Facing the challenge of future co2 targets:

Facing the Challenge of Future CO2 Targets:
Impact on European Passenger Car Technologies Thursday, 18 June 2009
Opening of Registration
Welcome Address
F. Profumo, Rector, Politecnico Torino; A. Barberis, Honorary President of SAE Torino Group, Turin Chamber of
Commerce; and T. Ryan, SAE 2008 President and Institute Engineer, SWRI

Plenary Session
Chairman: R. Rinolfi, Fiat Powertrain Technologies
The EU Commission Perspective G. Mattino, EC - DG Enterprise & Industry
Are Driving Cycles Representative of Real-World Conditions? T. Woll, Daimler
Networking Break
The Contribution of Infomobility towards a Sustainable Mobility — M. Mauro, Centro Ricerche Fiat
Strategies for the Worldwide Race to CO2 Reduction A. Greaney, Ricardo
Discussion: Facing the Challenge of Future CO2 Targets Led by R. Rinolfi, Plenary Session Chairman
Advanced Powertrains Session
Aerodynamics and its Contribution
Chairman: M. Bargende,
to CO2 Reduction Session
Chairman: A. Cogotti, SAE Fellow
The Contribution of Cooling Air Flow to Fuel
Powertrain Technologies for CO
2 Reduction L.
Consumption of Passengers Cars T. Kuthada, IVK/
Bernard, Fiat Powertrain Technologies Ferrari Aerodynamic Approach to Environmental Issues:
Diesel Engines Right-sizing for Optimal NOx and
How Ferrari is Facing the Challenges Arising from
CO2 Emissions G. Boretto, GM Powertrain Europe
Environmental Issues for its Future Road Cars F.
Cannizzo, Ferrari – Italy

An Approach to Compare Advanced Powertrains
Relationship between Real World Fuel Consumption
and to Rate Customer’s Benefit for Small Vehicles
and Aerodynamic Improvements — A. Broniewicz, T.
M. Horn, J. Neubeck, J. Wiedemann IVK/FKFS,
Walker, T. Hadzianagnostakis, Volvo Car Corporation Potentials of Downsizing and Friction Reduction for Aerodynamics Development Strategies for Reduction of
Future CO2 Scenarios H. Busch, FEV
Vehicle CO2 Emissions — M. Islam, Audi AG
A Numerical Method for the Aerodynamic Optimization
MULTIAIR and High Efficiency Engines D. Micelli,
of Road Vehicles and its Application in the
Development of New Vehicles — R.Tregnago, Centro
Ricerche Fiat

Discussion: Advanced Powertrain Technologies
Discussion: Aerodynamics Technologies Addressing
Addressing Future CO2 Targets Led by M.
Future CO2 Targets Led by A. Cogotti, Session
Networking Break
Lab Tour — GM Powertrain and Politecnico Labs
Updated 5/21/09 — program subject to change — for Program Organized by: Federico Millo, Politecnico di Torino; Giovanni Cipolla, GM Powertrain Europe;
Mauro Velardocchia, Politecnico di Torino; Antonello Cogotti, SAE Fellow; Marzio Bianchi, SAE Turin Group Secretary
Friday, 19 June 2009
Hybrids & Powertrain Electrification Session
Car & Transmissions Concepts Session
Chairman: G. Cipolla, GM Powertrain Europe
Chairman: J. Wiedemann, IVK/ FKFS-Universität Stuttgart
Pathways for Reducing Vehicle CO2 Emissions
Vehicle Technologies for CO
Based on Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Propulsion
2 Reduction L. Orofino,
Concepts Z. Filipi, University of Michigan
Nissan's Comprehensive CO2 Reduction Approach
Weight Optimization in Car Body Engineering S.
with Several Propulsion Systems S. Yonetamari,
General Motors Advanced Propulsion Strategy
The Phylla Project N. DiGiusto, Centro Ricerche Fiat
M. Cisternino, GM Powertrain Europe Pininfarina Bluecar: Concept and Design
2 Emissions Reduction: The Hybrid Challenge
G. Cartia, Pininfarina
Networking Break
Electrification of Powertrain a solution for CO2
Mechanical Improvement on Vehicle Friction D.
Reduction: HEV, PHEV, EV, Energy Storage and
Transformation P. Leteinturier, Infineon
Status and Trends of Li-Ion Battery Technology for
Efficiency of a Wet DCT for a High Performance
Automotive ApplicationsSpeaker TBD, SAFT /
Vehicle: Sensitivity Analysis and Measurements — C.
Torrelli, C. Cavallino, F. Viotto, Oerlikon-Graziano Flywheel-Based Hybrid Systems J. Hilton, Flybrid
Innovative Powershift AMT Concept A. Serrarens,
Drive Train Innovation, F. Amisano, Magneti Marelli Transmission and Drive Line Simulator for the CO
Discussion: Powertrain Technologies Addressing
Challenge D. Gagne, LMS
Future CO2 Targets Led by G. Cipolla, Session
Discussion: Vehicle Technologies Addressing Future
CO2 Targets Led by J. Wiedemann, Session Chairman
Bio- and Alternative Fuels Session
Tires Session
Chairman: F. Millo, Politecnico di Torino
Chairman: M. Velardocchia, Politecnico di Torino
Concepts, Potentials and Challenges for SI-Engines
EC Regulatory Trends in Tire Development M.
with Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Enriched Gases
H.Eichelseder, D. Leitner, C. Skalla, TU Graz The Role of Natural Gas in the Future Scenario of
Tire and Environmental Evolutionary Scenario D.
Alternative Fuels A. Gerini, Fiat Powertrain
Simulative Optimization of a 3-Cylinder CNG Engine
Tire Modeling for Wear Minimization F. Cheli, F.
Within a Parallel Hybrid Powertrain D. Boland, M.
Braghin, S. Melzi, Politecnico di Milano Bargende, IVK University of Stuttgart, H.J. Berner, FKFS Networking Break
Oil-Free Zone in the Province of Trento (Italy): the
Case of Primiero and Vanoy Community
Bioplastic Opportunities In Automotive C. Bastioli,
Fuganti, Centro Ricerche Fiat, L. Zeni, P. Secco, . Fontana, ACSM Primiero, A. Marella, University of Padua Well-to-Wheels CO
2 Reduction with Biofuels
Tire Development — Speaker TBD, Pirelli
B.M. Vaglieco, Istituto Motori C.N.R., NaplesItaly
SI Engines Fueling with E85: Challenges and
Opportunities with 2nd Generation Bio-Ethanol
Michelin Tyre Development — Speaker TBD, Michelin
A. Vassallo, GM Powertrain Europe Discussion: Bio- and Alternative Fuels
Addressing Future CO2 Targets Led by F. Millo,
Tire Pressure Monitoring System T. Hannon, TRW
Discussion: Tires Technologies Addressing Future CO
Targets Led by M. Velardocchia, Session Chairman
Program Organized by: Federico Millo, Politecnico di Torino; Giovanni Cipolla, GM Powertrain Europe;
Mauro Velardocchia, Politecnico di Torino; Antonello Cogotti, SAE Fellow; Marzio Bianchi, SAE Turin Group Secretary
Program Organized by: Federico Millo, Politecnico di Torino; Giovanni Cipolla, GM Powertrain Europe;
Mauro Velardocchia, Politecnico di Torino; Antonello Cogotti, SAE Fellow; Marzio Bianchi, SAE Turin Group Secretary

Source: http://www.sae.org/events/training/symposia/co2challenge/agenda.pdf


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