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Pharmacodynamic interaction Pharmacokinetic interaction then dypiridamole, ticlopidine
bleeding time (BT) by inhibiting platelet aggregation. take OCP of high progesterone
content/ other contraceptive
infections. Whether
OCP is a
combination of
and nirethindrone.
disulfirum like reactions.
methonidazole therapy, alcohol should better be avoided. chloroquine occur. (Hypotension,
vasodilation, suppressed
myocardial function, cardiac
arrest, headache, visual
alkaline urine and so, excessive
disturbances etc.)
tubular reabsorption occurs.
β-lactum antibiotic, presence of β-lactam ring, (Amoxiclav- amoxicillin 250 mg +
clavulanic acid 125 mg)
resistant bacteria. Clavulanic
acid, having also a β-lactam
ring, binds to Penicillinase and
inhibits them. It is called
suicide inhibition.
Both verapamil and
There is possibility of heart
propanolol reduce
failure, AV block, severe
myocardial contractility, HR
bradycardia, compensation of
and impulse conduction. In
bronchoconstrictor effect of
addition, verapamil inhibits
propanolol by verapamil. This
the hepatic metabolism of
propanolol, resulting in
increased plasma
concentration of it.

(tachycardia, palpitation,
tremor, sweating) Propanolol
But, propanolol itself causes
hypoglucemia. Also,
propanolol inhibits hepatic
glycogenolysis, through
which hypoglycaemia is
So, administration of propanolol
in diabetic patients is a relative
contraindication of propanolol.
It should be replaced by a
cardioselective β blocker.

Incidence of digoxin induced
cardiac arrhythmia is increased.
Hydrochlorothiazide causes hypokalemia by inhibiting Na-Cl symporter in early segment of distal tubule and presenting excess Na to distal nephron. hyponatremia. It causes
increased tubular reabsorption
of lithium from proximal
tubules and increased toxicity
of lithium.
lithium and thiazide should not be co-administered. which causes hyperkalemia.
Spironolactone, being an
aldosterone receptor
antagonist, reduces secretion
of K+ in the tubules and also
causes hyperkalemia.
So, when using combination,
dangerous hyperkalemia and
cardiac arrhythmia may

raise gastric pH and prevent
polymerisation and gel
formation by sucralfate.

galantamine is a
skeletal muscle
So, gentamicin, by potentiating galantamine, increases the muscle relaxation.


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