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FALL, 2004
“Working to enhance the value and quality of living in historic Shaughnessy”
York House School Expansion Rezoning
is willing to do and what the neighbours need to protect the livability of their neighbourhood. Primarily, the Application
commitments made by the school in the revised Good Neighbour Pledge, including their proposed Traffic York House School is asking the city for a rezoning in Management Plan, have no enforcement mechanisms order to build a major expansion, including a 300-seat built in, despite the fact that the last time around (1992), performance theatre, and further increasing their site the school made certain promises to the neighbours and density. This is a major concern not only for the never lived up to all of them. Furthermore, if the neighbours of York House School, but for all of us neighbours have a problem in the future, there is no living in Shaughnessy as well. We value the peace and tranquility of living in Shaughnessy, yet York House School wishes to reserve the option of using its proposed theatre for commercial purposes in the future, which will Please visit our website:
bring excessive traffic and parking into an already extremely congested area. Furthermore, it will set a
precedent of allowing a high density development right in the center of Shaughnessy, where no neighbouring It is continuously updated and contains the
property is anywhere as densely built up as what the most up-to-date information on the various
school proposes to do. At the very least, the additional issues facing our community. Our members
have also been receiving emails from us if a

traffic and parking problems around the school as a matter requiring urgent action comes up. IF
result of the expansion are likely to spill out to a wider YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN US YOUR EMAIL
neighbourhood, especially if the city puts in resident- ADDRESS OR FAX NUMBER, PLEASE DO SO
only parking in the immediate vicinity of the school. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE by emailing us at
Therefore, we must unite and help the York House [email protected], or contacting us by
neighbours preserve the livability of their fax or mail as listed at the end of this
neighbourhood, because in doing so, we will be newsletter.
preserving the livability of Shaughnessy for all of us and In the future, we hope to be able to send
general meeting notices to you by email or
fax, but that will involve a slight amendment

Over the summer, York House School proposed a of our bylaws. We are awaiting the release of
revised Good Neighbour Pledge, and amended their the new Societies Act by the government,
expansion plans to include 22 additional underground which may have an effect on our bylaws,
parking spaces. While the new Pledge looks good on the before we make any further amendments.
surface, there is still a wide gap between what the school The proposed school theatre remains the biggest Our Input to the Police Department
concern, because its seating capacity is high in demand these days by commercial production groups, so that the On March 27 this year, the Vancouver Police lure of renting it out will be very tempting. The amount Department and the Vancouver Police Board co-hosted a of on-site parking, even with the additional proposed workshop called “Community Dialogue”. The purpose spaces, will be grossly inadequate, and the traffic of this workshop is to seek input on what the top brought to the neighbourhood will be unacceptable. community safety issues are, and the preferred methods Some time in the new year, city staff may decide to put of police service delivery. They invited participants this matter to a public hearing. Please look out for such from 23 geographical communities from the city to a date in the newspapers, and attend the public hearing participate, including SHPOA. Our directors Sandra Kelly and George Chow represented us at this workshop and voiced the safety and security issues in our Meanwhile, because this matter is of such importance to Shaughnessy, our board has approved a $2,500 matching fund to the York House Neighbours Steering Committee This workshop was meant to help determine the for legal consultation to protect the interests of the York priorities and goals of the Vancouver Police Department in striving to improve community safety, and help formulate their 2004-2008 Strategic Plan, which has now been released and can be found at: Filming Activities in Shaughnessy
At the last AGM, some members complained about Proposal to make Angus Park dog
excessive filming activities at some locations in Shaughnessy. We talked to the city staff responsible for off-leash
approving where film crews could work, and obtained assurance that they would try to avoid overly disturbing Parks Board staff has proposed to make Angus Park dog the same neighbourhood over and over again. If you off-leash and invited comments from us and from the have a problem with the film crews or their shooting park’s immediate neighbours. A majority of the schedule in your area, please directly contact Ms. Muriel feedback they received was against the proposal. It is Honey, Manager, Film & Special Events Office, City of not known at the moment when Parks Board will make a Vancouver, phone: 604-871-6447, fax: 604-871-6139, or email: [email protected]. You may also obtain from her the City’s guidelines for approving New SHPOA bylaws
The new bylaws adopted by our members at the last AGM are now posted on our website. If you would like Street Tree Replacement
to have a hard copy of the new bylaws, please contact us. A member also commented that the city is not replacing deceased street trees with new ones of the original Contact Us
species, thus upsetting the uniformity on certain streets. We found out that the City has a new policy of striving If you have any questions or comments, please contact for variety rather than uniformity, and part of the Peter Kwok, President (tel: 604-730-8223, fax: 604-730- rationale is that if a fatal disease hits a certain kind of 2979), or email us at [email protected]. trees (as is now happening on King Edward), not all the Our mailing address is: P. O. Box 62059, #147 - 4255 trees on the same street will die if there is a variety of Arbutus Street, Vancouver, B. C., V6J 1Z1. “Happy Holidays”
(Chinese Translation of the complete Newsletter will be available upon request) (如有需要取得此份會訊的中文翻譯版, 請與我們聯絡)


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