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Chapter 6 calculation of Oral Medications – Solids and Liquids 2. Quantity /strength of drug on hand 3. solid or liquid form of supply drug D = doctor’s order H = on hand or have S = supply form (e.g., tablets, mL) A = Answer Rules Formula Method Desire x Supply = Amount Have Ratio Method Supply: Have :: x : Desire Proportion Method Supply Proportions expressed as two fractions 1 tablet equal to 50 mg 1tablet 50 mg X tablets 100 mg 1tablet = x tablets 50 mg 100 mg Solve for “X” x = 2 tablets Tablets - how many tablets to administer ORAL SOLIDS Example Order: Coreg 6.25 mg po bid Supply: read the label (12.5 mg per tablet; 100 tablets) Desire: 6.25 mg Have: 12.5 mg Supply: 12. 5 mg tablets (D/H) x S = (6.25 mg /12.5 mg) * 1 tablet = 0.5 tablet Ratio Method: S:H :: x:D Clearing Decimals: add 0s appropriately to have same number of places (to the right of decimal) 0.5 Order: Lanoxin 0.125 mg po every day Supply: read the label (100 tablets, 250 mcg (0.25 mg), scored tablets) (Desire/Have ) x Supply = Amount (0.125 mg/0.250 mg) x 1 tablet = ½ tablet Order: amoxicillin 1g po q6h Supply: 1 capsule equals 500 mg (1000 mg/500 mg ) x 1 cap = 2 capsules Order: Synthroid 75 mcg po every day Supply: read label (75 mcg; tablet form) (75 mcg/75 mcg) x 1 tablet Order: ZyPrexa 7.5 mg po every day Supply: read the label (60 tablets, each tablet is 5 mg) (7.5mg/5mg) x 1 tablet = 1 ½ tablet Order: Lamictal 200 mg po every day Supply: read the label (100 tablets, each tablet 100 mg) (200 mg/100 mg) x 1 tablet = 2 tablets Ratio S : H :: x : D 1tablet : 100 mg :: x : 200mg Order: furosemide 60 mg po every day Supply: read the label (40mg/tablet; 100 tablets) 1 tablet: 40 mg :: x : 60 mg (60mg/40 mg) x 1 tablet = 1 ½ tablet Order: Keflex 1 g po q6h Supply: capsules labeled 500 mg (1000mg/500mg) x 1 capsule = 2 capsules Special types of oral solid orders: drug with a number of active ingredients are ordered by number to be administered Vitamin B complex caplets 1 po every day Aggrenox 25 mg/200 mg capsules 1 capsule po bid DO NOT ASSUME THAT THE TRADE NAME IMPLIES JUST ONE ACTIVE INGREDIENT ORAL LIQUIDS Review: D: doctor’s order H: on hand/have S: supply FORM (e.g., tablet, mL) A: amount to give patient Formula: D/H X S = x Ratio Method: S:H :: X:D Proportion Method: S/H = x/D Oral liquids: aqueous solution, elix, sol, syr, gel, magma Measure: medicine drops, medicine cups, needless syringes Examples Order: azithromycin oral susp 400 mg po every day x 4 days CHECK LABEL FOR SUPPLY ON HAND This drug had to be mixed with water 400 mg x 5mL = 10 mL 200 mg Order: digoxin elixir 500 mcg x 1 dose Supply: read label Equivalent: 500 mcg = 0.5 mg 0.500 mg x 2.5 mL = 10 mL 0.125 mg EQUIVALENCY Order: furosemide 34 mg po every day Supply: read label-> 10 mg per mL 60mL 34mg x 1mL = 3.4 mL (use calibrated dropper) 10mg Order: digoxin 0.375 mg po every day Supply: read label 0.375 mg x 5 mL = 7.5 mL 0.25 mg (use syringe first) Order: amoxicillin oral suspension 500 mg po q8h Supply: read label 125 500 mg x 5 mL = 20 mL 125 mg Special Types of Oral Liquid Orders Some liquids (OTC preps, multivitamins) -> ordered in amount to be poured Order: Robitussin syrup 2 tsp q4h prn po Supply: liquid labeled Robitussin syrup THOU SHALT NOT LIE! THOU SHALT NOT COVER UP! THOU SHALT WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING ON THE CHART


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