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Keywords for FP7 thematic areas
Topics Covered: Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Biodegradable nanostructured material, Sustainable Energy Conversion, Thin films, Nanotubes, Nanofibers, Nanotechnology based materials and products, Biomaterials and bio-inspired materials, Integration of knowledge and technology. "nanotextiles", "nanoelectromechanical systems", "nems", "nanolithography", "nanofabrication", "nanoprobes", "nanocomposites", "nanocrystalline materials", "nanoclusters" "quantum dots","quantum wires", "quantum wells", "nanoscale thin films", "nanoscale fullerenes", "nanophysics", "nanoelectronics", "nano-optics", "nanomagnetism", "nanodevices", "nanochips", "nanosensors", "nanotribology", "atomic force microscopy", "carbon nanotubes" "technology", "electron beam lithography", "electrospinning", "gold nanoparticles", "mems", "microfabrication", "microfluidics", "molecular electronics", "nanobiotechnology", "nanocrystals", "nanofibers", "nanofiltration", "nanoimprint lithography", "nanoindentation", "nanomanipulation", "nanomaterials", "nanoparticle", "nanoscience, "scanning probe microscopy" Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Topics Covered: Cognitive System and Robotics, Cloud Computing, E-learning, Digital Content and Technology, ICT for Health, E-government, Multimedia and others. Keywords: "evolutionary robotics", "mobile robotics", "mechatronics and robotics", "human-robot interaction", "telerobotics", "teleoperation", "swarm robotics", "mobile robot", "path planning", "humanoid robot", "visual servoing", "robotics", "obstacle avoidance", "biorobotics", "embedded system", "robot control", "robot vision", "legged locomotion", "trajectory planning", "robot manipulator", "parallel robot", "robocup", "robot navigation", "robot soccer", "sensor fusion", "haptic technology", "mobile robots", "swarm intelligence", "autonomous robots", "motion planning", "robot", "humanoid robots", "multi-robot", "inverse kinematics", "motion control" and "motor learning". "cloud computing", "virtualization", "infrastructure virtualization", "distributed computing", "application virtualization", "autonomic management", "aws (advanced wireless services)", "blas", "cloudbursting", "collaborative data analysis", "distributed data mining", "e-computing", "e-statistics", "ec2 (elastic compute cloud)", "electronic publishing", "end-to-end quality of service", "erlang delay model", "eScience", "eventual consistency", "grid computing", "grid/cloud resource management", "hadoop", "hbase", "large scale data mining" and "cloud trust". "e-learning", "scorm", "wimax", "blended learning", "distance learning", "learning objects", "online learning", "ieee 802.16", "collaborative learning", "web-based learning", "distance education", "reinforcement learning", "pedagogy", "knowledge management", "distance education and telelearning", "m-learning", "intelligent tutoring system", "learning management system",, "intelligent tutoring systems", "web-based education", "moodle", "teaching/learning strategies", "mobile learning", "remote laboratory""interactive learning environments", "virtual learning environment", "computer based learning", "lom (learning object metadata)", "pedagogical issues", "e-learning communication", "webct", "multilingual content processing", "cross-lingual information search" and "cross-lingual information retrieval", "digital rights management", "digital content", "electronic watermarking", "image signal processing", "acss (Aviation Communications and Surveillance Systems)", "apple fairplay", "asymmetric watermarks", "authorship-dispute resolving", "digital copyright", "cryptography", "digital archives", "digital content distribution", "digital content format", "digital content technology", "digital contents protection", "digital rights management (drm)", "digital watermarking", "direct authorship proofs", "enterprise digital content portal", "fingerprint