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Access Statement for Glendevon Guest House
Our guest house is a large Victorian house just off Marine Parade on
Ramsgate's East Cliff. We have 6 letting rooms each with their own
en suite bath/shower room and fully equipped kitchens allowing
guests to prepare and eat meals if they wish.
We have 1 double room on the ground floor and the other 5 rooms
are upstairs and are accessible using hand rails on both sides of the
We aim to cater for all our guests' requirements and are grateful for
any suggestions to improve your stay at Glendevon Guest House
either by email, letter, phone or of course, during your stay!
• Text phone, fax and email available
• Website includes 3 photos of each room showing bed, kitchen area
and bath/shower room
• Bus stops are 100 metres away in front of Granville building and 300
metres away at Plains of Waterloo
• Easy Access buses available. Thanet Loop bus service runs every
15 minutes.
• Nearest train station is approximately 1 mile away and has a lift in
• All rooms have information packs which include bus, train and ferry
info and time tables.
• Maps of Thanet and local towns available in each room.
• Ramsgate town centre or harbour are downhill and approximately 10
minutes walk or 2 minute car drive
• Accessible taxis are available
• Nearest shop-mobility scheme (includes equipment hire) is at
Broadstairs Westwood Cross Shopping Centre which is 2.4 miles
• List of 5 local Radar toilets available in Ramsgate on request
Arrival & Car Parking Facilities
• Ample free on street parking alongside the premises with a dipped
kerb 2 metres (6 feet) away from front gate with no gradient.
• Assistance with luggage/wheelchair from car to room is available at
all times
• Road surface is tarmac and pavement is paving slabs
• Contact phone number is displayed at the front entrance
• Guide/hearing dogs are welcome with bowls provided. Please
provide dogs own bed if possible.
• Signage is large and clear at the front of the house
• There is a 10cm (4 inch) concrete step up to a paved flat pathway
(portable ramp used for wheelchairs and mobility scooters)
• Metal gate is 84.5cm wide (33 1/4 inch) leading to a wide, flat, paved
pathway approximately 4 metres (14 feet) from the front door
• There is a 12cm (4 3/4 inch) concrete door step leading up to the
tiled porch which is 52cm (20 1/2 inch) from the threshold
• The threshold step is 11.5cm (4 1/2 inch) up to the front door
• The width of the front door is 90cm (35 1/2 inch). It is an original
Victorian wooden, side hinged door
• There are two external lights, 1 is halfway up the path and 1 is in the
external, covered porchway
• There is a low bench approximately halfway up the pathway leading
to front door
Main Entrance, Reception & Ticketing Area
• Please see “arrival and car parking facilities” for front door
measurements and steps up to door.
• Front door is always kept locked (keys are given on arrival and the
front door key is easily distinguishable by a plastic cap). Once guests
have their keys, they are free to come and go.
• Doorbell is on the front door under the canopied entrance and is set
at a height of 145cm (57 inch)
• Where guests cannot reach doorbell or need assistance from their
car, we ask them to phone from their car on arrival (we have a
freephone number which we provide during the booking procedure)
and we will meet them from their car and assist as discussed prior to
their arrival
• Entrance has a large, fitted, short-pile coir mat approximately 1
metre by 1 metre leading to internal porchway door.
• Internal porchway door is kept open at all times and is 89cm wide
(35 1/2 inch)
• At this door there is a very low gradient slope measuring
approximately 15cm (6 inches) leading into the carpetted reception
area. There is a metal carpet rod across this doorway helping to
distinguish the slight slope down to reception
• All carpets are very tightly weaved and short-piled.
• The carpets in the hallways and all public areas are a dark red and
the walls and skirting boards are white.
• There is a pad and paper on the reception desk
• All areas on the ground floor are level except for the aforementioned
15cm low gradient slope at internal porchway door
• On arrival guests are provided with 2 keys, 1 for their apartment and
1 for the front door - the front door key is distinguishable with a plastic
• Guests are always escorted to their rooms and facilities are
explained (eg tv/freeview, shower etc) along with explaining what is
included in the information pack.
