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> “Any unwanted conduct or contact without the person’s - Raise awareness on various wellness topics - Strengthen your public speaking and leadership skills - Assist in the planning of Wellness Connection and Student Wellness Network events and programs A clear ‘yes’ ‘no’ without mixed messages. Not a nod of *Contact the Wellness Connection at 419-372-9355 for the head or a shrug of the shoulders.
Consent can only be given if the person is not impaired by If someone has agreed to sexual activity, they have the Appointments Available on Fridays from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM right to change their mind at any time. Sexual activity must Call the Wellness Connection at 419-372-9355 to schedule Consent must be direct and immediate. If there is hesitation, then consent is not immediate.
Consent should never be given because the person was Wednesday, April 20th
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Bowen-Thompson Student Union Ballroom

• 55% of sexual assault victims and 75% of The Wellness-Safari- Take a Walk on the Wild Side assailants had been drinking prior to the will offer faculty, staff, students and the community an opportunity to experience wellness in a fun atmosphere. This FREE event will hold screenings and information about blood pressure, cholesterol, sun safety, HIV, weight loss, hearing, cancer and much more. There will also For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the be interactive games and events, giveaways, and raffle A play dealing with issues such as rape, domestic violence, HIV, and many more issues that women encounter sometime in their *T-shirts are given out to the first 100 people attending.
life. Proceeds will benefit a shelter for domestic violence. When: Staurday, April 16th at 7pm and Sunday, April 17th at 3pm.
Email: [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] Place - Beginning at the Student Rec Center and continuing Thinking about quitting smoking? Stop by The Student Health Registration - $10 for BGSU students; $15 for non students. Service Pharmacy and talk to a pharmacist or schedule an Register the day of the race or online at appointment at the Student Health Center. The Pharmacy offers multiple smoking cessation products including * There will be tables at the union April 6th and 7th from 11- prescription and over the counter medications. Prescription 3pm. You can register and pay for the race at that time.
medications available include Chantix and Zyban. The Pharmacy also provides Nicotine patches over the counter *Free t-shirts for the first 100 participants!* for $16.61 for all strengths. So stop by the Student Health Center Building and quit smoking today! Call 419-372-2271 or visit our website at www.bgsu.edu/offices/sa/health/.
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and Wellness
Division of Student Affairs
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