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In 1990, the Federal Ministry of Health published the first edition of the Approved Patent Medicines List for Patent Medicines Shops in the country, and in 1994 the second edition (2nd Edition) was This is an updated list of Patent Medicines approved for stock and sale in licenced Patent Medicines Shops throughout Nigeria. It is prepared with generic names. It has been prepared in line with the National Drug Policy for Nigeria, the Essential Drugs List (Fourth Revision 2003) and in accordance All Patent Medicines Vendors are to note that Patent Medicines are to be sold in the original packs, boxes, strips, foils, bottles, vessels, packets or covers under which they are packed by the manufacturers. They are to be sold only in small packs, sizes or units not exceeding 100's in the case of tablets/capsules. In the case of oral liquid preparations, such as solution, syrup or suspension, only packs of 15ml, 30ml, 100ml or 200ml are to be sold, and also, in their original packs. In each, the pack shall be properly secured and bear the name or trade mark of the All Patent Medicines sold must be those registered by the National Agency for Food and Drug Repackaging or dispensing of any Patent Medicines by any Patent Medicines Vendor is prohibited. LIST OF PRODUCTS TO BE STOCKED AND SOLD BY PATENT MEDICINES VENDORS Capsules/Tablets - 125mg (Paediatric), 500mg (Adults), Syrup/Suspension - 125mg/5ml (60ml, 100ml packs) Powder/Granules, 5mg/sachet, Tablet, 1g Capsules/Tablets, 50mg base (Paediatric) 150mg (Adult) b. Pyrimethamine, 25mg plus Sulphadoxine 500mg 5. Antiseptic and Disinfectant Solutions b. Chloroxylenol 5% solution (for dilution) c. Dichloroxylenol plus Chlorophenol soap solution f. Sodium hypochlorite (1 - 10%), 250ml, 500ml a. Ferrous salts - Capsules/Tablets (As Fumarate, Gluconate, Sulphate, Succinate) b. Ferric ammonium citrate mixture, 400mg/5ml 8. Dermatological (Anti-Infective Drugs) a. Gentian violet tincture, Tincture, 1% b. Calamine plus Zinc oxide - Lotion/Plaster a. Methyl Salicylate compound preparation; Balms, Creams, Embrocations, Liniments, Rubs, Ointments, Oils and Inhalers Zinc, starch and talc dusting powder with or without menthol a. Benzoic acid (6%) plus salicylic acid (3%) ratio 2:1, cream, ointment c. Salicylic acid, Ointment/Solution: Ointment, 2.5% Solution, 12% in flexible collodion a. Dequalinium hydrochloride (250mg) Lozenges d. Menthol plus Eucalyptus Oil plus camphor plus Thymol (0.207% plus 0.069% plus e. Menthol plus ascorbic acid plus hyrous citric acid (0.09% plus 2.9412% plus 0.8332% a. Magnesium trisilicate mixture - 100ml - 200ml b. Magnesium triscilicate compound tablets c. Aluminium hydroxide, mixture/tablets b. Magnesium Sulphate - Granules/Sachets/Mixture a. Ascorbic acid (Vitamic C) - Tablets, 100mg Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) Syrup 100mg per 5ml b. B Complex Vitamins - Capsules/Tablets/Syrup d. Multivitamins - Capsules/Tablets/Syrup/Drops i. Calcium gluconate - Tablets, Tablets, 600mg a. Chlorpheniramine Maleate - Tablet, 4mg/10s


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Basic, uncomplicated infection with Borrelia burgdorferi-not too ill, respond readily to antibioticsDisseminated, symptomatic disease- usually present longer, and may Need higher doses, longer duration, and also may need IV treatmentsNeed complex antibiotic regimens of long durationChronic Lyme- Patients ill for > I year, with many complications possible:Immune deficiencies (the beginnings

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IMMDA’s HEALTH RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RUNNERS & WALKERS Writing committee: Lewis G. Maharam, MD.FACSM (chair), , Arthur Siegel MD, Stephen Siegel, MD, Bruce Adams, MD, Pedro Pujol, MD, FACSM and Paulo Alfonso Lourega de Menezes, MD Approved by IMMDA Body, March 20, 2010 Barcelona Spain As Medical Directors (IMMDA: International Marathon Medical Director’s As

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