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Product Name:

9-tert-Butyl Doxycycline HCl

Product Number:

Molecular Formula:
C26H33ClN2O8 MW: 536.19
CAS: 233585-94-9

Methanol, Water at 10 mg/mL, gentle warming
-20 oC as solid, best aliquoted and stored frozen until used
Field of Interest: 9-tert-butyl Doxycycline is a Tet On/Off system agonist capable of activating and
acting as an inducer for the tetracycline-transactivator (tTA) and reverse tTA (rtTA), and tTA-
responsive promoters (Ptets), herein known as the Tet switch. The compound is able to activate the
Tet switch with approximately 10 fold greater efficacy, especially in lipophilic environments such as
the brain and lung and other similar biocompartments. The compound is freely soluble in water, and
can be administered IV, IP and in the drinking water of experimental animals, allowing for ready
dosing. The compound also has found use in studying hypoxia-regulated gene expression on cell
survival using the tetracycline-inducible (tet-on) system, where exposure to the inducing ligand
doxycycline (dox) inhibited caspase-3 cleavage in mitochondria in control samples.
References: 1) Zhu, P. et al., “Silencing and Un-silencing of Tetracycline-Controlled Genes in
Neurons”, PLoS ONE. 2007; 2(6): e533. 2) Halterman, M.W. “An Improved Method for the Study of
Apoptosis-Related Genes Using the Tet-On System” J. Biomol. Screen. 2011; 16(3): 332-337
Hazardous Properties and Cautions:
The toxicological and pharmacological properties of this compound are not fully known. For further
information see the MSDS on request. 9-tert-Butyl Doxycycline is manufactured and shipped only in small quantities, intended for research
and development in a laboratory utilizing prudent procedures for handling chemicals of unknown toxicity, under the supervision of persons
technically qualified to evaluate potential risks and authorized to enforce appropriate health and safety measures. As with all research
chemicals, precautions should be taken to avoid unnecessary exposures or risks.
Warranty and Disclaimer: Echelon warrants the product conforms to the specifications stated herein. In the event of nonconformity,
Echelon will replace products or refund purchase price, at its sole option, and Echelon shall not be responsible for any other loss or damage,
whether known or foreseeable to Echelon. No other warranties apply, express or implied, including but not limited to warranty of fitness for
any purpose or implied warranty of merchantability. Purchaser is solely responsible for all consequences of its use of the product and
Echelon assumes no responsibility therefore, including success of purchaser's research and development, or health or safety of any uses of
the product.
Echelon Biosciences products are sold for research and development purposes only and are not for diagnostic use or to be incorporated into products for resale without written permission from Echelon Biosciences. Materials in this publication, as well as applications and methods and use, may be covered by one or more U.S. or foreign patents or patents pending. We welcome inquiries about licensing the use of our trademarks and technologies at [email protected].

Source: http://www.echelon-inc.com/content/EBI/product/files/TDS_B-0801_Rev1.pdf

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