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Breastfeeding: Best for Babies and Mothers Summary Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby. Although breastfeeding is easy once you get used to it, it may take a few weeks to establish. Most problems with breastfeeding can be overcome. Why breastfeed? Best for baby: Breastmilk is the perfect food for human babies and has all the nu- trients needed for growth and develop

Design of experiments in non-manufacturing processes

Achieving Breakthroughs in Non-Manufacturing Processes via Design of Experiments (DOE) Inspirational examples* compiled by Mark J. Anderson, Principal, Stat-Ease, Inc. *( If you don’t see your application here, don’t let it stop you. Give two-level factorial design of experiments a try. When you make a breakthrough, let me know—I will add it to our list of successes. Then you can be


muddled mint and lime, fresh lime juice, Havana Club Añejo Bacardi ‘151’ overproof rum, fresh apple juice, muddled raspberries mint and lime, soda water 15Olmeca gold tequila, raspberry liqueur, muddled raspberries, fresh lime juice, rim of Hawaiian red sea salt Olmeca Gold tequila, Cointreau, lime bar mix, sea saltBeefeater gin, muddled raspberries and blueberries, Beefeater gin, spri

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N° 44-08 Electronica 2008 New Munich Trade Fair Centre November 11-14 Area B2, Booth 660 Saft launches its latest developments in rechargeable and primary lithium battery technology • MP 176065 HD Integration rechargeable Li-ion cell offers high specific power • LS 14500 primary lithium cell now offers best in class capacity of 2.6 Ah Munich, November 7, 2008 –


This is the first of a series of articles about aviation medicine. Many would-be pilots forego flight instruction because they erroneously believe that they could not pass an FAA flight physical. For example, some people still believe that one needs 20/20 vision to become a pilot. This is not true. Other pilots are unable to pass the physical when they first see an Aviation Medical Examiner (AM

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Stevenage Dental Studio & Implant Centre 93-95 Queensway Stevenage Herts. SG1 1EA Tel: 01438 318414 Mr Mrs Ms Miss Dr Other Name………………………………………………. Birth…………………………………………. Occupation……………………………………………. Home Address…………………………………….


"Il Dc 9 Itavia coinvolto in una battaglia aerea" ROMA - Un primo caccia nascosto nella scia del DC9 Itavia, un secondo caccia in rotta di collisione (di attacco?), tutti gli altri velivoli militari inquadrati dalle basi della Difesa aerea italiana nelle ore a cavallo del momento dell'esplosione con il sistema d'identificazione spento. A tre settimane dalla conclusione dell'inchiesta sul

Safety code

The SC & RMAS Draghunt Safety Code Insurance We strongly recommend that : 1. You have full insurance against all the risks including any claims which may be made against you arising out of your participation in the day’s hunting, from injury, loss or damage caused to any rider or third party sustained in the course of or as a result of Draghunting however or by whomsoever. 2

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Aprendiendo a cuidar el Cuerpo Mente | Nº 26 | “El Yoga Y La Salud” | Dic. 2002 EL YOGA Y LA SALUD La importancia de una visión integral La vida se torna cada vez más compleja, es difícil establecer vínculos sólidos, el planeta está en crisis, cada vez más sequías e inundaciones, miles de especies desaparecen diariamente, la inseguridad laboral es una constante y las person

Patient profile

SYDNEY ORAL MEDICINE YOUR DETAILS (Please print clearly) Title. . . . . . . . . .Surname………………………Given Names…………………….……. Date of birth………….……………………………. Gender: □ Male □ Female Address………………………………………………………………………………….… Suburb………………………�


Patient information The information in this leaflet is to guide your use of nortriptyline this medicine safely. Further information is available inside the What is nortriptyline for? Notriptyline is a medicine which may help improve your pain control. It is different from other pain relief drugs. It can help nerve PHARMACY DIRECTORATE pain, for example shooting or burning


2011_19_GI_magnomed.qxp 18.10.2011 09:33 Seite 1Gebrauchsinformation vor Anwendung aufmerksam lesen. magnomed® Magnes Diätetisches Lebensmittel für besondere medizinische Zwecke. Ergänzend bilanzierte Diät mit Süßungsmitteln. Liebe Leserin, lieber Leser! magnomed® wurde speziell zur diätetischen Behandlung von neuromus- kulären Störungen, z. B. von Muskel- und Wadenkrämpfen

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Kjære venner! Først av alt vil vi få ønske dere alle et Godt og velsignet år 2006!! Vi kan se tilbake på året som gikk, takke for Guds trofasthet og hjelp, men også se framover med håp og forventning. Guds Ord står fast og Herren har lovt at Hans miskunnhet ikke er forbi. Nei, den er ny for hver morgen, for hvert år. Klages. 3,22-23. Er ikke det fantastisk!! Det gir i alle fall meg oppm

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Daily Newsletter 20 Jul, 2011 Morning Glance Equity Research Desk Market Summary The market closed on a negative note on Tuesday. The overall market breadth was positive, around 57.2% of shares advanced on BSE and 59.4% of shares advanced on NSE. Out of the total 3,004 shares traded at BSE, 1,652 advanced, 1,219 declined, while 133 remained unchanged. After a lackluster morn

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CURRICULUM VITAE DATE OF BIRTH : ADDRESS : TELEPHONE/FAX : 01822 855471 (Home) [email protected] EDUCATION : Secondary Education: The Kings School, Macclesfield, Cheshire. MEDICAL EDUCATION : Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, London. Elective period in Radiotherapy at Centre Leon Berard, Lyon, France QUALIFICATIONS : Certificat de conn

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SYSTEEMBLAD Muurverfsystemen voor binnen Overschilderen van spuitpleister wand- en plafondafwerking OMSCHRIJVING In de nieuwbouw worden plafonds en wanden regelmatig afgewerkt met spuitpleisters. Deze pleisters geven een fraaie, witte en gestructureerde afwerking, bezitten een goede hechting op steenachtige ondergronden, hebben een vochtregulerende functie en zijn goed rein

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June Newsletter 2010 Southern Lakes Multisport website has been updated. It is informative and simple to use. It has recent results, events, a discussion board and much more. Please take the time to check it out. The annual winter Southern Lakes kayaking series starts in a few weeks. This is a real chance to improve and refine skills over the winter. For the really keen beans you can also


Articles cacy of venlafaxine, medroxyprogesterone acetate, and cyproterone acetate for the treatment of vasomotor hot fl ushes in men taking gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues for prostate cancer: a double-blind, randomised trial Jacques Irani, Laurent Salomon, Rostand Oba, Philippe Bouchard, Nicolas Mottet Summary Background Hot fl ushes are the most common complaints


St. Vincent News 1280 Braeside Drive, Oakville L6J 2A4 Telephone 905 849 0777 February 2012 Principal’s Message February marks the halfway point of winter and is the beginning of our preparation for Easter with Ash Wednesday falling on the 22nd of the month. As we prepare for Lent again this year Mr. Oswald, our Catholic School council Chair and I will be presenting to all students prio

An approach to the psychopharmacologic care of patients: antidepressants, antipsychotics, anxiolytics, mood stabilizers, and natural remedies

An Approach to thePsychopharmacologicCare of Patients:Antidepressants,Antipsychotics,Anxiolytics, MoodStabilizers, andNatural RemediesJeff C. Huffman, , Jonathan E. Alpert, MD, PhD Psychopharmacology  Antidepressants  Anxiolytics Mood stabilizers  Antipsychotics  Natural remediesDr Huffman has received research funding from the American Heart Association. Dr Alpert hasalso received resear

Antiretrovirals - klöhn

Producing antiretroviral drugs in plants In 1983 Luc Montagnier who worked at the Pasteur Institute in France discovered that the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is caused by a retrovirus that is nowadays known as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). According to estimates of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) 25 million

Dietary silicon intake is positively associated with bone mineral density in men and premenopausal women of the framingham offspring cohort

JOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH Volume 19, Number 2, 2004 Published online on December 16, 2003; doi: 10.1359/JBMR.0301225 © 2004 American Society for Bone and Mineral Research Dietary Silicon Intake Is Positively Associated With Bone Mineral Densityin Men and Premenopausal Women of the Framingham Offspring CohortRavin Jugdaohsingh,1,6 Katherine L Tucker,2,6 Ning Qiao,2 L Adrienne Cuppl

Cv psychiatrist in english 2013-

DR HORACIO MARCELO WATMAN Born July 30th 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentine. Nationality: Argentinian and Italian (dual nationality) City of residence and private practice : Registration : Médical College of Barcelona (Spain), number 38713 Specialist Psychiatrist Ministry of Health Argentine , number 73401 Specialist Psychiatrist Generl Medical Council UK : Full Regist

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Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) PROCEDURE 2009 Table of contents 1. Introduction and Scope 2. Terms and Definitions 3. TUE Application Process 4. Asthma 5. Criteria for Granting a TUE 6. TUE Committee 7. Confidentiality of Information 8. Declaration of Use Process 9. Clearinghouse 10. Taking effect Art. 1: Introduction and Scope One of the principles of anti-doping policies i


Wij zijn op zoek naar een: Beleidsmedewerker Kwaliteitszorg en Informatie (32- 40 uur) Hoe zien je werkzaamheden eruit? Als Beleidsmedewerker Kwaliteitszorg en Informatie: draag je zorg voor de totstandkoming, ontwikkeling en instandhouding van het integrale kwaliteitszorgsysteem; bewaak je processen (interne kwaliteit) in het kader van examinering en onderwijskwaliteit; ondersteu

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LIST OF PUBLICATION Pierre C. Baehni Original papers in peer-reviewed journals 1. Baehni, P., Sudan, J.M., Steube, W. et Cimasoni, G. : Enzymes lysosomiales dans les produits de rinçage de la région parodontale marginale au cours de la gingivite expérimentale chez l'homme. J. Biol. Buc. 3 : 143-156, 1975 2. McArthur, W.P., Baehni, P. and Taichman, N.S. : Interaction of inflammat


CURRICULUM VITAE PROFILO PERSONALE Nome: FORMAZIONE ● Professore associato in Diritto dell’Unione europea presso l’Università degli Studi di Bergamo, Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, dal 2 novembre 2006. ● Idoneità a Professore associato in Diritto delle Comunità europee conseguita il 28 aprile 2006 Presso l’Università degli Studi di Ferrara, facoltà di G


Thanks for taking the time to give your Resident Advisor (RA) feedback. The Assistant Residential Education Coordinator and the Residential Education Coordinator in your area will use this feedback as they work with the RA to meet the needs of the community. Your feedback is vital as we work towards the mission of Housing & Residential Education. Mission Statement: Housing & Residential E


COMPARACIÓN DE LOS EFECTOS DE LA IVERMECTINA, ALBENDAZOL Y LINDANO EN LA ELIMINACIÓN DE Syphacia obvelata , Aspiculuris tetraptera , Hymenolepis nana Y Sarcoptes scabiei , DE UNA COLONIA DE RATONES Magaly Molina de Garmendia1, Gustavo Morales1, Ludmel Urdaneta2, Yris Carrizo2, Delis Silva2 y Julio Garmendia3 En el presente estudio se evaluaron y compararon los


STATE COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL CONDUCT PUBLIC STATEMENT No. PS-2006-1 In July of 2004, a press conference was held by a parents’ rights group to announce the filing of a complaint against a judge who they accused of violating the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct for his extra-judicial service on several boards, including Texas CASA (“Court Appointed Special Advocates”). Based on


PROTEINS: Structure, Function, and Genetics, Suppl. 1:210–214 (1997) CASP2 Molecular Docking Predictions With the LIGIN Software Vladimir Sobolev, 1* Theodore M. Moallem, 1 Rebecca C. Wade, 2 Gert Vriend, 2 and Marvin Edelman 1 1 Department of Plant Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel 2 EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany ABSTRACT Seven docking predictions were mad

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HEALTH CARE PROVIDER ORDERS FOR STUDENTS WITH DIABETES IN WASHINGTON STATE SCHOOLS STUDENT’SNAME ____________________________Student’sbirthdate___/___/___School_____________Grade___ Emergency numbers for parents (phone) ____-_____-_____ (Cell contact 2) ____-_____-_____ (Cell) ____-_____-____ Doctor’s phone number_____-_____-______ Other contacts________________________________, _____-


Vendor Search for Large Bore Whole Body 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging System Dear Potential Respondent: The State Board of Higher Education acting by and through the University of Oregon (University) is seeking to acquire a magnetic resonance imaging system for use at the University of Oregon’s Robert and Beverly Lewis Center for Neuroimaging. The Lewis Center currently owns a Siemens Allegra


Q2L applies to non formal settings (learners without teachers) = WP 3 (L2- L1), WP5 (L2-L2), WP7 (L1-L2). Q2L: For learners without the supervision of a teacher (4 parts / 35 questions) A.Learning through watching subtitles (9 questions) Instruction list of languages but add Korean, Somali, Persian/Dari, Pashto, Q2L – 02 Subtitled audiovisuals are useful for learning language


Voorwoord Deze MasterClass+ Hepatitiden & hiv, afgekort MC+ is tot stand gekomen in nauwe samenwerking tussen L&W MasterClasses en Soa Aids Nederland (expertisecentrum voor HIV/Aids en andere SOA). Samen zijn zij verantwoordelijk voor de opzet en inhoud van deze module. Ter voorbereiding op de ontwikkeling van de module is afstemming gezocht met het netwerk van Leververpleegkundigen

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Answer the following questions to determine the likelihood that you have a Candida problem CANDIDA QUESTIONNAIRE NAME_____________________________________ DATE______________ This questionnaire is designed for adults. It lists factor sin your medical history which promote the growth of Candida Albicans (Section A), and symptoms commonly found in individuals with yeast connected illne

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Original Research Paper Validity of the Multidimensional Ethics Scale for a Sample of Thai Physicians D.C. Malloy1 ,2, P. R. Sevigny 3, T. Hadjistavropoulos 2, 3, Paholpak, S.4, Abstract Research in ethical decision-making has received considerable attention in the realm of the business community in the last three decades due in part to numerous high profile scandals


Asthma is a common condition that affects the airways. The typical symptoms are wheeze, cough, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. Asthma cannot be 'cured', but treatment usually works well to ease and prevent symptoms. Treatment is usually with inhalers. A 'typical' person with asthma may take a preventer inhaler every day (to prevent symptoms de

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am a fourth generation horseman and I am here today because I love this industry and I feel that we’re in danger of losing it. Sadly, statistics bear this out. The recent McKinsey Report on Thoroughbred Racing points out that a vast majority of the population, over 75%, regards racing as a sport in which drug use runs rampant. The report also says that this majority of the population has a ve

Alerts bedömning

Viagra for impotence This is a translation of version 1, published on October 20, 1998. The latest version of this report is not available in English. Findings by SBU Alert There is good* scientific knowledge concerning the short-term effects of peroral drugs (sildenafil, Viagra) in the treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction). Most patients using the drug experience satisfactory er


Singulair Wat is het? De werkzame stof in Singulair is montelukast, een medicijn dat de werking vanblokkezijn hormoonachtige stoffen in het lichaam die, zodra ze in contact komen met bepaalde allergenen (stoffen waarvoor u allergisch bent), ervoor zorgen voor dat luchtwegen vernauwen en gaan ontsteken. Omdat Singulair deze werking opheft, worden symptomen als benauwdheid, kortademigheid en


Department Management Science and TechnologyAthens University of Economics and Business Abstract The prevalence of commercial unsolicited email (spam) is rapidly decreasingemail’s utility to the point where many would consider their participation in aspam-resistant though incompatible mail system an alternative more attractive thanthe current situation. By employing a different approach for


COMO SEGUIR AS PACIENTES COM CÂNCER DE MAMA ? Dr. José Luiz B. Bevilacqua DECLARAÇÃO DE CONFLITOS DE INTERESSE COMO SEGUIR AS PACIENTES COM CÂNCER DE MAMA ? • Novos estadiamentos são necessários?• Qual o benefício do diagnóstico precoce de • Exames ou conversa: o que as pacientes Follow-up em Ca de mama – Aspectos da Abordagem • Sintomas comuns associados ao t

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GRANT PROGRESS REPORT SUMMARY 01602: Longitudinal Study Investigating the Progression and Pathogenesis of Atypical Hyperadrenocorticism in Scottish Terriers Principal Investigator: Research Institution: Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine Grant Amount: Start Date: 1/1/2012 End Date: 12/31/2013 Progress Report: Mid-Year 2 Report Due: Receiv

Equiforce mun

Immunstyrkende urteblanding der giver maksimal luft luftveje og fordøjelse på en naturlig måde og øger hestens modstandskraft mod sygdom. Hovedbestanddelen i EquiForce Mun er tørret hvidløg af fødevarekvalitet med et højt indhold af biologiske aktivstoffer. Hvidløg har været anvendt som lægeurt siden oldtiden og dets immunstimulerende virkning er velkendt og understøttes af de ø

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Tribunal d'appel en Tribunal matière de permis APPEAL UNDER SECTION 50(1) OF THE HIGHWAY TRAFFIC ACT , R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, FROM A DECISION OF THE REGISTRAR OF MOTOR VEHICLES PURSUANT TO SECTION 47(1) OF THAT ACT CARMICHAEL, Agent representing the Applicant KYLE BIEL, Agent representing the Registrar of Motor Vehicles DECISION AND REASONS This is an appeal to the Licence


Catalyst Trading Rules WSE Trading Rules dertake quoting i.e. they place buy/sell or-ders. Market markers are always a party to The WARSET system serves as the trading each transaction. The choice of the market platform for WSE-operated markets. Within and trading system is always made by the Catalyst, an issuer of debt instruments (cor-issuer, provided their instruments meet the porat


The Effects of Acid Perfusion of the Esophagus on Ventilation and Respiratory Sensation STEPHEN K. FIELD, JOHN A. EVANS, and LORNE M. PRICE Department of Medicine, Foothills Hospital and University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada The relationship between gastroesophageal reflux (GER) and asthma remains controversial. Asthma symptoms worsen with GE


