wondrous divine intervention that led to Mordechai and Esther foiling the plot of Bigtan and Teresh to poison the king. Mordechai didn’t receive any reward for his heroism only after Haman was raised to great heights and then Hashem caused the king not to be able to sleep that night etc. In these events we clearly see the wonders of Hashem and that He is there thinking of us constantly, even in the midst of His hiding Himself from us. This is why Purim is considered the greatest miracle of all. Because through it we saw Hashem’s constant vigilance of us and we are assured that at the present time too, whatever occurs is only for our good and with Hashem’s Therefore in the days to come when all Jewish Holidays will be nullified Purim will still be celebrated. All other Holidays are a reminder of the open miracles that occurred during our exodus from Egypt. They went counter to nature but lasted for a limited time only. But in the days to come there will constantly be divine providence and everyone will see and experience mighty wonders and open miracles all the time. Therefore all the holidays will become abolished but the holiday of Purim will never cease to exist, because it was precisely the miracle of Purim that taught us the astonishing ways of Divine providence even when it was still hidden by a garment of nature—Purim is an aspect of the revealed Providence of (Based on the teachings of Rabbi Nathan in Likutey Halachot, Tanit 4) giving of the Torah when awesome, mighty miracles of thunder and lightening etc. were seen by all. All of these miracles were experience for a limited amount of time, after which Hashem continued to lead the world with great mercy but went into hiding, as it were, letting the world run its course Indeed, these supernatural miracles occurred in the lifetime of Moshe Rabbeinu when Hashem chose to reveal and divulge His greatness through Moshe. Later on, in the days of the prophets and Tzadikim there were also many awesome miracles such as Yehoshua who stopped the sun from setting, Daniel who was saved from the lion’s den and Chananya Mishoel and Azarya who survived being cast into a burning furnace. All these supernatural events lasted only for a specific time. The miracle of Purim that seemingly occurred in a very natural way, on the other hand, comes to teach us that Hashem is constantly out there looking after us and protecting us all the time, even in times when Hashem, as were, is hiding behind the This is apparent to anyone who delves into the Megilat Esther. It is obvious that Hashem miraculously set into motion the entire chain of events. It was Hashem who caused Achashverosh to make a huge banquet, showing off his wealth and the satan made everyone to slip up. Achashverosh by showing off all his wealth and using the vessels of the holy Temple, and the Jews by partakig of the feast of that wicked man. Nevertheless, even then Hashem still had mercy on His people and prepared the “remedy before the disease” because it was through their lust thatVashti the wicked queen was killed and was replaced by Esther. Haman who pursuaded the king to kill the Jews, was the one to execute Vashti through which Esther ascended to greatness. Furthermore, it was Rabbi Shlomo Meir Handler Shlita
Divine providence every second
It is brought down in the Midrash that in the future Hashem will annul all Holidays with the exception of Purim. At first glance this is difficult to understand. What is so significant about Purim that the Sages say that it is greater than all other miracles? On the contrary, it seems that the miracle of Purim did not occur in a supernatural way at all. Indeed the story reads like a simple, natural account. Esther found favor in the king’s eyes and used it to convince the king to retract his decree, just like Haman found favor in the king’s eyes earlier when he succeeded to persuade him to annihilate the Jews. It seems that Haman simply lost his previous charm and the decree was turned over in the Jew’s favor. On the other hand miracles in remembrance of which we celebrate holidays such as Passover and Shevout were all of a supernatural occurrence, so why do our sages consider Purim the greatest miracle of all? Rabbi Nathan, the primary disciple of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov zt”l explains that it is true that the miracles of the exodus from Egypt and the splitting of the Sea and the giving of the Torah were awesome great miracles through which Hashem revealed Himself to this world as it states, “When you will ask of the earlier days etc. was there anything like this awe- inspiring thing? Etc.” However there is a major difference between these miracles and those of the Purim story. Supernatural events are limited to a specific amount of time; such as the Jews saw Hashem only on the night the sea was split. This holds true with the ten plagues with which Hashem struck the Egyptians and from which the Jews were saved, as well as the

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