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Acupuncture helps and
I have now
massage. Someone to lend a
I now find it really helpful to
accepted that pain is
helping hand and ear. Finding
listen to “soothing” music. I have
Easy access to
part of me, but I am in
some posture to ease the pain along
recently discovered a classical
GP services, who
charge of it and every day
with ibuprofen. Heat, hot bath
violinist from Holland who gives the
understand chronic
I focus on keeping it as
helps. Heat relieving patches like
most wonderful concerts all over the
pain patients needs.
far in the background
the Korean ones.
world – the music is not always
Sometimes it is all too
as possible.
strictly classical and can lift me from
easy to rely on
my humdrum day normally
medication only.
The support of
dominated by my pain. (Andre Riev
close friends and or
is his name)
walk as far as I
family, which is
feel, just me, the
enhanced if you let them
dog and a book
know, rather than
on the ipod
them have to ask.
Try to keep
your mind and
body occupied, to
sex, massage
take your mind
& humour.
gets too bad
off the pain.
Lee Evans makes
watching movie,
me laugh.
playing with the
A machine
cat, listening to
called Acticaire, 10
times stronger than a
Tens machine, no
– which don’t
longer available
do anything!
privately but can be
sought in hospital.
days my constant
help is providing myself
smiling, because
If my pain is
Take each day as
with a cushion wherever I
if you don’t you will
constant, I find looking into a
it comes and don’t
am – I use it in the car when
start crying and go
mirror and talking to myself
My dog helps
worry what tomorrow
driving and it’s in a discrete
into a big hole”
saying why the devil am I like
will be like, as you
bag with handles which
this, then laugh at myself as I
& my cats!
knowing that he
will panic
can also contain
am not getting any response –
other small
needs me.
this does help.

Source: http://www.keepingpace.co.uk/Images2/Power%20point%20KP%20copy.pdf


Monday, February 22, 1999 Bob Beck is a physicist, holding a Ph.D in physics from the University of Southern California. He also was previously a Professor at the University of California. He began his professional life as a photo-journalist and owned a photography studio in Hol ywood. He is a researcher and inventor who likes to improve upon other people's inventions. His version of the Brain


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