COMPARING TWO KINDS OF BLOOD PRESSURE PILLS: ACEIs and ARBs A Guide for Adults Fast Facts ■ ACEIs and ARBs are two of the many kinds■ Both kinds of pills (ACEIs and ARBs) do agood job of lowering blood pressure. problems. The main difference in side effectsis that ACEIs are more likely than ARBs tocause a dry cough. ■ ACEIs and ARBs do not affect cholesterol What d

Silicon valley urology title

Silicon Valley Urology Center Discharge instructions for Prostate Brachytherapy. The great majority of patients treated for localized Prostate Cancer with Brachytherapy will be treated as outpatients. The patient will be taken to the postoperative recovery room until the effects of anesthesia have worn of sufficiently for discharge from the hospital. You will need to be accompanied hom


City of St. Charles R-6 School District 400 N. Sixth St., St. Charles, MO 63301 Contact: _________________________ Fax: __________________ Student Name: ___________________________ D.O.B.: _________ School Yr: _________ Allergy with possible anaphylaxis reaction:________________________________________ Other know food or medication allergies: ______

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Standardising Benchmark Problems for the Assessment of Computerised Medical Guideline Systems Kirsty Bradbrook1, Graham Winstanley1, Vivek Patkar2, David Glasspool2 and 1 School of Computing, Mathematical and Information Sciences, University of Brighton 2 Advanced Computing Laboratory, Cancer Research UK Abstract. There is currently a high-level of research being undertaken into the

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What is Pushtimarg? Pushtimarg(The Path Of Grace) is one of the many sects in the Hindu religion. Pushtimarg was founded by Shrimad Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhu. Shri Vallabhacharya is one of the five main Acharyas of the Hindu Religion. The other four being (1)Shankaracharya (2)Shri Ramanujacharya, (3)Shri Madhavacharya (4)Shri Nimbarkacharya. These acharyas have a very significant co

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Grippe - Schwäche in der Abwehr führt zum Eigentor! Jahr für Jahr kommt es in den Schaf- und Ziegenbeständen zu mehr oder weniger heftigen Atemwegserkrankungen. Jeder kennt die typischen Symptome, die von einfachem Husten und Rotz über Fieber, Atemnot und Fressunlust bis zu akuten Lungenentzündungen und Todesfällen im Bestand reichen können. Häufig bleiben auch nach der scheinbaren Gen

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Arthritis in Older Dogs Arthritis is a degenerative condition of the joints, which involves the production of new bone under the tendons and ligaments, as well as under the edges of the joint capsule. Pressure on these little spicules of new bone produces pain. Another feature of arthritis in older animals is degradation of the cartilage (the slippery soft coating of the ends of bones) and

Monthly work order summary (1).xls

Days Request Completion Description Location Aged Date Action Taken 7632 Assemble and deliver X Factor materials. 7699 Will the SE daycare building outside phone number be 392-2147 again for the X-Factor program? If so, it doesn't appear to be working. Only the inside extension works. 7546 Leaky Hot water faucet in ESC custodial 7654 Replace bad light switch in hall. 7677

A history of genocide

The Native American Peoples A History of Genocide In the entire history of colonization, no people have been subjected to a more ruthless regime ofland-seizure, economic exploitation and genocide than have the original inhabitants of NorthAmerica. At the time the present-day United States was settled by Europeans, it was abundantly populatedby scores of separate nations with diverse civili

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CURRICULUM VITAE Dr. M. Ravishankar 47, 3rd Cross Thiru Nagar. Moolakulam Pondicherry 605 010 INDIA Professor and Head, Dept. of Anaesthesiology Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute Pondicherry 607402, INDIA Qualifications: Experience in Faculty Position: 1. Junior Anaesthetist (Specialist), Dept. of Anaesthesiology, JIPMER from 5.2.79 to 2. Assistant Professor,

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Records Inventory - Freedom of Information Office of the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Assistantmedical trainee data statistics reported to Ministry of Health and Long Term Records Inventory - Freedom of Information contracts with Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Local Health Integration Network, other funding agencies, universities and colleges claims and/or potential claims pe

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Peer-reviewed publications (March 2012) 1. Saletu B., Oberndorfer S., Gruber G., Divos H., Lachner A., Mandl M., Parapatics S., Saletu M., Strobl R., Tschida U., Winkler A., Anderer P.: Efficiency of CPAP versus Theophylline therapy in sleep apnea:comperative sleep laboratory studies on objective and subjective sleep and awakening quality. Neuropsychobiology 1999, 39:151-159 2.


CURRENT STATUS Acute Complicated Diverticulitis Managed by Laparoscopic Lavage Mahdi Alamili, M.S. • Ismail Go¨genur, M.D. • Jacob Rosenberg, M.D., D.Sc. Department of Surgery D, Herlev Hospital, Herlev, Denmark PURPOSE: The classic surgical treatment of acute patients underwent elective sigmoid resection withcomplicated sigmoid diverticulitis with peritonitis isoften a two-


Dechra Veterinary Products Limited (A business unit of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC) Sansaw Business Park Hadnall, Shrewsbury Shropshire SY4 4AS Tel: 01939 211200 CLAVUDALE ® 500 MG TABLETS FOR DOGS Body weight (kg) Number of tablets twice Presentation Amoxicillin (as amoxicillin trihydrate) 400 mg,Clavulanic acid (as potassium clavulanate) 100 mg. Excipients: Erythrosine (E127)

Hersenschade door stress?

S k e p t e r , m a a r t 2 0 0 3 Hersenschade door stress? Marko Jelicic Stress beschadigt de hersens, zegt J. Douglas Bremner in zijn boek Does Stress Damage the Brain? Maar hij vergeet deugdelijk bewijs te leveren. Geweldsdelicten, verkeersongevallen of oorlogshandelingen. Trau-matische gebeurtenissen kunnen een Posttraumatische StressStoornis (PTSS) tot gevolg hebben. Zo’n st


ROBOTIC-ASSISTED LAPAROSCOPIC PROSTATECTOMY Introduction 2000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in Western Australia. Robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy is performed to treat localised prostate cancer in men with a life expectancy of 10 years or more. The aim is to remove the cancer and prostate completely to achieve cure. What does the procedu


P h a s e I T r i a l o f I n t r a p e r i t o n e a l I n j e c t i o n o f t h e E 1 B - 5 5 - k d - G e n e – D e l e t e d A d e n o v i r u s O N Y X - 0 1 5 ( d l 1 5 2 0 ) G i v e n o n D a y s 1 T h r o u g h 5 E v e r y 3 W e e k s i n P a t i e n t s W i t h R e c u r r e n t / R e f r a c t o r y E p i t h e l i a l O v a r i a n C a n c e r By P.A. Vasey, L.N. Shulman, S

Podophyllum peltatum

Yohimbé Lichamelijk aspect Beschrijving, geschiedenis en traditionele toepassingen De Yohimbé (Corynanthe yohimbe) is afkomstig uit de tropische regenwouden van Nigeria, Kameroen en Kongo en is een grote, groenblijvende boom met kleine gele bloemen. Hij behoort tot de familie van de Rubiaceae (zoals de koffie) en kan een hoogte van 30 meter bereiken. De groene, gele of rozerode k


Green Sheet July 2009 Plant Forum Notes Thank you to all who brought plants to the July 2009 meeting! differences Everyone is encouraged to bring in plants to share with the group. (Angiosperm Remember that you do get one free “exhibitor’s ticket” for the plant raffle if you bring in one or more plants for discussion at In addition to the plants discussed below the follow

Sikkim herald

Vol. 57 No. 51 visit us at www.sikkimipr.org Gangtok, (Tuesday) November 26, 2013 Regd. No.WB/SKM/01/13 Chief Minister lays foundation Armed Forces Flag Day messages of Governor and Chief Minister of Sikkim stone of Munal Kutir at Barfung It gives me great pleasure to know that this year, theArmed forces Flag Day is being observed on 6th December, 2013. This day is ve

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SAATCA Interim Committee Chairman's Communiqué March 2007 To all SAATCA registered auditors, training course providers and other interested parties. This is the third communiqué issued by the SAATCA Interim Committee, please refer to previous communiqués for published information on the committee’s work to date. The committee continues to take good strides forward towards handing t


Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole Revisited Philip A. Masters, MD; Thomas A. O’Bryan, MD; John Zurlo, MD; Debra Q. Miller, MD; Nirmal Joshi, MD D uringthepast3decades,thecombinationoftrimethoprimandsulfamethoxazole has occupied a central role in the treatment of various commonly encountered in-fections and has also been particularly useful for several specific clinical conditions. However, ch


Fluid Phase Equilibria 207 (2003) 183–192Solubility of solid solutes in supercritical carbon dioxideQunsheng Li, Zeting Zhang, Chongli Zhong, Yancheng Liu, Qingrong Zhou Department of Chemical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, P.O. Box 100, Beijing 100029, China Received 4 October 2002; accepted 14 January 2003 Abstract The solubility of 2-naphthol and anthracene in

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hier gibt de wirklich eine brisante Nachricht für alle Wesen, denn Spritzen werden tagtäglich wohl millionenfach verteilt……. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Maria Trump-Bär Bonavita-Lichtinsel • Maria Trump-Bär Im Winterrot 109 • 76228 Karlsruhe (Palmbach) Tel. 0721 / 35053 - 81 Fax: 35053 - 82 [email protected] www.Bonavita-Shop.eu www.Bonavita-Lichtinsel.de . Von: Michael


Lilly and TransPharma Announce Licensing and Development Agreement Lilly Gains Access to Transdermal PTH Program for Osteoporosis INDIANAPOLIS, IN and LOD, ISRAEL– Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE:LLY) and TransPharma Medical Ltd. today announced that the two companies have entered into a licensing and development agreement related to TransPharma's ViaDerm-hPTH (1-34) product for the treatm

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Esther saves the day! This week the young people will be reading through the second half of Esther. Chapters 5–10 bring together the array of events described in the first half of the book, clearly demonstrating how God’s plan was at work for the Jews through a series of amazing coincidences and the subsequent actions of Mordecai, Esther and King Xerxes. Despite not actually being men


International Consensus Study of Antipsychotic Dosingpsychotic drugs are required to guide clin-ical dosing as well as design and interpret reference, estimated clinical equivalency research studies. Available dosing guide-lines are limited by the methods and data for sulpiride to 10.0 for trifluperidol. Sev-istics, including age, hepatic and renal Method: With a two-step Delphi method, th

Exelon smart grid demonstration project

Exelon Project Overview EPRI Smart Grid Demonstration Project Overview The Exelon project is a collaborative effort bringing together Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Smart Grid ComEd and Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO) Demonstration Host-Site projects are part of a five-year technologies and applications to further the industry in regards collaborative initiati


One of the primary roles of Emergency Medical Ser-vices is to provide emergency care for life-threatening medical events. This section reviews clinical and system considerations in the EMS care of these time-critical conditions. Altered Mental Status/Altered Level of Consciousness INTRODUCTION patient as possible from the scene. Because the patient often cannot provide an adequate history, fi


The Doctrine of 'Double Effect' and its Limitations Since the 13th century moral theologians have invoked the doctrine of 'double effect' to justify actions which result in both good and bad outcomes. It derives from the view that human life is a gift from God who alone may determine its span. It is used to support medical decisions designed to relieve suffering, where death becomes an uninte

Intake copy

CLIENT INFORMATION & MEDICAL HISTORY PERSONAL HISTORY Client Name ___________________________________________ Today’s Date ___________________Home Address _______________________________________________________________________City ________________________ State ______ Zip ____________ Birth Date ____________________Best daytime phone (______) ___________________ Alternate Phone


4.3.1 Estimating the Width of a Room RevisedThe unconditional analysis of the room width estimated by two groups ofstudents in Chapter˜3 led to the conclusion that the estimates in metres areslightly larger than the estimates in feet. Here, we reanalyse these data in aconditional framework. First, we convert metres into feet and store the vectorof observations in a variable y:R> data("ro

Stroud district council

STROUD DISTRICT COUNCIL HOUSING COMMITTEE 7 November 2013 Report Title Tenant Services Decant Policy Purpose of Report To update the existing Policy ensuring it is robust and fit Decision(s) The Committee resolves to approve the reviewed policy Consultation and Presented to the Tenant Services Service Development Feedback Group (SDG) on 15/08/13 – agree


Reinhold Schmitt, Gründer von «www.isa-casinos.de» Wie kommt man dazu ein Internet- Por tal für das Geldspiel zu eröffnen? Millionenfach wurde die isa-Casinos bereits angeklickt. Kostenlos. Ha ben leer ist. ISA gibt die Realität weiter und Sie als Spieler genug Geld verdient um sich ein solch aufwendiges Hob- by leisten zu können? Also ehrlich, haben Sie einen

Vaginal health mar apr 09.indd

First in a Series Vaginitis This term describes any infl ammation of the vagina. The most common Although vaginal health concerns cause of infl ammation is infections, but they can also be caused by affect over half of the women in trauma or an allergy to products, such as latex. The most common the United States, many of us infections are yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis


TERAPIE ORMONALI SOSTITUTIVE Dr.ssa Giuseppina Perrone PREMESSA Si intende per terapia ormonale sostitutiva un trattamento costituito in genere da estrogeni e progestinici che vanno a sopperire la carenza di tali ormoni. La terapia sostitutiva può essere effettuata in una donna giovane con associazioni di estro-progestinici, già presenti tra i farmaci prescrivibili e finalizzati, com

Microsoft word - slnmas 09 med support to demining.doc

SLNMAS 09 Second Edition Medical support to demining operations in Sri Lanka National Steering Committee for Mine Action Ministry of Economic Development 177 Galle Road Colombo Sri Lanka E-mail: This document is current with effect from the date shown on the cover page. As the Sri Lankan National Mine Action Standards (SLNMAS) are subject to regular review and revision, users should con

Cultural information for:

Cultural Information for: Pansy Crown Common Name: Transplanting: 5-6 weeks Botanical Name: Media: Transplant plugs into a well aerated soil mix with a Seed Count: pH between 5.5 and 5.8. Avoid planting the plugs too deep Optimum Germination Temperature: Optimum Growing Temperature: Temperature: Optimum day temperature is 62-68°F/17-20 Plug Culture - 3

Microsoft word - dokument

Tore Huseby Slektshistorie John og Karoline Evensen og deres forfedre ”—slekt skal følge slekters gang---” Trondhjem 1986 FORORD De av oss som er oldebarn av John Evensen og hans hustru Karoline ble hovedsakelig født i perioden 1925 - 1945. Flere av de eldste av oss hadde nær kontakt med den av våre besteforeldre som var sønn eller datter av John og Karoline. Dermed ble vi og

Ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy

 Ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy is a safe and effective operation to treat kidney stones. This is a minimally-invasive procedure where kidney stones are destroyed with a special laser, without the need for any incisions. Compared to extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (the destruction of stones with sound waves), ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy is more effective with a lower need fo


The Viagra Phenomenon The online version of this article can be found at:http://sexualities.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/9/3/273 can be found at: Sexualities Additional services and information for (this article cites 28 articles hosted on the Citations SAGE Journals Online and HighWire Press platforms): © 2006 SAGE Publications. All rights reserved. Not for commercia


VUmc-compas toetsing Toets CAT B 2.2.3 /Cursusafhankelijke toets studiejaar 2011-2012 Naam cursus Hematolgie en Oncologie 08.45 uur – 10.45 uur ( extra-tijd half uur langer) 55 vragen: 1 twee-, 5 drie-, 48 vierkeuze en 1 juist/onjuist vraag Toegestane hulpmiddelen geen Studentinstructie (lees het goed door): MC-toets: kies het beste (volledig juiste en meest

Dermatologic agents

Dermatologic Agents: Tazorac®, FabiorTM, tretinoin (Avita®, Retin-A®, Retin-A Micro®, Atralin®, Tretin-X®), Ziana® Medical Benefit Date of Origin: 3/12 Effective Date: 6/15/2012 Pharmacy Commercial Benefit Next Review Date: 3/13 Date Published to Web: 5/15/2012 Pharmacy Medicaid/Family Health Review Dates: 3/12 Plus Benefit Certain topical medications


Concurso Externo Extraordinário Proposta da reunião da Mesa Negocial de 15.11.2012 As alterações introduzidas encontram-se a “negrito” 1- O presente decreto-lei estabelece um regime excecional destinado à seleção e recrutamento de pessoal docente nos estabelecimentos públicos da educação pré-escolar e dos ensinos básico e secundário na dependência do Ministério d


1. Antibiotics 3. General API 2. Carbapenem 4. Under development 1-1. Cephalosporin Antibiotic 1-7. Anti-Cancer 1-2. Penicillins 1-8. Anti-Fungals 1-3. Anti-Bacterial 1-9. Anti-Ulcerants 1-4. CNS range 1-10. Anti-Diabetic 1-5. Cardiovasculars 1-11. Others 1-6. Anti-Retrovirals * Intermediate 1-1. Cephalosporin Antibiotic Document Document


There are many motives driving people to come to Israel, from the purely religious to the awakening of a desire to discover its vast and ancient historical and artistic heritage. But you're reading Finisher, and there can be only one reason for our visit: a Luis Torrente Eilat is Israel's southernmost city, globally renowned as a favorite destination for lovers of water sports, for its pleasa

Hefepilze im körper

Hefepilze im Körper Dr. med. Siegfried Dörfler - 3. komplett überarbeitete Auflage 1998 - ISBN 3-9804994-6-4 170 Seiten, 17 Tabellen und Abbildungen - € 13,90 Inhaltsverzeichnis • Vorwort der ersten Auflage • Geleitwort zur 3. Auflage • Vorwort zur 3. Auflage • 1.Entstehung der Pilzerkrankung o 1.1.Pilze - Freund und Feind o 1.2.Viele Beschwerden - ei


certiorari to the supreme court of nevadaArgued January 15, 1992—Decided May 18, 1992When petitioner Riggins, while awaiting a Nevada trial on murder androbbery charges, complained of hearing voices and having sleep prob-lems, a psychiatrist prescribed the antipsychotic drug Mellaril. he was found competent to stand trial, Riggins made a motion to sus-pend the Mellaril’s administration unt