recognition mechanism", "fixed-media alternatives", "forgery prevention", "image-based modelling and rendering", "information concealment", "interactive and efficient visualization", "internet content revolution", "media quality" and "morphological signal processing", "e-health", "minimally invasive surgery", "robotic surgery", "medical robotics", "surgical robotics", "rehabilitation robotics", "image-guided surgery", "artificial liver", "Pragmedic Hospital Information Management Solution (PHIMS)", "telemedicine", "medical informatics", "health information systems", "telesurgery", "networkcentric healthcare", "integrated care", "brain-neural computer interface", "digital patient", "electronic health record", "aging" AND "ict", "prostatectomy" AND "ict" and "laparoscopy" AND "ict", "e-government", "e-governance", "electronic government", "e-democracy", "e-govemment", "e-services", "digital government", "digital divide", "local government", "electronic services", "e-government gis", "local e-government", "e-participation", "e-procurement", "e-administration", "one-stop government", "m-government", "electronic governance", "multimedia search", "multimedia retrieval", "multimedia search engines", "affine-invariant feature""audiovisual search engine", "chinese web search engines", "compressed domain transcoding", "consumer multimedia", "content-based image retrieval", "content-base searching", "content-based similarity search", "context" AND "multimedia search", "digital media art", "digital tv", "educational digital libraries", "image edition""image indexing and retrieval", "image indexing", "image management", "ict", "trust model", "open innovation", "semantic web", "web services", "web portals", "ict" AND "lower carbon economy", "electric vehicles" AND "ict", "ict" AND "low-carbon multi-modal freight", "electricity distribution grids" AND "communication system", "home energy management device", "water management" AND "ict", "waste water management" AND "ict", "ict" AND "manufacturing", "meteorology" AND "ict", "laser system" AND "material processing", "virtual factories", "virtual enterprises", "virtual manufacturing", "electronic identity", "multimedia search", "e-business", "e-commerce", "public key infrastucture (pki)", "digital signature", "trusted network connection", "trusted computing", "trusted network access", "dynamic trust model", "intelligent environment", "smart environment", "ubiquitous computing", "ambient intelligence", "pervasive computing", "aging in place" AND "ict", "ambient assisted living", "ambient display", "ambient intelligent environment" and "ambient supported living". Industrial Technology
Topics Covered: Technology and Industry, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Applications, Industrial Informatics, Industry Innovations, Industrial control, Industrial ecology, Industrial Design Technology, Industrial Wastewater Keywords: "industrial technology", "industrial control", "industrial ecology", "industrial engineering", "industrial design technology", "pid control", "rfid", "industrial wastewater", "industrial application", "industrial informatics", "hybrid vehicle", "industrial applications", "fault diagnosis" AND "industry", "genetic algorithm" AND "industry", "particle swarm optimization" AND "industry", "mobile robot" AND "industry", "lmi" AND "industry", "fuzzy control" AND "industry", "linear matrix inequality" AND "industry", "H∞ control" AND "industry", "support vector machine" AND "industry", "fpga" AND "industry", "ergonomics" AND "industry", "scheduling" AND "industry", "svm" AND "industry", "sliding mode control" AND "industry", "wireless sensor networks" AND "industry", "supply chain" AND "technology", "optimal control" AND "industry", "innovation" AND "industry", "predictive control" AND "industry", "product design" AND "industry", "time delay" AND "industry", "manufacturing" AND "industry", "quality control" AND "industry", "optimization" AND "industry", "health technology