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Wednesday, April 18th
Tuesday, May 1st
1. Important Dates & Times:
 Register your cel phone on GAGGLE by May 4th.
 Medication forms AND medication in the original container must be handed into the Nurse’s Office NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, May 25th.
 Luggage drop-off wil be on Wednesday, May 30th from 6:00PM- 7:00PM at the Gym.
 Students wil need to report to the gym by 5:00AM on Thursday, May 31st.
 Buses are scheduled to depart WHS no later than 6:00AM
 Students are scheduled to return to WHS at approximately 9:30 PM on Saturday, June
2nd. Students wil cal parents approximately 30 minutes before our return to WHS.
Please make sure you have arranged transportation home for your son or daughter.
2. Trip Overview: (See trip itinerary-last page)
Hotel Information: Embassy Suites, Wil iamsburg 3. Luggage:
a. Each student is al owed one suitcase, which wil be stored under the bus, and one b. Each student must bring his/her luggage to the Auxiliary Gym to check it in on Wednesday, May 30th (the night before the trip) between 6:00-7:00PM. Al luggage wil
be secured overnight.
c. Bring your carry-on/purse the morning of the trip. d. Police drug dogs wil be brought in prior to our departure to check al luggage. 4. Clothing and What to Bring:
a. Bring comfortable clothing for 2 days at the parks. Please wear appropriate shoes to walk around the parks. (There is a lot of walking!) b. Bring sunscreen. Rain ponchos are also advisable. c. The Spirit of Norfolk is a Dinner cruise and DJ Dance. Students typical y dress a little nicer for this event, so look your best! It’s usual y a bit chil y on the deck, so you may want to bring a light jacket. There’s also an opportunity to get professional pictures taken before getting on board! d. Kings Dominion has a smal water park, so you may want to pack your bathing suit & towel in your carry-on for Sunday. There are showers/changing rooms available at the park. You must wear “street-clothes” in the amusement park, and this is strictly enforced by park security. e. If you bring anything of value, you wil be responsible for its security. f. You should bring some spending money for water, snacks, and souvenirs. We wil stop at the Maryland House on the way to Virginia and at the Chesapeake House on the way back to New Jersey. There wil be a breakfast buffet Friday and Saturday mornings at the hotel. Meal coupons/park $ are provided for lunch at the parks and dinner is provided Thursday and Friday nights. g. Bring movie DVDs (with a rating of PG-13 or less) for the bus ride!
5. Buddy System:
a. Please travel in smal groups or pairs. Do not go off alone or get separated. Arrange in advance for meeting times and locations. b. You may not leave the parks!
The school district pays for a service where we can send mass text messages to classes, student groups, and staff members. Because we have students scattered al around two different parks, it becomes necessary to get messages to them regarding times and important information. For this year’s Junior Trip, we wil be asking each student to register his/her cel phone number on our Gaggle system by MAY 4th! Once we have everyone registered, we wil send out a test text message which every student wil need to reply to in order for the user group to be enabled on our Gaggle system. Attached at the end of this document, is a step-by-step process on how each student can register his/her cel phone and enable it to receive text messages from the trip chaperones. If a student does not have a cel phone, he/she must travel with a buddy who has a registered cel phone number. 6. Discipline (Mr. Boring/ Mr. Babich):
a. This is a school-sponsored trip. Al school rules are in effect.
b. Remember the 3 D’s: Directions, Decisions, Decorum
i. Many directions wil be given. Listen to them and fol ow them. i . Times- It is the students’ responsibility to be on time. Any student who is late wil
i i. In case of emergency, go to the nearest First Aid Station and they wil contact Decisions:
 Shoplifting wil not be tolerated, by the parks or by the school. The parks i . School Rules Apply- language, smoking, il egal drug usage  Any student caught under the influence of any drugs or alcohol wil be sent home at their parents’ expense. In addition, you wil forfeit your
opportunity to attend the Senior Trip.
i i. Dress code is relaxed, not forgotten. Decorum:
i. Dignified speech, behavior, and dress.
 On the Bus: 40+ other people on the bus. Use headphones.  At the Hotel: We’re not the only ones in the hotel  This is a new hotel we are using and the set-up of this hotel makes it necessary that we observe proper behavior and respect. The hotel doors open up into a tal atrium and al floors of this hotel can see each floor. It is important that we have everyone acting respectful and polite while in this hotel. 7. IMPORTANT NUMBER:
PARENTS- Trip Updates: 856-262-8200- Choose Option # 3 8. Medications- prescribed or OTC (Nurse):
i. a physician written order which includes the name, purpose, time of
i . parent permission for the administration of the physician ordered medication
i i. the two-sided medication forms are available tonight, online, and in nurse’s
b. PRESCRIPTION Medications: i.e.prescription topical creams skin washes,
 Please only send the required number of doses (i.e. 3 day trip) with 1 or 2 extra doses in the original prescription container.
c. Over The Counter (OTC) Medications: i.e. vitamins and supplements, pain
relievers (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen -Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Tylenol), cold and al ergy medicine (Sudafed, Benadryl, Zyrtec, Claritin), Lactaid, Antacids (Mylanta, Maalox, Pepto-Bismol), anti-diarrhea medications (Lomotil, Immodium), ear drops and eye drops.  Please send medication in the original container. Smal travel sized
d. Students (with MEDICATION ORDERS from their prescribing doctor) may carry their EpiPen, inhaler, birth control pil s, and diabetic medications - ONLY.
 Birth control pil s, EpiPens, diabetic supplies and inhalers wil be returned to students once they are verified against the medication order. Al other medication wil be held by the nurse for administration during the trip. e. Place the medication and medication form(s) in a plastic zip-lock bag
with your child’s name on the outside of the bag and on the container
to be turned in to the nurse.

f. Medication forms AND medication in the original container must be handed into the Nurse’s Office NO LATER THAN May 25th
g. Any questions about medication should be directed to the School Nurses’ Office- 856-
h. The School Nurses’ Private Fax Number is 856-262-2395. Medication orders from your
health care provider may be faxed directly to this number.


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