Production scientifique 2007-juin 2010

Annexe III : Indicateurs de production scientifique AHFIR N., WANG H., BENAMAR A., ALEM A., MASSEI N. and DUPONT J.-P. (2007). Transport and deposition of suspended particles in saturated porous media: hydrodynamic effect. Hydrogeology Journal. 15, (4): 659-668. (IF: 1.122) BARDAT J. and AUBERT M. (2007) Impact of forest management on the diversity of corticolous bryophyte assemblages in tempera


Bol. Soc. Paran. Mat. (3s.) v. 23 1-2 (2005): On the index complex of a maximal subgroup and the group-theoreticabstract: Let G be a finite group, Sp ( G ) , Φ ( G ) and Φ1( G ) be generalizationsof the Frattini subgroup of G . Based on these characteristic subgroups and usingDeskins index complex, this paper gets some necessary and sufficient conditions for G to be a p -solvable, π -

Dialog ne mes makiavelit

“Së shpejti do të vërehej një qetësi e tmerrshme, gjatë së cilës çdo gjë do të bashkohej kundër fuqisë dhunuese të “Kur Sila deshi t'ia jepte lirinë Romës, ajo nuk ishte në Ky libër përmban tipare që mund t'u përshtaten të gjitha qeverive, mirëpo ai ka një qëllim akoma më të saktë, ai në veçanti mishëron një sistem politik i cili asnjë ditë të vetme nuk


GP328 PORTABLE RADIO The GP328 Professional Radio :A Practical RadioThe GP328 is the two-way radio solution for professionals who need to stay in contact but don’t requireextra features. This practical radio can easily increase productivity by keeping users communicating,yet streamlines their radio use—allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand. With the GP328,communication coul

Offer to lease

SHAUGHNESSY NEWSLETTER PROPERTY OWNERS’ FALL, 2004 ASSOCIATION “Working to enhance the value and quality of living in historic Shaughnessy” CURRENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS CURRENT MEMBERSHIP: 550 AND GROWING ! York House School Expansion Rezoning is willing to do and what the neighbours need to protect the livability of their neighbourhood. Primarily, the


The following is a list of the most commonly prescribed drugs. It representsan abbreviated version of the drug list (formulary) that is at the core of yourprescription-drug benefit plan. The list is not all-inclusive and does notguarantee coverage. In addition to using this list, you are encouraged to askyour doctor to prescribe generic drugs whenever appropriate. 2011 Express Scripts Medicare

Microsoft word - tybsc chem.doc

UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI Revised Syllabus T.Y.B.Sc.(Chemistry) 3 Units and 6 Units (with effect from the academic year 2004-2005) EXAMINATION PATTERN -6 UNITS Each paper will be of 3 hours duration and of 100 marks. Each paper will have two sections of 50 marks each. PRACTICALS There will be one Practical Examination for 200 marks (Core component) to be held for 28 hours, pe

Microsoft word - case_0910_student_brochure.rtf

S t u d e n t M e d i c a l P l a n 2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 Sponsored By: Extending Eligibility To: Administered By: TELEPHONE DIRECTORY University Health Service 2145 Adelbert Road .216-368-2450 University Counseling Services Sears Bldg., Room 201 .216-368-5872 Appointments: General Clinic . 216-368-4539 Women’s Clinic. 216-368-2453 Mental Health. 216-368-2510/5872 Dear Stu

Ginseng coffee ( panax quinquefolins)

GINSENG COFFEE ( Panax Quinquefolins) Insert from Asian Health Secrets by Letha Hadady Ginseng, long praised by Asians as a cure all, has become as familiar as vitamins. The North American ginseng story began during the 18th century, when Iroquois Indians near the Great Lakes trapped for fur and gathered the man-shaped root for trade with both the French and English in exchange for gu

Microsoft word - ohly-genericsweb-omeprazole-0708.doc

Omeprazole is Over - Or Nearly So1 By D. Christopher Ohly Originally published on Spicy IP and www.genericsweb.com July 2008 One Atlantic Center, Suite 2300 1201 West Peachtree Street Atlanta , Georgia 30309 t 404.437.7000 f 404.437.7100 225 Franklin Street, Suite 2600 Boston , MA 02110 t 617.848.5750 f 617.848.5784 6600 Sears Tower 233 South Wacker Drive Chicago ,

Microsoft word - soma series compare articel.doc

Karen L. Bolesky M.A.,L.M.H.C.,L.M.P., Marcia W. Nolte C.L.M.A., L.M.P. Co-Directors Soma Institute Stephen W. Johnson R.N., L.M.P., C.S.P., Joanie Waller Grammarian Forward: We are deeply thankful to Thomas W. Myers and to IASI for cracking open this can of worms and, in so doing, bringing greater unity between the schools of Structural Integration We are grateful for this defining proc


Letters in Applied Microbiology ISSN 0266-8254In vitro antiviral activity of Melaleuca alternifolia essentialoilA. Garozzo1, R. Timpanaro1, B. Bisignano1, P.M. Furneri1, G. Bisignano2 and A. Castro11 Department of Microbiological and Gynaecological Sciences, University of Catania, Catania, Italy2 Department of Pharmacobiology, University of Messina, Messina, Italyantiviral activity, essen


El marco jurídico constitucional de las áreas metropolitanas. Especial referencia al caso de la de Monterrey. Por: Sergio Elías Gutiérrez y Pedro Torres Estrada Introducción. La intención del presente artículo es la de hacer un breve marco jurídico constitucional de referencia sobre la figura legal del área metropolitana, haciendo especial señalamiento

Microsoft word - exa1psegundo06.doc

1º EXAMEN PARCIAL DE FARMACOLOGÍA 1.- Indique con qué término identifica la "sustancia que independientemente de su origen ejerce modificaciones al ser administrado a un organismo" Comentario [EP3]: D proyección de la concentración máxima al Comentario [EP1]: B 2.- El siguiente símbolo , cuando aparece B.- Fase de unión a proteínas y excreción


19th European Stroke Conference, Barcelona,Effect of cilostazol for progressive stroke. 19th European Stroke Conference, Barcelona,deterioration in the acute phase of ischemicKoga M, Endo K, Sakai N, Yamagami H,Furui E, Matsumoto Y, Shiokawa Y,Yoshimura S, Okada Y, Hyogo T,Characteristics of acute stroke patients withmajor artery occlusion who did not receiveToyoda K, Joint research group f


Thank You . . . to all for your financial support. Last weekend’s collection was over $1,400. . . also for your contribution to the Helping Others collection for Haiti. Like the week before, it was around $1,500. A cheque for $3,000 is on its way to Development & Peace. Coming Events Monday, Feb. 1 Pastoral council meeting in the office at 7:30 pm. All members are asked to do

Microsoft word - ovaplant article.doc

EVALUATING SPAWNING INDUCTION IN CHANNEL CATFISH Ictalurus punctatus USING s GnRH a AND DOMPERIDONE COMPOUNDS Jeffrey Silverstein*, Jim Powell, and Anita Kelly Spawning success of channel catfish in ponds generally ranges from 30-50 %. This low spawning rate requires the maintenance of a large surplus of broodfish. To improve spawning success and predictability of spawning w

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder A SUMMARY Bipolar disorder is the modern name for what was previously called manic-depressive illness. The illness is characterised by fluctuations between, on the one hand, periods of hyper- activity and an intensified emotional life and, on the other hand, periods of low energy and depression. Without treatment, the illness is often serious and disabling, but effective fo


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Exelon CEO Says Climate Change Legislation Remains Urgent Issue, Pushes for Price on Carbon John Rowe says cap-and-trade will create incentives for energy efficiency, other less expensive solutions Rowe also uses speech to announce that Exelon will not be renewing its membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce due to the organization’s opposition to cl

Microsoft word - the sigma panel insight blast 9 poppers draft 2

THE SIGMA PANEL Insight Blast 9 Promoting a reduction in poppers use during receptive anal intercourse The use of poppers (volatile nitrite inhalants) is thought to increase the probability of HIV transmission when unprotected intercourse occurs between an HIV positive insertive partner and an HIV negative receptive partner. Making It Count identifies a population level target of


SISC CO-PAYMENT REFERENCE GUIDE Medco manages your prescription drug benefit at the request of SISC. Your plan gives you the option of getting your covered medications through the Medco Pharmacy ™ mail-order service or at a participating retail pharmacy. The chart below provides a summary of your prescription drug benefit co-payments. When you use a participating When you use the T


St Paul’s N.S. Christmas Newsletter We have reached the end of another term and all of our new children and teachers have settled in well. We would like to welcome all our Junior Infants and our other new students Evan, Luke, Aaliah, Ameera, Abdullah, Caoimhe, Joshua, Jack and Katie and we welcome back Caithlin. We would also like to welcome Ms McMahon , Ms. Quaide, Ms. Prendiville

Millions still taking risky heart drug without warnings promi.

Millions still taking risky heart drug without warnings promised b. Millions still taking risky heart drug without warnings promised by By Alison Young Knight Ridder Newspapers WASHINGTON - A highly toxic heart drug continues to be prescribed to millions of patients nationwide without the detailed consumer warnings promised by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration more

The salvation army

PLEASE NOTE: The Salvation Army cannot accept responsibility Please leave electronic games, phones etc. at home. Fees are non-refundable except with a doctor's note. The Salvation Army IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PLEASE CONTACT Declaration of Custodial Parent and or Legal Guardian: To the best of my knowledge the above information is correct, the above mentioned person is in good


There are so many things one needs to carry, as this is the first time you are going abroad. If you have a friend who is going to the same university, for the same semester, it is better to share few things. This saves space as well as money. In this section, we have listed the most common things that your seniors have carried and suggest you to do. We not only tell you what to carry?, but also ho


Pharmaceutical Formulations : ( Put List of Tablets / Capsules / Syrup / Injection / Ointment) Generic Name Composition Each film coated tablet contains: Acarbose BP 50mgEach film coated tablet contains: Acarbose BP 100mgEach film coated tablet contains: Acarbose BP 25mgAceclofenac + Paracetamol + Serratio Each tablet contains: Aceclofenac BP 100mg ; Paracetamol BP peptidase Tablet

Laboratory testing for cobalamin deficiency in megaloblastic anemia

J_ID: JOH Customer A_ID: JOH23421 Cadmus Art: JOH23421 Ed. Ref. No.: 13-0043.R1 Date: 5-March-13Laboratory testing for cobalamin deficiency in megaloblastic anemiaCobalamin (vitamin B12) deficiency is a common cause of megaloblastic anemia in Western populations. Laboratory evaluation of megaloblastic anemia frequently includes the assessment of patient cobalaminand folate status. Current total

Microsoft word - alyostal tpn france not 002-1

Alyostal Test de Provocation Nasale France NOT 002-11 FICHE D’INFORMATION DESTINEE A ETRE DELIVREE AVEC LES PREPARATIONS D’ALLERGENES DENOMINATION DU MEDICAMENT ALYOSTAL Test de Provocation Nasale. COMPOSITION QUALITATIVE ET QUANTITATIVE Un coffret contient 1 flacon d’extrait allergénique en poudre à 100 IR/mL ou IC/mL (extrait allergénique standardisé ou non sta


Data Merging: Tolterodine Protocol A6121123This document details the importation of raw data, and the matching/merging of the various datasets into one dataset. This document constitutes a “literate program”: it contains computer code that isrun in the process of creating this document, and the merged data set is created simultaneously. Thus,it is a reliable, reproducible description of the

Microsoft word - reserve funding and the risk mitigation matrix

Members American Institute of Certified Publi Reserve Funding and the Risk Mitigation Matrix By: David T. Schwindt, CPA RS PRA Reserve studies involve two distinct phases – the physical analysis and the funding analysis . The physical analysis includes, but is not limited to, determining the association’s legal responsibility of repairing, replacin

Microsoft word - rovis cv current.doc

E-mail: [email protected] Personal Place and Date of Birth Academic Positions and Education 2012-present Associate Editor for the Americas, Synlett Member, Editorial Board, Organic Reactions Member, Editorial Board, electronic Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis Department of Chemistry, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO Department of Ch


(This is Part II of a five-part series de- sewer lines in rural areas, to providing tailing the contributions of South Carolina’s Councils of Governments to the State’s economy and quality of life.) A Partnership of the People have forged fruitful local, regional and ated entities. Throughout the state, a to-ing the strategies identified in a strate-main

Microsoft word - packing list.doc

Suggested Packing List With a little thought and planning, making sure that you have the essentials will help make your study abroad experience in Europe an enjoyable one. General packing tips:  Don't be a packing procrastinator. Start packing gradually now to avoid last- Pack your bags and then take out half of the stuff you packed. You will be surprised that you can l


MEDICAMENTS (DCI : Dénomination Commune Internatinale) Addictovigilance Retraits - date d'AMM surveillance - date de commercialisation ACTOS® (pioglitazone) 1 - 03/10/2000 - 27/05/2002 ALLI® (orlistat) 2 - 20/01/2009 - 01/05/2009 ARCOXIA® (étoricoxib) 3 - 26/08/2008 - 12/03/2010 ARIXTRA® (fondaparinux sodique) 4 - 21/03/2002 - 12/12/2002 BLEU P

Slashdot | social consequences and effects of rfid implants?

Slashdot | Social Consequences and Effects of RFID Implants?http://ask.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/05/04/0030212 Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters Social Consequences and Effects of RFID Implants? Posted by Cliff on Wednesday May 03, @11:45PM from the chips-in-my-head dept. kramdam asks: "Even with all the talk about privacy and security, there seems to be a growi

English abstracts.doc

Bulletin of Clinical and Experimental Endocrinology MS-02 Insulin Resistance in the Development of Metabolic Syndrome in Females with Abnormalities in Reproductive Sphere R.M.Mamedgasanov, G.R.Fatalieva, S.S.Safarova, S.E.Meshadieva Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku, Azerbaijan Backgrounds and aims: The aim of present investigation was the relation of hyperandrogenem


D o u b l e - B l i n d , R a n d o m i z e d T r i a l C o m p a r i n g t h e E f fi c a c y a n d T o l e r a b i l i t y o f F u l v e s t r a n t V e r s u s A n a s t r o z o l e i n P o s t m e n o p a u s a l W o m e n W i t h A d v a n c e d B r e a s t C a n c e r P r o g r e s s i n g o n P r i o r E n d o c r i n e T h e r a p y : R e s u l t s o f a N o r t h A m e r i c


President’s Message Congratulations on choosing Sacramento City College as a path in your education journey! Since 1916, SCC has proudly supported student success, innovation in academic and student service program areas, and continued to serve the higher education needs of our region. With an increasingly challenging fiscal climate, these accomplishments are evidence of a steady

Nieuwsbrief 16.

OBS De Spelwert • 15 september 2010 • jaargang 16 • no.1 woensdag weer terug. Donderdag heeft Met de Kinderpostzegelactie zetten Rian een studiedag, zodat ook zij die • Welkom dag niet voor de klas kan staan. Lisanne om andere kinderen te laten leren. • Studiedag Verbeek zal alle vier de dagen de groep Afgelopen jaar steunde Kinderpost- • Vervanging groep 1/2 Han

Merkblatt zum kopflausbefall in gemeinschaftseinrichtungen

Merkblatt zum Kopflausbefall in Gemeinschaftseinrichtungen in der Gemeinschaftseinrichtung, die Ihr Kind besucht, sind Kopfläuse aufgetreten. Vielleicht ist Ihr Kind sogar selbst betroffen. Kopflausbefall ist lästig und unangenehm. Bei engem Kontakt ist die Gefahr einer Weiterverbreitung durch das Überwandern der Läuse von Kopf zu Kopf bzw. gelegentlich über die Kleidung sehr groß. Um die


13. Identification of various electrochemical processes in the Ruthenium complexes with a redox-active ligand by in situ spectroscopy and time-dependent density functional theory Tomohiko Hamaguchi, Yoshiki Kurashige, Isao Ando* Inorg. Chim. Acta , 2013 , xx , xxx-xxx (http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ica.2013.06.041) 12. Effect of ligand basicity on electrochemically induced linkage isomer


ROI Analysis of Pharmaceutical Promotion (RAPP): An Independent Study Study Objectives ! Measure ROI for detailing (DET), direct-to-consumeradvertising (DTC), medical journal advertising (JAD),and physician meetings & events (PME)! Understand how ROI differs according to brand size (inThe objectives of this study are fairly ambitious: first, to measure the ROI fordetailing (DET)

Microsoft word - ntcb-cimp'05 application of embedded system to health mana…

Application of Embedded System for Home Care and Health Management Jyh-Perng Fang and Yang-Lang Chang National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan Abstract Non-compliance and inappropriate usage of medication are common problems found among the elderly, especially in the environment of home care. To address these problems, a drug dispenser is developed with the followin

Microsoft word - lurmt001z13 - ecnp press release final.doc

This press release does not necessarily reflect the opinions of ECNP FOR MEDICAL MEDIA Five Scientific Posters Supporting the Efficacy and Tolerability of Once-Daily Lurasidone – A New Atypical Antipsychotic treatment for Adults with Schizophrenia Barcelona, 9 October, 2013 – On the occasion of the 26th European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress (ECNP), w


Physicians Health Choice Total (HMO) and Select (HMO SNP) plans FORMULARY ADDITIONS UPDATE – Physicians Health Choice Total (HMO) and Select (HMO SNP) plans: The following summary describes recent changes to the formulary effective March 1, 2013. FORMULARY ADDITIONS, REDUCTIONS IN PREFERRED OR TIERED COST-SHARING STATUS, OR REMOVAL OF UTILIZATION MANAGEMENT TO AN EXISTING FORMULARY D


Referat Nr. 1 Die drei Seinsebenen des Menschen sowie Definition und Maßstab der Gesundheit aus homöopathischer Betrachtungsweise! – Was ist klassische Homöopathie? Betrachten wir zunächst einige Tatsachen: Phantastisch muten die derzeitig medizinischen Fortschritte an, mit deren Hilfe heute sorgfältig angewandte Unfallchirurgie und Intensivpflege schwerstgeschädigte Akutkra

