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[ White Tea ]

Young, delicate, deceptively complex and highly prized.
White varietals are known for their beautifying properties, delicate palette and high
concentration of antioxidants.
We love White teas not only for their health benefits but for their natural sweetness and low
Enchanted Heart Blossom Bouquet Tea

Gorgeous, hand-sewn and heart-shaped; these Bouquet teas are a feast to the eyes!
The “bouquet” is comprised of 3 blooms (Lily, Amaranth and Jasmine) which reveal themselves
before your eyes. Served over a tealight to enjoy the show…. $10

White Peony

A popular, smooth and ful -bodied white tea. Light and possesses a delicate and subtle smoky and
roasted flavour. Low in caffeine…. $9
Silver Needle
Our premium quality Silver Needle is from the famed tea region of Anhui in China.
Highly-prized and of the highest grade. Hints of peach and orchid with a lingering earthiness. Very
low in caffeine…. $12
Jasmine White Rabbit
A must-try for Jasmine and/or white tea lovers.
This artisan tea is hand and rol ed into a gentle crescent, they are reminiscent of the Rabbit, a
symbol of long-life, fertility, femininity and good luck.
Gentle astringency with lovely sweetness, low in caffeine…. $10
[ Green Tea ]

Green teas undergo very little processing from the time the leaves are picked.
Refreshing, light and packed with antioxidants to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Organic Mao Feng

One of China’s 10 most famous teas, grown in Anhui near the famous Huang Shan (Yellow
Mountain). The ful and large dark-emerald leaves produce a distinctly vegetal/seaweed flavour with
a sweet astringency and refreshing clean taste that lingers.
We recommend our Mao Feng to anyone who has a taste for Japanese green tea and looking for
something familiar and truly sublime!. $9
Long Jing (Dragon Well)
One of China’s 10 famous teas, Long Jing comes from West Lake in Hangzhou. The infusion is quite
light, smooth, nutty. A great place to start for those new to green tea… $9
Jasmine Dragon Pearl
A delight to the senses and recommended for lovers of Jasmine Tea.
This artisan tea is hand-rol ed into pearls. When infused the pearls unfurl to needle-like leaves. The
colour of the brew is light honey and the flavours are delicate with mild astringency. $10
Imperial Spring (Bi Lo Chun)
One of China’s 10 famous teas, Bi Lo Chun was once the Imperial tea, served only to the Emperor
and aristocrats. Bi Lo Chun uses only young and tender tea leaves to produce a flavour fresh and
light with hints of chestnuts. The delicate snail-shaped leaves produce an herbaceous brew with mild
astringency. $12
Premium Jasmine (Da Bai Hao)
This premium green tea has been scented with fresh jasmine blossoms. Lightly jade in colour, mildly
astringent with the unmistakable and intoxicating aroma of fresh jasmine blossoms in bloom. $9
Feisty Jade
Delicious and spicy!
This green Chai is laced with warming spices like cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cardamom and ginger.
The spices here add a smooth flavour to the green tea base and are great for digestion as wel as
recharging your batteries.
Medium jade in colour, warming and soothing with mild astringency. $8
Japanese Lime
A delicious, refreshing and light infusion.
This green tea is infused with lemon and lime peels and daisy blossoms so highly recommended for
those that are looking for something zesty and uplifting.
Light jade in colour with notes of citrus with mild astringency… $8

Emerald Sunset
This exotic blend smel s like tropical holiday!
Fruity, refreshing and sweet, this green tea possesses all the benefits of green tea while delightful y
scented with peach, strawberry and pineapple pieces.
Light jade in colour, fragrant and fruity with mild astringency. $8
A classic and popular Japanese green tea that is smooth and grassy with an unforgettable flavour.
Sencha is composed of emerald coloured leaves. It has a mellow sweetness perfectly balanced with
a mild and refreshing astringency.$8

A delicious and classic blend of quality Sencha leaves and roasted and puffed brown rice. Produces
a jade green infusion with delicious toasty aromas. This tea is grassy, hearty and comforting.$8

[ Oolong Tea ]
Oolong teas undergo the most complex steps in “processing” – dried, steamed, rolled,
roasted and “fermented”.
Thus, Oolongs possess variety and complexity and are somewhat of a specialty. Our
selection of the finest Oolongs range from earthy richness to floral and wonderfully buttery.
* We infuse our Oolong teas with traditional Ying-Yang aroma cups and Yixing clay pots for
full appreciation
Milky Oolong

