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Volume conversion device with fl exible data logging function and confi gurable serial interface - Data logging for different applications - Monitoring of measurement values and station functions The EK220 is a battery-operated volume converter. The device records the low frequency operating volume pulses of a gas meter, measures the operating pressure and tempera-ture of the gas and calculates the compressibility K as well as the conversion factor C. The standard volumes, standard fl ow rates and operating fl ow rates can be calculated using The volume converter consists of a central unit with either an integrated or external pres- sure sensor and a temperature sensor. The sensors are permanently connected to the unit. The compressibility K can be programmed as a constant for all gases or calculated according to various methods of calculation.
The device is also available without a pressure sensor and can be used as a temperature conversion device. In this case the gas pressure for the volume conversion will be consid- ered with a fi xed value, which has to be confi gured during the commission of the device.
The EK220 can be used in many applications in the fi eld of natural gas measurement and station monitoring thanks to four digital outputs, a fl exible data logging function in con- junction with a freely confi gurable serial interface and different communication protocols.
• Optical interface for parameterisation Additional components for explosion-proof isolation of the interfaces and the intrinsically safe external voltage supply, and for data communication, extend the range of use of the • Integrated serial interface can be used • Second pressure sensor for monitoring In addition to volume conversion and data logging, the EK220 may be used for the fl ex- ible data recording of different measurements and, in conjunction with either a modem or RTU, for system monitoring.
Two additional digital inputs can be used for registering and monitoring the signal sen-sors such as the safety shut-off valves on regulators, the differential pressure switches in fi lters or for a simple door contact. The signals from such sensors can be saved in an archive as an event and can also be sent as a spontaneous message by text message or by e-mail via a connected modem.
The volume converter may optionally be fi tted with a second external pressure sensor, which allows to record the inlet or outlet pressure of the measuring system, or to monitor its limit values.
EK220: Volume conversion device with flexible data logging function and configurable serial interface puts, they allow forwarding of the volume tion is also possible, in order to read out pulses determined for a measuring cycle in The current values and parameters can be display and changed if required. The use of with the specifi cations laid out in the ATEX can be signalled on the basis of different four arrow keys guarantees simple naviga- approval, the interface may also be used in tion of data arranged in lists. Each value is hazardous areas in any confi guration.
displayed with a clear description and the ured values, sensor errors, time synchroni- sation signals, etc.). The outputs can either by supplier lock or calibration lock.
tant values are combined in a confi gurable user list. The display range can be limited tion protocols. Invoice-relevant data or The volume converter may also optionally to this list, which will guarantee simple op- be fi tted with a second pressure sensor. eration of the volume converter at the me- tering point. At the touch of a few buttons, multaneously in many established central the measuring system’s inlet or outlet pres- sure can thus be registered in one of the operating parameters can be checked.
fl exible archives and the limit values can also be monitored there. The system’s sta- when it is connected to a SCADA system.
archives can be read out. All protocol in- The integrated, event-triggered data log- formation is disclosed and is available on ger supports different archive and logbook request for the development of own appli- The power supply for the unit is provided Six archives can be freely confi gured, i.e. As an alternative to the protocol in accord- by a lithium battery. In standard operation, ance with IEC 62056-21, the Modbus proto- the service life of the battery is 5 years. An events triggering registration, as well as optional additional battery can be used to the recording interval (measuring period), tion via the internal interface, which allows double the battery life. The current operat- ing status of the volume converter is taken on an archive’s confi guration, the data can into account when calculating the remain- be saved for up to one year, or longer.
ing battery capacity. If the battery life is 3 months or less, the corresponding indica- Along with the data logging archives, the In order to guarantee the greatest fl exibility tion appears in the display. In addition, this as regards different requirements and ap- information can also be called up via the with which the volume converter’s opera- plications, the data elements, associated volume converter status register. The bat- tion can be monitored constantly. The event tery can be replaced without damaging the internal seals. All parameters are saved in events and status changes. In the change logbook the last 200 setting changes are In addition to the process data and simple parameter, also the content of the different In addition, it is also possible to use an ex- rameters and values requiring offi cial cali- archives can be read by using the Modbus ternal power supply. In this case, the bat- bration are documented in the calibration tery remains in the unit and guarantees the unit functions, including if there is a failure of the external power source.
Two additional digital inputs can be used The programming or readout of the device either as pulse inputs or status inputs for at the station is performed via the optical various applications, such as station moni- interface (IEC 62056-21) on the front panel.