• We always explain where the dining room is (on ground floor marked
number 2) and where we live (on ground floor marked number 2) and
explain how to contact us if necessary.
• At reception, there is a 5 bulb light fitting in the ceiling and table lamp
which are on all day and night
• The Tariff is in size 16 Arial font and in a frame at reception
• The reception area is approximately 1.8 metres (72 inch) wide and
2.8 metres (112 inch) long
Public Areas - Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors etc
• The Ground floor double room (Room 1) is approximately 2.5 metres
(8 feet) from the porchway door
• Room 1 doorway measures 70cm (28 inch) wide and is a wooden,
side-hinged fire door
• All hallways and public areas are carpetted as described previously
and are between 83cm (33 inch) which is the narrowest point on
entering the dining room and over 1 metre (40 inch) wide.
• The Dining Room is on the same level as Room 1 and is
approximately 5 metres (11 feet) away from Room 1 door
• The Dining room is situated in Room 2 which is also where we
• There is a doorbell on Room 2 door to contact us. All guests are
also given our business card on arrival with our freephone number
printed in bold text
• There are wooden handrails at a height of between 80 and 90cm (32
- 36 inch) either side of the stairs all the way up to the second floor.
• There are 15 stairs up to 1st floor double room (Room 3) and small
landing measuring approximately 2 metres (6 1/2 feet) x 1.5 metres (5
• There are 5 more stairs leading to a 2 metre long and 83cm wide (33
inch) hallway with Rooms 4 (large family apartment)and 5 (twin
apartment) on this level. There is a continuation of the staircase hand
rail along this corridor on the left hand side
• The public telephone is situated on this level opposite Room 4 door.
There is a bar type stool next to public telephone.
• The public telephone is on a shelf at a height of 90cm (36 inch) and
is touch tone and coin operated.
• We can be contacted using our Freephone number from the public
• There are a further 11 stairs up to 2nd floor double room (Room 6)
and small landing measuring approximately 2 metres (6 1/2 feet) x 1.5
metres (5 feet)
• A further 7 stairs lead up to the small family apartment (Room 7).
There is a door at the bottom of these stairs
• The stairs measure 15cm in height (6 inch) and 85cm (34 inch) in
• All public areas are well lit at all times
• Videos, books of interest and games are on the 1st and 2nd floor
landings and we are happy to fetch anything down for guests.
• We have a list of all our videos so guests who can't make the stairs
can choose what they want to watch (printed size 16 Arial font)
Public Areas - Sitting room, lounges, lobbies etc
• Our public areas display local artwork and if guests who cannot
climb the stairs are interested in seeing more of the artwork, we are
happy to bring examples downstairs
• There are no public lounges but all rooms have at least a dining
table and chairs and Room 1 has an armchair as well as dining table
and chairs
• The Dining Room is where we prefer to serve breakfast but if guests
have difficulties in getting to the dining room, we can serve them in
their room
Public WCs
• There is a unisex guest WC behind the Dining Room which guests
can use during breakfast time if they wish
• There is a door at the rear of the dining area approximately 1.2
metres (48 inch) away from dining chairs followed by the door to the
WC which is approximately 50cm (20 inches) away on the left hand
• The height of toilet with seat down is 45cm (18 inch)
• The WC has a lever flush
• The wash basin has lever taps
• The available free floor space is minimal (approximately 50cm x
50cm) and is a non slip vinyl
• The light switch is on the wall outside WC door and there is a light
with string cord over the basin.
• There is a coat hook on the inside of WC door and a shelf over the
• We do have a portable raised toilet seat that can be provided on
request and the highest point of the raised toilet seat is 10cm (4 inch)
Restaurant / Dining Room, Bar & Bar area, Take Away & Cafe
• The Dining Room is situated in Room 2 on the ground floor and is all
on the same level as Room 1
• The Dining Room is approximately 5 metres (11 feet) from Room 1
door (Reception area) and the narrowest space is 83cm on entering
dining area. The same carpet runs throughout the house.
