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Long distance bleep: 08700 555 500 - 842050 Kadikoy Maarif College (American College), Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, University of Istanbul, Turkey Curriculum Vitae Dr Bulend Yuksel Page 1 QUALIFICATIONS:
Medical Faculty Graduate (with distinction) Accredited as specialist in Paediatrics following an exit examination, Istanbul - Turkey (CCST equivalent) Accredited as Associate Professor in Paediatrics following a board examination and a viva (Docent) - University of Istanbul. Fellow of Royal College of Physicians of Ireland Fellow of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health PhD PROJECT
Aetiology, investigation and treatment of respiratory morbidity following premature birth. Phd finished, papers published, Writing of the Thesis not completed after Curriculum Vitae Dr Bulend Yuksel Page 2 APPOINTMENTS
Current appointment:
Chase Farm and Barnet Hospitals NHS Trust, Enfield/Barnet - London Interests; Perinatology, Neonatology and Paediatric Respiratory Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London Medical School Undergraduate Tutor – Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust Previous appointment:
Clinical Research Fellow - Registrar, Hon Senior Registrar King’s Col ege School of Medicine and Dentistry. Summary of previous appointments:
Istanbul Medical Faculty Hospital SHO - 6 Months King’s Col ege Hospital, London, Middle Grade On-call rota, (5 years) Istanbul Medical Faculty Hospital SHO - 2.5 Years, King’s Col ege Hospital - London Middle Grade, On-call rota, (3 years) Curriculum Vitae Dr Bulend Yuksel Page 3 TEACHING
I teach Medical Students, Nursing Staff and junior doctors during my regular ward rounds. Undergraduate:
a) Appointed as Undergraduate Tutor for the Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals (2001)
b) Regular teaching of Medical students, organising the first Revision course for the Year 5 medical students of Royal Free and UCLH at Chase Farm Hospital. c) Regular bedside teaching of medical students at Medical Faculty Hospital-Istanbul, Whittington Hospital, King’s Col ege Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital. d) Lectures to medical and nursing students. e) Priviously, Neonatology lectures to University College London Medical School students in the Paediatric Consolidation Course at UCLH. Postgraduate:
a) Regular teaching for DCH (Pastest)-London twice yearly. b) Regular Membership (written and clinical) and DCH teaching for junior Paediatric staff c) Regular weekly half day teaching sessions for Paediatric SHO’s. d) Induction teaching sessions to new Paediatric SHO’s and separately to A/E SHO’s. e) Regular lectures and demonstrations of new techniques (i.e. HFOV, NO administration) for the Neonatal Nurses and other Neonatal team members. Invited Lectures:
a) Series of Neonatal lectures at the University of Istanbul (1993). b) Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Neonatal Study day: Respiratory morbidity of VLBW infants c) International Neonatology days - Istanbul: VLBW infants and respiratory problems in d) Harlow Hospital: Recurrent respiratory problems of ex-premature infants at follow-up e) Maidstone Hospital: Investigation and treatment of respiratory morbidity following f) Chase Farm Hospital Postgraduate Centre: Management of wheezy pre-school children Curriculum Vitae Dr Bulend Yuksel Page 4 g) Royal College of Physicians-London: Resuscitation of the Newborn-Evidence based practice. Panel member and speaker (8th October 1997). h) North London Postordination training day-London: Death around the time of birth; Caring for premature and sick babies-Neonatal Death (21st January 1998). h) Royal Pharmaceutical Society-London: Care of sick and premature newborns in the hospital and community; implications for drug therapy following discharge (9th March i) Chase Farm Hospital Neonatal Study Day: Continuing respiratory morbidity, and its management following Neonatal IntensiveCare ( 26th June 1998, 1999 and 2000). j) Chase Farm Hospital Paediatric Surveillance Course: Diagnosis and