A most delicious Formosan (Taiwanese) oolong that has one of the most ethereal and unforgettable
This ful leaf tea derives its name from the creamy and buttery scent while the palette is light with
peach, gardenia and hints of coconut. This can be attributed to the tea grown at high altitude.
A truly complex and luxurious infusion with light honey colour and smooth aftertaste.
This a Zensation favourite…. $10
Super Oolong
A Formosan Oolong from the famous Dong Ding mountain region. A ful leaf tea grown in ideal
cold, high altitude climate with a honey light colour and flavour that is floral and fresh with a
lingering sweet aftertaste. … $12
Osmanthus Oolong
This delicate Formosan (Taiwanese) Oolong is perfumed with delicate yel ow Osmanthus blossoms.
Osmanthus is traditional y drunk to enhance one’s natural beauty as it is is a great skin tonic, while
oolong also aids in weight management.
The quality oolong (grown at high altitude) base is wonderful y scented with notes of apricot and
peach with a sweet and lingering aftertaste.
Honey-amber coloured and smooth with a hint of astringency…. $10

Jasmine Oolong
Light, refreshing with a distinct and intoxicating perfume.
This tea uses only the finest Formosan (Taiwanese) high altitude Oolong as a base.
Light honey in colour, the palette is ful and light with peach and garden fresh Jasmine with a subtle
sweet aftertaste.
Another tea for enhancing ones natural beauty, the Oolong is a great digestive while Jasmine
provides skin toning and a scent that is uplifting to the mood…. $10
Rose Oolong
This intoxicating blend marries the sweet perfume of rose petals with the light and smooth qualities
of the finest grade Formosa (Taiwanese) Oolong tea.
The roses in this blend capture an almost Turkish Delight sweetness, while these of oolong is
smooth, fresh and green.
The Chinese have used Roses as a natural beautifying remedy for many years - its' properties
include skin toning and easing nervous tension, while oolong is great for mental alertness and
weight management…. $10
Strawberry Oolong
This is a luscious scented oolong.
Strawberry sweetness blends perfectly with a base of the highest quality Formosa (Taiwanese)
oolong (semi-fermented) tea.
This oolong is stil very light and possesses a light green colour while the flavours are much
smoother and sweeter than green varieties…. $10
Oriental Beauty Oolong
Also known as “Champagne Oolong” this tea is for lovers of fine Darjeerlings.
This organic Oolong is grown in high altitude Taiwan. Named an ‘oriental beauty’ by HRH Queen
Eizabeth II.
The leaves produce a honey-whiskey coloured infusion that is subtly fruity with a calm and slightly
baked aroma….$10
The secret to this tea lies in the smal native insects that bite the tea leaves while on the bushel. The
leaves therefore begin oxidizing while still on the tea plant and exhibit a natural sweetness. This tea
is hand-picked and must be free of pesticides (to invite the small gnats)…. $12
Organic GABA Oolong
Recommended for stressed and frayed nerves!
Another Formosan (Taiwanese) Oolong grown at high altitude.
GABA Oolong is named for its’ high levels of the amino acid GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid),
which is a natural y occurring human enzyme that acts as a calming and relaxing nutrient. Producing
a darker cognac-coloured infusion, the flavours are wonderful y deep, and complex with fruity notes
of plum, dried dates and sultanas. …$11
First Grade Tik Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess Oolong)
Grown in the famed tea region of Fujian in China, this tea is named after the female Bodhisattva and
revered Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin. This tea is known for its’ mesmerising flavour that is complex
with vegetal, light floral and roasted aromas. This tea is jade coloured and almost ful -leafed with a
soothingly fresh palette and comforting aftertaste…. $10
Ginseng Oolong
Another high altitude Taiwanese oolong, this premium leaf is flavoured with ginseng root for those
that require an energising beverage. The Ginseng adds a flavour and aroma that is slightly roasted
and reminiscent of licorice and anise. Cognac coloured with a robust, memorable and slightly sweet
Drink this one of you want to be energized! … $11
Aged Tik Kuan Yin
From the Fujian province, this Aged Tik Kuan Yin is re-roasted after the intial roasting and
fermentation. It has undergone storage in clay pots to enhance the rustic qualities. It is mild in
caffeine and gentle on the stomach. The infusion is warm, soft and soothing with a medium amber
hue. Notes of toasted walnut, tobacco and honey. A meditative and complex cup that is perfect with
food and on its own…. $11
Da Hong Pao (Rocky Mountain Oolong)
Grown in the Rocky Wuyi Mountains, Da Hong Pao is the King of the 4 famous Wuyi Rock Teas. The
leaves are large and ful and produce a darker amber colored infusion with a slightly smoky, earthy
and robust yet smooth flavor. This tea is reputed to have many benefits for men’s health…. $11