Bk 3 ch 28 molecular genetics

Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School Biology (S6) Scheme of work (2011/2012) Laboratory safety and evacuation Level Test Summer Tutorial Class ( 37 periods/~22 hours) Bk E1 Ch 1 Regulation of water content Time allocation Learning target Practical Assignment Exercise Teaching resources (No. of periods) 1.1 Importance of • To identify the m


miniLab® Pocket pH Meters Applications • Beverage• Collection Systems• Field Use• Food QC Lab• Oil & Gas• Wastewater Virtually unbreakable non-glass pH meters give stable readings in seconds. Designed to Last Three Models Unlike disposable pocket-sized pH meters, Hach’s miniLabAll models contain the benefits described at left, with variationsPocket pH Meters c

Sawgrass nature center’s

Sawgrass Nature Center’s “CAMP WILD” Break Camps 2012-2013 Counselor and Counselor In Training Application Counselor’s Name __________________________________________________ Age: __________ Date of Birth: _______________________________________ School: _______________________________ Grade Completed: _____________ Parent(s)/ Guardian’s Name(s): _____________________

Microsoft word - d11_682_cmc_wst(e)

Shougang Concord International Enterprises Company Limited Shareholders Communication Policy (Adopted on 22nd March, 2012) SHAREHOLDERS COMMUNICATION POLICY 1. PURPOSE This Policy aims to set out the provisions with the objective of ensuring that the shareholders of the Company (the “Shareholders”), are provided with ready, equal and timely access to balanced and un

Welcome letters

W E L C O M E L E T T E R F R O M M I K E S I N Y A R D a 1.5-inch diameter lower bearing), completely redesigned S-Works FACT carbon crank and S-Works Barmac, we shaved theWith most of the 2007 model year behind us, I look back andrealize more than ever that, whatever success we at Specializedenjoy, it would be impossible without the support of all the inde-pendent retailers like you—

Sp - réhabilitation et sevrage

sont requis pour visionner cette image. • 5éme cause de mortalité dans le monde • Principale cause de handicap • Altération non complètement réversible des débits aériens….sauf précision contraire, la terminologie admet implicitement son origine tabagique • > 80 % des BPCO sont des fumeurs2 • La principale intervention recommandée par Obstructive Lung Disease »

Pubblicazioni ssc 1995-2000

Pubblicazioni SSC 1995-2000 1.: Tenore di benzene nelle benzine e sua influenza sulle emissioni degli autoveicoli. Riv. Combustibili, 49, 223 (1995). 2.: Nuovi metodi di misura nell'industria del gas. Riv. Combustibili, 49, 57 (1995). 3.: Solventi e sicurezza. Infiammabilità. Riv. Combustibili, 49, 223 (1995). 4. Emissione di particolato nella combustione di oli: problemi di combustione e


Stiff-Person Syndrome Following West Nile Fever Sharon Hassin-Baer, MD; Eilon D. Kirson, MD, PhD; Lester Shulman, PhD; Aron S. Buchman, MD; Hanna Bin, PhD;Musa Hindiyeh, PhD; Lea Markevich; Ella Mendelson, PhD Background: Stiff-person syndrome is a rare autoim- Result: The search revealed a stretch of 12 amino acids mune disorder associated with antibodies against glu-in the NS1 protei


Offbeat food packaging that is really out of this world plastic, which is then it is slipped inside aplasticized pouch that is standard packag-the Mayonnaise with Horseradish (Wasabi until I win the lottery. Nevertheless, liv- Mayo) from Shirakiku plenty of opportunities to at least do thesampling part, with the city’s wealth of allteardrop-shaped, tub

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Over-the-Counter Flexible Spending Account Expenses This is a general overview and is not a guarantee of reimbursement or eligibility. You are advised to review your company’s FSA Summary Plan Description and enrol ment materials for specific information or consult with a tax advisor. A Health Care FSA can only be used for expenses incurred for medical care under IRS Code Section 213 i


■ Chimiothérapie et dans les cancers ORL, alors que le libelléLimousin, ont été mises en œuvre en 2002 des cancers pulmonaires : de l’AMM le réserve aux cancers du sein etpour notamment améliorer les conditions de un état des lieux préoccupant préparation des chimiothérapies et mieuxinformer les établissements des démarches Dans une dépêche, l’agence APM-Reuters,


Heartworm Disease Protect your pet from this insidious disease carried by mosquitoes What are heartworms? Heartworms are large worms that live in the hearts of dogs and cats. They are also found in other species, including ferrets, foxes, wolves, sea lions, and horses. Dogs are the common host for this parasite. This worm is also known as Dirofilaria Immitis. It is a long, spaghetti-


SIVA SIVANI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT From Director’s Desk News Brief 22 -07-2010 __________________________________________________________________ MARKETING 1. Toyota launches diesel variant of Corolla Altis Gearing up for December launch of its small car, Etios. Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM) on Wednesday launched the diesel version of its premiumsedan, the Corolla Altis. Priced at

Psychological problems among immigrants

Psychological Problems Among Immigrants Sajjan Singh Bajwa, Ph.D. * * Formerly Professor, Khalsa College Amritsar and Asst. Professor, University of Southern California : 1461 W. Nancy Lane, Porterville. CA 93257. (USA) Thoughts give rise to desires, desires shape actions, actions become habits, and habits make character. All desires may or may not be fulfilled. The satisfied desires

Us health and life

SecureScript ILLUSTRATIVE MANAGED FORMULARY Introduction The formulary has been developed, organized and is administered to promote rational, clinically appropriate, safe and cost effective drug All FDA-approved generic medications are included in the formulary unless safety or efficacy information warrants further consideration. Therefore, the formulary management and devel


Effect of fish and fish oil-derived omega-3 fatty acids on lipid oxidation School of Medicine and Pharmacology, The University of Western Australia; Cardiovascular Research Centre; and The Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, Perth, Western Australia, Australia There is evidence that omega-3 (ω3) fatty acids derived from fish and fish oils reduce the risk ofcardiovascula

Memo to: rick mumford, dds, mph

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public Health July 9, 2013 ( 2 pages – Replaces version posted August 3, 2012 ) To: All North Carolina Health Care Providers From: Megan Davies, MD, State Epidemiologist Re: Human infections with variant influenza H3N2v This memo is intended to provide information to North Ca


Address for correspondence: Guo-Dong Medicine of Amazonas (FMTAM) in vivax malaria outbreaks in malaria-Liang, State Key Laboratory for Infectious Manaus, Brazil, to assess the effi cacy endemic areas within the Amazon. Disease Control and Prevention, Institute for of standard supervised CQ therapy. Viral Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 100 unco

2000-08-22 loggbok nr 43

Efter att ha legat vid Ambrym och gungat, rullat och fått massor av vindbyar på oss och som slitit i ankarkättingen, var det skönt att komma in i Crab Bay på Malekula och med ett lugnt vatten, fast lite blåsigt de första dagarna. 2006-09-13 Loggbok nr 128 Det är alltid lite spännande att gå in i en okänd naturhamn, sjökorten vi har visar ibland över en halv nautisk mil fel. Til


Some of the important complications include infections, blood clots, inadvertent injury to blood vessels or nerves, problems regaining flexion or extension of the knee and difficulties with wound healing. Deep infec-tion may require removal of the implant, prolonged antibiotics and later surgery to insert a new implant. Major clots are rare but can be fatal. All surgery and anaesthesia carries r


Edward Ray, MD PRE-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS FOR PATIENTS HAVING MONITORED OR GENERAL ANESTHESIA Name of Patient: _____________________________________________________________ DO NOT take aspirin or ibuprofen (ex. Aleve, Advil, Motrin) for one week prior to surgery. See attached list of other medications/supplements/herbals to avoid. DO NOT smoke* or drink any alcoholic beverages on th


Rx Rehmanniae Conquitae / Shu Di Huang Fructus Corni Officinalis / Shan Zhu Yu Rhizoma Dioscoreae / Shan YaoCortex Moutan Radicis / Mu Dan PiSclerotium Poriae Cocos / Fu Ling Rhizoma Alismatis Orientalis / Ze XieFructus Zizyphi Jujubae Red / Hong Da Zao Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae / Huai Niu Xi Fructus Lycii / Gou Qi ZiCortex Eucommiae / Du Zhong Radix Polygalae Tenuifoliae / Yuan Zhi Fructu


BIOSTAT® CultiBag RM Culturing Conveniencebatch, serum free cultivation of CHOXM 111 suspension Dipl. Ing. Irina Bauer*, Prof. Dr. Regine Eibl*, Introduction Generally, the inoculum for the bioreactoris prepared by pooling T-flasks. The pre-protocol for the propagation of the model(obtained from Prof. Dr. Martin Fussenegger,was used for maintenance of the culture. Zurich) in selectiv

Wetenschappelijke bijsluiter

Samenvatting van de Kenmerken van het Product 1. NAAM VAN HET GENEESMIDDEL REMINYL 4 mg omhulde tabletten REMINYL 8 mg omhulde tabletten REMINYL 12 mg omhulde tabletten 2. KWALITATIEVE EN KWANTITATIEVE SAMENSTELLING Elke REMINYL 4 mg - tablet bevat 4 mg galantamine (als hydrobromide). Elke REMINYL 8 mg - tablet bevat 8 mg galantamine (als hydrobromide). Elke REMINYL 12 mg

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Open Heart ™ Provides support for healing broken, wounded hearts and restoring them to their full loving potential Open Heart™ supports the heart with the courage to heal pain, grief and emotional wounding, helping one forgive and reconnect to the full stream of cosmic love while allowing the power of love to flow abundantly from an open heart. A blend of intuitively selected Flow

103° cd “ a



1. General description Laser Renovation Of Monuments And Art Works Technological area Environment Start date Duration Total cost Partner sought The Main Aim Is To Design, Investigate And Develop Laser Systems And Technologies ForThe Restoration Of Monuments, And Art Works, Environmentally-Friendly Methods For TheFast And Precise Treatment Of Objects. Budget(Meuro) Duratio

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PERSONAL DETAILS (Confidential) Surname:___________________ First Name:______________________ Title:_______ Address:_____________________________________ Suburb: ______________ Postcode: _____ Home Phone: ________________ Mobile Phone:___________________________________ Business Phone:______________ Email:__________________________________________ Date of Birth: / / Occupation


Highly recommended New York – specifically Manhattan – is arguably the epicenter of the US litigation market. As the nation’s financial hub, New York generates a great deal of securities and banking-related litigation, but the following Big Apple firms are generally capable of handling any complex litigation matter that is thrown their Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson




Capítulo30 S O C I E D A D E S P A Ñ O L A D E E N D O C R I N O L O G Í A P E D I Á T R I C A Coordinador del Capítulo: José Tacons Mateu HIPERTENSIÓN ARTERIAL DE ORIGEN ENDOCRINOLa hipertensión arterial (HTA) es definida en la edad pediátrica, como una presiónsistólica o diastólica, medida de forma estandarizada, que exceda el P95 para edad, sexo ytalla (1). Problema más f




NUTRITION Intuitive Nutrition - Healthy approach to weight loss. Clinical trial results SANKOM Switzerland During the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity ad the incidence of Avenue de la Gare 49 being overweight. Evidence suggests that even without reaching an ideal weight, a moderate CH-2800 Delemont, Switzerland amount of weight loss can be b

Information types

Nursing Database Resources Periodicals Basic information Periodicals are materials that are published at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, daily, etc.). Periodical articles contain current information, which is especially important in fields such as science, business, psychology, and technology. Also, subjects which are too new or too specialized to be covered by book

Research conducted by the south staffordshire sexual health service.doc

RESEARCH CONDUCTED BY THE SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE SEXUAL HEALTH SERVICE ORAL PRESENTATION Is the Mirena suitable at any age? Moss EL, Pryce A, Kundu A. Annual Scientific Meeting of the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, Newcastle, May 2006 PUBLISHED MEETING ABSTRACTS Patterns of Emergency Contraception use in Women Attending South Staffordshire Sexual Heal

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Powerful prescription of NMF’s, Antioxidants and UV filters in one product Shaving reduces water content in the skin to less than 10% and removes important moisturising factors from the skin. Contains powerful humectants, natural moisturising factors and lipids to repair and moisturize the skin following shaving. Anti-inflammatories are added to reduce skin irritation and repair micro-abrasio

As a result of activities in grades 9-12, all students should d

US National Science Education Standards for Principles of Alchemy (Chemistry) www.synapses.co.uk/alchemy As a result of activities in grades 9-12, all students should develop . Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiryMatter is made of minute particles called atoms, and atoms are composed of even smaller components. These components have measurable properties, such as mass and elec


/Translated from Russian to English/ /Stamp: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH OF MOSCOW CITYSCIENTIFIC & PRACTICAL CENTER OF MEDICAL CARE FOR CHILDREN WITH CONGENITAL ABNORMALITY OF CRANIOFACIAL AREA AND INHERENT DISEASES CASE RECORD Nr. 622/10 Full name : Sidorin Georgy Vasilievich Age : 2 years old 7 month Date of birth : 09.07.2007 Settlement : Moscow city He stayed at Psychoneurolog

Candida questionnaire_elect.xls

CANDIDA QUESTIONNAIRE AND SCORE SHEET Susan Swanson, State Certified Herbalist, Iridologist (970) 689-9576; [email protected]; www.solereflex.com This questionnaire lists factors in your medical history which promote the growth of the common yeast Candida albicans (Section A), and symptoms commonly found in individuals with yeast-connected illness (Section B and C). For each 

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Mayeux -1 CURRICULUM VITAE Richard Mayeux, MD, MSc Gertrude H. Sergievsky Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry and Epidemiology Work Address: 630 West 168th Street New York, NY 10032 [email protected] Personal Data Date and Place of Birth: Married: October 16, 1988 to Nancy S. Green, MD, 2 daughters, Naomi Beth and Sophie Ester Education: 1964 - 1968 Bachelor o


SALVAT pharmaceutical company reaffirms its commitment to ocular safety with this new development. Launch of TEBARAT®, the first preservative-free azelastine for allergic conjunctivitis. The inflammatory process associated with conjunctivitis increases the vulnerability of ocular surface tissues, so the use of antihistamines containing preservatives is not advisable. Most of the eye drop

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HOW TO COME BACK ALIVE! CONTENTS 1 Be wise - immunise ! 11 AIDS - What you need to know Further copies of this booklet can be obtained from - Intedrnational Teams, 102 Javelin Avenue, Castle Vale, Birmingham B33 7LW Tel/Fax 0121 441 3028 INTRODUCTION The information and advice in this booklet is drawn from publications by Inter-Health, Tear Fund and our own re


BEFORE TREATMENT  Leave your compression stocking on uninterruptedly for 3 days . During this time you will be able to shower by rolling the stocking down to the mid thigh and covering the stocking with a plastic bag or  Do not apply moisturiser to your legs on the day of your waterproof overstocking. Alternatively you can shower with them unprotected and dry them by towel and/or h

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Gary Swan, Ph.D. Director, Center for Health Sciences SRI International Curriculum Vitae Education B.S., Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington M.A., Psychology, State University of New York at Stony Brook, New York Ph.D., Psychology, State University of New York at Stony Brook, New York Academic Positions / Employment Clinical Instructor, Dept. of Psychia


L ’ AMERIQUE Nous sommes des artistes et nous venons de Paris Je n’ai plus qu’à jeter la cléEt moi je sais jouer… Et nous savons jouer… Car el e m’attend depuis que je suis né- grosse caisse : boumla boumla boumlala…L’Amérique, l’Amérique, je veux l’avoir et je l’auraiL’Amérique, l’Amérique, si c’est un rêve, je le sauraiTous les sifflets de trains, toute


Conseil Municipal : Séance du 11 octobre 2012 Sous la Présidence de Monsieur Philippe CANOT, Maire. Présents : Mmes Copinne, Peltier et Roynette Mrs Arnould, Ducoudray, Hugueville, Peltier et Valsesia . Absents : Mr Robin procuration à Mr Valsesia. Mme Lesage procuration à Mr Peltier. Secrétaire de séance : Mme Copinne Jeannine. Approbation du procès-ver


HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS These highlights do not include all the information needed to use SOMA • Due to sedative properties, may impair ability to perform hazardous tasks such safely and effectively. See full prescribing information for SOMA. SOMA (carisoprodol) Tablets for Oral use • Additive sedative effects when used with other CNS depr

Securerx pdp 2014 formulary update

2014 Formulary Update Listed below are major updates to the formulary, including additions to Prior Authorization and Quantity Level Limits, that will be made effective January 1, 2014 : Preferred Generics alendronate tabs paroxetine (non-ER) tabs baclofen tabs perindopril tabs carteolol ophthalmic sertraline tabs carvedilol tabs spironolactone tabs f

Matériels pour pays chauds.pdf

– Pantalon en coton, ample – Pantalon léger ou robe pour sortir – T-shirts – Paires de chaussettes – Slips, maillot de bain – Short ou bermuda – Mouchoirs, chemises, sweat-shirt – Imper léger genre poncho – Chapeau – Paire de chaussures solides – Paire de sandales – Chèche ou foulard contre la poussière – Une polaire (qui servira aussi d'oreiller ou de couverture), q


Preventive Effects of Rosiglitazone on Restenosis after Coronary Stenting in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Donghoon Choi, MD, PhD Cardiology Division Yonsei University College of Medicine, Background 1. Cardiovascular disease is one of the important leading cause of deaths in Type 2 diabetic patients. 2. As a result of dramatic increase in implantation numbers, in

Tia (transient ischaemic attack) protocol

TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack) Protocol Use only if symptoms < 24 hrs and completely resolved. If brain imaging shows haemorrhage, use Main Stroke Protocol. For supporting information e.g. images & documents, refer to web site at: http://nbsvr73/medicine/StrokeService/StrokeProtocol.html Seek specialist advice for all patients In patients presenting within 1 week of symptom o

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Preferences for rural credit systems and their impact on the implementation of credit unions in Georgia Despite newly implemented agricultural credit systems in Georgia designed to enhance farmers’ access to financial means, the share of agricultural loans compared to all loans remains low. This severely limits the availability of loans (Brown, Coles, Heron et al. 2000; IFAD 2007; Kor