EK220 is equipped with boreholes. It can also be fi tted directly to the meter or gas The unit’s serial interface can be freely con- fi gured and can be operated in RS232 or Four freely programmable digital outputs enable a range of information to be trans- Second pressure sensor for station monitoring (option) - Recording in the archive(s) (confi gurable) Monitoring
Flexible data logging and logbook function Date, time, Vb, VbT, MPmaxVb, dailymaxVb, Vm, VmT, MPmaxVm, dailymaxVm Date, time, Qmmin, Qbmin, Qmmax, Qbmax, pmax, pmin, pØ, Tmax, Tmin, TØ, k-value Ø Date, time, Vb, VbT, Vm, VmT, pØ, TØ, k value Ø, C factor Ø, status Date, time, Vb, VbT, Vm, VmT, pØ, TØ, k value Ø, C factor Ø, status Date, time, Vb, VbT, Vm, VmT, pØ, TØ, k value Ø, C factor Ø, status Date, time, Vb, VbT, Vm, VmT, pØ, TØ, k value Ø, C factor Ø, status Date, time, parameter address, old value, new value, information on all locks Date, time, parameter address, old value, new value, information on all locks *1 depends on confi guration of archive (interval, content)*2 by using the standard confi guration*3 besides periodic recording specifi c events can be selected to trigger recording*4 records only the changes of certain parameters, which are under the access right of the calibration lock (function can be switched off) FE260 function extension unit – a fl exible interface between EK220 and energy data management - Intrinsically safe power supply for EK230 The Ex-barrier of the serial interface and In addition, the intrinsically safe power sup- the pulse outputs of the volume converter is ply of the volume converter is guaranteed. interface for connection to other devices.
provided by function extension unit FE260. The unit’s modular concept allows the use EK220: Volume conversion device with flexible data logging function and configurable serial interface H 126 mm x W 120 mm x D 90 mm (not including connections) Conforms to the European standard EN 12405-1:2005 +A1:2006MID DE 08-MI 002-PTB 001 volume conversion device (PTZ-conversion)MID DE 08-MI 002-PTB 002 temperature volume conversion device (T-conversion) ATEX Zone 1, II 2 G Ex ia [ia] IIC T4 (with Elster battery type 73015774) orIEC Ex Zone 1, II 2 G Ex ia [ia] IIC T4 (with Elster battery type 73020663) IP 66 (suitable for outdoor installation) 1 lithium battery 3.6 V, size D (service life > 5 years under standard operating conditions)Optional additional battery to double the service life 5 – 10 V DC, I < 30 mA mains power supply unit (in conjunction with a serial interface) 2-line dot-matrix display with plain-text description of the values displayed.
All parameters, settings and archived values can be displayed.
3 digital inputs for connecting LF pulse generators and message signals (e.g. manipulation contact) Absolute sensor, Type ENVEC CT30*, integrated in housing or, as an option, provided as an external sensor (if two pressure sensors will be used, then one as internal and one as external version), connection for precision steel pipe (Ermeto 6L) or fl exible pressure tube, M12 x 1.5 threadPressure ranges 0.7 – 2 bar / 0.8 – 5 bar / 1.4 – 7 bar / 2 – 10 bar / 2.4 – 12 bar / 4 – 20 bar / 6 – 30 bar / 8 – 40 bar / * Other sensors and pressure ranges on request Absolute or gauge sensor, Type ENVEC CT30, provided as an external sensor, fi xed connection to the central unit, 10 metres fi xed cable length connection for precision steel pipe (Ermeto 6L) or fl exible pressure tube, M12 x 1.5 threadAbsolute pressure ranges between 0.7 – 80 bar (see above)Gauge pressure ranges: 1.4 – 7 bar / 4 – 20 bar / 16 – 80 bar Pt-500 (or Pt-100 as an option) resistance thermometer to DIN 60751 with protective tube, for use with thermowell.
- Fitting length 50 mm Ø 6 mm, length of supply cable 2.5 m Calculation in accordance with S-GERG 88, AGA 8 DC, AGA 8 (GC1 or GC2), AGA NX-19, AGA-NX19 following Herning & Wolowsky or fi xed 2 monthly archives, 1 daily archive, 1 measurement archive (content and recording interval are fi xed)1 process data archive, 1 measurement archive, 4 additional fl exible archives (content, recording interval and additional events which cause a record can be selected) - Recording of non-periodic events (e.g. time changes with time stamp) - Storage capacity 500 recordsChange logbook (audit trail) - Recording of all parameter and value changes (time stamp, old and new values) - Storage capacity 200 recordsCertifi cation data log - Recording of changes of certain parameters and values (time stamp, old and new values), which are normally under the access rights of the calibration lock 4 digital transistor outputs, freely programmable and protectable via calibration lock as - Pulse output for all operating or standard volume meters - Signal output for alarm and/or warning status information Optical interface in accordance with IEC 62056-21Internal serial interface usable as RS232 or RS422/RS485 - SMSOther communication protocols on request Elster-Instromet Sdn. Bhd. (Singapore Branch) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

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