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MSC Malaysia Knowledge Workers Development Centre KDC
continues to spur growth of the ICT Talent Industry
MSC celebrates its one year anniversary with three day carnival Kuala Lumpur, 3rd October 2013 - Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) hosted a three- day carnival in Cyberjaya to celebrate the first anniversary of the MSC Malaysia Knowledge Workers Development Centre (KDC), to spur the growth and development of ICT talent in The three-day carnival, which commenced on the 30th of September until the 2nd of October, saw various activities and programmes for the ICT community, with the objective to increase the awareness on MDeC and KDU’s talent initiatives. These included talks, seminars, certification opportunities, internship and training opportunities for fresh graduates as well as a career of choice campaign to attract primary and secondary school students to pursue a career in ICT. “The carnival was primarily held to strengthen the collaboration between KDC technology partners, in promoting KDC as the preferred facility of choice for training. We also hope that it helped the ICT community to build a strong network, through various workshops and technology sharing sessions, conducted throughout the event,” said Datuk. Badlisham Ghazali, Chief “KDC’s achievement over the last year is commendable, with more than 5,000 knowledge workers benefiting from our tailored workshops and programmes. This is a milestone that we are proud of, seeing plenty of young aspiring graduates who are eager to partake in this endeavour. This success is an encouragement for MDeC to further promote the ICT industry in the country, through various avenues, and event such as this”, he added. Other exciting activities were lined up for this three-day event, with the cooperation of distinguished guest speakers from Jobstreet and KRU productions, which shed light on the current demands and requirements of the ICT industry. Games and storytelling competitions were also scheduled to motivate the young participants of the carnival. The MSC Knowledge Workers development Centre (KDC) was launched in May last year, in an effort to produce talents that are relevant and skilled to help drive the ICT industry in Malaysia. The KDC initiative is a collaboration between the Government, through MSC Malaysia, the Industry technology partners, and the universities to provide an industry-driven platform for up- to-date technology training programmes. These programmes will be delivered by the technology leaders and partners, in upcoming ICT key areas, such as mobile, embedded technology, telecommunications hardware and software, and creative multimedia. PR Unit, Corporate Communications & Marketing Account Executive Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)
About Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), MSC Malaysia and Digital Malaysia
The Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) was incorporated in 1996 to strategically
drive the Malaysian Government on legislation, policies and standards for ICT and multimedia
operations as well as to oversee the development of the Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor
(now MSC Malaysia), the platform to nurture the growth of Malaysian Small and Medium
Enterprises (SMEs) in the IT industry whilst attracting participation from global ICT companies
to invest in and develop cutting edge digital and creative solutions in Malaysia.
In 2011, MDeC’s mandate was broadened by the Prime Minister to include driving Malaysia’s
transition towards a developed digital economy by 2020 through Digital Malaysia. In 2012,
Digital Malaysia was official unveiled as the nation’s transformational programme to achieve
this aim. Founded on three strategic thrusts, Digital Malaysia will create an ecosystem that
promotes the pervasive use of ICT in all aspects of the economy, connect communities
globally and enable them to interact in real time, to increase the country’s Gross National
Income, enhance business productivity and improve standards of living.
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