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Born July 30th 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentine. Nationality: Argentinian and Italian (dual nationality) City of residence and private practice:
Registration :
Médical College of Barcelona (Spain), number 38713 Specialist Psychiatrist
Ministry of Health Argentine , number 73401 Specialist Psychiatrist
Generl Medical Council UK : Full Registration with license to practice. Number 7296009.
1986 Primary Medical Qualification awarded by the University of Buenos Aires, Argentine.
2001 Title of Specialist Psychiatrist certified by the “Argentinian Ministry of Public
2001 Title of Specialist in Psychiatry certified by APSA (Association of Argentine
2002 and 2004 Primary Medical Qualification and title of Specialist Psychiatrist certified
by Ministry of Culture,Education and Sport; Department of Qualifications Validations and
Recognition from Madrid-Spain.
Specialist Psychiatrist – responsible for the “Vilafranca del Penedes Day Hospital of Germanes
hospitalaries del Sagrat Cor ” (Barcelona, Spain). Institution which is financed by the Generalitat of Catalonia. (20 hours per week) Specialist Psychiatrist – On-call for in and outpatients at the” Germanes Hospitalaries Sagrat
Cor Hospital”, (Barcelona, Spain). (20 hours per week). Medical residents supervisor in the Institutions mentioned above.
Private Practice - Specializing in Psychiatry and Comprehensive Treatment of tobacco, cocaine
and cannabis addiction. Vilanova I la Geltrú. Barcelone (Spain). Specialist Psychiatrist at Pihue Center from Buenos Aires, Argentine, led by Dra Liliana
Gonzalez ; carryng out pharmacological treatments, psychiatric emergencies at the patients home, individual,, group and family psychotherapy, day hospital. Specialist Psychiatrist at the “Villa Guadalupe and Brain Center Psychiatric Clinic” in Buenos
Aires, Argentine, led by Dr. Eduardo Kalina; carryng out pharmacological treatments in the acute phase and follow-up. Involved in Research activities of the institution Medical Team in relation to recent advances in the treatment of addiction, both in the intoxication and abstinence phases, with last generation drugs. Coordinating Therapist and Pharmacologist in the Intensive program for smoking cessation in
Doctor on call at the “Institute for Assistance in Psychopathology”- IAP ; carryng out
pharmacological control of hospitalized patients. (Buenos aires-Argentine) Private practice – psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological treatment. Psychotherapy
Doctor on call at the Tempora Psychiatric Clinic (Buenos aires-Argentine).
Doctor on call at the Parmenio Piñero Hospital, Acute Mental Health and Addiction services.
Resident and intern training by the official program certified by the “Argentinian Ministry of
Public Health” in order to obtain the specialist certification in Psychiatry (seven years) in the
Mental Health for Adults acute Department, Parmenio Piñero Hospital, Buenos Aires,
On- call Practioner at San Fernando y Eva Perón Hospital, (Buenos aires-Argentine).
1986-1989 Postgraduate in the Argentinian School for Transactional Analysis . 1986-1993 Postgraduate courses in the Mental Health Department, Parmenio Piñero Introduction to Phychoanalisis. (Duration: 65 hours) Psychiatric Clinic. (Duration: 32 hours) Psychopharmacology I. (Duration: 32 hours) Psychopharmacology II. (Duration: 65 hours) Psychopharmacology III. (Duration: 65 hours) Psychiatric Clinic II. (Duration: 32 hours) Criteria for Admission to the Psychiatric Hospital. (Duration: 32 hours) 1993- 1995 Postgraduate on Gestalt and Transpersonal Psychotherapy at the Gestalt and Psychotherapy Techniques Institute. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1995 Intensive course on Hypnotherapy at the Latin American Centre for Hypnotherapy. Buenos Aires. Argentine. (duration: 10 hours) 1996 Yearly course on Clinical Psychopharmacology. University of Buenos Aires. Argentina. 1996 Seminar for Psychiatrists in Clinical Psychopharmacology given by the Pharmacology Research and Teaching Foundation. (Directed by Dr. Moizeszowicz). (April-November 1996) 1995-1996-1997-1998-1999-2000 Intensive course on Psychopharmacology update. Pharmacology Research and Teaching Foundation. 