Management of Pre-school asthma (13th July 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001). k) Queen Elizabeth II and Lister Hospitals: Pathophysiology of Neonatal Chronic Lung l) CFH Postgraduate Centre: The effects of smoking on children from womb to tomb, m) CFH Postgraduate Centre: The nutrition of the SCBU/NICU graduated at home, Study Day for Dietitians and Community Health Workers, 1999 n) Neonatal Advanced Life Support Course - Lister Hospital: Course instructor and lecturer (March 1999). PALS and NALS instructor and lecturer, Royal Free, St Georges Hospital, Lister Hospital and Scotland NALS -1999 to 2002. o) Organised and lectured Evening Paediatric Respiratory Meetings for Trainees and Specialist Nurses; Preschool wheezing, February 1999, Asthma in young children June 1999, Meconium Aspiration Syndrome, respiratory morbidity at follow-up and treatment, November 1999, Paediatric Asthma past and present, October 2000. p) Chase Farm Hospital Neonatal Study Day: Management of Meconium Aspiration q) Organising and lecturing one day teaching in "Educating towards Clinical Governance": Module one – Critical analysis of data and evidence and its use in making clinical decisions, at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital NHS Trust. March 2001, October 2001, Curriculum Vitae Dr Bulend Yuksel Page 5 r) CFH Postgraduate Centre: Common Respiratory Problems in Children, September s) Evening GP teaching and lectures: Childhood/Adolescent asthma, Management of Asthma in young, Asthma management – expectations and the reality. March 2001, t) International Millenium Paediatric Respiratory Diseases Meeting (Dublin/Ireland) – Respiratory Diseases of Neonates, March 2000. u) Southern Paediatric Annual Respiratory Conference (Dublin /Ireland) – The effects of Cigarette Smoking on Children, March 2001. v) European Society for the Study and Prevention of Infant Death (ESPID, Istanbul/Turkey) – a) Prevention of SIDS/Personal experience in UK and Turkey b) Effects of smoking on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. October 2001 MEMBERSHIP OF MEDICAL & SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH SOCIETIES:
British Association of Perinatal Medicine Paediatric Research Society – currently retired as I am above 50 years of age British Paediatric Immunology and Infectious Diseases Group American Thoracic Society – Member for 18 years European Respiratory Society (Secretary and later Chair for the NICU and PICU
Scientific Group for 7 years), currently GOLD MEMBER ( Member more than 20 years) Curriculum Vitae Dr Bulend Yuksel Page 6 SUPPORTING GRANTS:
Joint Research Committee of King’s Col ege Hospital (JRC) PUBLICATIONS:
Publications in the UK:
B Yuksel, A Greenough, I Maconochie, Effective bronchodilator therapy by a simple spacer device for wheezy premature infants in the first two years of life. Arch Dis A Greenough, I Maconochie, B Yuksel, Recurrent respiratory symptoms in the first year of life following preterm delivery. J Perinat Med 1990;18:489-494 MD Smith, C Worman, F Yuksel, B Yuksel, L Moretta, E Ciccone, CE Grossi, L Mackenzie, PM Lydyard, T cell subsets in cord and adult blood. Scan J Immunol B Yuksel, A Greenough, S. Green, Lung function abnormalities at six months of age following neonatal intensive care. Arch Dis Child 1991;66:472-476 Curriculum Vitae Dr Bulend Yuksel Page 7 B Yuksel, A Greenough, Effect of nebulised Salbutamol in preterm infants during first year of life. Eur Res J 1991;4:1088-1092 (included in current world literature for Current Opinion in Pediatrics, 1993, edited by DG Nathan and FA Oski) B Yuksel, A Greenough, Relationship of symptoms to lung function abnormalities in preterm infants at follow-up. Pediatr Pulmonol 1991;11:202-206 (abstracted in the Year Book of Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine, Mosby-Year Inc. 1992) B Yuksel, A Greenough, S Green, Paradoxical response to nebulised ipratropium bromide in asymptomatic preterm infants . Res Med 1991;85:189-194 (abstracted in Pediatrics Digest-Neonatology, Clinical Digest Series, Northbrook IL, USA, 1991) B Yuksel, A Greenough, Neonatal