assessment" AND "industry", "assistive technology" AND "industry", "technology adoption" AND "industry", "technology management" AND "industry", "technology transfer" AND "industry", "educational technology" AND "industry", "information technology" AND "industry", "technology assessment" AND "industry", "knowledge management" AND "industry", "sustainable development" AND "industry", "modeling" AND "industry", "simulation" AND "industry", "evaluation" AND "industry", "management" AND "industry", "design" AND "industry", "control systems" AND "industry", "electrical machines" AND "drives" AND "industry", "mechatronics" AND "industry", "power electronics" AND "industry", "power systems" AND "renewable energy" AND "industry" and "instrumentation" AND "signal processing" AND "industry". Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology
Topics Covered: Food Safety, Food security, Food Science and Technology, Agriculture, Fisheries, Animal Health and Welfare, Forestry, Climate change and its impact on agriculture, Mitigation Strategies and Socio-economy issues and support to agricultural policies Keywords: "food allergy", "food security", "food restriction", "food safety", "food choice", "food insecurity", "food webs", "food web", "food consumption", "food frequency questionnaire", "haccp", "functional food", "food analysis", "food availability", "food intake", "ochratoxin a""food quality", "food hypersensitivity", "food habits", "hunger", "satiety", "listeria monocytogenes" AND "food", "food deprivation", "food chain", "mycotoxins", "food packaging", "lactic acid bacteria", "ghrelin", "food additives", "food industry", "vegetables", "neuropeptidey", "leptin", "food processing", "energy intake", "acrylamide" AND "starch", "appetite""pesticides", "atopic dermatitis" AND "food", "meat", "salmonella" AND "food", "food products", "nutrition", "obesity", "food technology", "food processing technology", "food science", "food safety", "food chemistry", "food quality", "functional food", "natural flavors", "food additives", "food processing", "osmotic dehydration", "modified atmosphere packaging", "sensory analysis", "sensory evaluation", "sensory quality", "frozen storage", "raw firmness", "lipid oxidation", "lactic acid bacteria", "antioxidant capacity" "antioxidant activity", "cheese", "listeria monocytogenes", "bread", "ripening", "polyphenols", "honey", "vitamin c", "beef", "wine", "carotenoids", "flavonoids", "meat", "potato", "milk", "tomato", "soybean", "anthocyanins" AND "food", "food texture", "ascorbic acid" AND "food", "food rheology", "phenolics" AND "food", "extrusion" AND "food", "surimi" AND "gelation", "peroxidase" AND "polyphenol oxidase", "starch" AND "gelatinization", "texture" AND "freezing", "probiotics" AND "prebiotics", "texture" AND "rheology", "storage" AND "packaging", "color" AND "storage", "colour" AND "storage", "texture" AND "sensory", "Plant proteins", "Food Colloids", "Food Emulsions" "Antioxidants" AND "Anti-ageing", "Encapsulation" AND "Food", "Vitamins", "Tocopherol", "Fortification" AND "Food", "Cereals", "Bifidobacteria", "Native" AND "Modified Starch", "Resistant Starch", "Tubers", "Shelf life" AND "Food", "Enzymes" AND "Food", "Fruits", "Vegetables", "biotechnology ", "antibody engineering ", "bioaugmentation ", "biochemical engineering ", "biodegradation ", "bioengineering ", "bioinformatics ", "biomedical engineering ", "bioprocess engineering ", "bioreactor ", "bioremediation ", "biostimulation ""biosurfactant", "biotechnological engineering ", "biotransformation", "combinational protein engineering", "computational evolutionary biology", "drug discovery", "enzyme engineering", "functional genomics", "gene therapy", "genetic engineering", "genetically altered mammalian cell", "genetically modified crops", "genetically modified food", "genetically modified organism", "genetically modified plant", "genomics", "metabolic engineering", "molecular