• Lighting is provided by overhead lighting, a table lamp and some
natural light from internal window leading out to kitchen area
• The Dining Room is usually open between 0730hrs and 1000hrs and
guests are asked to give a time during these hours for their breakfast
as it is cooked fresh to order.
• The dining room has a large wooden rectangular dining table which
seats up to 8 people and has legs on each corner
• The dining table measures 76cm (30 1/2 inch) in height with a
wooden edge that is 11cm (4 1/2 inch) deep leaving a 65cm (26 inch)
gap from floor to table edge
• The moveable dining chairs are wooden with brown faux leather
padded seat and back (back height measures 98cm (39 inch). Seat
height is 45cm (18 inch) and seat depth is 45cm
• As already mentioned, the dining room is the preferred area to serve
breakfast but we are happy to serve in guest rooms (preferably room
1) if the guest is unable to make it to the dining room
• The menu is clearly typed in size 16.
• Waitress service is offered but guests can serve themselves cereal
and fruit if they wish
• Tablecloth and napkins are white and placemats are brown faux
• Special diets available on request and we ask that this is discussed
at the booking stage
• WC is situated at rear of dining room and is described above in
Public WC section
• Laundry can be done on the premises on request and costs £5 per
load which includes Ariel washing liquid and Lenor fabric softener.
• Laundry that cannot go in the tumble drier is returned the next day
• Laundry is usually carried out by us (service wash only)
Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas
• Room 1, our ground floor double room is the preferred choice for
guests with mobility or breathing/heart problems (for example) and is
situated at the reception area
• The bedroom area is in the front of the house (south facing) with
large bay windows (with sea glimpse from right hand bay!)
• Room 1 would be suitable for a person who may need a wheelchair
some of the time but can walk a few steps unaided or with walking aid
• The door width for Room 1 is 70 cm (28 inch) wide leading into small
entrance area (1.5 metres (60 inch) in length x 1.2 metres (48 inch)
• The internal doors in Room 1 are smaller at 64cm (25 inch) into the
bedroom area and the same into the shower room
• Just inside the bedroom door on the left is a faux brown leather
armchair, the seat is at a height of 44cm (17 1/2 inch) and the depth and back height are 54cm (21 1/2 inch) • The bed height is 51cm (20 1/2 inch) including the mattress and is a wooden frame with wooden headrest and no footrest • Mattresses are hypoallergenic posture form or memory foam • There is a soft and firm pillow for each guest • Duvets are hypoallergenic and can be adjusted from 4.5 togs, 9.5 togs or 14 togs combined. • Dining table height is 80cm (32 inch) and chair seat is at a height of 44cm (17 1/2 inch) and has a diameter of 39cm (15 1/2 inch). The table and chairs are covered with linoleum type material • Work top height is 95cm (38 inch) where the combination oven (which can grill, roast or microwave), toaster, and kettle are situated. Kettle can be lifted off the base (cordless) • The fridge is standard sized and situated under the work top • The kitchen sink is at a height of 95cm (38 inch) and is situated to the right of the work top with hot and cold (thermostatically controlled) lever taps • Cutlery is in a drawer below draining board (left side of sink). Crockery and other cooking equipment in cupboards either above or below sink • The TV/ VCR is remote controlled as is the Digital Freeview Box and can be demonstrated on arrival • The carpets are very tightly woven, short pile and grey in colour, the walls and skirting boards are white with 1 feature block wall coloured brown behind the bed space. The bedlinen is mainly white/cream with brown stripes matching feature wall • There is a 30cm strip (12 inch) of light beige coloured vinyl flooring in front of work top in kitchen area • There is light coloured linoleum in the shower room. • We use a special allergy vacuum cleaner (Miele Allergotec) and have wooden framed beds enabling good vacuum coverage, all furniture can be wiped clean, mattress, pillows etc are all hypoallergenic, anti bedbug and dust mite • All other rooms have similar dimensions (generally with more floor space) plus they all have a standard sized bath with bath-sides at a height of approximately 54cm (21 1/2 inch) with an electric shower over the bath Bathroom, Shower-room & WC [Ensuite or Shared]