Queridas familias de Nivel Inicial, queridas Maestras y Equipo Directivo: Los actos de fin de curso tienen mucho de alegría y algo de nostalgia. Alegría por ser el punto culminante de todo un año de esfuerzo, tanto de los docentes como de los alumnos; alegría por ver el avance y el crecimiento de cada niño en el curso que culmina; alegría por la llegada de la Navidad y el Año Nuevo con su

Pii: s0041-0101(03)00104-

Responses of antioxidant systems in the hepatocytes of commoncarp (Cyprinus carpio L.) to the toxicity of microcystin-LRXiaoyu Lib, Yongding Liua,*, Lirong Songa, Jiantong LiuaaInstitute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Science, Wuhan, Hubei 430072, People’s Republic of ChinabCollege of Life Science, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, Henan 453002, People’s Republic of ChinaReceive

Press release

Sandoz Inc. 506 Carnegie Center Drive, Suite 400 Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone +1 609 627 8500 Fax +1 609 627 8682 Sandoz launches authorized versions of Cozaar® and Hyzaar® tablets Princeton, NJ, April 7, 2010 —Sandoz Inc. announced today the introduction in the US of losartan potassium and losartan potassium-hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) tablets, authorized generic equivalents of Merck's


Air Wick Fresh Matic Max Citrus + refill 250ml x 4 unitsAir Wick Fresh Matic refill morning mist x 6 unitsAir Wick scented duo Magnolia + Papaya x 28 unitsAir Wick scented candle berries & herbs x 24 unitsAir Wick scented candle Fruit Cocktail x 6 unitsAir Wick All in 1 air freshener 300ml peach & jasmine x 12 unitsAir Wick Aqua Mist airfreshener 345ml Lavender x 8 unitsAjax all-pur


Effect of Rosiglitazone on the Risk of Myocardial Infarction Steven E. Nissen, M.D., and Kathy Wolski, M.P.H. Background Rosiglitazone is widely used to treat patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, but its From the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland. Ad- effect on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality has not been determined. the Department of Cardiovascular Medi-cine, Cleveland Clinic, 9500 Eucl

Undergraduate awards ceremony, nov. 2, 2009

Undergraduate awards ceremony, Nov. 2, 2009 SCOTIA-GLENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS ASSEMBLY Pledge of Allegiance and Musical Arrangement THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN YEAR ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Medal – to members of the Class of 2012 with the highest achievement during the first year in high school: Matthew Ashcroft, Kul en Bailey, Nicholas Conlon, Sarah Dean, Nicole H


As Competitors Encroach, Pfizer Seizes A Few More Google “Lipitor” and “discount,” and you’ll see print coupons are the least common discount. Nowadays free-for-all Internet capitalism at work. Of course, not all copayment cards are much more prevalent. Hence the $4 of the 3.18 million hits lead to a legitimate manufactur-Lipitor offer currently blanketing cyberspace. er’s disco

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Conformation of therapeutic lens, from bacterial cellulose with ciprofloxacin incorporation for medical application C. M. Caliri1, R. Marchetto1, W. R. Lustri,Y. Messaddeq. 1Instituto de Química – UNESP, Araraquara, SP, Brazil Currently, several methods have been proposed for the controlled release of ophthalmic drugs using soft contact lenses. However, the current systems do not p


M.R. HEUPEL ET AL. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL ZOOLOGY 284:586–594 (1999) Plasma Steroid Hormone Profiles and Reproductive Biology of the Epaulette Shark, Hemiscyllium ocellatum M.R. HEUPEL,* J.M. WHITTIER, AND M.B. BENNETT Department of Anatomical Sciences, University of Queensland, St. Lucia,Queensland, Australia 4072 Examination of the reproductive biology of the oviparous epaulette s

Sc 3-3.pdf

Health Security Challenges: Biological Weapons and Pandemic Influenza This article examines two disease-based threats to Australia’s security—biological weapons and pandemic influenza—and the national and international dimensions of Australia’s response. Overall, the best response is to increase public health capacity because the measures needed to protect people during a natura


0915DisMed.qxd 8/24/2004 3:42 PM Page 854 Search-and-rescue dogs: an overview for veterinarians Katherine E. Jones; Karen Dashfield, DVM; Amanda B. Downend, BA; Cynthia M. Otto, DVM, PhD, DACVECC T he use of dogs for search and rescue (SAR) was first identifying prey; and are trainable, inquisitive, friendly, recorded in the 1800s, but anecdotal evidence sug-and need a purpose or focus


Pill inventor slams . pill Eighty five year old Carl Djerassi the Austrian chemist who helped invent the contraceptive pill now says that his co-creation has led to a "demographic catastrophe." In an article published by the Vatican this week, the head of the world's Catholic doctors broadened the attack on the pill, claiming it had also brought "devastating ecological effects"

Ing. antonio franco

Prot. 4798/A35 Bagheria 05/12/2012 MINISTERO DELL’ISTRUZIONE,DELL’UNIVERSITA’ E DELLA RICERCA Scuola Secondaria di I Grado ”CIRO SCIANNA” VIA DE SPUCHES, 4 90011 BAGHERIA - TEL 091943017-18-19 FAX091943347 Oggetto: Nomine incaricati al SPP nel Plesso: Plesso c/o Bagnera INCARICATI AL SERV. PREV. PROTEZIONE Plesso c/o Bagnera IN OTTEMPERANZA ALL'ART. 31 DE

1813 01 reuma3 editoriale

Reumatismo, 2008; 60: Supplemento 1: 50-58 ORIGINAL ARTICLE Fibromyalgia syndrome: the pharmacological treatment options Il trattamento farmacologico della sindrome fibromialgica P. Sarzi-Puttini1, R. Torta2, F. Marinangeli3, G. Biasi4, M. Spath5, D. Buskila6, R.H. Gracely7, M.A. Giamberardino8, L. Bazzichi9, M. Cazzola10, M. Di Franco11, S. Stisi12, F. Salaffi13, R. Casale1

l&s 4-2007

Know-How Anästhesie in der Stillzeit Stillzeit sind angstbesetzt. Gera- und Kleinkinder zu ernähren. DieWHO empfiehlt ausschließlichesStillen bis zum 6. Lebensmonat und fort-gesetztes Stillen „bis zu 2 Jahren und dar-über hinaus“ (1). Die Empfehlung gilt kei-neswegs nur für Entwicklungsländer. Auch in der westlichen Welt bleibt dieErnährung mit Muttermilch „die effektiv-


Media Relations Fernsehstrasse 1-4 8052 Zürich 2. bis 10. Juni 2012 in den Programmen von Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Themenschwerpunkt Kultur: «Jean-Jacques Rousseau – einfach Leben.» Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 bis 1778) war zu Lebzeiten ein streitbarer Geist und polarisierte mit seiner Kritik an Kunst und Wissenschaft. Zu seinem 300. Geburtstag widmet die Kulturabt

Female athlete triad

Female athlete triad: konsekvenser av energibrist hos idrottande kvinnor Female athlete triad: consequences of energi deficiency for exercising women Thobias Ekhamre, Josefin Hedman, Karin Larsen Elektiv, 3 hp inom Fysiologi A, 30 hp vid Karolinska Institutet ht 2008 Inledning Runt om i världen ses talanger i olika idrotter gå förlorade på grund av skador. Det kan räcka med ett fe


FDA Okays Another Once-Daily HIV Pill By Joyce Frieden, News Editor, MedPage Today Reviewed by August 10, 2011 WASHINGTON -- The FDA has approved a second once-daily tablet for HIV -- this one combining three medications: emtricitabine, rilpivirine, and tenofovir. The pill, manufactured by Gilead Sciences, combines that company's Truvada -- itself a combination of the two nucleosid

Microsoft word - patient health history pg1.doc

Patient Name______________________________________Date______________________________ Medical Physician’s Name & Phone___________________________________________________________ Please answer the following health questions as completely as possible (circle YES or NO) 1. Do you consider yourself to be in good health? 2. Are you now or have you been under a physicians care within the


MODULE 13 Growing the section workbook Appendices scouts.org.uk/appointment APPENDIX 1: DISCUSSION POINT 2 – VOLUNTEERING RESPONSES Ask them! Don’t assume that people know you need help or that they would be comfortable offering it. Talk to those around you and get to know parents. Once you find out more about them, you may be able to ask them to do specific tasks or ac


12 CARSTOSOMA - concept sau forma ? CARSTOSOMA CONCEPT SAU FORMA ? Cristian GORAN (ISER) Exista multe conditionari si nuante în stabilirea leaga, printr-o organizare unitara, formele carstice semnificatiei notiunii generale de carst. Carstul este disimulate pe suprafata topografica cu cele subterane. În considerat, în functie de criteriul la care este raportat, plus, el asigu

A soma alapítvány szervezeti és működési szabályzata

A SOMA Alapítvány Szervezeti és Működési Szabályzata 1. Az alapítvány alapadatai: Az alapítvány neve: Nagy Soma és a Neuroblastomás beteg gyerekek gyógyításáért AlapítványAz alapítvány székhelye: 4600 Kisvárda, Virágh Ferenc u. 87. 4600 Kisvárda, Virágh Ferenc u. 87. - Ignácz László Tamásné Horváth Edit4600 Kisvárda, Virágh Ferenc u. 87. Az alapító o



Synchromed pump pocket fill 03- main hcp letter_rennie, andrew@_fa_mdd_20110107.pdf

Urgent: Medical Device Correction Important Clinical Information about Pocket Fills SynchroMed® II and SynchroMed EL Implantable Drug Pumps Dear Healthcare Professional: This letter provides important reminders concerning the potential for a pocket fill during a SynchroMed® II or SynchroMed EL implantable drug pump refill procedure, and important patient management recommendations th

Microsoft word - byline _tcc_ national law journal 12_4_06.doc

SCHWARTZ Monday, December 4, 2006 Plavix case illustrates perils of generic drug wars Regulatory problems, poor judgment led to BMS' costly situation. By, Thomas C. Carey/Special to The National Law Journal This year, Peter R. Dolan, the chief executive officer of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (BMS), was faced with the threat of generic competition for Plavix, a blockbuster anti-clotti


Solutions for Your TOUGHESTMIXING CHEMICAL Introduction The Process The Problem The Solution The Advantages HIGH SHEAR MIXERS/EMULSIFIERS Preparation of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) SolutionsPolyvinyl Alcohol (PVA, sometimes referred to as PVOH) is a water soluble polymerused widely in adhesives, paints, sealants, coatings, textiles, plastics etc. The polymer isnormally supplie


Running head: Jackson School Library Community Narrative Andrew Jackson Elementary School Library Running head: Jackson School Library Community Narrative Andrew Jackson Elementary School is a public school in the Kingsport City Schools system. This paper provides an analysis of the city of Kingsport, Tennessee, the community where Andrew Jackson Elementary School is located. This narrative w


Takeda leads the way on skills Founded in 1781 and headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Takeda Cambridge showed an early interest in working Takeda is a research-based global pharmaceutical with Cogent to develop a training framework for SMEs company. Worldwide, Takeda markets a number of and in the new Higher Apprenticeship in Life Sciences blockbuster drugs discovered through its internal

Sept 2004 nl

H E A L T H A N D S T R E S S S T R E S S , N E U R OT R A N SM I T T E R S & THE "SECOND BRAIN" IN THE GUT KEYWORDS: Vagusstoff , the "Big Three", the "Mighty Two", the "Dracula Hormone", Awakenings ,Zyban, schizophrenia, Prozac, REM sleep, the dantian , Rabelaispurposeful during evolution. Thus, diarrheacould have life saving value for an antel

Awb wise fos upto 09.xls

SINDH IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE AUTHORITY List of Registered Farmer Organizations (FOs) of LBCAWB with SIDA isteratio ecretary 2nd Tenure st Dr. Zulfikar Ali Talpur Seth Abdul Sattar C/O Jabbar Clinic, Khoski Road, Badin LBCAWBSain Pir Ali Dino Shah Allah Dino Solangi isteratio ecretary 2nd Tenure st Ghulam Haider Disttrict Tando Mohd OFWM Deptt:Nazarpur Taluk T

2010 ventas_ammonia lithium nitrate compresion booster.pdf

Applied Thermal Engineering 30 (2010) 1351e1359Contents lists available at ScienceDirectj o u r n a l h o m e p a g e : w w w . e l s e v i e r . c o m / l o c a t e / a p t h e r m e n gAmmonia-lithium nitrate absorption chiller with an integrated low-pressurecompression booster cycle for low driving temperaturesR. Ventas a,*, A. Lecuona a, A. Zacarías b, M. Venegas aa Departamento de

Microsoft word - hunger eaze

Hunger Eaze™ NEW YORK (CBS) "Imagine not being hungry all day without feeling side effects typical of diet pills, like a racing heart or queasy stomach.” That is what Correspondent Lesley Stahl experiences when she takes just a few bites of the hoodia plant in the Kalahari Desert, for a report on 60 Minutes. " Only a few pieces of the Hoodia cactus would allow a

Low pass filters selectrion guide

*1566 PRINTER 03-62 12/4/06 9:06 AM Page 62 Other Key Pages Low Pass Filter Selection Guide Filter Installation .16Performance Testing.17-18Value Added Filter Assemblies .100Military Cross Reference .237-239 MLFT Filters ■ Performance through the GHz range Motor Line Feed-Thru Technology (MLFT) is MLFT Filters . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 an innovative new line of filters designed


State of HIV Treatment State of HIV Treatment Results of the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care Surveys of HIV-Positive Patients and HIV-Treating Physicians in the United States José M. Zuniga, MSPH, PhD was made to determine whether patients sought care Background: There are few reports about physician and from surveyed physicians. Thus, patient-respondents


Medien-Box Drogen und Sucht Stadtbücherei Soest Das Angebot von thematisch zusammengestellten Medien-Boxen, die von der Bücherei über einen längeren Zeitraum an Kindergartengruppen bzw. einzelne Schulklassen ausgeliehen werden, stellt eine Form der Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kindergarten bzw. der Schule dar, von der beide Seiten in großem Maße profitieren. Das Ausleihen eine


New Quinolone Oral Antibiotic Avelox®: Sales Rights Transfer Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd. (Bayer) - headquarters: Osaka; President and Representative Director: Jean-Luc Lowinski - and Shionogi & Co., Ltd. (Shionogi) - headquarters: Osaka; President and Representative Director: Isao Teshirogi – announced today their agreement to transfer to Bayer the sales rights of the New Quinolone oral antibi

June 7-24.pdf

<?=>J?D=J>;D;L;H#;D:?D=87JJB;7=7?DIJ7DJ?C?9HE8?7BH;I?IJ7D9; HWf_Zbo_dYh[Wi_d]Wdj_c_YheX_Wbh[i_ijWdY[_ied[e\j^[ceiji[h_ekiYb_d_YWbc_YheX_ebe]_YfheXb[ci\WY_d]c[Z_Y_d[ Ij[l[d@$CWhj_d"F^Whc:"<99C jeZWo$M_j^iecWdofWj_[dji_dj^[_dj[di_l[YWh[kd_j?9KWjh_ia\ehXWYj[h_WbWdZ\kd]Wb_d\[Yj_edi"ijhWj[]_[ijeFWc[bW7$B_fi[jj"C:"&

Microsoft word - 2o cd. valles _ junio 2009.doc



T A B L E T S / C H E W A B L E T A B L E T S / O R A L G R A N U L E S Composition Each tablet/sachet contains: Active Ingredient Tablets: Each 10 mg Tablet contains 10.4 mg montelukast sodium, equivalent to 10mg free acid. Chewable Tablets: Each 5 mg chewable tablet contains 5.2 mg montelukast sodium, equivalent to 5 mg free acid. Each 4 mg chewable tablet contains 4.2 mg monteluka

Microsoft word - 031-038 avdeyev, voropai, trufanov, selifanov.doc

On Expansion Planning of Regional Electric Power Systems Taking into Account Plurality of Interests and Power Export V.A. Avdeyev, N.I. Voropai, V.V. Trufanov, and V.V. Selifanov Abstract - The paper deals with the problem of expansion planning of regional electric power systems taking into account plurality of The EPS expansion methodology that has interests and power e


UnitedHealthcare SignatureValueTM Offered by UnitedHealthcare of California 40/20% Performance HMO Schedule of Benefits (Benefit Package B, Network 3) Effective January 1, 2012 These services are covered as indicated when authorized through your Primary Care Physician in your Participating Medical Group. (Medically Necessary services served by your Participating Medical Group. Please consult y


Ramadhaan – A Date with Dr. Zakir Episode - 23 Ramadhaan - The Month of Self-Improvement & (Duration - 50 minutes) Yusuf Chambers: Dear brothers and sisters in Islam and Humanity, Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, may the peace, mercy & the blessings of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) be on all of you. Welcome to the show ‘Ramadhaan - A Date with Dr. Zakir�

Part ib summary of product characteristics

SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION One tablet contains 2.5 mg Indapamide hemihydrate For a full list of excipients, see section 6.1 3 PHARMACEUTICAL White, round, biconvex, film-coated tablets. 4 CLINICAL PARTICULARS 4.1 Therapeutic indications For the treatment of essential hypertension.


