October Board Report - Starts GoalMaiya Anderson and Clare DurandWith the new board year, we have been newly assigned to take over the starts goal of the strategic plan. We have identified our respective areas of interest and expect to split the work with Maiya focusing primarily on marketing strategies and use of social media and Clare focusing primarily on working directly with clubs on event practices and event schedules. We may also split some work geographically with Maiya in the East and Clare in the West.
2011 Strategic Plan Starts Strategies and Metrics:Overall 2011 Starts MetricsLocal starts: 49,300A-meet Starts: 8,800Status: Need 3rd Quarter numbers from Glen to update projectionsLocal (numbers represent a sample of clubs - not total starts): Strategy: Actively pursue new groups of potential orienteers2011 Metric: Implement ProgramsStatus: This particular strategy includes a huge number of varying bullets. Things that have current activity going on include: Planned presence at National Girl Scout Convention in November Some best practice seminars held at Convention Plan: provide best practices to clubs and continue to develop website sections with programming for specific groupsStrategy: Utilize technology to promote, grow, and measure orienteering2011 Metric: 33% online registration; registration as part of www.orienteeringusa.orgStatus: Web committee still investigating and working on online registration. Not yet implemented.
Plan: Post orienteering events on national and local event websites/publications. Additionally contact these sites and publications to print/post short articles about orienteering directing readers to the Orienteering USA website and local clubs.
Develop an updated Orienteering USA facebook page in conjunction with website committee.
Strategy: Do not forsake event quality for quantity2011 Metric: Test pilot an evaluation program with four A-meets and fifty local meetsStatus: We discussed that nothing has moved forward on this metric and will work to implement some sort of survey and feedback mechanism for 2012. Having better feedback on what participants enjoyed or didn’t about their experience can help us to develop better event guidelines. Consider engaging with the course consulting committee to actively seek out event directors and course setters to provide oversight and answer questions.
Plan: As part of action plan to increase A-meet starts requesting some budget to help pay some consulting costs for clubs.
Strategy: Mountain Bike Orienteering2011 Metric: US MTBO ChampionshipsStatus: No progress. Will work with MTBO committee for the future.
Strategy: Rogaining2011 Metric: Create results and historical information database; Communicate with clubs to develop rogaines; US Championships annually; North American Champs annually; Publicized to adventure racing organizations; smooth sanctioning process.
Status: The Rogaine committee has been excellent at working to grow rogaining. Orienteering USA has joined the IRF and rogaine sanctioning has grown beyond just the US Championships to additional events, including third-party operator events.
Strategy: Trail Orienteering2011 Metric: Increase event directors/planners and events; Develop North American Trail-O Champs; offer TempO events; Promote to disabled groupsStatus: Trail orienteering seminars held at Annual ConventionGrant application for a trail orienteering event for disabled veterans in the DC areaStrategy: Don’t be afraid to rewrite the rules2011 Metric: Think Tank formation of orienteers and non-orienteersStatus: As part of action plan, we have a new product development group. Working on best practices documents and checklists to go on website to help clubs with development and implementation of local events.
Current Action Plan:1. Add 3 more A meets to the 2012 calendar2. Continue half priced starts to new adults, A meets for 5 select meets in 20123. Master Calendar: OUSA A-meet calendar to clubs and 3rd party sites4. Meet Promotion (local and A meet) - develop promotion and marketing tools, best practices and checklists.
5. Google Ad words - Link key search words to orienteering USA website, trial programBudget request: Review 2011 calendar, reach out to regions and local 2 day meets with possible conversion to A-meet status. Facilitate sanctioning, travel for expertise to help run/technical assist with meets, target winter, summer Intern to get calendar on OUSA and 3rd party sites, create and maintain OUSA facebook page with links to OUSA and club sites.
Distribute promotion materials, national calendars, etc. Short articles in other media, Flyers, ads, boilerplate best practices, for intern. Pursue ordering quality OUSA technical wear shirts, pants, hats, headbands, etc. to sell online and at A meets.
Promotion. Links key words on google searches to OUSA, evaluate after $1000


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