Radical prostatectomy after the operation apr 09.pmd

You will be given information on pelvic floor Contacts
exercises to help regain bladder control. Youwill be supplied with incontinence pads and instructions on how to use and wear these diagnosis or problems associated with your pads. The Continence Advisor will arrange for surgery either contact your General Practitio- further supplies of pads to be delivered to your Julia Pollard
Incontinence may last for a few days, a few Uro-oncology Nurse Specialist (Taunton)
weeks or even a few months. It is important Telephone: 01823 344628
to remember that most men regaincontinence and that only a very small number Mr R MacDonagh
of men are left with incontinence problems.
Consultant Urologist (Taunton)
Following removal of the catheter you will be Telephone: 01823 342030
seen by one of the Urologists to discusserectile dysfunction.
Tim Porter
Consultant Urologist (Yeovil)
Follow up appointments
Telephone: 01935 384227
After the operation
Debi Cole and Karen moffett
Urology Nurses (Yeovil)
Telephone: 01935 384394
At Home Following your
You will be requested to obtain a PSA blood Catherine Weller
Radical Prostatectomy
test with your own doctor, approximately 2 Continence Advisor (comunity) (Yeovil)
Telephone: 01935 423981
You will be seen every 3 months for the firstyear in the outpatient clinics for follow up witha PSA blood test and then at longer intervals Urology Department
Patient Information
At home following your Radical
Erection difficulties can be treated using Prostatectomy
You can bath and shower as normal with your tablets such as Viagra, injections and vacuum When you go home, you may still feel tired.
devices. this will be discussed with you when As you return to your normal routines this will you have your catheter removed and during improve. General discomfort may be experi- your follow up appointments with the nurses You must not drive for at least 4 weeks. You enced around your abdomen and scrotum but emergency stop before driving. It is also paracetamol will help. Swelling in the penis Please do not be embarrassed about
advisable to contact your insurance company asking questions regarding sexual
to check that you are suitably covered.
swelling. The District nurse will visit to Removal of the catheter
You will need to obtain a sick certificate from your General Practitioner, following discharge You will be asked to return approximately two weeks after for removal of the catheter. You Drinking
You may be able to return to work between Whilst your catheter is in place it is important six weeks and three months after the opera- that you drink more than usual (2-3 litres a involves dye being passed into the bladder via tion. This will depend on the type of work you your drinking can be reduced to 1-1.5 litres doctors will advise you on returning to work.
How is the catheter removed?
The nurse will give you an antibiotic prior to If you have a holiday booked please ensure You may return to your normal diet. Eat a remove the fluid from the balloon holding the healthy balanced diet, with fresh fruit and Sexual Relationships
catheter. You may feel some discomfort when After the initial recovery period you may be Bowel Function
concerned about your ability to achieve an After your operation your bowel function may erection. Trying to achieve an erection is You will be asked to pass urine into a jug each advised as soon as you feel comfortable.
time you go to the toilet and a record will be kept of the amount of urine that you pass.
catheter is in place. If necessary you may be given medication to help your bowels open ready. Although sensation remains the same frequent to begin with and there may be some during sexual intercourse, ejaculation rarely urgency and lack of control. This is normal.
takes place. It is possible that you will not be Physical Exercise
able to have an erection after your operation.
It is advisable to walk around and to increaseyour walking distance daily. You should not doany heavy lifting, pushing or straining for about3 months i.e. mowing the lawn, pushing aheavy shopping trolley. Listen to your bodyand rest when you are tired.

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