The children will mentally recall addition and subtraction facts with speed and accuracy and work on learning all times tables up to 10 x 10. Children should be able to explain what each digit represents in whole numbers and compare and order numbers. Our cross-curricular maths will focus on graphs, co-ordinates and word problems. Literacy
The children will study fiction texts linked to our ‘Story Time’ topic. They will produce recounts and character
descriptions based on their visit to Straits Woods. They will focus on using connectives to link sentences and
the spelling of homophones – words that are pronounced the same as another work but differ in meaning,
eg. ‘new’ and ‘knew’.
Creative Curriculum
Our creative curriculum focus is ‘Story Time’ looking at stories with a twist. In Geography the children will
study maps and plan their route to Straits woods.
In Art the children will be sketching and painting characters and scenes from the stories covered this term.
In D&T the children will be making a range of plant containers for our outdoor environment.
Music will be linked to our story time theme and is supported by Dudley Performing Arts.
In science, the children will be learning about green plants and habitats, including learning to understand that
creatures and plants live in specific places and how they are adapted to do so.

In ICT the children will become co-authors to research and create texts.

R.E, PHSE and Citizenship
In RE the children will be studying Islam and Christianity, investigating the founders of the Holy Books such as
The Bible and the Qiran.
In PHSE and Citize3nship the children will celebrate ‘new beginnings’, ensuing everyone feels welcomed and valued in Year 4.
The children will be focussing on invasion games this half term with more of a focus on Netball. They will also
be building on how to outwit an opponent. In the second half of the Autumn Term they will get the chance to
develop a themed dance which they will perform to their class at the end of the half term.
As PE lessons will be outside and with the weather getting cooler children are advised to have jumpers and tracksuit bottoms available should they wish to use them. PE days – 4F Wednesday and Thursday 4W Tuesday and Wednesday Focus Days
DT Focus Day – Tuesday 8th October 2013
Teacher: Mrs Ferguson
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Perry
Teacher: Mrs Winter
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cartwright

Dates for your Diary
Tuesday 1st October 2013 – Year 4 Harvest Assembly at Zoar Church
Friday 4th October 2013 – Year 4 visit to Straits Woods
Wednesday 23rd October 2013 – Parents Evening – 3.30pm – 5.30pm
Thursday 24th October 2013 – Parents Evening – 5.30pm – 7.30 pm


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