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ANSER CBC Mountain Sports Elective
Junior Higher & Parent Bulletin
Elective Session Dates: January 12, 19, 26 and February 2, 9

There was a great response to the Mountain Sports Elective. Over 40 Junior High students will be
skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and having fun on the slopes of Bogus Basin! Thank you for your
We want to make sure that enthusiasm is maintained and everyone has a great experience. To this
end it is vital that all students have proper attire. Especially for beginners, who tend to get to
know snow really well, it’s important that students have a few key items. A clothing checklist is
provided on the next page. Bogus Basin recommendations are on the flip side. Please review the
items and make sure you have what you need. Snowboarder parents- see the wristguard
requirement. If you have bibs, gloves, helmets or wristguards that your kids have outgrown and you
are willing to donate, please drop those off with Heather B.
You’ll be hungry after the lesson so an après-ski snack needs to come from home (no Bogus food
purchases allowed). Non-messy food please- no popcorn or little stuff that is disgusting to clean up
from the floor of the bus. Apples, sandwiches, or granola/snack bars are good choices, along with a
water bottle.
Bring all your snow clothes in a bag or backpack to school on the five Ski/SB/SS Thursdays. The
students will be dressing at school ~12:15 pm. Don’t forget to pack a hat, gloves, snack and any
other essentials. Students renting gear at Bogus should have snow boots to wear for the walk
from the bus to the rental shop.
Skis, boards, boots and poles can be dropped off in the gym on Thursday mornings.
Parents- If your child is riding to and from Bogus in your vehicle, you must sign out your child
before we leave ANSER each Thursday and before we leave Bogus after the lesson. This may seem
picky, but it’s only for five sessions and it will ensure there are no breakdowns in communication. A
special sign-out sheet will be located at the office area each Thursday. One of the chaperones will
have the sign-out sheet after lessons at Bogus.
If you want another parent to transport your child, we must have written permission from you in
advance. You may write one permission note that covers all five weeks. Your child will not be
allowed to ride in another parent’s car without your express, written approval. With permission, the
non-parent driver will have to sign out your child following the same procedures that you would use.
A blank permission slip is attached- fill out and turn in to the office.

AT BOGUS EXPECTATIONS (parent and students please review together)

The students will leave the bus wearing everything they need for lessons. All duffel bags will be
left on the bus, so no locker rentals will be necessary. Students renting equipment are allowed to
leave their snow boots on shelves in the rental shop.
Even though many of you have been skiing at Bogus for years, please understand that for the
ANSER elective you must always be with an instructor while on the slopes. THERE WILL BE NO
We are going there for lessons and to improve our skills. Anyone who
willfully leaves a class to ski or board on their own or with friends will immediately lose the
privilege of participating in the elective. The lessons run from 2:00-3:45 pm.
Some parents may want to meet you after the lesson to take advantage of night skiing. This is fine
but the following procedure must be followed. The parent needs to meet with the elective group at
3:45 pm in front of the lodge when we reassemble after lessons and sign their child out on the
attendance sheet. If a student is staying at Bogus for ski team practice, please let Heather know
that in advance.
THIS IS IMPORTANT! Obviously, up at Bogus we must keep very careful track of the students.
We will not take your word that Mom or Dad is showing up. PARENTS- DO NOT TAKE YOUR
nervous trauma to the chaperones, Search and Rescue is very expensive.
We anticipate being back at ANSER at approximately 4:50 pm. The kids will be allowed to go back
into the school to pick up clothing, homework, etc.

Call Sarah Stine at 336-8816 (h), 571-2393 (c), or e-mail at [email protected] with any
questions about the above. Your can also direct any questions to Heather Banuelos at 426-9840 or
[email protected].

Checklist for Skiing and Snowboarding (and Snowshoeing if there’s a *)
(Put name on stuff, especially gloves, hats and goggles!!!)

Thermal long johns and shirt* – The layer next to the skin needs to be warm and breathable.
Cotton garments tend to get sweaty and cold if your child is really working the slopes. Synthetics
are readily available at sporting goods and department stores and are on sale this time of year.
Waterproof pants or ski bibs* – Optional only if your child will never fall or sit down.
Hat and Waterproof gloves*
Helmet –
Bogus Basin rental shop has helmets to rent for $6/day. These can’t be reserved in
advance so bring cash and pay for it at the shop.
Wool or fleece sweater(s)*

Warm socks* – wool blends are good, esp. with a thin, synthetic or silk undersock
Windproof and water-resistant jacket* – it can get very breezy up there
Wristguards – can we insist that you outfit your snowboarders with a set of these? The older kids
(especially the beginners) seem particularly susceptible to wrist and forearm injuries. Before we
started requiring wristguards, we had one year with 4 (!) fractures. Guards are available from
sporting goods stores for ~$20, and larger gloves may be required to fit over them. If you can’t
afford these, please contact Sarah or Heather and we’ll try to make it happen.
Ski goggles/sunglasses* – Goggles protect the eyes from sun, glare, snow, and wind, and aid vision
in practically all conditions. If it’s sunny, the reflected light from the snow is so bright it’s actually
painful without eye protection. You need these!
Chapstick* – SPF 15 to 30
Sunscreen* – SPF 15 to 30
Backpack or small duffle*– Needed for snack, goggles, extra clothes, etc.
Après-ski snack* –Students will not be allowed to visit the restaurant or snack bar while at Bogus.
Since skiing is a high-energy activity, please send a drink and snack for after the lesson. Juice,
water, regular or chocolate milk, granola bars, pretzels, sandwich, dried fruit, etc. are ideas. Think
durable, non-messy and easy clean up.
Dramamine* – Dramamine (chewable tablets available) can help make the bus ride more pleasant
for those kids (and adults) who tend to get queasy. If you get it to the office in a sealed, marked
envelope, we’ll see that your child takes it at lunchtime. One tablet at midday seems to be enough
for both trips.
Staying warm, dry and comfortable will make your skiing or snowboarding experience
much more enjoyable. How to do it? Dress in multiple, lightweight layers

Layer 1: Closest to the skin
• BIG HINT: No cotton! Cotton retain moisture, causing your body to chill
Long johns made from synthetic fibers and materials that “wick” moisture away from the skin keep you warmer and
Layer 2: Middle layer for warmth
• Fleece is a great insulating fabric, as are many synthetic fibers
Choose pants, shirts, and sweaters that wick moisture and ‘breathe’ to help you stay dry and warm
Layer 3: Outer layer to stay dry
• Coats and snow pants that are water-resistant or water-repellant
• Warm, insulated, water repellent snow gloves/mittens will keep your hands warmer and dryer
• Fleece hat, wool beanie, or a ski/snowboard helmet
Neck ‘gator or scarf to cover your chin and nose
• Goggles, sunglasses
• Sunscreen and lip balm
• Wrist guards for snowboarders
Dry clothes for the car ride home
• Black Diamond Sports at Bogus Basin discounts ski/board rental prices for School Night and Lifesports programs –
take advantage of the safe, newer equipment rather than borrowing or using old or ill-fitting gear
If you borrow or buy used equipment, have an expert at a local ski shop look it over and properly adjust the bindings
before hitting the slopes
Courtesy Professional Ski Instructors of America ________________________________ has my permission to drive my child, ________________________________ to and/or from Bogus Basin Ski Resort during the _______________________________ ________________


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