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A publication of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life
April 2012
“Preventative Care?”
$1.00 Abortion Payment
The “birth control” pill – along with all its The Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS) injectable and implantable counterparts – IS
has issued a “final” rule regarding the establish- ment of the state health care exchanges required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Most American women don’t know that the pill they swallow with their morning orange juice can This “rule” provides for taxpayer funding of insurance coverage that includes elective abortion. While on the pill, they (1) may still ovulate, (2) All enrollees will pay $1.00 per month in addition
may still conceive a child, and (3) then abort that to the payment for the rest of the services covered.
child. This is one of the ways that the pill works. Nothing in the PPACA prevents the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) from covering “The pill is not a warm little fuzzy harmless elective abortions. If abortion is included, even object, but causes significant harm to women. As a states that have prohibited such coverage in their practicing physician, I see the fallout every day – state exchanges may be required to rescind that young women with blood clots in their legs, strokes, early breast cancer, HPV, and cervical cancer. But
women are not [being] told.
Thus far, no one has estimated what can be collected from enrollees when the $12 per year is “A child is not a disease. Pregnancy and
multiplied by the number of enrollees. Will that fertility are not disease states; they are normal revert to funding for Planned Parenthood?? physiological processes of the human body.” Dr. Rebecca Peck, Family Practice, Ormond Beach, FL One final thought. What about the pro-life individual enrolled in that insurance? We prosecute athletes for using steroids and we warn elderly ladies about the danger of Hormone The “Latest” Statistic
Then we deceive young women into thinking The latest numbers released in 2011 by the Guttmacher that taking megadoses of powerful, steroid-based drugs to chemically disable their reproductive research arm, show there were (at least!) 1.21 systems is completely harmless. How could it be? million abortions in the United States in 2008. Norplant was taken off the market some years 72,600 (6%) were performed on girls ages 15 to ago, after thousands of women became ill after 17. In the “under 14” category, there were 0.4% having the capsules implanted under their skin. abortions done. Seeming a low percentage, 0.4% represents 4,840 abortions performed annually on
How many women know that there are currently any girl old enough to become pregnant – a number of class action lawsuits going forward in potentially even 10-year-olds.
the United States against various contraceptives because of the harm they have caused women? We regret that many of the news articles coming across our “desk” recently have not been upbeat, Is fertility a disease? Is pregnancy a disease leaving this newsletter’s reports quite negative. state? Birth control simply does not qualify as Your prayers are desperately needed for our nation Mosher, Steven; Population Research Institute; Mar 2012 President’s Corner – Thoughts on Voting #1
PPCFL Officers & Advisors
As we approach our state’s primary election, June 26th, and our national, state, and local elections on November 6th, I would like to share some thoughts on cutting through the muddle that the media Our Declaration of Independence says that all men have certain inalienable rights given by the Creator – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – and it is the duty of government to protect these rights.
The first and primary of these rights is life, without which the other
The U.S. Constitution says that no person can be deprived of the
right to life, liberty or property without due process of law. Again, the primary right is the right to life.
Who has the authority to determine who is a person? The Declaration states that the Creator gives these rights, not government.
If you itemize your donations on Government’s role is to protect, not ‘determine.your income tax return, please make We upheld this principle after World War II when we prosecuted German citizens for obeying German law and murdering millions of If you don’t need a specific tax Jews, people with disabilities and others. The German government deduction, please make your check had determined that these groups were not fully human; they were Election of Officers
Our response was that the government did not have the authority to declare any part of the human family to be non-persons, and that the duty of these citizens was to disobey unlawful orders. Our government usurped the Creator’s authority in the same way when it declared that babies still in their mothers’ wombs are not fully human; they are non-persons! Thus it is “legal” to murder them. I suggest that when deciding which candidates to vote for we start To be qualified to hold office a candidate must understand
these two principles –
…that the primary duty of government is to protect the
inalienable right to life and that no government has the authority
to declare any part of the human family to be non-persons!
