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MINUTES OF LEDES OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE BOARD MEETING Our thanks to LexisNexis for underwriting the call today and the UTBMS call yesterday. Report by Membership/Treasurer – Not on call. Report of Subcommittee Heads: Budgeting - Cole Morgan and Adam Jaffe – Status Quo; occasional questions from technologists. Ebilling Standards - Ranji Ragbeer and Bill Mertes – Not on call. Timekeeper Attributes - Steven Levy – Draft standard has been created; will be circulated to LOC membership. Will set deadline for receipt of comments near the holidays and will present standard for a vote by the membership in January. Marketing - Cathy Reilly – The committee will draft a mini press release on 98B (input from Jeff Hodge), budgeting (from Cole Morgan), and ebilling (from Bill Mertes and Ranji Ragbeer). Not a complicated press release, only about 20 sentences. Will circulate to EC for comments before it is sent out. Cole Morgan volunteered their service to issue release. . Cathy is working on updates to the web site. Cathy spoke with new editor or Law Firm, Inc. about doing an article on LOC and the new standards. Cathy spoke with Peggy Weschler about a possible session at Legal Tech in January. The only time available is lunch time on Law Department day (Monday is advanced IP (law firm members), Tuesday is law dept day). Note also that Steven Levy has session Tuesday on ebilling from 1:30 – 3:00, Steve agreed to give us a few minutes during his session during the call. Cathy is developing a marketing plan based on comments from meetings and calls. Reporting - Peter Szymonik - Not on call Transmission Standards - Andrew Dawson and Patrick Hurley – The subcommittee has been holding regular conference calls. They will have a white paper with recommendation for the Board at the January meeting based on responses to surveys of law firms and ebilling/matter management vendors. They have not been able to meet deadlines for deliverables. They surveyed corporate counsel subcommittee members, and they will support the Subcommittee’s recommendations for transmission standards. Interviews are being conducted by Doug Weiner and Bill Mertes of law firms; Scott Willette and Jeff Hodge are interviewing ebilling vendors. UTBMS - Brad Blickstein – The Subcommittee has developed new code sets for patents and trademarks, and revised the project code set so it works better internationally. The comment period ends 11/15 and then they will present the comments back to the working groups for finalization. They plan on presenting their product to the ABA, IBA and ACC for comments by end of year. Some of the new code sets are already being used. The Subcommittee’s 2007 objectives are being set. They have created 2 new working groups to explore the need for new sets or to modify existing code sets for capital transactions (Brian King and Valerie Millewski will chair) and litigation support as this accounts for 40% of the expenses on ediscovery and lit support (Marty Steinberg will chair). During the August ILTA meeting the members present approved establishing an additional focus group to promote discussion within LOC: Law Firm Focus Group – Tom Parkinson Globalization Focus Group – Keith Brown – Renamed from Internationalization The Ledes trademark has been renewed and now shows: (LAST LISTED OWNER) LEDES OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE CORPORATION CALIFORNIA 333 SOUTH GRAND AVENUE SUITE 3813 LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA 90071 Our thanks to Scott Wirtz and his firm, Loeb & Loeb, for their assistance in renewing the trademark. Bill for renewal has not yet been received. • It appears that many companies have changed their email addresses, but that this is not reflected properly in the LOC rolls. It also appears that there is some “switching” going on at our member organizations in terms of the employee designated as the LOC liaison. It would be helpful for members to email an update of your company or firm’s members to Peter Szymonik ([email protected]). • Tom Melling indicated that we will have some minor by-laws changes for 1/07 meeting. A final set of current bylaws will be circulated to the Executive Committee members. Legal Tech is 1/29/07 – 1/31/07. We need a volunteer to host the members meeting and webinar. The meeting will be moved to the last day of the show so as to not conflict with the ebilling session on Tuesday afternoon of the show. • Board and Executive Committee Positions Discussion There was discussion on reducing the number of Board members in 2007 from 31 in 2006 to a smaller number. Discussion was had on this and it was generally agreed that the size should be reduced but a number was not agreed upon. The 2007 elections and standards ratification will occur via electronic vote. This is not specifically allowed for or prohibited in the by-laws. It was generally agreed that the main focus of the LOC in 2007 should be publicizing the new standards and to move toward their utilization. Minutes Dated November 1, 2006 Jane Bennitt - Y Brad Blickstein - Y Catherine Collins Andrew Dawson James Hammond - Y Patrick Harrington - Y Justin Hectus - Y Jay Hennessy and Tim Franke - Y Patrick Hurley - Y Adam Jaffe Frank Kilsdonk - – Not Attending Steven Levy - Y Gary Markham Tom Melling - Dan Foster - Y William Mertes Cole Morgan - Y Chris Mourse Anthony Mozelski Robert Mullen – Not Attending Thomas Parkinson Matthew Petrich - Y Timothy Pitka Heather Pyatt Ranji Ragbeer – Not Attending Catherine Reilly - Y Loretta Ruppert and Ted Best - Y Peter Szymonik Aaron VanNice Peggy Wechsler - Y Douglas Weiner Keith Brown


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