• Room 1 has an en suite shower room which is situated immediately
to the left of the front door to this room
• The flooring is vinyl and light in colour. The walls are tiled and white
with the occasional blue patterned tile
• The shower room door width is 64cm (25 1/2 inch) with an 83 cm (33
inch) long entrance that is also 64cm in width
• After the small entrance area there is unobstructed clear floor space
of 90cm (36 inch) x 90cm
• There is a small radiator (60cm (24 inch)) to the left with towel rail
• After the radiator there is the shower tray which is directly opposite
entrance to shower room
• 77cm (31 inch) square shower tray with a 60cm (24 inch) x 60cm
insert . A rubber safety mat is provided
• There is a large grab handle attached to the left hand wall to help
step in and out of the shower
• It is an electric shower with a dial at a height of 165cm (66 inch) to
start and adjust water temperature. The shower head is static and
• The shower tray is currently set on a plinth and has a 25cm (10 inch)
step up to shower tray which has a shower curtain surround
• The toilet is next to the shower to the right and is a height of 43cm
(17 inch) but a portable raised toilet seat can add a further 10cm (4
inch). The toilet has a lever flush. There is a shelf above toilet at
120cm (48inch)
• The sink is an 80 cm (32 inch) pedestal type with lever taps with
shelf above and mirror with light and shaving socket above shelf. The
sink is situated on the opposite wall to the radiator
Self-Catering Kitchen
• See bedroom and sleeping areas
• Rooms 1 and 3 have a combination/microwave oven which can grill,
roast or microwave. All the other rooms have a microwave and 4
ringed electric standard oven.
• Room 7 also has a small 2 shelved freezer.
Additional Information
• Clear evacuation procedures are displayed in all rooms
• The fire alarm rings continuously if evacuation is needed and if a
guest needs assistance in this kind of emergency due to hearing
impairment for example please let us know on arrival or during the
booking procedure so we can ensure safe evacuation.
• The Guest House has a no smoking policy and smoking is only
permitted in the outside front space (bench and ashtray provided)
• Extra pillows are available on request
• Electric wheelchairs and scooters will be recharged at no extra cost
to the guest
• In most cases, where the chair or scooter is too large, we can store
safely in our back garden as long as the guest has a protective
waterproof cover
• Portable raised toilet seat available on request (10cm (4 inch))
• All rooms have standard sized fridges
• We are available at all times and live on the premises
• All information packs in the rooms have details of local GP service
(Montefiore Surgery Tel 01843 855800) and local hospital (Queen
Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital, St Peter's Rd, Margate 01843
Address: Glendevon Guest House
8 Truro Road
Kent CT11 8DB
Telephone: 01843 570909
Freephone: 08000 352110
Mobile: 07970 746428
Fax: 01843 570909
Email: [email protected]
Grid reference: TR 386 651 GB Grid

Local equipment hire companies:
Broadstairs Shopmobility
Westwood Cross Shopping Centre
Kent CT10 2QJ
Tel 01843 871444
Fax 01843 871333
Local public transport numbers: local Stagecoach info
Tel. 08702 433711
website (easy access buses
Traveline Tel 0871 200 22 33
Train info Tel. 08457 48 49 50
Local accessible taxi numbers:
Airport Connections have a specially equipped fleet of wheelchair
accessible vehicles available.
Tel. 01843 448620
Central Cars 01843 888888 (daytime only)
Future Plans
• We plan to change all kitchen taps to lever type as in Room 1 (to be
completed in 2010)
• We will be installing a much lower shower tray in Room 1 to ease
access (to be completed by Spring 2011)
• We will be changing the flooring in Room 1 shower room to non slip
vinyl (by Spring 2011)
• We will be purchasing a portable hand rail (2010) that fits over the
bath sides and will be available on request
• We will be installing a large fixed grab rail for each of the baths on
the 1st floor (Rooms 3, 4 and 5) in 2010
Contact Telephone and Email Address
We welcome your feedback to help us continually improve if you
have any comments please phone 08000352110 or email
[email protected]

Created: 28 February 2010


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