engineering", "nanobiotechnology", "pharmacogenomics", "phytoextraction", "phytoremediation", "proteomics", "recombinant dna", "recombinant protein", "systems biology", "tissue engineering", "transgenic animals", "transgenic crops", "transgenic plants", "precision agriculture", "sustainable agriculture", "organic agriculture", "agriculture", "organic farming", "pesticides", "irrigation", "deforestation", "soil erosion", "eutrophication", "land use", "carbon sequestration", "sustainability", "compost", "water quality", "sewage sludge", "tillage", "manure", "runoff", "livestock", "farmers", "herbicides", "salinity", "pesticide", "groundwater", "watershed", "drought", "wheat", "farming", "fertilizer", "cotton", "corn", "erosion", "wastewater", "crops", "vegetation", "cover crops", "evapotranspiration", "grassland", "grazing", "ndvi" (normalized difference vegetation index), "riparian vegetation", "soil moisture", "species richness", "vegetation change", "vegetation cover", "vegetation dynamics", "vegetation history", "vegetation index", "vegetation structure", "vegetation", "wetlands". "fisheries management", "bycatch", "marine protected areas", "fisheries", "marine reserves", "ccamlr", "artisanal fisheries", "small-scale fisheries", "catch per unit effort (cpue)", "fishing effort", "overfishing", "catchability", "marine protected area", "recreational fisheries", "fishery", "fishery management", "aquaculture", "seabirds" AND "fish", "haddock", "atlantic salmon", "longline", "trawling", "cod" AND "fish" AND "farm", "salmon" AND "farm", "by-catch", "gadus morhua" AND "farm", "fishing", "fish stocking", "salmo salar" AND "farm", "herring" AND "farm", "shrimp" AND "farm", "barramundi" AND "farm", "rainbow trout" AND "farm", "farmed acquatic animal", "fish growth", "fishing effort", "fish biomass", "gulf of california" AND "fish", "north sea" AND "fish", "upwelling" AND "fish", "zooplankton" AND "fish", "animal health", "veterinary service", "animal welfare", "metaflumizone", "promeris®", "aquatic animal health", "foot-and-mouth disease", "oie", "organic farming", "zoonoses" AND "animal", "zoonoses" AND "food", "emerging disease" AND "animal", "zoonosis" AND "animal", "avian influenza", "amitraz" AND "animal", "mastitis" AND "animal", "welfare assessment" AND "animal", "biosecurity", "dairy cows" AND "health", "livestock" AND "health", "cattle" AND "health", "poultry" AND "health", "dairy cattle" AND "health", "calves" AND "health", "husbandry", "pig" AND "health", "dog" AND "health", "veterinary medicine", "sheep" AND "health", "donkey" AND "health""dairy cow" AND "health", "animal production", "deoxynivalenol" AND "animal", "animal protection", "iacuc", "animal rights", "feather pecking", "animal experimentation", "animal ethics", "human-animal relationship", "fish welfare", "on-farm assessment", "housing" AND "animal", "laboratory animals", "farm animal welfare", "farm animals", "human-animal bond", "stocking density", "lairage", "castration" AND "animal", "community forestry", "agroforestry", "urban forestry", "sustainable forestry", "forest policy", "sustainable forest management", "forest management", "natural regeneration", "norway spruce", "silviculture", "coarse woody debris", "boreal forest", "forest inventory", "picea abies", "pinus taeda", "afforestation", "scots pine", "ponderosa pine", "reforestation", "forest structure", "pinus sylvestris", "stand structure", "deforestation", "defoliation", "loblolly pine", "thinning", "eucalyptus globulus", "douglas-fir", "wildfire", "plantations", "forest fire", "forestry", "tree growth""fagus sylvatica", "leaf area index", "tropical forest", "eucalyptus", "plantation", "forest soil", "climate change" AND "agriculture", "climate variability" AND "agriculutre", "carbon sequestration" AND agriculutre, "land use" AND "climate", "crop model", "global climate change", "drought", "soil organic carbon", "land use change", "global warming", "desertification", "greenhouse gas mitigation", "nitrous oxide" AND "agriculutre", "phenology", "climate impacts" AND "agriculture", "greenhouse gas" AND "agriculture", "kyoto protocol" AND "agriculture", "rainfed agriculture", "soil carbon", "agricultural land use" AND "climate", "deforestation", "global change", "runoff climate change", "nitrate leaching" AND "climate", "eutrophication", "climatic changes" AND "agriculture", "floods", "emission reduction target", "emission reduction strategy", "leakage and seepage" AND "co2", "geologic storage" AND "carbon dioxide", "clean development mechanism" AND "agriculture", "climate change policy" AND "agriculture", "climate mitigation" AND "agriculture", "carbon capture and storage", "climate change impacts" AND "agriculture", "carbon mitigation" AND "energy crop", "emissions trading" AND "agriculture", "unfcc" AND "agriculture", "geoengineering" AND "agriculture", "carbon accounting" AND "agriculture", "carbon management" AND "agriculture", "forage plantation", "agriculture policy", "water policy", "agri-environment schemes", "capacity building" AND "agriculture", "common agricultural policy" and "economic policy" AND "agriculture". Topics Covered: Cancer, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Dengue, Emerging pathogens, HIV/AIDs, Alzheimer's diseases, Frailty and Geriatrics, Vector Borne Diseases, Orphan disease and drugs, Biomarkers and Others (Chikugunya, Helminth disease, Leprosy etc) Journals Included: "Cancer Research", "Cancer", "British Journal of Cancer", "International Journal of Cancer", "Journal of the National Cancer Institute", "Clinical Cancer Research", "Japanese Journal of Cancer and Chemotherapy", "Breast Cancer Research and Treatment", "Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention", "Carcinogenesis", "Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology", "Bulletin Du Cancer", "Gan to Kagaku Ryoho Cancer Chemotherapy", "Tumori", "Leukemia and Lymphoma", "Lung Cancer", "Molecular Cancer Therapeutics", "BMC Cancer", "Anti Cancer Drugs", "Supportive Care in Cancer", "Cancer Science", "Japanese Journal of Lung Cancer", "Cancer Biology and Therapy", "Leukemia Research", "Cancer Nursing", "Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research", "Cancer Treatment Reports", "Leukemia", "Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology", "Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics", "Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy", "Journal of Japan Society for Cancer Therapy", "European Journal of Cancer and Clinical Oncology", "Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention", "international journal of biological markers", "International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease", "Tubercle", "Bulletin of the International Union Against Tuberculosis", "Gruzlica I Choroby Pluc Tuberculosis Et Pneumonologia", "Lotta Contro La Tubercolosi", "Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases", "Kekkaku Tuberculosis", "American Review of Tuberculosis", "Beitrage Zur Klinik Der Tuberkulose Und Spezifischen Tuberkulose Forschung", British Journal of Tuberculosis", "Revue De Tuberculose Et De Pneumologie", "Revue De La Tuberculose" "Tuberculosis", "Tubercle and Lung Disease", "Malaria Journal", "Dengue Bulletin", "Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association", "Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases" and "Emerging Infectious Diseases". Keywords: "tuberculin skin test", "tuberculosis", "mycobacterium bovis", "spoligotyping", "tuberculous meningitis", "tuberculoma", "mdr-tb", "bcg", "isoniazid", "tuberculin test", "pyrazinamide", "pleural effusion" AND "tb", "infliximab" AND "tb", "sarcoidosis" AND "tb", "etanercept" AND "tb", "hiv/aids" AND "tb", "hiv infection" AND "tb", "haart" AND "tb", "bronchoscopy" AND "tb", "dots" AND "tb", "mycobacterium tuberculosis", "bovine tuberculosis", "pulmonary tuberculosis", "m. tuberculosis", "latent tuberculosis infection", "multidrug-resistant tuberculosis", "extrapulmonary tuberculosis", "miliary tuberculosis", "malaria", "plasmodium