If we do not hold candidates to this standard, we are like Germans in the 1930’s, voting for Hitler because he was good for the economy and the military. “So Hitler has a problem with the Jews and less-than- perfect Germans. That’s not as important as the economy and ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“Tolerance equals
Indifference equals
Think about it. More thoughts next month. Apathy”
The Slippery Slope – Abortion – Infanticide – Euthanasia

In the 1970’s after the Roe and Doe court decisions which legalized abortion, there were warnings about
the “slippery slope.” The predictions came frequently that very soon there would be the attack on the people
with disabilities, including newborns, and the move to euthanasia regardless of a patient’s wish to die. In 2012
we are almost at the bottom of that slippery slope.
The prestigious Journal of Medical Ethics has just
…and adults who have lost relevant capacities given us a “peek” into what ObamaCare will surely because of late-stage Alzheimer’s or severe brain be mandating in the not-too-distant future. damage - are not “persons” because they have either not yet attained, or have lost, the capacities “After-Birth
bioethicists, Alberto Guibilini and Francesca Minerva, contend that killing a newborn… This means you can be a “person” today, but not tomorrow - or not be a “person” today and be killed …should be a purely elective decision by parents who believe the baby would be a burden or would negatively impact their family’s well-being. In the l960s, the propriety of abortion was pro- moted in professional journals, leading directly to Under this standard, even perfectly healthy the 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision. In the 1970s, bioethics argued that it should be Responding to negative reactions regarding acceptable to withdraw feeding tubes from people their article, the authors confirm their position. with severe brain damage - once unthinkable. “We…call this practice, ‘after-birth abortion,’ Now people who are unconscious and minimally rather than infanticide, to emphasize that the moral conscious are dehydrated to death in all 50 states status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus…rather than that of a child. ObamaCare, if not rescinded, has hundreds of “…“After-birth abortion” (killing a newborn) “blank checks” empowering the Dept of Health and should be permissible in all cases [in which] Human Services (HHS) to mandate countless abortion is [legal] – including cases where the newborn is not disabled.” [emp. added]
Excerpts from: Brad Mattes, Life Issues Institute “Merely being human is not in itself a reason
Wesley J. Smith, D.I.’s Center on Human Exceptionalism for ascribing someone a right to life.”
…And in the Netherlands
Boundaries are further stretched by their saying the social, psychological and economic cost [to] the The euthanasia rate continues to climb in the parents has priority over the lives of their children. Netherlands. Last year, 3136 euthanasia deaths They also suggest that adoption isn’t always in the best interest of “actual” people.
…with another 20% likely being unreported, including the estimated 550 annual euthanasia At this point in time our Administration insists that the “contraceptive” mandate is correct, [because] conception doesn’t really happen until On March 1, six mobile euthanasia teams
that (conceived) embryo implants in the uterus two
were launched along with a special clinic to provide weeks after fertilization.
an estimated 1000 deaths to people who were either turned down by their doctor or who are The FDA recently approved and pushed this disabled and/or frail elderly and lacking mobility. same “contraception,” a drug called Ella, which can destroy a human embryo after implantation just According the UK Guardian, “The teams would like RU-486 destroys it a few weeks later. be limited to one house visit a week to minimize the Within international and American bioethics is frequently found the attitude that the preborn and So there is a human cost to killing!
infants (at least through the first few weeks)… Schadenberg, Alex; Euthanasia Prevention Coalition April 25, 1012 – 45 years of “Legal” Killing!
On April 25, 1967, Governor John Love (R) “If my people, which are called by my name, signed into Colorado law the first legalization of shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and Richard Lamm, who later became the Governor The generation(s) since 1967 have heard the Many of us did not live in Colorado at that time. subtle whisper that life is not precious; particularly, However, as we became citizens of this beautiful state, we have watched the number of babies’ Too many do not know the terribly tragic repercussions of the legalization of abortion; the No longer are statistics reported from the State mothers who mourn the loss of their flesh and on those figures, but we know that, at least, a full blood through their “choice” of abortion; generation of Coloradans is no longer with us Those fathers who weren’t allowed a “choice” and those men who “forced” their baby’s mother to A year ago, a former Colorado Representative, “choose” death instead of life for their baby. Mark Cloer, called on all prolifers to spend the day in prayers of reparation for the sins of our state. May all who hear this call spend some time in prayer on Wednesday, April 25, in their homes; in It is of vital importance that all Christians again their churches; with other concerned Christians… consider the words of 2 Chronicles 7:14, and follow the directions for the “healing of our land.” May God “hear from heaven” and heal our land!



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