Crufts 2010 score card

THE JUDGES - Heather Smith, Gina Pink and Ann DeRizzio THE SCORING SYSTEM – each section is marked out of 10 The programme content conforms to the Movements are Interpretation of the rhythm, phrasing and timing definitions for Heelwork to Music or accurately and smoothly executed. should be apparent; the choice of music should suit Freestyle and should be varied with no The dog should work in a natural and willing the team. excessive repetition of movement and manner. Choreography should be apparent, flowing and not a content being appropriate to the routine. The dog should respond promptly and series of disjointed moves. The routine should Movement should be appropriate to the appropriately to cues given (including use include balance, structure and making best use of structure and conformation of the dog. The movements of the dog should have a Bearing and deportment of the handler is Primary emphasis of musical interpretation should be greater impact than those of the handler. appropriate and should be appropriate to on the dog’s movements although the handler Degree of difficulty of movements should the routine; dog and handler should work should/may be expressive. be taken into account. Handlers’ dress and any props used should be suitable and applicable to the interpretation of the routine 10.30am Thursday 11th March 2010 CRUFTS FREESTYLE FINAL FREESTYLE – A Freestyle routine will be the dog working off lead and contain movements in any position. Heel work is acceptable although such movements must not exceed one third of the routine. Pauline Goddard with Misty, (Mist of Snowdon, Working Sheepdog) Jill Davis with Holly, (Stillmoor Russet Mist At Glidersway, Border Collie) Kath Hardman with Spice, (September Spice, Crossbreed) Jackie Clarke with Murphy, (Cafcoll Brite Dreams, Border Collie) Lesley Neville with Angus, (Choxxstart Dream Angus, Bearded Collie) Lesley Brocklehurst with Twist, (Borderlair Cinnamon Twist, Working Sheepdog) Karen Sykes with Kes, (After Lady Karen’s Prozac, Working Sheepdog) Michelle Dodson with Tamar, (Kamarda Doctor Foster, Border Collie) Richard Curtis with Pogo, (Dance Floor Diva, Working Sheepdog) Kath Hardman with Amber, (Stillmoor Lady In 11:25 am Friday 12th March 2010 CRUFTS HEELWORK TO MUSIC FINAL HEELWORK TO MUSIC –The principle element of the Heelwork to Music category will be a dog working off lead in the heel work position, on the left or right hand side of the handler, facing forward or backward, across the front or back of the handler, moving in any direction, at any pace. The dog’s shoulder should be approximately level with, and reasonably close to the handler’s leg. All other positions are defined as Freestyle. A minimum of two thirds of the routine should consist of heel work. Ginger, Working Sheepdog) Sue Betteridge with Gina, (Corjon Anett, German Shepherd Dog) Kirsty Vaughan with Roo, (Wildsea Mountain Pepper, Border Collie) Mary Muxworthy with Harry, (Collywobble Celtic Harry, Working Sheepdog) Karen Sykes with Fly, (Iatka Spring Spangle, Working Sheepdog) Jill Davis with River, (River at Glidersway, Working Sheepdog) Richard Curtis with Pogo, (Dance Floor Diva, Working Sheepdog) Kath Hardman with Amber, (Stillmoor Lady In Red, Border Collie) Carole Dodson with Clifton, (Kinaway Doctor Watson, Border Collie) Lesley Brocklehurst with Alaska, (Genabacab 11.55 am Saturday 13th March 2010 CRUFTS INTERNATIONAL FREESTYLE FINAL Hungary - Csilla Liszkóczi with Berry, (Matchbox At Real Pearl, Border Collie) The Netherlands - Saskia de Graaff with Shenna (Rustling Hurricane Akuna, Border Collie) Switzerland (Darjeeling’s Jewel, Border Collie) Scotland – Jeanette Fyfe with Zeigy, (Raincourt Zi Folly, Golden Retriever) Belgium - Han Crets with Spotty (WSD Spotlight Spotty, Border Collie) Denmark - Johanna Allanach with Soda (Kodima E- Physical Graffiti, Border Collie) Wales – Michelle Hubbard with Zee, (Tumble Twist, Jack Russell) Sweden – Frida Binette with Poppy (Gk Vallh pr Somollis Poppy, Border Collie) Jersey – Donelda Guy with Biba (Iatka One Step Ahead Biba, Working Sheepdog) Germany - Mica Koeppel-Haug with Luna (Perfect Luna, Ladrador) Finland - Sini Eriksson with Sonic (Mutkis Onnensoturi, Shetland Sheepdog) England - To be determined France - Lets Gonnon with Speedy (Lets Go Speedy, Working Sheepdog) Czech Republic - Alena Smolíková with Keysi (Dapper Dame Black Chevers, Border Collie)


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