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Counsellor Beatriz Brinckmann-Argentina
Workshop: “Becoming aware of my Body language”
I had a bilingual education in Spanish and German, later studied French at the
University in Geneva Switzerland and I am fluent in English. In 1976 I started to work
as an instructor of the Milderman Body-Mind –Soul System in 1979 till 1997at the
Yogui Institute in San Isidro under the direction of Liliana Ardiles and Simonetta
Imperiali de Kehidai where I learned this method, which was created in Argentina by
Susana Milderman in the early 50 s. From 1997 till now I have taught this privately and
at Seminars. I participated at a Seminar given by the Saraydarian Institute in Fort
Lauderdale USA in May 2004.
I finished my Counselling Studies in 1997 at the Instituto Holos in Buenos Aires, have
worked as an active member of the Argentine Counselling Association from 2000 to
2005,have been President of this same Association from 2000 to 2002. I Counsel in
Bereavement, Cancer and Family problems.
I work for Intercultural Training, for foreign countries employees in Argentina
I am member of the International Counselling Association Executive Council
since2003, Vice-president since 2004.
I helped organize the International Conference in Buenos Aires in 2005.
I have presented this Workshop in many countries during previous Conferences.
This system is called Rhythmic Gymnastic based on Yoga and Greek plastic.
Susana Milderman the creator of this system in early 1950 took this name Gymnastic
being faithful to the Greek term which refers to the movement of any Psycho-physic
unit, Greek plastic is the base of the rhythmic expressive gymnastic.

Rhythmic: because the music allows us to go through different emotional
rhythms. Expressive: because through breathing we can build the bridge
between feeling and emotions which you can see reflected in Greek sculptures.
Yoga: because this produces union between Body Mind and Soul, working
harmoniously with the different Chakras or Centers.
The aim is to go through the different characters and polarities, strong-weak, good-
bad, loving - angry as a play and without becoming fixed in any.
Conflicts will resolve themselves without the need to understand why or because as the
stagnant energy begins to circulate.
When the memory of energy stowed away in the muscles through early conflicts
liberates itself, becomes conscious, and gives us the possibility to understand and
integrate the material. This is an accelerating complement for any psychotherapeutic
The Mind has to be Concentrated during the whole session as the participants have to
copy the instructor.
At the same time we work on posture, alignment to learn to be properly grounded as the physical support is at the same time a psychological support. This Workshop is going to try too show the process of harmonisation, between Psyche and Soma. Susana Milderman based herself first on the Myth of Dionysius and Apollo. Both fought for the possession of Athens, but neither one was able to impose himself on the other. The symbolic language of this Myth transmits the Greek Idea of Man. Dionysius and Apollo; Body and Psyque are brothers; they have the same value and can’t impose or replace their functions. The Greek artists from the V Century BC, discovered a new form to coordinate these two forces and impose a new form, to restore the body in space, giving their sculptures a profound inner movement, which since then gives the body a new vibration, full of spirituality. After this she passed to the expression of feelings, emotions and tendencies from the static to movement. This is the moment she found support in Yoga with the Key of breathing. Through the breathing from different levels of the body from the inside to the outside the Greek sculpture transformed itself in to the vital expression of the Human Being In our group we further developed the different characters which belong to the different areas of the Body, which we divided in Low. Intermediate Low- Intermediate High and Mental which belongs: the Low to the Muladara or Hara, the Intermediate Low to the Vegetative and Solar-Plexus, The Intermediate High to the Heart and the Mental works with Throat and Head Centre. I will try to show you the basic movements of this system, we will work through the movements of Joints which are the ones which give structure to our personality and as long as they are flexible we will be flexible to. We will emphasize on the points of support, work with lines of strength and energy and express the different characters, which appear in the different levels of the body, with their typical postures which express themselves through what we call body language. At the same time we will notice that the postures accompany the tone of voice, and become aware why we sometimes have short-circuits in communications. As we move according to the music and rhythms we contact with our inner selves. It is a meditation in movement. When sound finds tense parts in our body, it introduces itself in to the vibrational structure of the body, transmuting it by elevation of frequencies, expanding consciousness, opening perceptions and generating a climax of peace and Joy. Filling with light darkness and tension with love and emotions. When the muscles are tense and can’t relax, they don’t receive enough nourishment and can’t release the toxins. Because of this a deposit of small salts forms itself, and deposits in the tendons and parts of the muscles near to the joints beginning to stop the movement progressively. This later becomes calcification of the tendons and degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints. The Points of Support Are those distributed in the whole body, where we put the Idea of support to reach the proper alignment of the different segments of the body. They are used to hold and support at the same time, so they can be firm and in the air. When we use them the right way we achieve the relaxation, in static and in movement of the body. In this form the muscles maintain the adequate tone and allow us economy in our physic energy When we use the wrong supports, we start having physical problems and deviations, and we lose other supports to compensate the loss of equilibrium. This works as much for our Body as for our Psyche. The Lines of Strength The lines of strengths extend themselves along the bones and joints, Joining the points of support in an ideal relationship. They generate a great charge and discharge of energy. For this we feel the energy which manifests itself through a great strength. To form a line of strength we need at least three points of support which can relate to each other in different forms. When the three points of support are well localized, the muscles acquire the right tone, but when instead we use one less, we produce weakening of one zone and swelling, in another, and cause damage to tissue and joints. We can say that they are static because they are achieved once the movement is complete. Passing from one line to the next we produce movements clearly defined and firm. The lines of strength are the basis for the right displacement. In this way the Body aligns itself and achieves firmness and equilibrium. The lines of strength are the skeleton of the lines of energy, like the bones are the skeleton which support the muscles. When the Body, learns to use his points of support and the lines of strength correctly; then the lines of energy start to work. Lines of Energy The lines of energy run along the muscles and their aponeuroses. The flow of the lines of energy originated from a point of support from where it continues like an expanding wave to the points of release, which are the extremities and the head, in harmony with breathing. For the lines of energy to flow, the muscle must be relaxed. They take the muscle to its maximum of possibility of expansion and extension. These movements differ from those of lines of strength in that they are soft, smooth, expanding and enveloping. We speak of going with the movement, for the attention to go with the expansion and not with the contraction. By this we achieve the right muscle tone and it helps for the work of other muscle groups. We put the idea of expansion, which produces an energy which follows thought and the physical energy flows, these results in a relaxed movement. And the Mind helps the body to achieve a perfect balance.


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