goals, …but not good to be pained or controlled by them. Keep reaching and achieving. Many of your traditional beliefs, principles, and Are you beginning to sense the relationship between pain in your life and pain in your body? …between the pain and illness in your mind and beliefs …and your embodied pain and illness? You know of finer ways to live, …why don’t you live them? Your pain and illness will not change or be relieved through tiresome and critical analysis alone, you must change your self and life. Rhythmic or reoccurring pains are desperately seeking your conscious attention; continuously throbbing pains are you seeking your immediate attention and action. Are you accumulating unwholesome attitudes and pains? …and dangerous beliefs? Each pain and type of pain indicates the self and life you are living and conflicting with, …to relieve your pain, change your beliefs and ways, for your pain and life and illnesses are one. Fibromyalgia in the back refers to painful matters of the past; of the arms, to painful giving and receiving and doing; of the legs, to hurtful desires, motives, intentions, and purposes; of the feet, to painful understandings; of the joints, to difficult flexibility; …yet no matter where your hurt, pain and despair live in your mind, you are not at the mercy of life and existing conditions, for as you follow creative beliefs and understandings …and live as you truly desire, everything in your embodied self and life will ease …and enhance you. Now, about tension in your body, which indicates the state to which you presume you are being physically and emotionally stretched or strained …or pressured, and is an accurate measure of your resistance to many actions or situations in your life, let’s consider a few insightful questions about tension. Are you tense and ready to begin something …or tense about beginning? How can you tell the difference? Nothing happens by chance, …not even your tension. Have you ever been so tense that you temporarily forgot about every principle you ever learned? How did your self-created tension serve you then? Are you repeating this again? By focusing on your tension, haven’t you forgotten much of what you’ve learned? How will that help you resolve your problems? Tension merely puts you in a new situation in which you feel out of control, …are you trying to limit or control someone or a situation through your self-imposed tension? Is tension the wall of protection you have built around yourself? Do you also feel abandoned, rejected, and depressed? Is tension related to your limited state of happiness? Is tension the pathway of your life? Do you create an environment within and all around you which truly supports and nourishes the self and life you truly desire? You must change your tense beliefs before tension relief can occur. Is tension the way of your mind? Relax! …you do not have to reveal or continue anything you have done. You know the truth of your life …and that’s all that matters. Everything within you is as you believe, …are your beliefs too tense? …or tensing you? Through each belief, thought, attitude, emotion, word, and action you alone create every aspect of your self and life, …are you creating, nourishing, and maintaining the body and life you truly desire? …or are you creating tension, pain, and illness? Are you fully aware of your soft issues and your living creations? Well, you should be, for your body is your finest, most intimate friend through which you constantly and unconditionally support, reveal, and guide yourself, …for every part and function of your body outpictures an aspect of your self and life …and enables you to speak clearly to yourself through cautionary words of tenseness and stiffness and cramps, through inspiring words of strength and vitality, through distressing words of grief and stress and tautness, through painful warnings and enduring words of hardiness and durability, through effectiveness, and through many other words of inspiration or caution.

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