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Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Qatar University
Doha, Qatar P.O. Box 2713
E-mail: [email protected]
Name: Dr. Khadiga A. Hassan Program:
Department: chemistry and earth sciences
Academic degree: phD in Chemistry
Date of Last Degree : June 1991
Institution of Last Degree: Reading University.
Professional History:

1- Demonstrator (1979-1981)
2- Teaching assistant (1984-1986)
3- Assistant Professor(1992-2005)
4- Associate professor(2005- to date)

Current Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Date of Last Promotion: March / 2005
Date of Appointment at QU: October / 1979
Languages 1. Arabic 2. English

Qualifications in Chronological Order:
(Degree Universi
Specific Awarde

Scientific Conferences Attended:

Name of the
Scientific Symposia & Workshops:

Activity Title
10) Committees Memberships:

A) College Committees:
No. Committee Name
B ) Department Committees:
Committee Name
No. Committee
C) Department Council:

* Secretary of the Department of Chemistry and Earth
Council over the Period October 1998 ─ October 1999.
Teaching Activities:

List of Courses Taught
Course Title
Taught to
Course Title
Taught to
List of Practical Lab Taught
Area of Interest:
Synthesis and Characterization of Metal complexes.
General Discipline: Chemistry.
Special Discipline: Inorganic Chemistry.
List of Publication
1) “Novel Low-Temperature Route to Known (MnS and New (CrS3, MoS4 and WS5) Transition-Metal D. A. Rice, S. J. Hibble, M. J. Almond, K. A.
Hassan Mohammad and S. P. Pearse, J. Mater.
Chem., 1992, 2,
2) “Preparation of New Selenium-Rich Selenides, CrSe3, MoSe5 WSe6, and ReSe6 and Known Selenides, by the Reaction of Metal carbonyls with Selenium”. S. J. Hibble, D. A. Rice, M. J. Almond, K. A.
Hassan Mohammad, S. P. Pearse and J.
R. Sagar, J. Mater. Chem., 1992, 2, 1237.
3) “Spectroscopic Studies of Complexes of Iodine with the Bases 1–Aza−15−Crown–5 and 3,6,9,14–Tetrathiabicyclo[9.2.1] Tetradeca–11,13–Diene”. Kh. A. Hassan, Spectrochimica Acta (A), 2004, 60,

4) “Synthesis, Infrared Spectra and Thermal Analysis of
Lead Carbonates and Lead Polychloride Formed in the Reaction of Urea with Pb(II) Salts at Elevated Temperature” . Kh. A. Hassan N. Al-Hashimi and E. M. Nour,
Trends in Inorg. Chem., 2004, 8, 127.
5) “Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies of Vanadyl- N,N`-o- Phenylenebis(salicylideneiminato) Complexes”. N. Al-Hashimi, Kh. A. Hassan and E. M. Nour,
J. Chem., 2004, 78, 919.
6) “Synthesis, Infrared and Thermal Studies of Kh. A. Hassan N. Al-Hashimi and E. M. Nour,


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