Dependable Embedded Wired/Wireless Networks In most cases packet requires multiple hops to make  The algorithms that chooses the routes is major area of Properties for desirable Routing Algorithms Correctness Simplicity Robustness Stability Fairness Optimality used for selection of route simplest is “minimum hop” can be generalized as “least cost”

Your child does or may have lice 2009-09

Your Child Does (Or May) Have Lice You don’t think so? You are positive they don’t? Think again. “But my child doesn’t itch or scratch. Besides, I’ve checked and there isn’t anything!” Well, guess what! Your child does (or may) have lice. On Friday, 18 January (2007), Patricia Aiyenuro spoke to the PTA. She is an entomologist and is doing her PhD on head lice. Our family has


Selected parameters of insulin sensitivity in hypertensive patients after the change in therapy from angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors to angiotensin II type I receptor blockers. Branislav Zagrapan (General Medicine, Year 2) Supervisors: MUDr. Richard Imrich, PhD., Ing. Štefan Zórad, PhD. Institute of Experimental Endocrinology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava Introduct

A vogel echinaforce – the best researched echinacea in the world

Anyone for coffee? The 2nd and 3rd day at the hydro is quiet! Nobody feels like having conversations or moving around unnecessarily! Why? Withdrawal of caffeine sets in about 36 hours after the last cup of coffee or tea. If anyone has ever doubted caffeine is a drug of note, just try going without and see the effect it has on the nervous system primarily, but also on the circulatory


Valuing Viagra: What Is Restoring Potency Worth?Printed from ACP Online. Document URL: http://www.acponline.org/journals/ecp/julaug99/kwok.htm Close this window Effective Clinical Practice Valuing Viagra: What Is Restoring Potency Worth? Effective Clinical Practice, July/August 1999. For author affiliations, current addresses, and contributions, see end of text. Context. The use

Vischnaunca sumvitg - constituziun communala sboz 1 (28-10-1997)

Vischnaunca da Sumvitg Ordinaziun sepultura e santeri Vischnaunca da Sumvitg Ordinaziun sepultura e santeri Sebasond sil reglament sepultura e santeri dalla vischnaunca da Sumvitg relai la supra-stonza communala la suandonta ordinaziun. Art. 1 Dretg surordinau Las prescripziuns dil reglament sepultura e santeri ston vegnir risguardadas. Art. 2 Pleivs Las pleivs da Sumvitg/Cumpadials, Ra

Canine & feline autoimmune & immune mediated diseases, an update part 2

CANINE & FELINE AUTOIMMUNE & IMMUNE MEDIATED DISEASES: DERMATOLOGY AN UPDATE PART 2 Rod A.W. Rosychuk DVM, DACVIM Selected Lupus and Lupus-like Diseases Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE) DLE in dogs is seen primarily in younger dogs (2–4 years of age) as a depigmenting and inflammatory disease of the nasal planum, bridge of the nose, periocular region, mucocutaneou


Emergency Medicine Oversight Commission San Diego County Medical Society Narcotic Prescription Guidelines The Emergency Medicine Oversight Commission of the San Diego County Medical Society Narcotic Prescription Guideline is written with cooperation of the San Diego Field Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration with the purpose of reducing pharmaceutical drug diversion withou

Survey on cannabis use in parkinson's disease: subjective improvement of motor symptoms

5. Powers JM. Blepharospasm due to unilateral diencephalon infarc-6. Keane JR, Young JA. Blepharospasm with bilateral basal gangliainfarction. Arch Neurol 1985;42:1206 –1208. 7. Verghese J, Rosenbaum DM. Ptosis, blepharospasm, and apraxiaof eyelid opening secondary to putaminal hemorrhage. Neurology1999;53:652. 8. Schmidtke K, Butnner-Ennever JA. Nervous control of eyelidfunction: a revi

Mental health treatment #1d.ppt [read-only]

• Need to have designated staff for duties– mental health ‘Champion’, clinical and• There are certain steps to consider…– Handling the screens (copying, handing out)– Scoring the screens– Communicating to the physician– Orchestrating disposition, talking to family– Following up on compliance– Proper reimbursement• Discussion of treatment options• Evaluate for potent


[· · · ] a transformational programming method-ology that includes a fully operational set-the-oretic proof checker [· · · ][· · · ] examples of two moderately difficult pro-gram derivations. One of these derives a highlevel form of an algorithm to compute the bisim-ulation equivalence relation [· · · ] the other de-rives an algorithm to minimize the number ofstates in a deterministi


REVIEW Care of HIV-infected patients in China 1The AIDS Research Center, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Peking Union Medical College, Beijing 100730, China2Department of Infectious Diseases, Shanghai/FuDan Public Health Center & Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, Shang-hai 201508, China ABSTRACT Compared with high infection areas of the world, the total HIV infection rate in


Ihmisk ä sityksen perusta Uudessa testamentissa Uuden testamentin ihmiskuvan perustana on luonnollisesti luomisteologia. Luomisen perusteella ihminen on arvokas ja hänellä on erityinen asema luomakunnassa. Jeesuksen puhe Jumalan huolenpidosta korostaa ihmisen arvoa muuhun luomakuntaan verrattuna: Katsokaa taivaan lintuja: eivät ne kylvä, eivät ne leikkaa eivätkä kokoa varastoon, ja


Historien om Astra, Pharmacia och Kabi SNS – Studieförbundet Näringsliv och Samhälle – är ett fri stå­ende nätverk av beslutsfattare och opinionsbildare i privat och offentlig sektor. SNS vill genom forskning, bokutgivning och möten bidra till debatt och rationella beslut i samhällsfrågor. När Sverige sålde Nobelprisindustrin Historien om Astra, Pharmacia och Kabi Inledning


Skyline Customer Referral Rewards Program Skyline Energy invites you to become an ambassador for us, and our “ecological products”, and earn some additional rewards for YOU! Rewards such as: Canon A95 Digital Camera RRP $649 Hosting a powerful Canon 3x optical zoom lens plus a high resolution 5.0 Megapixel CCD, the PowerShot A95 delivers the ultimate in digital ve

Microsoft word - 4 - cr cm - 2013-12-16.doc

COMPTE-RENDU Réunion du Conseil municipal du 16 DECEMBRE 2013 Membres présents : Pierre-Marie CHARVOZ, Jean-Paul MARGUERON, Marie-Paule GRANGE, Jean-François ROYER, Françoise FONTAINE, Georges BARBON, Marie-Françoise STEIN, Georges NAGI, Patrick LESEURRE, Catherine RECROSIO, Claudine ASSIER, Pierre GROS, Béatrice PLAISANCE, Dominique JACON, Cécile BALMAIN, Rosalie PARDO, Ha

Paraquat poisoning

Paraquat is a safe and effective herbicide when used as directed on the label. However, exposure to toxic doses of paraquat (largely with suicidal intention) is oftenfatal, despite aggressive medical intervention. Early recognition, and attempts atremoval of paraquat from the body remain the cornerstone of therapy. In recent years there has been little change in the general management of paraquat

Fiók_az angiotenzinreceptor-blokkolók.indd

Az angiotenzinreceptor-blokkolók jelentősége Állami Szanatórium Sopron, II. sz. Kardiológiai Rehabilitációs OsztályA renin-angiotenzin-aldoszteron rendszer (RAAS) központi szerepet tölt az angiotenzin II a szisztémás ACE-rendszerben vagy a lokális, ACE-be a kardiovaszkuláris betegségek patomechanizmusában. Nem véletlen független szöveti enzimatikus utakon (mint például a

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in children

Pediatr Transplantation 2004: 8: 613–618. DOI: 10.1111/j.1399-3046.2004.00241.xPrinted in Singapore. All rights reservedNon-alcoholic steatohepatitis in childrenKerkar N. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in children. Pediatr Transplantation 2004: 8: 613–618. Ó 2004 Blackwell MunksgaardDepartment of Pediatric Liver Transplant andHepatology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NewAbstract: Obesi


CONFIDENTIAL SEVERN ANESTHESIA ADVANCED PAIN MEDICINE HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE Thank you for arranging to visit one of our physicians. When you come for your first visit, please bring this completed form along with any medical records, X-rays, CT or MRI scans, medication bottles and other medical information related to the problem for which you are being seen. Should you have any


Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 49(2), 2013, pp. 338–346REVERSIBLE IMMOBILIZATION OF FREE-RANGING SNOWLEOPARDS (PANTHERA UNCIA) WITH A COMBINATION OFMEDETOMIDINE AND TILETAMINE-ZOLAZEPAM¨ rjan Johansson,1,2,3,8 Jonas Malmsten,4,5 Charudutt Mishra,3,6 Purevjav Lkhagvajav,7 andTom McCarthy21 Grimso¨ Wildlife Research Station, Department of Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, S

Microsoft word - 945264_f_gi_11-11-02_strepsils 8,75 mg.doc

GEBRAUCHSINFORMATION: INFORMATION FÜR DEN ANWENDER Strepsils 8,75 mg Lutschtabletten Lesen Sie die gesamte Packungsbeilage sorgfältig durch, denn sie enthält wichtige Informationen für Sie. Dieses Arzneimittel ist ohne Verschreibung erhältlich. Um einen bestmöglichen Behandlungserfolg zu erzielen, müssen Strepsils 8,75 mg Lutschtabletten jedoch vorschriftsmäßig angewendet


Sylvania Franciscans 2012 St. Francis and St. Clare Honorees Dr. Ben Fedrick pictured center with his wife and children. The Sisters of St. Francis are proud to announce the winners of the 2012 St. Clare and St. Francis awards for community service. The awards recognize those who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the underprivileged, have helped to elevate the self-esteem of

Sng ped 2005

SINGULAIR ™ - Local Prescribing Information SINGULAIR PAEDIATRIC 4 mg GRANULES Pharmacotherapeutic group: Anti-Asthmatics for systemic use, Leukotriene receptor antagonist ATC-code: R03D C03 1. NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT The cysteinyl leukotrienes (LTC4, LTD4, LTE4) are potent inflammatory eicosanoids released from various cells including mast cells and eosinophils. Th

Microsoft word - the influence of shagya blood in warmblood breeding

The Influence of Shagya Blood in Warmblood Breeding Submitted by Terry Hey Although rare and relatively little known in America, Shagyas have had a profound influence on European warmblood breeding programs. Studs in Trakehner, Hannover, Holstein, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Westphalia and many others have been using the Shagya for years to bring refinement to warmblood breeds.

Directiva presidencial n°


Protocollo farmaci

IL SINDACO Vista la deliberazione n. 341 del 12.5.1999 con la quale la Giunta comunale, nel precisare che durante i quattro giorni di permanenza nella stalla di Contrada e nelle sei prove di Piazza i cavalli del Palio possono avere la necessità di proseguire eventuali terapie in atto o andare incontro ad alterazioni del normale stato fisiologico che, anche se non di rilevante gravità e tali

Mise en page

Dermatologie L’incidence de la gale a augmenté de 10 % en France en 10 ans confirmant une tendance observée à l’étranger et soulignant les difficultés thérapeutiques. Le rapport du Haut Comité de la santé publique conseille, dans un souci de simplification des protocoles, un 1er traitement à J1 et un second, systématiquement, une semaine après. LA PRISE EN CHARGE DE LA G

Modrec saps

Ministry of Defence Schedule of Approved Procedures Research Ethics Committee These guidelines relate to all non-clinical research involving human participants undertaken, funded or sponsored by MOD. MoD personnel conducting non-MOD research, while attached to an organisation with its own arrangements for indemnity, ethical scrutiny and compensation, should observe local arrangement

Questionnare médical

№ de Sécurité Sociale : _ / _ _ / _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ HISTORIQUE MEDICAL Ces informations sont confidentielles et réservées à l’usage exclusif de votre chirurgien-dentiste dans le cadre de son exercice professionnel. Votre adresse email peut être utilisée dans le cadre de notre mission d’information en matière de prévention et de santé bucco-dentaire. A quand rem

Glossary of cardiovascular terminology

Glossary of Cardiovascular Terminology Abdomen - The area of the body between the bottom of the ribs and the top of the thighs. Abdominal aorta - The portion of the aorta in the abdomen. Ablation - Elimination or removal. ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitor - A drug that lowers blood pressure by interfering with the breakdown of a protein-like substance involved in bloo

Vol.-2, no.-1, july 2009 cardio vas j.pmd

Misoprostol Increase Oxygen Saturation in Duct Dependent Congenital Heart Disease ABMA Salam Department of Paediatric Cardiology, NICVD, Dhaka. Abstract: Background: Duct (PDA) dependent congenital heart disease is a spectrum of serious congenital Keywords- problems which needs urgent prostaglandin therapy before palliation or definite treatment otherwise chances of mor


Hjørring rørteknik A/S Hjørring rørteknik A/S [email protected] · www.hrtas.dk Hjørring rørteknik A/S in bathrooms. Thus, the company offers project In regards to pipe or sewage damages, Hjørring Hjørring Rørteknik A/S was founded in 1991 has management, from selection of bathroom fur-Rørteknik A/S cooperates with all insurance com-since then grown into


pneumococcal, gonococcal and meningococcal In streptococcal infections, therapy must be infections and also for anthrax diphtheria, gas sufficient to eliminate the organism (10 day PHENOXYMETHYLPENICILLIN TABLETS gangrene, leptospirosis, tetanus and treatment of streptococcal disease may occur. Cultures should B.P. 125mg pneumococci, meningococci and gonococci, be taken following


I, _______________________________, have read the below information and initialed each section to indicate that I fully understand what to expect. If I have any questions or concerns, I will address these with my skin therapist. I give permission to my therapist, ________________________, to perform the chemical treatment we have dis-cussed and will hold her and her staff harmless from any liabili

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Samurai Sam’s Ingredient List Sauces and Marinade Teriyaki Glaze Water, Sugar, Soy Sauce (Water, Wheat, Soybean, Salt, Sodium Benzoate (less than 1/10 of 1% as preservative), Modified Food Starch, Caramel Color, Sodium Benzoate, and Potassium Sorbate Hot and Spicy Teriyaki Glaze Sugar, Soy Sauce (Water, Wheat, Soybeans, Salt, Sodium Benzoate (less than 1/10 of 1% as a preservati

Microsoft word - nothing to sneeze at.doc

Nothing to Sneeze at: Skydiving with a Cold or Allergies by Musika Farnsworth Ear or sinus problems at altitude are more than an inconvenience. They can get so intensely painful that they disorient or disable a skydiver in the plane, in freefall or under canopy. Damaged sinuses may take weeks to recover, and ear damage may result in permanent hearing loss or vertigo. “I felt fine

Title 92 - nebraska department of education

TITLE 92 - NEBRASKA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION CHAPTER 59 - REGULATIONS FOR SCHOOL HEALTH AND SAFETY NUMERICAL TABLE OF CONTENTS STATUTORY AUTHORITY Provision of Medication Medication Aide Act - Documentation Emergency Response to Life Threatening Asthma or Systemic Allergic Reactions (Anaphylaxis) Enforcement Appendix A: Emergency Response to Life-Threatening Asthma or Systemic TI

Mrsa arztpraxen

Hygiene-Empfehlungen für Arztpraxen MRSA und MRGN Patienten  Kolonisation/Infektion von Haut und/oder Schleimhäuten  Keimverschleppung  Vermeidung der Keimverschleppung  Schutz anderer Patienten und des Personals  umfassende Aufklärung für Patient und Angehörige Beseitigung von MRSA auf  Infektiöses Material : - respiratorische Sekrete Hygienemaßnahmen be

Re: 1993 tax information

<name> <company> <address> <city, state zip> Dear <name>: You have requested a formal ruling on behalf of <company> as to whether amplification devices are subject to the Vermont sales and use tax. You state that the devices “are generally used by the hearing impaired,” from which it can be inferred that you believe the devices may qualify for a tax exemp


Diel Differences in Abundance and Composition of Ichthyoplankton Influx through Breach Inlet Courtney Brooks*, David Wilson* and Gorka Sancho Department of Biology, College of Charleston, Charleston , SC Question Background Conclusions How does the abundance of larval fish vary in The life cycle of various larval assemb

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Gaucho Memorial Mystery Rally Fellow Scramblers, Put your “rally” caps on and join us on the southbound side of the Hinsdale Oasis (I-294) at 8:30 AM CST Saturday June 20th for 3 days of “Mystery Rally” fun and excitement. The “Mystery” portion of this event is that you will not know the end destination for the Rally. But I can assure you this event will travel along some


JNCI Journal of the National Cancer Institute Advance Access published November 11, 2008 EDITORIALS Breast Cancer Prevention Using Calcium and Vitamin D: A Bright Future? Despite aggressive treatment and screening efforts, breast cancer the risk of breast cancer among postmenopausal women. Breast remains the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among cancer incidence was a


LIMBA ENGLEZ (5 - 7 ore pe s pt man ) EXERCI I I PENTRU SUBIECTUL II a. Choose the most appropriate words underlined: 1. The stew is smelling/ smells quite terrible now. It's the cabbage, I think. 2. Quick, here comes our teacher! What will we say/ are we going to say about the broken 3. We would always go/ we were always going fishing at sunny summer weekends. 4. Don't let

Clause 6 generics summary of reductions ongoing as at 1 january 2010 web.xls

Products which have had Clause 6 Phase 1 Reductions Applied after March 2007 Generic Name Pack Marketing Company Phase 1 Carried Out Phase 2 Due Rispone Oral Soln. 1 mg./1 ml. 100 ml. Products which have had Clause 6 Phase 1 Reductions Applied after March 2007C01DA14 Isosorbide Mononitrate Imdur (Primecrown) ProlongedC01DA14 Isosorbide Mononitrate Imdur Tabs. 60 mg. 28C01DA14 Isosorbi

Carta respuesta seminario 18.07.12

ADMINISTRACION NO CUMPLE PALABRA POR ACUERDO EN CAPACITACION SINDICAL. Con decepción, más no sorpresa, hemos recibido una carta de la gerencia de recursos humanos de la administración, la cual indica que la empresa, de acuerdo a lo establecido en el artículo 30 del Convenio Colectivo vigente, no podrá financiar –con recursos del SENCE- nuestro tercer seminario de capacitación sindi


Practice parameter: Evidence-based guidelines for migraine headache (an evidence-based review) Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology Stephen D. Silberstein, MD, FACP, for the US Headache Consortium* Mission statement. The Quality Standards Subcommittee (QSS) of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) is charged with developing practice paramete


Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2004, 18(3), 463–465᭧ 2004 National Strength & Conditioning Association PHYSIOLOGIC EFFECTS OF CAFFEINE ON CROSS- COUNTRY RUNNERS LARRY J. BIRNBAUM AND JACOB D. HERBST Department of Exercise Physiology, College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, Minnesota 55811. ABSTRACT. Birnbaum, L.J., and J.D. Herbst. Physiologic effects capsules), and

Microsoft word - curriculum vitae december 2011.doc

Peter D’Arcy Sutherland Peter Sutherland Dr Peter D’Arcy Sutherland MBBS, FRACS (Urology) Married to wife Mary, since 1981. Two children, Julia and Henry. Commenced at University of Adelaide Medical School Passed Fellowship in Urology Examination Peter Sutherland Basic Surgical Training, Royal Adelaide Hospital Appointed to Urological Training Post, Royal Adelaide Hospital Ad


