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Pack two weeks before you depart, to make sure everything fits! You will need: 5 litre backpack with harness and waterproof cover, and smaller 25 litre daypack Valid passport with appropriate visa/s purchased in Australia 5 photocopies of your passport featuring passport number and 3 passport sized photographs Covermore Travel Insurance Certificate and claim details which we give you at the airport Money pouch and/or money belt to keep cash, passport and important items close to your body Padlocks with number code to secure all backpacks One 6-inch and one 3-inch quality paint brush, or a relatively flat paint tray with strong sturdy roller Personal first aid/gastro kit, including antiseptic wipes and/or anti-bacterial wash, Bandaids, Panadol etc. Wide brimmed hat, lipbalm, 30+ sunscreen, and ZINC cream for sun protection Pens, balloons or give-aways for the hundreds of children you will meet along the way! Unlocked mobile phone set to global roaming that will accept a local SIM card to allow you to enjoy local call and texting rates Digital Camera with video option and more than 300mm zoom capacity Power board and adapter with appropriate prongs for local electrical sockets (Tanzania uses Type G British or Type D Indian plugs) RID or Bushmen’s insect repellent with DEET ingredient Health Passbook for proof of vaccinations, some of which might be checked by Customs Old backpack weighing under 5kgs, full of classroom aids for teachers and students 4 tops, preferably all with collars and 2 with long sleeves – please note that singlets are not appropriate for visiting schools or around town 4 shorts (knee length or longer), 1 lightweight trouser and (for women) 1 sarong/scarf to meet local need for modesty 1 neat casual comfortable outfit including shoes for our celebration nights Swimwear/togs and appropriate beach/pool attire for Springlands Hotel and Zanzibar DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HOW COLD IT COULD GET ON THE TREK A waterproof and windproof outer layer, a fleecy middle layer or two, and inner thermals are recommended Sleeping bag with liner for below zero freezing conditions (please check the rating) Thermal underwear (top and bottoms). Thermal socks are also handy. 2 x fleecy-lined ‘tracksuit-style’ pants and 2 x warm sweaters for cool nights Waterproof pants and waterproof/windproof ski jacket as the outer layer Raincoat/poncho long enough to also cover and protect your small daypack Lined gloves/mittens – must be waterproof Very warm balaclava, beanie and woolen scarf Head lamp or small Maglight torch with spare batteries for night visits to the toilet Pair of thongs, flip flops or slip-ons for night visits or general wear in the huts Hiking boots – they must be comfortable, light weight, well worn and (most importantly) waterproof 3 pairs of hiking socks and 1 pair of hiking gators to ensure that no rain water seeps into feet Pair of runner/joggers for easy walking days (ones that you are happy to leave behind) Waterproof cover for large backpack (can be purchased at Springlands for about US$5) Thick garbage bag liners in which to put tomorrow’s clothes, or the dirty ones! Deep Heat for sore muscles, Diamox for altitude sickness prevention and (for women) extra supply of hygiene products given possible effect of high altitude on menstrual cycle



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About Andropause (Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome) There are many myths, misconceptions and a general lack of awareness about this easily treated hormonal imbalance that research shows affects 20% of men over the age of 50 in addition to an undefined number of younger males. To provide easy to digest, yet authoritative, patient friendly information we have compiled a series of short v

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