Scene 1

Narrator #1: This year’s Purim Shpiel takes place in________. Where we find the characters
of ________. King Ahashveros is ________. Vashti is_______, Mordechai is ___________.
Narrator #2: Esther is _______. Haman is ________.
Narrator#1: King Ahashveros is hosting a grand party. All the guests are dancing the hora and
having a wonderful time.
Narrator #2: Let's all go now to __________ and join in the celebration.
Guard #1: Attention, attention.
Guard #2: The King ____________ has an important announcement to make.
Guard #3: Please lend us your ears.
King: Soon my queen shall arrive and dance for all of my guests. (clap, clap)
Guards send orders to the Queen that we await her presence.
(Guards exit and go to the queen)

Guard #1
: Queen ____________, King __________ is ready for you to appear. You must come
Queen: I will not appear at his party, I will not dance the hora for his guests. Tell him no!

Queen's Lady
: But your highness, you must obey the King's wishes.
Guard #2: But Queen, the consequences.
Queen: You have my answer, tell the King NO!

(Guards go to the King .)

Guard #2: King, the Queen has told us she will not dance for you.
Guard #1: Yes sire, she has refused to appear.
King: What, I am outraged! How dare she refuse my request. She will be dethroned for this act
of disrespect. Guards bring me the Queen!
(Guards exit and bring the Queen to see the King.)

Queen’s Lady: Sire, the Queen is here to see you.
King: Send her in.

Queen: Yes, Sire you wanted to see me.
King: You have embarrassed me in front of my guests--for this you will be banished from this
town forever.
Townsperson #1: Did you hear that the King FIRED the Queen?
Townsperson #2: Whatever will he do without a Queen?
King: Let it be known the Queen's throne of __________is now open, I will hold a contest to
find the perfect wife to sit by my side.

Townsperson #3
: Did you hear that? I've got a friend that's perfect. I've got to hurry up and call
to tell her.

Townsperson #4
: Yeah, I have a sister who would be wonderful as the Queen.
Townsperson #1: Well, I have a one of my cousin's sister's who'd be wonderful.
Townsperson #2: I've got the daughter of my mother cousin's brother's neighbor from around
the block who I think would be perfect.
Townsperson #3: Enough of this.
Townsperson #4: Let's get going.
Narrator #3: The townspeople quickly busy themselves to prepare for the King's search for the
next Queen.

Scene 2

Narrator #1: Mordechai________ goes to see his cousin Esther ________to talk to her about the
King's contest for a new Queen.
Narrator #2: Queen __________ is a little shy and wonders if she can really do it.
Mordechai:(Down on knees) Pretty please, Esther. Will you just let the King see you? Once he
sees you, I know he'll want you for his Queen. You know I know my stuff.
Esther: I don't know, Mordechi. Do you think I'm pretty enough.
Mordechi: Of course you are.
Esther: Do you think I'm smart enough?
Mordechai: Of course.
Esther: Do you think I've got what it takes to be the Queen?
Mordechai: I could think of no one better.

Source: http://www.purimshpiels.com/scripts-shpiels/Play-Snipett.pdf

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