International Journal of Impotence Research (2005) 17, 484–493& 2005 Nature Publishing Group All rights reservedRecovery of erection after pelvic urologic surgery: our experienceL Gallo1*, S Perdona˜1, R Autorino1, E Celentano1, L Menna1, G Di Lorenzo1 and A Gallo11Division of Urology, National Cancer Institute, ‘Fondazione Pascale’, Naples, ItalyThe incidence of erectile dysfunc

Microsoft word - haus-und reiseapo.doc

Aconitum D30 plötzlicher grippaler Infekt mit hohem Fieber, trockener Haut, Unruhe; Anfallskupierung bei Pseudokrupp; bei plötzlichen Kopf- Zahn und Ohrenschmerzen; Bindehautentzündung Allium cepa D4 scharfer, wäßriger Schnupfen, Tränenfluß mild Insekten- Bienenstiche; Halsschmerzen, Rachen blaßrot, ohne Durst Arnica D12 1. Mittel nach jeder Verletzung, bei Quetschwunden


Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Center - Site License 2011 Victorian Age Championships - 17/12/2010 to 22/12/2010 Event 177 Girls 12 Years 400 LC Metre IM ================================================================== Name Age Team Seed Finals ================================================================== 1 Stickland, Lushavel 12 FOOTSCRAY 5:25.23 5:18.32 34.51 1:15.18 (40.67

Facing the challenge of future co2 targets:

Facing the Challenge of Future CO2 Targets: Impact on European Passenger Car Technologies Thursday, 18 June 2009 Opening of Registration Welcome Address F. Profumo , Rector, Politecnico Torino; A. Barberis , Honorary President of SAE Torino Group, Turin Chamber of Commerce; and T. Ryan , SAE 2008 President and Institute Engineer, SWRI Plenary Session Chairman: R. Rinolfi


Karl-Heinz Sabelleck Gesendet: Mittwoch, 9. September 2009 10:55 Betreff: Aspirin Sozialpreis: Kritik an "Social Marketing"-Kampagnen von Bayer / Brief an ex-Gesundheitsministerin FischerPresse Information vom 9. September Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren Kritik an Social Marketing -Kampagnen der Bayer AG Sponsoring soll negative Berichterstattung in den Hintergrund d

N. 05382/2002 reg.ric.

http://www.giustizia-amministrativa.it/DocumentiGA/Consiglio%20d. Sul ricorso numero di registro generale 5382 del 2002, proposto da:Istituto Diagnostico Antoniano Spa, rappresentato e difeso dall'avv. VitoBellini, con domicilio eletto presso Vito Bellini in Roma, via Orazio 3;A.U.S.L. N.16 Veneto, rappresentato e difeso dagli avv. Alberto Cartia,Fabio Lorenzoni, con domicilio eletto presso

Microsoft word - kat plast naast de bak.doc

Het plassen en sproeien door katten in huis is zeer ongewenst gedrag en een zeer vervelend probleem voor hun eigenaren. Maar ook voor de katten zelf is het geen goede situatie omdat dit gedrag vaak voortkomt uit stress bij de kat. Gelukkig kunnen we het ontstaan van sproeigedrag vaak vermijden door de katten op een leeftijd van 6 maanden te castreren en steriliseren. Soms blijkt dit echter nie

Microsoft word - naturaleza muerta.doc

NATURALEZA MUERTA1 Notas sobre escenas ecopolíticas del fin de milenio Roberto Fernández La tecnología es la naturaleza desprovista de lujuria D. De Lillo, Ruido de Fondo , Editorial Circe, Barcelona, 1994, p. 349 De inicio, una pequeña reflexión sobre el título. Las naturalezas muertas nombran en el arte a un género de pintura descriptiva en donde el eje temáti


Common physical causes of erectile dysfunction (ED). The greatest risk factor for ED is age. Ageing is primarily associated with 2 changes in the body: increased incidence of disease that cause ED and physiological wear and tear. As we age we have less reserve capacity from which we can draw energy at times of stress. This means the body wil function normal y in many situations but have red


International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (2004), 54, 41–45Caminibacter profundus sp. nov., a novelthermophile of Nautiliales ord. nov. within the class‘Epsilonproteobacteria’, isolated from a deep-seahydrothermal ventM. L. Miroshnichenko,1 S. L’Haridon,2 P. Schumann,3 S. Spring,3E. A. Bonch-Osmolovskaya,1 C. Jeanthon2 and E. Stackebrandt3Institute of Microbiolog


• To carry out an extraction of an aqueous solution of coffee• 100 mL coffee extract solution• 2 g solid sodium carbonate• 25 mL methylene chloride• spoonful anhydrous sodium sulfate• 250 mL beakerthese alkaloids caffeine,1,3,7 – trimethylxanthine,occurs naturally in coffeebeans and tea leaves, but is added to soft drinks and stimulantssuch as Vivarin and No-Doz, dieting aids such

Microsoft word - 16. subcutaneous infusion v1.3l.doc

___________________________________________________________________________ CLINICAL GUIDELINES for SUBCUTANEOUS INFUSION (HYPODERMOCLYSIS) Clinical Policy Folder Ref No: 16 APPROVED BY: Policy and Guideline Ratification Group (PGRG) Date of Issue: July 2010 Version No: 1.3 Date of review: May 2012 Author: Alison Griffiths. Matron District Nursing NHS South Glouces

Memo to registrants - implementation of program

2720 promenade Riverside DriveOttawa, OntarioK1A 0K9Telephone/Téléphone: Fax/Télécopieur: Memorandum To/Note adressée All Registrants, applicants and their representatives Subject/Objet: Implementation of the Formulants Program The purpose of this memo is to provide industry with an update on changes being made tothe formulants requirements, prior to the publication of the revised F


PROTOCOLO CLINICO DE LA PÉRDIDA GESTACIONAL PRECOZ RÉGIMEN MIFEPRISTONA-MISOPROSTOL PRIMERA VISITA Primer día -Explicar detenidamente a la paciente el proceso -Consentimientos informados - Analítica: hemoglobina y Rh -Administrar MIFEPRISTONA (dosis de 200 mg ) -Se dan instrucciones para volver en 2 días. -Entre 1-6% se produce la expulsión de los productos de la concepción. SEG

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JORNADAS DE ONCOLOGÍA Y ATENCIÓN PRIMARIA CONTROL DE SÍNTOMAS GRUPO DE PALIATIVOS DE LA SAMFYC PRINCIPIOS GENERALES INTRODUCCIÓN En nuestro medio tres de cada mil personas fallecen cada año por cáncer. A pesar de los avances en prevención, diagnóstico y tratamiento, la enfermedad oncológica sólo es curable en menos de un 50% de los casos; además de ser u

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Communiqué de presse 9 Juillet 2010 Swiss Life propose une nouvelle vision de la complémentaire santé : Swiss santé, Ma formule Depuis 2006, Swiss Life, 2ème assureur privé en santé des particuliers, a développé des offres personnalisées et de qualité pour répondre à la diversité des besoins et des comportements. Aujourd’hui, Swiss Life va encore plus loin en pr

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Specific treatment for preterm labor will be determined by your physician based on: your pregnancy, overall health, and medical history; extent of the condition; your tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies; expectations for the course of the condition; your opinion or preference. Common Treatments Common Medications 9 Terbutaline: Also known as Brethine. It can be

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Differential effect of an anticholinergic antidepressant on sleep-dependent memory Monique Goerkea,b,c,1, Stefan Cohrsa,d, Andrea Rodenbecka,d, Dieter Kunza,e a Department of Physiology (CBF), Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, D-14195 Berlin, b German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), D-39120 Magdeburg, Germany c Department of Psychology, Humboldt-University, D-10099 Berlin

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On, "It's Supernatural, Steven Zarit wasalways interested in the supernatural,but he didn't experience it firsthand until a friendtouched his forehead with invisible fire. See how Steven entered the realm of the supernaturaland how God gave him the gift of miracles. Do angels exist?Are healing miracles real?Is there life after death?Can people get supernaturalhelp from another dimension?Has


Public release date: 7-Nov-2005 Contact: Paul Ocampo [email protected] 415-624-1224 Public Library of Science Ads for SSRI antidepressants are misleading, say researchers Consumer ads for a class of antidepressants called SSRIs often claim that depression is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain, and that SSRIs correct this imbalance, but these claims are not supported by scientific evidence,


Defunding Planned Parenthood is a non-negotiable in any government-funding bil . 1. Planned Parenthood’s financials are suspect: a. State audits revealed PP overbilled taxpayers by 400% in multiple states and as much as $5 millionb. A 2010 General Accountability Office report indicated that PP only reported $657 million in federalexpenditures from 2002–2008 while PP’s annual


Sandra Wilsher BSc (Hons) PhD Sandra spent a decade working in the British horse industry before undertaking a Biology degree, graduating three years later with a First Class Honours degree and the Dean’s Prize for the Best Science Student. She joined Professor Twink Allen’s Equine Fertility Unit (EFU) in worked until its closure in 2007. She has published over 35 papers in peerrevie

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Last Name First Name DOB County Mother's Name Vol Cert # ACTON Lela G 18 Jun 1903 Whitley Fannie Hubbs 184 47424 ADAMS Chester 06 Nov 1908 Whitley Amanda Jenkins 160 46447 ADAMS Mabel I 04 Dec 1910 Whitley Mollie Goodin 202 48152 ADKINS Hattie 20 Mar 1903 Whitley Eliza Higginboth 170 46872 ADKINS Myrtle M 25 Sep 1898 Whitley Dona Goins 226 49098 ADKINS Sidney O 31 Jul 1898 Whitley Rachel Smith 16


Nephrol Dial Transplant (2010) 25: 270–274doi: 10.1093/ndt/gfp459Advance Access publication 11 September 2009 What is the relevance of systematic aorto-femoral Doppler ultrasound in the preoperative assessment of patients awaiting first kidney transplantation: a monocentric prospective study Guillaume Ploussard1 , ∗, Pierre Mongiat-Artus1 , 2 , ∗, Paul Meria1, Edouard Tariel1, Franc¸oi

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Sussex County Public Schools DIABETES MEDICAL MANAGEMENT PLAN Patient Label or MRN, Acct#, Patient Name, DOB, Date of Service INTENSIVE THERAPY Part 2: Virginia Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP) To be completed by physician/provider. Notice to Parents: Medication(s) MUST be brought to school by the PARENT/GUARDIAN in a container that is appropriately labeled by the pharma


Sports Science Exchange (2013) Vol. 26, No. 113, 1-4 SLEEP AND THE ELITE ATHLETE Shona L. Halson | Recovery Center | Australian Institute of Sport | Canberra | Australia Sleep is essential for athletes, both for preparing for, and recovering from, training and competition. Sleep disturbances in elite athletes can occur both during training and following competition. Sub-maximal, prolonged

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SOCIEDAD GEOGRÁFICA DE COLOMBIA ACADEMIA DE CIENCIAS GEOGRÁFICAS www.sogeocol.edu.co COLOMBIA: ACTOS DE PAZ “NO HABLAR TANTO DE PAZ. Y ¡HACER ACTOS DE PAZ!" P ara hacer Actos de Paz , lo primero que me atrevería a pedirles es a dominar nuestros afanes de protagonismo, ante la atracción irresistible de los micrófonos, para no echar discursos, y más bien compromete

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FILE: Trauma Handbook/ stress ulcer prophylaxis UCSD MEDICAL CENTER ADULT AND PEDIATRIC GUIDELINES FOR USE OF STRESS ULCER PROPHYLAXIS* *Developed by the Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis Process Action Team Based on clinical studies, the indications for stress ulcer prophylaxis will be graded according to the following scale: Convincing evidence, indicated Some evidence, probably ind

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Landesarbeitsgruppe Borreliose und FSME Baden-Württemberg e.V. c/o Landesgesundheitsamt, Wiederholdstraße 15 70174 Stuttgart Merkblatt 2 Antibiotische Prophylaxe nach Zeckenstich - ja oder nein? Grundlagen Nach bisherigen Schätzungen (Literatur: Magid) hat man angenommen, dass nur einmal pro 100 bis 400 Zeckenstiche eine Borrelieninfektion übertragen wird. Dabei wurde nicht unters

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Symposium for Rheumatologists, Immunologists and Pediatricians (in French): Maladies fébriles récurrentes et syndromes auto-inflammatoires : Diagnostic et traitement de l’enfant à l’adulte Young Investigators Meeting Opening Ceremony: Jurg Tschopp Memorial Lecture: What’s new in auto-inflammation since 2010? : Michael McDermott , Tribute to Jurg Tschopp: Fabio Ma


THE SOCIAL MARKET FOUNDATIONHEALTH COMMISSION – REPORT 2CThe Commission would like to thank Niall Maclean for his hard work in preparing this report. Members of the SMF Health Commission Lord David Lipsey is Chairman of the Social Market Foundation. He is also Chair of the British Greyhound Racing Board, and of Make Votes Count and of the Shadow Racing Trust; and is a Non-Executive Direct

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Describe any symptom changes since your last visit. If you have had an injection since your last visit, how would you rate your satisfaction (circle one)? 1. Not at all satisfied satisfied 3. Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 4. Mostly satisfied symptoms: satisfied Are you in Physical Therapy? Yes If yes, date of last visit? Since your last visit

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The Scottish Parliament - Public Petitions Committee Official Report Parliamentary Business Home > Parliamentary Business > Committees > Public Petitions > Meeting Papers > Contents > .back Public Petitions Committee Official Report 5 October 2005 Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee [THE CONVENER opened the meeting at 10:01 ] New Petitions Dementia


MyFox Phoenix | Finding the right nanny for your child FOXHiLites | You Decide 08 | FOX Photos | Save On Gas | Weather Buffet Business Entertainment Metro Guide Local Business Inside Fox: Dating Place TV Listings Contact Us Breaking News Live Election Results: Arizona Primaries Need Help? - MyFoxPhoenix Site Guide FOX

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1. The reduction of the causal factors of interpersonal conflict (IPC) in the Libyan cement Munira Elmagri – Built Environment, Salford One survey showed that managers spend more than 25% of their work time dealing with conflict. Therefore, conflict in organizations has received considerable attention in academia and industry. However, there is a lack of empirical studies on subject of the fac

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Pfcrt AND CHLOROQUINE RESISTANCE IN Plasm o d iu m falcipa r u m The disease malaria, which is caused by single - celled parasites of the genus Plasmodiu m , is one of the greatest causes of human suffering in the world today. Indeed, every year 500 million people are infected with malaria and 2,500,000 of these, mostly children, will die from the disease (Ursos & Roepe,

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Provisional –to be approved by Programme Director M A S S E Y U N I V E R S I T Y COLLEGE OF SCIENCES Paper Outline 2009 Paper Number and Title: 203.761 Molecular Evolution Credits value: Semester: 2 Mode: Internal Calendar Prescription : Analysis of the evolution of DNA, RNA and proteins. Analysis of theories and experiments on the origin of life, especially

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In the twenty-first century, computers will do a lot of the work that people used to do. Even in today’s workplace, there is little need for someone to add up daily invoices or compute sales tax. Engineers and scientists already use computer programs to do calculations and solve equations. Some important skills for the twenty-first century will be the ability to think creatively about mathemati

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PURIMSPIEL 2012 THE YEAR OF ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION by Rabbi Peter Schweitzer and Oren Schweitzer Purim is the Jewish holiday of merriment that celebrates the deliverance of the Jewish people from the ancient Persian Empire. It is commemorated annually with the reading of the Book of Esther – the Megillah – and will take place this year on the evening of March 6. The story recounts


CLIENT CONSENT AND CONSULTATION FORM Are you 18 years of Age or More . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DO YOU HAVE ANY ALLERGIC RE-ACTIONS TO THE FOLLOWING? Latex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nuts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carbamide Peroxide. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DO YOU SUFFER FROM ANY OF THE FOLLOWING MEDICAL CONDITIONS? Asthma. . . . . . . . . . . .