[Pu-Erh Vintaged Red Tea ]

This famed tea from the Yunnan region in China is preserved using age-old techniques.
Compressed “cakes” of Pu-Erh are still transported by donkey-back from this tea region
whose teas plants are taller than other tea shrubs and possess larger, broader leaves.
Pu-Erh comes in cooked (dark) and raw (green) forms. Once compressed these teas are
often stored to age them much like a fine wine might be cellared. Pu-Erh tea is undergoing
renewed popularity with some aged tea cakes (normally 15-30 years) fetching prices well
into the 10’s of thousands of dollars.
Connoisseurs prefer infusion via Gong Fu methods, using either a Gai-Wan vessel or
traditional Yixing Purple Clay teapot to enhance the tea flavour.
Drink this wonder-tea for its comforting richness and for benefits that range from lowering
cholesterol, stabilizing insulin levels and general digetive system health.

Earthy, dark, woody, rich, aromatic and comforting, this tea matches very well with food and in
particular with Yum Cha. Low in caffeine, mild in flavour (no bitterness) and gentle enough to drink
all day long.
Pu-Erh has great health benefits. It has been shown to break down fatty acids in the liver and
therefore is effective for reducing cholesterol and fat absorption.
A great tasting and therapeutic cup that balances the digestive system and soothes frayed nerves…
Raw Pu-Erh
A wonderful y aromatic, astringent, sometimes bitter, and complex beverage. The flavours are
sometimes described as a combination of grassy or fresh hay characteristics, camphorous or
medicinal aspects, floral notes, and sometimes having hints of dried fruit. This tea produces a lighter
infusion than the cooked variety however it is general y stronger (ie more bitter) in flavour. … $11
[ Black Tea ]

From English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Ceylon teas, whether our tea journey has just begun or
fully fledged then we have all had our fair share of this class of tea, albeit in varying levels of
Here we concentrate on a small but select range of black teas, ones that we feel provide a a
sample of a spectrum of flavours and indeed a glimpse of the history of tea, spanning Eastern
traditions and Colonial times.
Black teas are fully ‘fermented’ (oxidized) and this makes for a class of aromatic and full-
bodied teas.
Gentle on the stomach and comforting to the nerves, black teas are layered with subtleties.
Black tea tends to blend very well with flavours, as diverse as spice, citrus and smokiness.
Yunnan Black
This is one of our favourite Chinese black teas.
Bold, smooth, mildly smoky, masculine with a delicious hint of malt.
This robust tea has an amber infusion with a pleasant and fragrant aftertaste…. $9
Lapsang Souchong
Famously smoky, this tea is not for the faint of heart.
Bold and often compared to the richness and headiness of a fine cigar. The infusion is of a dark
cognac in colour and the unique smokiness wil leave an enduring aftertaste…. $9
Lychee Red
This delicious black tea produces a rich amber coloured infusion. The flavour is subtly sweet and
fruity with a scent that is unmistakably aromatic…. $9
Marco Polo
An exotic tea with a wonderful fruity and creamy bouquet. Perfectly enjoyed on its own without milk
or sugar…. $9
Chai Marsala
This traditional Indian specialty uses Assam tea as a base.
Our Chai features cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and rose petals for added aroma.
Served with milk and sugar or sweetened condensed milk…. $8
Lady Grey
Afternoon tea? High tea?
Our Lady Grey is for lovers of the classic Earl Grey. This blend contains citrus peel and is slightly
milder than Earl Grey.
Served black or with milk and sugar… $8
Vanilla Black
Our Vanil a Black is aromatical y perfumed with generous amounts of Bourbon vanil a pieces for a
scent that wil provide instant pleasure and comfort. Served with milk and sugar…. $8
Autumn Breakfast
A comforting and warming blend of black tea, roasted barley and ginger is a delicious way to start
(or end) the day, especial y in the cooler months. The robust flavours of the ginger and barley give
this tea a ful body and well-rounded flavour.
Barley is known to aid digestion and ginger is great for fighting germs and stimutalating circulation.
Served with milk and sugar. . $8
Sweet Almond
An indulging treat for lovers of Amaretto and almond milk.
Black tea base combines with cinnamon, hazelnut kernels, rose petals and almond essence for a tea
that is amazingly aromatic, smooth and moreish!
Served with milk and sugar… $8