falciparum" -- malaria causing parasite,"cerebral malaria”, “plasmodium vivax”, “plasmodium berghei", "anopheles gambiae" -- mosquito carrying malarial vector,"p. falciparum”, “malaria vectors”, “artemisinin" -- drug against malaria,"chloroquine”, “malaria vector”, “anopheles arabiensis”, “sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine”, “severe malaria”, “avian malaria”, “pfcrt" -- parasite protein referred to as the chloroquine resistance transporter,"anopheles stephensi”, “msp-1",AND "plasmodium" -- as covers paper from other areas of electronics if msp-1 is used alone,"artesunate" -- drug to treat malaria,"plasmodium yoelii" -- used in the laboratory to infect mice, as a model of human malaria,"plasmodium chabaudi”, “pfemp1”, “anopheles”, “mefloquine”, resistance",,"circumsporozoite protein", "p. vivax" '"mosquito" '"amodiaquine" '"mosquitoes" '"antimalarial drugs" '"malaria control" '"quinine" '"malaria vaccine”, “falciparum malaria”, “dihydroartemisinin”, “primaquine" --treatment of malaria and Pneumocystis pneumonia "artemether" -- antimalarial drug "malaria transmission", "dengue”, “dengue virus”, “dengue fever”, “aedes aegypti", -- mosquito that spreads dengue fever "dengue haemorrhagic fever”, “dengue hemorrhagic fever”, “df/dhf”, “dengue shock syndrome”, “yellow fever”, “vector control”, “west nile virus" -- vector for dengue "mosquito control”, “dengue viruses”, “dengue vectors”, “arbovirus”, “dhf”, “mosquito”, “dengue virus type 2”, “vector competence”, “mosquitoes”, “dengue infection”, “ovitrap", -- device to control mosquito "dengue-2 virus”, “domain iii”, “dengue vaccine”, “dengue 2 virus""leptospirosis”, “chikungunya”, “viral hemorrhagic fever”, “dementia”, “rheumatoid arthritis”, “osteoarthritis”, “crimean congo haemorrhagic fever”, “chagas disease”, “buruli ulcer”, “leprosy”, “trachoma”, “helminth disease”, “sachistosomiasis”, “childhood diarrhoea”, “cardiovascular disease”, “instent thrombosis”, “inschemic hear disease”, “atrial fibrillation”, “diastolic heart failure”, “asthma”, “atopic dermatitis”, “dysbiosis rigger allergies”, “autoimmune disease""cryptococcus gattii" --fungus, causes the human diseases of pulmonary cryptococcosis (lung infection), basal meningitis, and cerebral cryptococcomas "chytridiomycosis" --infectious disease of amphibians, caused by the chytrid Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis "ochrobactrum anthropi" --causes nosocomial infections "methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus",(MRSA) "batrachochytrium dendrobatidis" --causes chytridiomycosis "nontuberculous mycobacteria”, “candida dubliniensis" --fungal opportunistic pathogen "microsporidia" --Microsporidian infection of Anopheles gambiae reduces malarial infection within the mosquito "nosocomial infection”, “lymphadenitis" --Inflammation of a lymph node "clostridium difficile" --causes diarrhea and other intestinal disease "cystic fibrosis" --common disease which affects the entire bod "sepsis" --serious medical condition that is characterized by a whole-body inflammatory state "achromobacter xylosoxidans" -- lymph node infection "acinetobacter baumannii”, “adenovirus""mother-to-child transmission”, “hiv/aids”, “haart”, “injection drug use”, “hiv prevention”, “hiv infection”, “hiv testing”, “lipodystrophy",AND "AIDS”, “antiretrovirals”, “anti-hiv activity”, “antiretroviral therapy”, “hiv”, “gay men",AND "AIDS”, “condom use”, “sexual behaviour",AND "AIDS”, “immune reconstitution",AND "AIDS”, “hiv risk”, “injection drug users”, “hiv-1”, “protease inhibitor",AND "AIDS”, “gp120”, “antiretroviral treatment”, “viral load”, “gp41”, “highly active antiretroviral therapy”, “ccr5",AND "AIDS”, “sexually transmitted infections”, “nevirapine”, “condoms",AND "AIDS”, “kaposi s sarcoma”, “human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)”, “vertical transmission",AND "AIDS”, “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome”, “sexually transmitted