Sujet du bac es - anglais lv1 2010 - pondichéry

Sujet bac 2010 : Anglais LV1
Série ES – Pondichéry
Langue vivante 1
Séries ES et S
L’usage des calculatrices et de tout dictionnaire est interdit. Compréhension écrite : 10 points
Expression : 10 points
Le sujet comporte 5 pages
Bac 2010 – Série ES – LV1 Anglais – Pondichéry Mary Ann Singleton was twenty-five years old when she saw San Francisco for the first time. She came to the city alone for an eight-day vacation. On the fifth night, she drank three Irish coffees at the Buena Vista, realized that her Mood Ring was blue, and decided to phone her mother in Cleveland. ‘Hi, Mom. It’s me.’ ‘Oh, darling. Your daddy and I were just talking about you. There was this crazy man on McMillan and Wife1 who was strangling all these secretaries, and I just couldn’t help thinking.’ ‘Mom .’ ‘I know. Just crazy ol’ Mom, worrying herself sick over nothing. But you can never tell about those things. Look at that poor Patty Hearst2 locked up in that closet with all those awful .’ ‘Mom . long distance.’ ‘Oh . yes. You must be having a grand time.’ ‘God . yes wouldn’t believe it ! The people here are so friendly I feel like I’ve .’ ‘Have you been to the Top of the Mark3 like I told you ?’ ‘Not yet.’ ‘Well, don’t you dare miss that ! You know, your daddy took me there when he got back from the South Pacific. I remember he slipped the bandleader five dollars so we could dance to “Moonlight Serenade”, and I spilled Tom Collins4 all over his beautiful white Navy .’ ‘Mom, I want you to do me a favor.’ ‘Of course, darling. Just listen to me. Oh . before I forget it, I ran into Mr Lassiter yesterday at the Ridgemont Mall, and he said the office is just falling apart with you gone. They don’t get many good secretaries at Lassiter Fertilizers.’ ‘Mom, that’s sort of why I called.’ ‘Yes, darling ?’ ‘I want you to call Mr Lassiter and tell him I won’t be in on Monday morning.’ ‘Oh . Mary Ann, I’m not sure you should ask for an extension on your vacation.’ ‘It’s not an extension, Mom.’ ‘Well, then why .’ ‘I’m not coming home, Mom.’ Silence. Then, dimly in the distance, a television voice began to tell Mary Ann’s father about the temporary relief of hemorrhoids. Finally, her mother spoke : ‘Don’t be silly, darling.’ ____________________ 1 A television program 2 The daughter of an American millionaire who was kidnapped in California in 1974. 3 A well-know rooftop bar in San Francisco offering spectacular views. 4 A cocktail Bac 2010 – Série ES – LV1 Anglais – Pondichéry ‘Mom . I’m not being silly. I like it here. It feels like home already.’ ‘Mary Ann, if there’s a boy .’ ‘There’s no boy . I’ve thought about this for a long time.’ ‘Don’t be ridiculous. You’ve been there five days !’ ‘Mom, I know how you feel, but . well, it’s got nothing to do with you and Daddy. I just want to start making my own life . have my own apartment and all.’ ‘Oh, that. Well, darling . of course you can. As a matter of fact, your daddy and I thought those new apartments out at Ridgemont might be just perfect for you. They take lots of young people, and they’ve got a swimming pool and a sauna, and I could make some of those darling curtains like I made for Sonny and Vicki when they got married. You could have all the privacy you .’ ‘You aren’t listening, Mom. I’m trying to tell you I’m a grown woman.’ ‘Well, act like it, then ! You can’t just . run away from your family and friends to go live with a bunch of hippies and mass murderers !’ ‘You’ve been watching too much TV.’ ‘OK . then what about The Horoscope ?’ ‘What ?’ ‘The Horoscope. That crazy man. The killer.’ ‘Mom . The Zodiac.’ ‘Same difference. And what about . earthquakes ? I saw that movie, Mary Ann, ‘Will you just call Mr Lassiter for me ?’ Her mother began to cry. ‘You won’t come back. I just know it.’ ‘Mom . please . I will. I promise.’ ‘But you won’t be . the same !’ ‘No ! I hope not.’ Armistead MAUPIN, Tales of the City, (1978) Bac 2010 – Série ES – LV1 Anglais – Pondichéry



Les candidats traiteront le sujet sur la copie qui leur sera fournie en respectant
l’ordre des questions et en faisant apparaître la numérotation. Ils composeront
des phrases complètes chaque fois qu’il leur est demandé de rédiger les réponses.
Le nombre de mots indiqués constitue une exigence minimale. En l’absence
d’indication, les candidats répondront brièvement à la question posée. Les citations
seront limitées aux éléments pertinents et précédés de la mention de la ligne.

1. The location
The scene takes place in the USA. Find in the text the American-English
equivalents of the following words:

2. The main character

a. Write a sentence about the main character (name, age, job, hometown) b. In Which city is she and why? c. What is the relationship between the main character and Mr. Lassiter? d. Is she appreciated by him? Justify by quoting from the text. e. What favour does she want her mother to do for her? (15 words) 3. The mother

a. Choose four adjectives from the following list and use them in a short paragraph to describe the mother’s personality. (50 words) loving / over-protective / bossy / narrow-minded / indifferent /
apprehensive / over-imaginative / interfering / down-to-earth / rational

b. What paradoxical image does the mother have of the city? Use elements from the text to illustrate your answer. (40 words) Bac 2010 – Série ES – LV1 Anglais – Pondichéry 4. The decision
a. What decision has the main character made? (10 words) b. Pick out three different quotes justifying her decision. Explain in your own words what desires motivated her choice. (40 words) c. Explain in your own words why the mother begins to cry.
Choose one of the following. Indicate the number of words you have used.
a) Imagine you are the mother or the father and you decide to write a letter to your daughter after the phone conversation. (300 words) b) Using your own experience, explain how young people gradually gain independence from their parents. Illustrate with examples. (300 words) Bac 2010 – Série ES – LV1 Anglais – Pondichéry


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