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Allen MacInnis
Hugh Neilson
MEDIA CONTACT: Sandi Flores-Holz | 416.565.4548 | [email protected]
Young People’s Theatre (YPT) is proud to present a powerful new play by Nomanzland: KNOWN TO
POLICE, developed in partnership with YPT and presented on the Mainstage from June 15 to 17, 2012.
Residents from Toronto’s most notorious intersection find themselves backed into a dystopian corner by ‘the man’. Armed with art, a conscience and the echoes of Arab Spring, they must decide whether to run, hide, stand their ground or come out fighting. KNOWN TO POLICE is a celebration of the vibrancy, resilience and
swag of a community that finds itself on the wrong side of society’s “you are either with us or against us”
Directed by Mark Cassidy, KNOWN TO POLICE features members of Nomanzland, including Maryama
Ahmed, Yasmin Ali, Shinnika Carpenter, Ramone Davis, Kobe J, Soen Mi Jang, Abdinasir

d, Anike Nicholson-Webster, Steven Salguero, Khadiija Sayaadi, Sashoya Simpson,
Maazia Taitt, Joel Taylor and Andrae Walsh with Set & Costume Design by Jung Hye Kim and Stage
Management by Kate Sandeson.
ABOUT NOMANZLAND: Nomanzland is a collective that brings together youth from different artistic backgrounds to create work that represents the struggle of marginalized and oppressed people all over the world. Originally established in 2003 under th e name CAST, Nomanzland has evolved over the years, using poetry, rap and theatre to address issues that burd en today's youth. It strives to provide an opportunity for reclamation - of both personal voice and local space. Nomanzland is based at the West-Side Arts Hub (Jane & Finch). All artists, community members an Young People’s Theatre has been working with Nomanzland since 2008, offering professional mentorship, networking and skill-building opportunities to the group. It provides a unique and valuable meeting place where professional theatre, the Urban Arts and co mmunity-building collide, allowing many divergent artistic streams to meet, cross and debate. With the guidance of YPT’s Community Participation Coordinator, Nomanzland has consistently gone from strength to strength throughout this period, providing a youth-driven artistic platform for more than 150 yo ung people with over 120 small and medium-scale productions created to date – most recently, This Wasn’t Meant to Be No Sad Story. KNOWN TO POLICE is supported by Toronto Public Health through the Drug Prevention Community
Investment Fund
. Access to some Education & Participation programs at YPT is funded in part by a
generous donation from Ada Slaight.

Created by Nomanzland | Directed by Mark Cassidy
MAINSTAGE | JUNE 15 TO 17, 2012
RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 14 & up | ADVISORY: strong language
LOCATION: Young People’s Theatre | 165 Front Street East, Toronto | ADMISSION: FREE
Box Office: 416.862.2222 | for more information visit
165 Front Street East Admin: 416.363.5131 Box Office: 416.862.2222 Formerly Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People
Toronto, ON M5A 3Z4 Fax: 416.363.5136 Registered Charitable #11930 7254 RR0001



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