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1. All aspirin and aspirin containing products should be stopped at least four (4) days before your procedure. Any iron supplements should also be stopped for seven (7) days prior to your
procedure date.
Call your primary care physician regarding stopping coumadin, and/or blood thinners four (4)
days prior to your procedure.
Contact our office if you have a condition, i.e., heart valve replacement, that would require
pre-procedure antibiotics, or if you have a latex sensitivity.
Patients who have an implanted cardiac defibrillator need to have their procedure scheduled at
the hospital.
Call your primary care physician if you are an insulin dependent diabetic concerning insulin
dosage prior to procedure. DO NOT take oral blood sugar medication the morning of your
2. You will need someone to drive you home. Make arrangements for a driver ahead of scheduled exam date. Without someone to drive you home, the exam will be cancelled. You cannot take a cab home if you come alone. 3. You will need to purchase Golytely/Nulytely/TriLyte at the pharmacy (a prescription is attached) as well as four (4) Dulcolax Tablets. Golytely/Nulytely/TriLyte are best chilled.
You will be drinking a laxative. It will give you diarrhea. Stay close to the restroom. When you
are done drinking the laxative you should have clear, yellow or green liquid stools. If you
awaken during the night with brown or solid stool resulting from the laxative, call
Michiana Endoscopy Center after 6:30am at 271-0893 for further direction.

1. Clear liquids only – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No solid foods or dairy products. No red
or grape colored liquids, including red-grape Jell-O/popsicles. Approved clear liquids are Gatorade, 7-UP, Ginger Ale, white grape juice, apple juice, bouillon, coffee, tea, Jell-O, popsicles, carbonated beverages and all strained fruit juices.

Start lavage – eight (8) ounces should be taken every 10 to 30 minutes until it is all consumed
(3-8 hours). It is important to drink the entire Golytely/Nulytely/TriLyte container. This prep
acts like a laxative, so you need to be close to a bathroom. It is sometimes easier to drink this
with a straw. It is important to drink additional clear liquids throughout the day to prevent
3. After you have drunk the entire container of Golytely/Nulytely/TriLyte, take the four (4) 4. If you have rectal discomfort from the prep, Tucs, A and D ointment or Desitin ointment is recommended for use around the rectal area.
1. Insulin dosage as directed by family physician. No oral blood sugar medication the morning
of your exam. If you are on insulin, please check your blood sugar prior to arrival. 2. Do not drink any fluids for four (4) hours before your procedure. 3. May take other daily routine medication. A. Someone to drive you home, who should remain at Michiana Endoscopy Center during the entire patient stay. B. List of medication. C. Insurance card. D. Co-pay if indicated. E. Please bring only one person to stay with you during your procedure, ie. family member, friend, etc.
PLEASE NOTE: The sedation will make you forgetful, it is strongly recommended someone be
with you after the procedure to talk with the doctor.
You should not drive an automobile or operate heavy machinery until the following morning
because of the sedation given during the procedure.
Michiana Gastroenterology Inc.
1-574-271-0893 or 1-866-669-8743 (toll free) 1-574-234-0049 – In case of an emergency, go to the Hospital Emergency Room.


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