[ Herbal and Fruit Infusions ]

Naturally caffeine-free, our selection of herbal, floral and fruit infusions are a great
alternative to traditional tea with varied health benefits.
Hibiscus Blossom

This ruby red infusion is thirst quenching and refreshing.
Reminiscent of rosehip and cranberries, hibiscus tea is high in Vitamin C with a mouth watering
tartness. Producing a rich coloured liquor and flavour that is sweet and tart, hibiscus is one of our
favourites for iced tea and lends itself as a great base for punches and cocktails… $7
A spicy single-herb infusion that is sure to please lovers of ginger.
Therapeutic benefits of this herb include easing digestion and nausea, encouraging circulation,
alleviating cramps and skin, hair & nail health.
Enjoy this warming infusion with honey and slice of lemon for zest…. $7
Ginger Bliss
Combining the warmth of ginger, zest of lemongrass and tanginess of hibiscus blossoms this
healthy blend is sure to be one for fighting il ness in the cooler months. Ginger is great for boosting
circulation and fighting germs, while lemongrass is great for aches and pains and hibiscus for added
Vitamin C. A great tasting and pretty-pink coloured infusion to ward off a cold or flu. … $7
A Chai-spiced Rooibos based infusion packed with vitamins (zinc, copper, calcium, manganese,
magnesium, potassium) and antioxidants.
This warming and rich amber coloured blend is a great alternative to tea as it can be taken with a
dash of milk and/or honey.
Rooibos is African in origin and has been used a gentle relief for colic and unrestful sleep in
children. Also used for relieving skin irritations, relieving stress and anxiety as well as calming an
upset stomach.
A delicious and calming tea for the whole family…. $7
This colourful blend contains marigold (calendula), ginger, dandelion root, nettle, elderflower,
hibiscus and spearmint to promotes detoxification and stimulates circulation.
Calendula is a great tonic for the skin (high in col agen), ginger is great for circulation and dandelion
a liver and skin tonic.
Easy to drink with a subtle minty flavour…. $7
Organic Lemon Myrtle
This Australian Indigenous herb is wonderful y aromatic and refreshing, reminiscent of lemongrass
and citrus fruits.
Possesses many antibacterial qualities for warding off infection and soothing a sore throat.

Sweet Dreams
This gentle herbal infusion has a light chamomile-mint flavour, featuring rooibos, hops, peppermint,
chamomile, rose, linden, passionflower, lemongrass.
All the herbs and flowers in the blend promote a relaxed state… $7
Expecting Mum
A refreshing infusion of raspberry leaf, rosehip, nettle, rosebuds, ginger, peppermint.
These herbs have traditional y used to prepare the body for childbirth and the Druids used
raspberry leaf promote fertility in women.
Raspberry leaf is also great for balancing hormones so great for post-partum women also.
A great tasting blend though and frequently enjoyed by many of our male customers as wel !. . $7
Digestive Ease
A deliciously minty infusion with peppermint, lemon balm, licorice, yarrow, lime leaves.
All the herbs in this blend help to ease and aid digestion.
The flavour is minty with light tanginess and the licorice add a smooth and sweet aroma and
aftertaste…. $7
Red Rosebuds
A popular herbal drink in Asia known for its’ beautifying and skin toning properties.
The infusion is surprisingly light, delicately floral and slightly tart.
Rosebud tea is also a great remedy for frayed nerves, a sore throat and cold-like symptoms… $7
A spicy blend of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon produces a heady and aromatic infusion that is
great for refreshing the senses and energizing the body.
Ginger is great for digestion and circulation while cinnamon boosts mental focus and clarity. The
addition of cardamom is great for the respiratory system as well as lending a sweet tasting aroma…

Strawberry Cream
Delicious in aroma with strawberry pieces, apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehip, strawberry leaves.
The combination off al these sweet smel ing fruits and aromatics makes for a ruby pink infusion
that is delicious and mildly sweet and moreish… $7
With blue cornflowers, hibiscus, rosehip, grapes, pineapple, papaya pieces, lemon peel, mango
pieces this is a festive, sweet and ruby-hued treat.
The blue cornflowers add a rich and almost vanilla-like smoothness while the fruit pieces provide
the right sweetness and tanginess… $7

Turkish Apple

This delicious and mouth watering tisane tastes like crispy green apples personified!
Drunk strong and sweet this is a delicious treat!. $7
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