diseases”, “nelfinavir”, “indinavir”, “efavirenz”, “ritonavir""dementia with lewy bodies”, “alzheimer s disease”, “mild cognitive impairment”, “vascular dementia”, “neurodegeneration”, “presenilin”, “tau proteins”, “frontotemporal dementia”, “neurofibrillary tangles”, “donepezil”, “dementia”, “amyloid precursor protein”, “cerebral amyloid angiopathy”, “galantamine”, “memantine”, “rivastigmine”, “alzheimer disease”, “cognitive impairment”, “cognitive decline”, “senile plaques”, “neurofibrillary tangle”, “presenilin 1""frailty”, “comprehensive geriatric assessment”, “geriatric assessment”, “geriatric syndromes”, “geriatric syndrome”, “frail elderly”, “sarcopenia”, “elderly”, “geriatric evaluation”, “geriatrics”, “geriatric oncology”, “treatment toxicity”, “aging”, “geriatric patients”, “il-6”, “geriatric patient”, “cancer therapy”, “dementia”, “comorbidity”, “cancer”, “advanced hepatic and renal failure”, “aged”, “ageing”, “ageism”, “agism”, “alzheimer's disease”, “bronchectasis”, “care units for the elderly”, “caregivers”, “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease”, “comorbidity and transicional care”, “comprehensive geriatric assessment (cga)", "vector-borne disease”, “vector-borne diseases”, “vector-borne”, “lyme disease”, “vector borne diseases”, “vector-borne infections”, “dengue”, “vector control”, “dengue fever”, “leishmaniasis" --caused due to bite of sandfly "visceral leishmaniasis”, “tick-borne encephalitis”, “trypanosomosis”, “rift valley fever”, “chikungunya”, “bluetongue”, “vector borne”, “zoonosis”, “tick-borne diseases""ticks”, “mosquito”, “malaria”, “mosquitoes”, “borrelia burgdorferi" --Main cause of lyme disease "west nile virus”, “ixodes scapularis”, “tick(s)”, “fleas”, “ixodes ricinus”, “arbovirus”, “rickettsia”, “culicoides”, “tick”, “anopheles”, “lyme borreliosis”, “wolbachia”, “zoonoses”, “ixodes”, “plasmodium”, “ectoparasites”, “aedes albopictus”, “leishmania”, “japanese encephalitis""orphan drugs”, “orphan drug”, “rare diseases”, “gaucher disease”, “orphan drug production”, “orphan medicinal products”, “orphan diseases”, “pharmacogenomics”, “pharmacogenetics”, “orphan drug exclusivity”, “pediatric exclusivity”, “antiepileptic drugs”, “orphan drug act”, “orphan disease”, “rare disease”, “neglected diseases”, “agalsidase beta",(its deficiency causes fabry) "pirfenidone”, “lysosomal storage diseases”, “enzyme replacement therapy”, “imatinib mesylate”, “spinal muscular atrophy”, “sorafenib”, “teratogenicity”, “periodontitis”, “parkinson's disease""orphan disease”, “bronchiectasis”, “rare disease”, “angiomyolipoma”, “pulmonary arterial hypertension”, “tuberous sclerosis”, “pulmonary hypertension”, “cystic fibrosis”, “aids orphanhood”, “airway inflammation”, “blastic phase”, “c1- inhibitor”, “carcinoma of unknown primary”, “cardiopulmonary hemodynamics”, “cetuximab”, “chromomycosis”, “chronic cough”, “chronic myeloid”, “chronic respiratory insufficiency”, “churg-strauss syndrome”, “ciliary dyskinesia”, “clc-2”, “copd”, “cxcr4/sdf-1 (cxcl12)”, “cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator”, “drug therapy”, “elderly”, “endothelin receptor antagonist”, “enzyme replacement therapy”, “fabry disease” and “factor ix deficienc,"fibrosis".


Voiding symptoms questionnaire

Address: Telephone Number: Date of Birth: Social Security Number: Marital Status: Mother’s First Name: Father’s First Name: Medical History Questionnaire 1. Do you have any of the following heart problems?  heart murmur  chest pain  heart attack  rheumatic fever  irregular heart beat  shortness of breath  high blood pressure  mitral

Bericht 1.9. Brinkum HSP Info Tag von Bettina nach freundlicher Korrektur von Herrnühmann, Facharzt für Urologie-Andrologie, Pressesprecher des Berufsverbandes der Urologen e.V. , Keitum/Sylt HSP und Sexualstörungen Der Leidensdruck Ein gesundes Sexualleben Ursachen. Erektionsstörungen treten mit verstärkt das emotionale zunehmendem Alter häufiger auf. Es gibt Wo

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