February 18, 2009
Meeting called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Chairman, Ron Benish, at the Iowa County Courthouse,
Iowa Co. Board Room, 222 N. Iowa St., Dodgeville, Wisconsin.
Roll Call: Ron Benish, Iowa; Diane McGuire, Iowa; Gerald Dorscheid, Iowa; John Bartels,
Lafayette; Bill Moody, Lafayette; Leon Wolfe, Lafayette. Absent – Carol Benson A quorum was present. Others Present: Cecile McManus, Executive Director; Laurie Groom, Financial Officer; Judy Lindholm, Iowa County Commission on Aging. Certification of the Meeting-McManus stated that notice of the meeting was posted at
designated public places. Motion by Dorscheid that the meeting was properly certified, seconded by McGuire. Motion carried.
Approval of the Agenda for 2/18/09–A motion by Dorscheid to approve the Agenda and

Approval of Minutes of the Meeting of January 7, 2009 Board Meeting
–Motion to approve
the minutes by Moody, seconded by Bartels. Motion carried.
Reports from other Board members and members of the audience–Jim Middaugh, of
Dodgeville, stated the attendance is down at the site for unknown reasons. He is very hopeful of increases with the return of good weather.
Aging Resource Center & County Aging Unit Reports–Judy Lindholm reported on the March
19th, 2009 Senior Expo which will be held in Platteville, WI. There are high expectations for this as there will be many different activities for the seniors. McManus expressed the interest in setting up a table to promote the program. The budget news consisted of a 1% reduction in all programs for Wisconsin State funds. There was some uncertainty if this would affect the program or not because of receiving some funding from the State and Federal levels. There will also be a Health Fair held at the Darlington High School on April 4th, 2009. Monthly Reports
a. Cash Flow Statements & Budget Reports – January 2008-Sun has received the
advance from AAA for Jan. & Feb. for $28,000, so cash flow is much improved. Reports were done for the 2008 Year End. Although income was down in areas and was under budget plans, the expenses were close to the projected budget amounts. Benish commented that it was better than expected. Lafayette County was up due to the $25,000 loan to the Sun program which was not paid back. The loan was to be paid only to be given back again. The action was only a paperwork transaction and helped the outcome considerably. Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
February 18, 2009
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b. CD Due- Iowa County–McManus wanted to decide if a $27,000 CD which was coming
due should be renewed or possibly kept out to go into savings as a backup fund to help the program out. Since another CD for $9,000 was coming due soon as well, it was decided upon to roll over the higher value for greater returns, but not to renew for more than 12 months with the economy as it is. The motion was made to approve by Bartels and seconded by Dorscheid. Motion carried. c. Monthly Participant Numbers – December, 2008–Counts were as follows for Iowa
County: up in Arena, Barneveld, way up in Highland- due to breakfast, but lunch was up as well, Mineral Point and Linden- were congregate only. Counts were down in Avoca, Dodgeville, and Rewey (slightly). The counts for Lafayette County as follows: up in Belmont (cong.), up in Blanchardville/Argyle, down in Shullsburg, up in Benton (cong.), up in Darlington, and up in South Wayne. Reasons for the downs were speculative and hopes for increases were strong with the better weather coming. The motion was made to approve, seconded and motion carried. Site Reports
a. Rewey-lost their Home Delivery participant. Due to the decrease in participation, it was suggested we formally reduce the days the site is open. The hopes in reducing days are to show the community the importance of their participation in the program. A reduction from 5 days a week to 3 days a week which participants and the site manager agree with was discussed. The days of site operation are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This is our lowest cost meal site as our manager is a volunteer. The motion was made to approve, seconded and motion carried. b. Highland Breakfast- Went over costs; the average cost last year was $11.70 per meal and is down to $9.51 per meal for lunch, 7.27 for breakfast, with the average of $8.32 for both.
Staff Issues–
a. We have filled the vacant position of Financial Officer. The new part time person, Laurie Groom is working to catch us up and learn the accounting duties associated with the position. This is a slow process as the directions left are vague and Marcia was unable to train her successor. In learning the duties, she is writing down directions and making sure both Mary and Cecile understand what she has learned and completed. Due to the time of year, many end of year reports needed to be completed. b. Vacation Policy- There was a question as to possibly needing to redefine the wording regarding the carry over of earned vacation into the next year to insure that there is not a huge payout when someone retires/quits again. Due to time constraints, the problem was tabled until next month.
Pension Fund 403B Follow-up-Bob Allbright of Edward Jones was present and gave his
apologies for not attending last month’s meeting and explained the changes in the policy.
According to him, under plan changes, we were not affected like he had first thought and there
was no action needed. He also confirmed the earlier decision of not rolling over any CD’s for
more than a 12 month time period due to the unstableness of the economy. Bob had stated that
he was available for any questions that would come up in the future.
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
February 18, 2009
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Financial Software-
It was suggested by McManus and Groom that the program would benefit
by changing to the software of QuickBooks from Sage Business Works due to the price savings
and because QuickBooks has an Inventory component that is extra in BW. There were several
acknowledgements that QuickBooks was a more user friendly program and would probably be a
good move. Benish asked Groom her opinion, since she has had experience with QB. She
recommended the change. The motion was made to approve, seconded and motion carried.
Insurance Coverage–McManus reported the issue was researched with the representative from
TRICOR Insurance for a possible better plan and we were advised not to change our existing
plan as S.U.N. has a pretty good plan already in place. She did go on to say TRICOR would like
a chance to put in a bid for our business when our policy is up for renewal. The need was also
confirmed that special flood insurance (water and sewer back up) on any of the meal sites was
worth doing. McManus recommended adding Arena, Blanchardville, Darlington to Avoca and
the office. It would be an additional $50 dollars to increase the rider on the existing policy. The
motion was made to approve, seconded and passed.
Training Request–McManus requested to attend the Wisconsin Dietetic Assoc. Annual
Conference to fulfill her training requirements. The cost should be around $300 - $350. The motion was made to approve, seconded and passed.
Director’s Report–Avoca- Because the counts were down for this site, it was suggested we
decide if we should go to a catered site or possibly cut back 1 day a week at first to wake the community up to a future of possibly closing the site. Benish suggested that maybe a 3 day a week operation would make a greater impact. The request by McManus was for cutting back 1 day a week at first. The motion was made to approve, seconded and passed. Chairperson’s Report–No report.
–As another meeting was scheduled at 6:00 p.m. in the board room, we moved to the
Juror’s room to sign vouchers and to adjourn meeting. McGuire and Dorscheid remained in the Board Room for the next meeting. After vouchers were signed, motion was made by Wolfe and seconded by Bartels to approve the vouchers as presented. Motion carried.
Next Meeting Dates & Adjournment
–Next meeting will be Wednesday March 11, 2009 at
4:00 p.m., in the Iowa County Board Room, Iowa County Courthouse. Motion to adjourn, Moody seconded and meeting ended at 6:10 PM.

Source: http://iowacounty.org/documents/agendasandminutes/sun/minutes2009/02-18-09.pdf


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