Environmental Toxins
The Problem
All kinds of Traditional and Natural Medicine can treat the various kinds of illness
and disease. However, if the practitioner is unaware of the environmental problems
which may be a factor in the illness, it will be more difficult
a) to treat the illness
b) to prevent recurrence of the illness
Causes of Disease
•Environmental Pollution
•Perverse Energies
•Bad Nutrition/Destructive Food Processing
•Social Conditions
•Inherited Factors
•Weather Conditions and Changes
•Pathogens- Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi etc.
•Stress Factors-Lifestyle
•Emotions and Psychological Factors
•Spiritual Upset and Soul Imprints
•Iatrogenic- Medical Errors
General Effect of Toxins
•Impairs or stops function of organs such as liver, pancreas, stomach, endocrine glands, nervous system, extracellular matrix and immune function •Blocks or displaces nutrients such as minerals & vitam ins •Causes autoimmune disease by binding to body tissues and changing its structure •Encourages the activation of fungi, viruses bacteria and parasites which are often involved in dispelling the toxins, but also have their own negative effects •Blocks or poisons some of the thousands of enzymes involved in digestion, transformation and elimination of substances in the body •Causes chronic illness and degenerative disease by means of the above General Comment on Toxins
•Scientists, environmentalists and other professionals allied to industrial and food
interests define the maximum allowable concentration of various toxins in the
environment, but this approach does not take into account the combined effect of
thousands of different toxins which may be present
•Among the most insidious problems are the toxic metals, because they are usually involved in blocking the detoxification mechanisms in the bodyHomotoxicology•Homotoxicology means “poisons to Mankind”•Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg formulated this theory in 1952 from homeopathy for the purpose of the sysnthesis of the medical sciences.
•The Human is a homeostatic flow system. Substances enter, interact with the organs, and exit the system. Wholesome substances cause no disturbance to the flow equilibrium. Toxic substances evoke defensive measures which manifest as disease.
•Diseases are the expression of biologically oriented defence mechanisms against exogenous and endogenous toxins6 phase table of Homotoxicology Phase 1- 3 of Homotoxicosis
•When a toxin or pathogen enters the body it causes a reflex reaction to excrete it-
Excretion Phase”-Phase 1
•If your body fails to get rid of the offender in this initial phase the disturbance will
move deeper into the system and cause an infection or inflammation in specific areas.
•Phase 2, the "Inflammation Phase.“
• If inflammation fails the pathogen is "hidden away" in the interstitial fluid, the fluid
surrounding all your cells. Dr. Reckeweg calls this Phase 3, "Deposition Phase."
We know that this is where yourT3 and T4 immune system cells are springing into
action. As a result, your lymph, your body's cleaning pathway, goes into overload.
•Any disease condition up this third stage may be reversed quite easily.
Phase 4 - 6 of Homotoxicosis
•If a pathogen is not repelled through any one of the first three stages it can find its
way into your cells. Reckeweg called this Phase 4, "Impregnation Phase."
•If the vicariation (reversal) process is unsuccessful at Phase 4, the pathogenic
development will proceed to Phase 5, "Degeneration Phas .
e " The presence of the
invader inside your cells interferes with your normal cell functions and processes. As
a result, your health noticeably degenerates.
•If the disease factor is allowed to linger in this Phase 5, further deterioration is
possible. This much depends on the state of your immune system. There are two
possible outcomes in what Dr. Reckeweg called Phase 6, the "Dedifferentiation
Phase" or the "Neoplasm Phase."
1) the damage in your cells continues to the point where cell function impairs or shuts
down one or more organs.
2) the pathogenic cells take over, develop a plan of their own, lead to cancer.
Conclusions- Homotoxicology
The disease model of Dr. Reckeweg quite directly illustrates most of the issues we are
facing with today's healthcare system and its inability to recognize potential problems
early and to prevent disease.
If a patient has to reach "Phase 5" before positive laboratory tests have the warning
lights in our mainstream medical offices go on, no wonder that the cost of healthcare
is skyrocketing and ever rising.
Dr. Reckeweg's understanding and method of homotoxicology as a system of the natural disease progression, along with our ability to coach the healing process back through all the stages of reversal, may be the very explanation for many so-called unexplained remissions in a variety of diseases.
By whatever approach -- and, mostly by removing all their specific disease-causing
factors -- individuals who are able to get their disease to reverse have followed the
path of reverse toxicosis. It can be done! This is healing, true healing.
Optimal Concentration of Trace Minerals
The diagram shows the dependence of biologic function on the tissue concentration of an essential trace element(Copper)This is typical for essential trace elements that also have toxic effects when present in excess, e.g. Iron, Molybdenum, Manganese, Chromium General Properties of the Extracellular Matrix (ECM)
The Extracellular Matrix is that component of connective tissue that spreads between all the muscles, ligaments and organs of the body, and connects through the cell walls to the cytoplasm of the cells•Extracellular Matrix has more than a filling function, it mediates between nerves, blood vessels & functional cells•Has nutritional and regeneration tasks and is mediator of nervous information for cells throughout the organism•Plays a significant role in all disease processes • nformation transfer takes place in the extra-cellular matrix; nerves and blood vessels have no direct contact with functioning cells.
•Proton jump conduction in collagen may be important for communication within the organism.
•It is the largest system which completely penetrates all parts of the organism. •It takes care of the nutrition of and communication with the cells•Is involved in all inflammation and defence processes.