respiratory distress and lung function at follow-up. Res B Yuksel, A Greenough, Ipratropium bromide in symptomatic preterm infants. B Yuksel, A Greenough, J Karani, A Page, Chest radiograph scoring system for use in pre-term infants . Br J Radiol 1991;64:1015-1018 I Machonichie, A Greenough, B Yuksel, A Page, J Karani. A chest radiograph scoring system to predict chronic oxygen dependency in low birth weight infants. Early Hum Dev RA Mageed, LE Mackenzie, FK Stevenson, B Yuksel, F Shokril, BR Maziak, R Jefferis, PM Lydyard. Selective expression of cross-reactive idiotype characteristic of a subfamily within the VHIV subfamily of immunoglobulin genes in human CD5+ B lymphocytes from LE Mackenzie, RA Mageed, PY Youinou, B Yuksel, R Jefferis, PM Lydyard, Auto and polyreactivity of IgM from CD5+ and CD5- cord blood B cells. Scan J Immunol B Yuksel, A Greenough, Persistence of respiratory symptoms into the second year of life: predictive factors in infants born preterm. Acta Paediatr Scan 1992;81:832-835 Curriculum Vitae Dr Bulend Yuksel Page 8 B Yuksel, A Greenough, Lung function in 6-20 month old infants born very preterm but without respiratory troubles. 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Eur J Pediatr B Yuksel, Long term effects of RSV Bronchiolitis. Respiratory exchange (Review), A Greenough, Y-K Zhang, B Yuksel, G Dimitriou, Assessment of prematurely born children at follow-up using a tidal breathing parameter, Physiol. Measur. 1998;19: 111-116 AF Brady, PP Pandya, B Yuksel, A Greenough, MA Patton, KH Nicholaides, Outcome of chromosomally normal livebirths with increased fetal nuchal translucency at 10-14 weeks gestation. Journal of Medical Genetics 1998; 35: 3222-4. A Greenough, S Naik, Y Itakura, B Yuksel, KH Nicolaides, Perinatal lung function measurements and prediction of respiratory morbidity in infancy. Physiological P B Munroe, R Olgunturk, J P Fryns, L V Maldergem, F Ziereisen, B Yuksel, R M Gardiner and E Chung, Mutations in human matrix Gla protein gene, MGP cause Keutel Syndrome. Nature Genetics 1999; 21: 142-144. M Kinali, A Greenough, G Dimitriou, B Yuksel, R Hooper, Chronic Respiratory morbidity following premature delivery - prediction by prolonged respiratory support requirement ?, J Fincham, P P Pandya, B Yuksel, Y M Loong, J Shah, Increased first-trimester nuchal translucency as a prenatal manifestation of salt-wasting congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Ultrasound Obstetric Gynecol 2002; 20: 392-394 Curriculum Vitae Dr Bulend Yuksel Page 13 Joint British Paediatric Respiratory group-Fisons pharmaceuticals; Travel
Fellowship 1991: For attending American Lung Association-American Thoracic Society
Paediatric Research Society Travel Award, 1993: For attending the Pediatric Flexible
Bronchoscopy Course at the University of North Carolina, USA. August 1994. Glaxo Wellcome Medical Fellowship, 1998 (award for £3600.00): For purchasing an
infant knemometer and employing staff to conduct a project at Chase Farm Hospital. OUTSIDE INTERESTS:
Sports; I was the captain of the Medical Faculty football team at the University. I take part regular competitive swimming and tennis. I also do basketball, snowboarding/skiing, Curriculum Vitae Dr Bulend Yuksel Page 14


7-renal drugs final

Diuretics and Drugs Affecting Renal Function, Water, and Electrolyte Metabolism Subcommittee: Strandhoy, Jack W., Chair, [email protected] Jeffries, William B. Diuretics Recommended Curriculum Equivalent: 2 hrs  Drug Classes and Drugs to Consider Learning Objectives  Physiology and Pathophysiology Describe the location and function of major ion transporters and ch


ORIGINAL CONTRIBUTIONS Reproducibility of Multichannel Intraluminal ElectricalImpedance Monitoring of Gastroesophageal RefluxAlbert J. Bredenoord, M.D., Bas L.A.M. Weusten, M.D., Ph.D., Robin Timmer, M.D., Ph.D.,and Andre J.P.M. Smout, M.D., Ph.D. Department of Gastroenterology, Sint Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein; and Gastrointestinal Research Unit,University Medical Center, Utrecht, The Nethe

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