1998-1999 Psychopharmacological approach to Anxiety Disorders. Rontag Laboratory. 2002-2005 Three courses each year in the Training Activities Program. Germanes Hospitalaries Sagrat Cor Institution. Barcelona, Spain. scientific consultant to advise on issues concerning the utilization of antipsychotic 2007 Long acting injectables during an international scientific meeting held in Paris.Lilly 1989- 1990 At the Mental Health Department . University of Belgrano, (Buenos aires- 1990-1992 Course on bases of pharmacology addressed to Psychologists. Parmenio Piñero 1991-1993 Psychosemiology .Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires. Argentine. 1999-2001 Specialized lecturer on “organization and information lectures” on smoking and other addictions. (Buenos aires-Argentine). 2002-2005 Specialized trainer on Psychiatry with medical residents. Germanes Hospitalaries Del Sagrat Cor. Martorell and Vilafranca del Penedés. Spain. 1989-1990 Lectures on Transactional Analysis . Argentinian School for Transactional Analysis . 1989-1991 Lectures on External Consultants. National Hospital J.Borda. (Buenos aires- 1997 National Congress on Depressive disorders. (Buenos aires-Argentine) 1997-2001 Argentinian Congress organized by APSA (Argentinian Psychiatrist Association). 1999-2001 Organizer of lectures and lecturer on Smoking cessation in Argentina. 2002-2012 National Congress on Psychiatry. Each year in a different City-Spain. 2003 Lecturer at seminars on Day Hospital issues. Mollet del Vallés, Spain. 2004 Dissertation on my experience as a Psychiatrist in different Day Hospitals from Spain. Janssen Laboratory:
• Presentation of the Kramer study on psychiatric relapse prevention. 3-12-10 Participant
• Advisory board: Marketing of Risperidone 29-06-10 Participant.
• Reality files in Psychiatry 1-06-10 Speaker.
• Workshop “Strengthening ties” 12-05-10 Participant
• Changing the prognosis of schizophrenia 9-4-10 Participant
• Workshop “functionality in psychiatric patients” 5-03-10 Participant
• Pharmacological treatment of patients with schizophrenia 27-11-09 Speaker.
• Advisory board : Long-term antipsychotic treatment 26-11-09 Speaker.
• Differential diagnosis in adolescents - Borderline Personality Disorders and attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder. 2-10-09 Participant
• Insight in patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia 7-10-08 Participant.
• Advisory board : Long-term antipsychotic treatment 27-06-08 Speaker.
Tobacco Addiction 31-01-07 Participant
• Craving, pharmacology and psychoeducational programs 4-10-06 Participant
1990-1993 Freudian Analysis. (Buenos aires-Argentine) 1991-1994 Courses for graduates in the Mental Health Service. Parmenio Piñero Hospital. 1991 Discussion of Clinical Cases in Psychiatry I. 1992 Discussion of Clinical Cases in Psychiatry II. 1993 Thoughts psychofarmacologycal treatment on hospitalized patients. Statistics, Successes, Failures, Advertising, Politics, Combined Therapies, Interdisciplinary • FYS Study: Epidemiological, Multicentre, Cross-sectional Study in a Clinical Practice Environment, About the Relationship Between Functioning Status and the Quality of Sleep Perceived by Schizophrenic Outpatients in Spain. 2008 Position: Investigator. (janssen-Cilag laboratory.) • Consensus Study: epidemiological study on the therapeutic management of adherence
problems in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia 2010-2011 Position: Investigator.
(janssen-Cilag laboratory.)
Research work related to the use of Quetiapine in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders, Publication of a clinical case and Comorbid Depression. Sponsored by Organon Laboratory. 2006 Publication of a clinical case . Library of clinical cases. Sanofi Aventis Laboratory. 2000-2001 Evaluating the effectiveness of the drug Tianeptin (Stablon) in the Treatment of smoking cessation. Sponsored by Servier Laboratory. Coordinator: Dr. Eduardo Kalina. 1998 Evaluating the effectiveness of the drug Piracetan (Pergamum) in patients with cognitive disorders. Sponsored by the Rontag Laboratory. 1997 Evaluating the effectiveness of a new drug dosage form of Clonazepam (Solfidin) in different anxiety disorders. Sponsored by the Rontag Laboratory.


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