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Thomas Carr College
Medication Policy

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College Nurse, Director of Student Services
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Medication Policy

Policy Statement
Thomas Carr College is committed to the provision of medication needs to promote the wellbeing
of all students. No student is to be in possession of any medication at school, except their own
asthma inhalers, insulin pumps and eye/ear/nose drops/sprays.
The College Nurse is responsible for the administration of the following medications in accordance
with the package or parental directions.
Fexofenadine (Hayfever,itchy skin rashes/hives) Ventolin inhaler (in the absence of the student's own)
In the absence of the College Nurse, only student supplied medications and Ventolin can be given
by the staff member administering First Aid.
Policy Guidelines
All medications are kept in a locked cabinet, labelled 'Medications', in the Health Centre.
To encourage continued student attendance at school. To encourage student responsibility in regard to taking their medication. To promote harm minimisation and student safety. To keep parents/guardians informed if their child is not taking/frequently taking medication. To administer necessary medication in a competent and timely manner. To provide accurate documentation of medication administered to any student at school. Medication is administered to a student only if parental/guardian permission is given. Permission can be documented on the Student Medical Information Form or in the Student Diary (Medication Record Page). In circumstances where a student requires medication and written permission is not documented, permission over the phone is acceptable and it will be documented in the student database program. Student allergies are checked prior to administration of any medication. All student supplied medication handed into the Health Centre will have a signed letter of directions from the parent/guardian. This letter will include the student's name, name and strength of medication, dosage and time to be given. In the case of regular medication, parents/guardians will be notified if a student is not coming to the Health Centre to take their medication. All medication must be in its original packaging so that the name, dosage and expiry date of the medication can be clearly identified. All medication given at school will be documented in the student database program. If directions are given on the Medication Record page of the student's diary, the person administering the medication will also sign this page. The Victorian Schools Asthma Policy for the treatment of asthma will be followed, unless otherwise instructed by a parent/guardian on a School Asthma Management Plan. Paracetamol will be administered at the discretion of the College Nurse only. Parents will be notified if a student is regularly requiring paracetamol. Medication required on camps/excursions will be supplied by the parent/guardian and given to the teaching staff with directions clearly written on the Camp/Excursion Medical Form. Responsibility for implementation: College Nurse
Policy status
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Policy Author:
The content of this policy can be changed at the College’s discretion at any time without notice.

Source: http://www.thomascarr.vic.edu.au/_uploads/rsfil/00285.pdf

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