• It is thus responsible for all basic vital functions. •Organic disease originates with dysfunction of this system and its connections throughout the organism Functions of the ECM
•Storage, Transmission and Retrieval of Information(Tissue memory)
•Bioenergetics-application to acupuncture and related therapies
•Bioresonance - application to Homeopathy and subtle energy therapies
•Organises cell structure and expresses specific organ functions, controls electrolyte
•Tissue and Organ development - breast, bone, cartilage, marrow, ligament
•Includes proteins that regulate cell adhesion, migration, proliferation and
•The ECM is degraded during processes such as embryonic implantation into the
uterus, invasion of tissues by lymphocytes during inflammation, angiogenesis, and
wound repair.
Toxins in Food
•Growth Promoters
•Synthetic Vitamins
•Flavouring Agents
•Firming Agents
•Dispersing Agents
•Defoaming Agents
•Wetting Agents
•Buffering Agents
•Oxidising Agents
•Food Irradiation
•Microwave Cooking
•GM Foods
Cosmetic Toxins
•Deodorants- Aluminium
•Lipsticks-eye shadows, Liners etc.
•Hair colouring and Hairdressing materials
•Sanitary towels and Tampons (toxic shock)
•Dental Care preparations- Fluoride
•Skin Creams and moisturisers- Molybdenum
Use cosmetics from natural sources
Toxins in Common Materials
•Dyes (Cobalt)
•Processing Chemicals in Footwear (Manganese- Mn) from Maneb – EDM (Ethylene
Diam ine)
•Handles of tools and Sports Equipment (EDM)
•Mobile phone covers (EDM)
•Wet Suits- EDM
•Brassieres!, elasticated trousers, other elastics- EDM
•Synthetic Steering Wheels- EDM
•Packaging toxins- BisPhenol-A
Manganese is a trace m ineral for which optimal biological activity depends on
concentration Manganese, like Chromium exists with several chemical valencies -
they are II, III, IV and VII. Natural Organic Manganese has valency III
This difference in valency could account for the toxicity of Manganese from some
•Molybdenum is a mineral which is essential for the function of several liver
enzymes. However it is also used as a catalyst in the desulphurisation of crude
petroleum. This catalyst disappears during the process so it ends up in all petroleum
products. It can accumulate by breathing in or by absorption through the skin, causing
poisoning, especially of the liver through blocking of the organic Molybdenum.
• Beware of cosmetic products with paraffin or petroleum on the label, also beware of
fumes from petroleum, diesel and heating oils, and candles
Prosthetics, Implants, Dental Materials
•Orthopaedic Pins, Splints, Screws etc.
•Cosmetic Surgery with Silicone
•Cardiac Uterine and Hormone implants
•Dental Amalgam and associated infections
•Dentures, Posts, Bridges, Plates, Implants
•Root Canal Fillings and associated infections
Dental Amalgam
•Dental Amalgam includes Mercury, Silver, Copper and Tin. There is a wide range of
reactivity to these metals. Also, in general, dentists will not admit that there can be a
problem despite hundreds of research papers showing this is so. Sometimes amalgam
has a contaminant (Thallium) which is more toxic than Mercury. Problems can arise
from Galvanic currents caused by placing of dissimilar metals in contact with each
•In my experience, a lot of the problems from dental amalgam arise because it suppresses the immune system and allows dormant infections to become activated. The phenomenon of dental infections was proven about 80 years ago by a dentist and pathologist Weston Price in the USA-his work has been forgotten Toxins in Water
•Aluminium from Water Treatment
•Biological Contaminants
•Industrial Pollutants, Xeno-Estrogens
•Non degradable chemicals in recycled water
•Excreted Pharmaceuticals in water
Toxins in Air
•Industrial and Domestic Exhausts
•Ozone from Sunlight + Motor pollution
•Airborne Allergens (Pollens etc.)
•Beryllium from plasters, cements and grout
•Fibrous particles (Asbestos, Fibre glass)
•Arsenic compounds from wallpaper paste, wood preserver (mold and fungus
•Fire Retardant (Arsenic and Antimony Hydrides)
•Fungal Spores (Aspergillus)

Fire Retardant
•Some fire retardants are made from compounds of Arsenic, Antimony and
•Moisture activates a fungus which degrades this chemical to produce three poison
gases A
tibine and P
•There is good evidence that this is the main cause of Cot Deaths and it is the cause of illness in a good proportion of the population.
•This can be found in polyurethane foam, sheets and mattresses and some furniture Jewellery
Peoples’ reactivity to metals varies.
In general, Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt, Lead, and Cadmium are Toxic.
Silver, Copper, Tin, Iron and Aluminium can be toxic in excess. Some people are intolerant to GoldBeware of metal from spectacle frames and nose rests, watches and straps, bra underwire, and jewellery in general, especially anything piercing the skin.
•This is an Earth Element and is very toxic, especially to lung tissue•It is found also in Plaster, Tiling Cement, Tiling Grout and Concrete•In Damp conditions, mould is activated and this releases a Beryllium compound (? Beryllium Hydride) from Plaster, etc. This gaseous compound can diffuse throughout a building and cause ill health.
•This can cause a Nocardia (soil bacterium) infection in the lung which can cause a very chronic pneumonia•I have observed that many patients who have been exposed to this develop dental infections and raised cholesterol.
Domestic and Workplace Toxins
• lass and Furniture Sprays and Polishes • lothing and Upholstery Cleaners and Solvents Cobalt Blue Dye
• lot of blue, navy and dark navy fabric dyes are based on cobalt salts, and some people cannot tolerate this. It is a familial characteristic and commonly causes unexplained muscle pain. Denim jeans are a common source of this. The problem is aggravated where the clothing is next to the skin and gets wet. • common symptom is chronic muscle pain Toxicity from Textiles (see detailed report in Tab Resources/ Toxic Textiles)
§ he Textile Industry - serious environmental polluter § irect skin contact with toxic textiles a growing problem §Toxic chemicals in textiles a major health problem §The majority of the population is unaware of problems §Symptoms are not recognised as related to textile toxins


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