The sedra begins with the command to take pure olive oil and use it to lightthe Menora daily in the Mikdash. There it is in the upper-left of the PPix.
The shell to the left of the Menora is Murex Trunculus, the snail which isthought to be the source of T'CHEILET, mentioned 8 times in our sedra inconnection with the garments of the Kohen Gadol Gemstones under the olive oil are for the CHOSHEN The chain (below the crossword) is for connecting the CHOSHEN to theEIFOD Silhouettes of the bull and 2 rams are the inaugural korbanot of the kohanim The matza is for Menachot that accompanied the animal sacrifices. Almost allMenachot are non-chametz At the Kohein Gadol's elbow are two lambs for the twice-daily T'MIDIM. Themitzva is counted in Parshat Pinchas, but also mentioned in T'tzaveh Heart with the graduation cap represents the CHACHMEI LEIV, the skilledweavers, etc. who did the work on the garments and other Mikdashrequirements. For the Mishkan, CHOCHMA is not only in the brain but also inthe heart Pomegranate and bell are for the bottom of the ME'IL of the Kohein Gadol The book marked with a 4 is section 4 of the Shulchan Oreich, known asCHOSHEN MISHPAT Crossword is TASHBEITZ in Hebrew, the word in the Torah for the weave ofthe linen garments Dominoes are all double sixes. In T'tzaveh, the word SHEISH (meaning linen, not the number 6) occurs 6 times, represented by the three standingdominoes. Twice we find the word SHISHA, which does mean 6 - represented by thehorizontal domino Lipstick is for ODEM, which refers to the first of the Breastplate's gemstones.
Modern Hebrew, ODEM is used for lipstick The emblem mid-right of the PPix is that of Yale University, the words URIMV'TUMIM, in Hebrew, are written on the book NER TAMID is borrowed by our shuls from the Torah's description of theMenora Seat belt logo is for the word V'CHAGARTA, etc. re the AVNEIT Between the base of the Menora and the lipstick is a photo of the TOLAATSHANI Upper-right corner is a ZERET, a span, the distance fron tip of pinky (calledZERET in Hebrew) to the tip of the thumb The elephant (never forgets) with its trunk tied in a knot (a traditionalreminder) - a perfect image of both Zachor and LO TISHKACH. And, as anadded bonus, the elephant being pink reminds us of Purim as well for thosewho over-imbibe in wine and/or Shushan HaBira (beer). The gragger (raashan) is not just for the upcoming Purim, but it is meant towipe out the name of Haman the Amaleli, hence it ties in with Zachor.
The King of Diamonds does double (at least) duty. Diamond in Hebrew isYAHALOM, which is the name of one of the gemstones on the CHOSHEN. Itseems unlikely that there was a diamond on the CHOSHEN - there arevarious other suggestions in different sources for what that YAHALOM was(and will be). But the name connection is there. The card being a king remindsus of Shaul HaMelech, from the haftara of Zachor, Agag, king of Amalek fromthe same haftara, and, of course, Achashveirosh of Meliga fame (or infamy).
The hood ornament and part of its car is of "the Sapphire, a large automobilewhich was produced by the British company, Armstrong Siddeley MotorsLimited, from 1952 to 1960. A distinctive element of the Sapphire was thetraditional Armstrong Siddeley V-shaped radiator grille with the Sphinx motifmounted on it." So it represents the SAPIR of the CHOSHEN.
Holy Bagel in Modiin is located in the Kaiser neighborhood (now officiallycalled AVNEI CHEN - gemstones). It is on a street called AVNEIHACHOSHEN - certainly appropriate for Parshat T'tzaveh.


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