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http://search.mercola.com/Results.aspx?q=statins&k=statins&start1=1 Products Health News Communities My Clinic Health Blog Contact Us How to De‐Stress Yourself During Today’s Economic Turmoil Results 1-20 of about 256. Your search took 0.05 seconds. Results by Relevance The Dangers of Statin Drugs What You Haven't Been Told About Cholesterol-L

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Nursing Process Tool Patient Scenario Use this patient scenario to complete both the standard nursing process tool and the change of patient tool. Return the completed forms to the nursing office, 3331, and a faculty member will assess the tools and provide feedback to you. For dates, use present time, today’s date as surgery date, the tomorrow is tomorrow’s date, etc. Charles Lewis,


Orale Cortisonstufentherapie zur Behandlung der Frozen shoulder Ein neues stadiengerechtes konservatives Therapieschema von Peter Habermeyer, Sven-Oliver Dietz und Petra Magosch Frozen shoulder unter dem Begriff „peri-arthritis scapulo-humerale”. 1934 definier-immer nicht bekannt. Sie wird häufig beidas Liegen auf der betroffenen Seite ver-hormonelle Einflüsse schließen lä�

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LITURGIA DELLA PAROLA Prima Lettura 1 Re 19, 16. 19-21 In quei giorni, il Signore disse a Elìa: «Ungerai Eliseo, figlio di Safat, di Abel- Seconda Lettura Gal 5, 1.13-18 Mecolà, come profeta al tuo posto». Dalla lettera di san Paolo apostolo ai Gàlati Partito di lì, Elìa trovò Eliseo, figlio di Safat. Fratelli, Cristo ci ha liberati per la libertà! Costui arava con dod

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Sandoz Inc. 506 Carnegie Center Drive Suite 400 Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone +1 609 627 8500 Fax +1 609 627 8682 Sandoz launches first generic version of DUETACT® Princeton, New Jersey, January 11, 2013 – Sandoz today announced the US market introduction of its first-to-file pioglitazone hydrochloride and glimepiride tablets, the first generic version of Takeda Pharmaceuticals’ DUETACT�

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Starship Children’s Health Clinical Guideline Note: The electronic version of this guideline is the version currently in use. Any printed version can not be assumed to be current. Please remember to read our disclaimer. • Natural History • Oral Prednisone / Prednisolone • History & Physical Examination • Treatment Failure or Relapse • Investigations


1523 Il inois St, Meyer Hall, Golden, CO 80401 [email protected] [email protected] http://www.its.caltech.edu/~ewarren EDUCATION California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA • Dissertation: “Silicon microwire arrays for photoelectrochemical and photovoltaic applications” • Advisor: Dr. Nate Lewis (co-advisor: Dr. Harry Atwater), GPA: 3.6/4.0 University

Spruson&ferguson's australian biotech ip review

Spruson&Ferguson's Australian Biotech IP Review NEWS IN BRIEF Welcome to the sixth issue of Spruson&Ferguson's Australian Biotech IP Review - a bimonthly breakdown of important IP issues in the Australian biotech industry including expert analysis and practical advice to advance your business. IN THIS ISSUE WHAT'S COMING UP? Start-up companies - biotechnology's comme

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NUEVO ITINERARIO DE COMUNIÓN Y SERVICIO DE OALA Fue el Capítulo General Ordinario del año 89 el que recogió la sugerencia de iniciar una reflexión acerca de la realidad de la Orden en América Latina. Se trataba de una inquie-tud compartida por la OALA, que más tarde retomaría el Capítulo General Intermedio del año 92. Pero no sería sino hasta el año 1993, en una Asamblea de Oala e

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Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 093 India Tel.: (91-22) 6645 5645 Text of the speech delivered by Mr Dilip Shanghvi, Chairman and Managing Director of the Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Ltd., at the 4th Annual general meeting of the company held on Sept 11, 2009 in Vadodara Dear Fellow Shareholders / Ladies and Gentlemen: On behalf of the Board of Directors I take pleasure in welc

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VOUS ALLEZ PASSER UN SCANNER Dr JP ABECASSISDr D. CHELLYDr V. PAPONDr D. PARIENTEDr S VENT édecin vous a proposé un examen radiologique. Il sera pratiqué avec votre N nt. Vous avez en effet la liberté de l’accepter ou de le refuser. Une information vous est fournie sur le déroulement de l’examen et de ses suites. Le médecin radiologue est qualifié pour juger de l’utilité de

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CURRICULUM VITAE Surgical Treatment of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors, Biomedical Sciences Cancer Biology EDUCATION MD: Medical Faculty of Zurich, Switzerland, 1992 MD: United States Medical Licensing Examination USMLE 1997 PhD: Biomedical Sciences, Tumor Biology, Mayo Graduate School, Mayo College of Medicine, Rochester, MN, USA, 2004 Residency in General Surgery and Neurosurgery (


Racing Wrap at Scone 24 Feb 2014 By Grahame Timbrell 25 February, 2014 Any doubts about whether Pompidou had matured as a race horse were dispelled when the Greg Bennett trained mare overcame difficulties to win the HTBA Protect Our Industry Benchmark 60 (1300m) at Scone last Monday. Pompidou, ridden by Robert Thompson, dropped out to second last early then was caught up on the fen


6th International Conference & Exposition on Petroleum Geophysics “Kolkata 2006” The Geochemical Composition of Oils and Sediments From Ahmedabad-Mehsana Block of North Cambay Basin, India P. Sivan*, K.P. Singh, M. Bhandari and R.R. Singh KDM Institute of Petroleum Exploration, ONGC, Dehradun-248195, Uttaranchal, IndiaPorphyrins and perylene biomarkers have attracted conside

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Rockland County Department of Health – H1N1 Flu Update 6/4/09 Pomona, NY – The Rockland County Department of Health is continuing to closely monitor flu activity, and the H1N1 flu is now present Countywide. Seasonal influenza is still circulating. However the majority of flu now in Rockland County, as well as in the rest of New York State, is H1N1 flu. The vast majority of cases of H1N1 flu

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COUNTY OF SUFFOLK STEVE LEVY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES JAMES L. TOMARKEN, MD MSW, MPH, MBA, FRCPC, FACP Commissioner All Ambulance and First Response Services in Suffolk County Chief, Prehospital Medical Operations and NEW SOP FOR BEHAVIORAL RESTRAINT AND NEW ALS PROTOCOL FOR BEHAVIORAL EMERGENCIES / AGITATION ___________________________________________________


Feeste in die Ou Testament, en hul invloed in die Nuwe-Testamentiese tyd§ God vorm die sentrum (allerheiligste in § Feeste verbind die groot dade van God in die verlede met die ervaring van die hede, en die hoop vir die toekoms§ Feeste weerspieël iets van die tydloosheid Feesgeleentheid Die uittog as simbool van die verhouding tussen God en Israel uitgedruk in beelde van liefde en die

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Ministry of Health advisory on extended opening hours at health facilities Port of Spain, August 27, 2010: The Ministry of Health has further heightened its response at its health care institutions with a more holistic approach in its fight against Dengue. .Health Centres will have extended opening hours and Mobile Clinics will also be utilized in several are

State v. atkinson

[Cite as State v. Atkinson , 2011-Ohio-5918.] STATE OF OHIO LASHAWN ATKINSON JUDGMENT: AFFIRMED IN PART, REVERSED IN PART, REMANDED BEFORE: Sweeney, J., Stewart, P.J., and Rocco, J. RELEASED AND JOURNALIZED: November 17, 2011 ATTORNEY FOR APPELLANT James R. Willis, Esq. 323 W. Lakeside Avenue, N.W. 420 Lakeside Place Cleveland, Ohio 44113-1009 ATTORNEYS FOR

Consent for implant surgery

Post Operative Implant Instructions Care After Surgery 1. Keep fingers and tongue away from surgical area. 2. Use ice packs on surgical area (side of face) for first 12 hours, apply ice 20 minutes on – 20 minutes off. 3. For mild discomfort, take Tylenol or Ibuprofen every three to four hours. 4. For severe pain use the prescription given to you. 5. Drink plenty of fluids (DO NOT u


Från: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] För Rixstep Legal Skickat: den 16 februari 2012 02:51 Till: Sandra Kastås Harald Ullman Ullman PR AB Katarinavägen 22, 4 tr 116 45 Stockholm It has come to our attention that the website Nordic News Network, with which you are associated according to Dagens Media, features unattributed copyrighted works, to which we own the copyright.

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NEWS RELEASE PUBLISHED STUDY SHOWS MORE PATIENTS SEE IMPROVEMENT IN OVERACTIVE BLADDER SYMPTOMS WITH URGENT® PC DEVICE COMPARED TO THOSE USING A DRUG 80% of Patients Treated with Urgent PC Reported Improvement Compared to 55% of Those Using an OAB Drug in a Study Published in September’s Journal of Urology MINNEAPOLIS, MN, September 3, 2009 – Uroplasty, Inc.


http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/811716_print'Heart Failure Is Killing Your Diabetes Patients,' Experts WarnBARCELONA, SPAIN — Cardiologists speaking here at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) 2013 Meeting are urging diabetologists to sit up and take notice: heart failure is kil ing their patients and is not getting the attention it deserves. Not only is heart fail

Isolation of caffeine

NS207 Lab 3 - ISOLATION OF CAFFEINE FROM TEA Introduction The use of tea as a stimulant dates back more than 2000 years. Its use became widespread in China around 700 A.D. and traders introduced it into Europe. The active ingredient in tea is caffeine (1). Caffeine belongs to a large group of natural products that contain nitrogen and have basic properties. They are thus based upon

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Karl E. Bohman, D.D.S., P.C. Exceptional Dentistry…One Smile at a Time Patient Information and Health Questionnaire Name: ___________________________________________________ Date of Birth _____________ Sex: Male Female Name you prefer our team to address you by: _______________________ Status: Single Married Child < 18 Other: ________ Whom may we thank for referring you to our offi

Cotni - medication recommendations

COTNI: Recommended Medications (* indicate highest priority) HIGHEST PRIORITY ITEMS General Anesthesia Rocuronium Vecuronioum Etomidate *Ketamine Midazolam *“thanes” (i.e. halothane, sevofurane, etc) *Nitrous Pentobarb *Propofol Local Anesthetics: Bupivacaine Lidocaine (w/ and w/o epi) Antibiotics: *Unasyn *Gentamicin *Chloroquine *Ancef *Keflex (tabs and suspension


spa Jahresinhalt2004 06.12.2004 12:48 Uhr Seite 1 Jahresinhaltsverzeichnis 2004 Erläuterungen: DT = Dauertest, DTN = Dauertest-Notizen, ET = Einzeltest, EF = Erste Fahrt, FB = Fahrbericht,ST = Supertest, T = Test, TT = Tracktest, VT = Vergleichstest, Marken und Tuner Ferrari Enzo / Mercedes SLR McLaren / Pagani Zonda S /Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 / Mégane Renault Sport (VT)Alpina Roadster S / Me


If a status identification banner DOES NOT appear on this document, THEN this document has NOT been printed from the Global Pack Management system. Page 1 of 2 GlaxoSmithKline No. of Colours: 2 Colour Format: (does NOT include Varnish if applicable) Artwork Information Panel for GMD2 Process List Colours: (include sample in fields provided; e.g. spot / spot-CMYK

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PATIENT MEDICAL HISTORY 1. Are you currently being treated by your physician for any medical condition? ____________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Physician’s Name _________________________________ 3 .Please list ALL medications you are currently taking: ______________________________________ ________________________________

Renxiao wang, ph

Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry Wen Liu, Ph.D. Research  Natural Product Biosynthesis (Genetics, Biochemistry and Chemistry) Interests  Combinatorial Biosynthesis for Production Improvement and Structural  Genome and Transcriptome Mining for Discovery of Novel Microbial Natural Professional 2003–present: Professor, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemi

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CYMBALTA® (DULOXETINE) ABBREVIATED PRESCRIBING should not take this medicine. Interactions Caution is advised when taken in INFORMATION Presentation Hard gastro-resistant capsules, 30mg or 60mg of combination with other centrally acting medicinal products or substances, duloxetine. Also contains sucrose. Uses Treatment of major depressive disorder. including alcohol and sedat

Science magazine

R E S E A R C H A N D D E V E LO P M E NT Where Is the New Science most new science in developed rather thandeveloping economies for reasons that may not in Corporate R&D? always characterize the U.S. situation. Jerry Thursby and Marie Thursby* The idea that the United States domi- or currently planned R&D facility both views of corporate R&D. For example,outside and inside


S e r v i c i o d e E x p e r i m e n t a c i ó n A n i m a l Título: Guía Anestesia y Analgesia en Cobayas Nº. GUÍA PROCEDIMIENTO NORMALIZADO DE TRABAJO Título: Alberto Pastor Campos Fecha de elaboración: 15/12/09 Fecha de revisión: 29/11/11 Responsabilidad: Asignado: Especialistas técnicos, técnicos medios y técnicos de laboratorio del SEA Propietario: Té

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2005-08-29 - 2005 08-31 Dubbla diagnoser – Dubbla möjligheter, Åre 2005-08-29—31________________3 Invigning med Elsa Danielsson, kommunalstyrelsen i Åre___________________3 Missbruk och psykisk problematik hänger ofta ihop Björn Fries Narkotikasamordnare, MOB, Anders Milton Psykiatrisamordnare __________4 Frågor från publiken:__________________________________


Le lundi 06 Août 2006 Chers Mesdames et Messieurs, Par la présente, et au nom de la SMEL (Société M édicale E uro L ibanaise), on sollicite votre aide pour recevoir des médicaments en échantillons, en urgence, à titre humanitaire afin d’aider la population civile libanaise en détresse. Le nombre des civils tués au Liban augmente de jour en jour et a déjà atteint pl


Eliot J. Walker Phone: 214-978-6614 Fax: 214-978-6601 Education Admissions B.A., International Politics, with honors Western District of Texas Eastern District of Pennsylvania Eliot Walker practices complex civil litigation. Eliot has significant expertise in case strategy, targeted motion practice, and creative problem solving. His experience spans multiple substantive practice


Chemical Chemical formula Relative molecular mass (g) Large molecules (such as starch, glycogen and enzymes) have indeterminate molecular masses and are best made up as percentage solutions. A 1% solution of an enzyme seems to work effectively in most cases. Techniques for Making Solutions Making solutions can be time-consuming, especially if the solute is not very soluble (eg star

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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS – NPD DAMP EATHER TORRBOLLEN 500 gram Section 1 : Chemical Product and Company Identification Product Identification Distributor & Manufacturer : Säljtema i Linköping AB Address : Section 2 : Composition / Information of Ingredients Chemical Name Section 3 : Hazard Identification Physical state : package powder desiccant, changes to

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ANNO V - N. 16- PUBBLICAZIONE TRIMESTRALE NOVEMBRE 1998 Stampa ad esclusivo uso interno delle ULSSSocietà Italiana di Farmacia Ospedaliera SILDENAFIL (Viagra®, Patrex®) In questi ultimi mesi si è abbondantemente scritto ecatabolismo del cGMP nei corpi cavernosi. Vi èparlato del sildenafil primo farmaco orale per ilquindi un aumento di cGMP ed un mantenimentotrattamento dei di


February and in the 60’s and 70’s!! Who would have imagined? It’s been real y nice to be back on a horse. We, like most of you, have had some pretty foul weather so this is a welcome relief. Now we are waiting for blackberry winter to The first thing I want to say about SERA is a BIG thank you to Tamra Schoech. Tamra has put her heart and soul into this organization for many years. Sh


Summary for ARTG ARTG entry for Postal Address Unit 9 / 7 Anella Avenue,CASTLE HILL, NSW, 2154 Australia ARTG Start Date Product type: Approval area: Conditions Colouring agents used in listed medicine for ingestion, other than those listed for export only under section 25 of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, shall be only those included in the list of 'Colourings permit

Mdm306784 533.538

Participation in Medical Decision Making: The Patients' Perspective 2007 27: 533 originally published online 14 September 2007The online version of this article can be found at: can be found at: Medical Decision Making Additional services and information for Participation in Medical Decision Making:Liana Fraenkel, MD, MPH, Sarah McGraw, PhDPurpose. Variability in reports of

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HT 201 – PHARMACOLOGY FOR ALLIED HEALTH Course Instructor: Erik Bailey, Pharm.D. An Important Note To All Students: It is your responsibility to read and comply with all regulations outlined below. Any questions regarding these regulations should be addressed to: Department of Health Information Technology Office Hours: HIT/CIM Office Hours will be held through email communication in class a

Saridon rcp

RIASSUNTO DELLE CARATTERISTICHE DEL PRODOTTO DENOMINAZIONE DEL MEDICINALE Saridon compresse 2. COMPOSIZIONE QUALITATIVA E QUANTITATIVA Una compressa contiene: paracetamolo mg 250, propifenazone mg 150, caffeina mg 25. Per gli eccipienti, vedere 6.1. 3. FORMA FARMACEUTICA Compresse . 4. INFORMAZIONI CLINICHE 4.1 Indicazioni terapeutiche Trattamento sin


Science & Technology Studies 2/2012 Enrolling Men, their Doctors, and Partners: Individual and Collective Responses to Erectile Dysfunction Ericka Johnson and Cecilia Åsberg Using the Pfi zer funded Swedish informational site about erectile dysfunction (ED), www.potenslinjen.se, we examine how potential users, their partners, and medical doctors are enrolled in the process of creati


Testing the F ormalCheckTM Query Library email: doron,gerard,k @research.bell-labs.com Abstract (for given coverage) and ease of application than is possi-ble using simulation. FormalCheck T M is a Computer-Aided Design tool devel- Verification in the context of FormalCheck consists of oped jointly by Lucent Technologies’ Bell Labs Research an algorithmic check that the formal lang


St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc Purpose The purpose of this policy is to provide details of the processes and standards which must be achieved by Paramedics who wish to advance through the various Advanced Care levels within St John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc.; and to provide guidelines for the use of advanced care skills. Scope This policy applies to Paramedics of


BIOFLORIN - Kapseln Lebende Keime von Enterococcus faecium, Stamm Cernelle 68 (SF 68) Zusammensetzung: 1 Kapsel enthält mindestens 75 Mio. lebende Keime von Enterococcus faecium, Stamm Cernelle 68 (SF 68) in Trockenkultur. Weitere Bestandteile: Lactose, Magnesiumstearat, hochdisperses Siliciumdioxid, Natriumglutamat. Bestandteile der Kapselhülle: Gelatine, Schellack, Lecithin, Dimeth

Semmelweis society international

OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT SEMMELWEIS SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL 80 12th STREET, SUITE #307 WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA 26003 www.semmelweis.org 724-678-2648 “Supporting Fair and Proper Due Process in Medical Peer Review without Compromising Medical Ethics or Patient Care” First and foremost, I was astounded that it took you 4 weeks to make an initial decision on my case

Lion’s demometer (usd $ / lt)

WEEK 36 - 09 SEPTEMBER 2012 “You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.” Michael Phelps (born June 30, 1985, American swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals) MARKET NEWS/ RUMOURS On the dry-bulk side, in an off market deal, clients of Polaris of South Korea have acquired a fleet of 10 ore carriers for $600


Eur J Clin Pharmacol (2004) 60: 29–35DOI 10.1007/s00228-003-0719-7P H A R M A C O E P I D E M I O L O G Y A N D P R E S C R I P T I O NLen Bowers Æ Patrick Callaghan Æ Nicola ClarkCatharine EversComparisons of psychotropic drug prescribing patternsin acute psychiatric wards across EuropeReceived: 23 July 2003 / Accepted: 28 November 2003 / Published online: 28 January 2004 Ó Springer-Ver

Lj0108_10-17_eberhard (page 1)

4 Lindhe J, Westfelt E, Nyman S, Socransky SS, Heijl L, Bratthall G. Healing fol-31 Shiloah J, Patters MR. Repopulation of periodontal pockets by microbial pa-lowing surgical/non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease. J Clin Peri-thogens of supportive therapy. J Periodontol 1996; 66:130–9. 32 Reinhard RA, Johnson GK, DuBois LM. Clinical effects of closed root plan-5 Badersten A, Nilveus


20 ème Course St Just St Rambert - Chambles dimanche 26 décembre 2010 - St Just St Rambert Résultats individuels : classement arrivee Logica Cross et Route — © 2002 Fédération Française d’AthlétismeLogica Cross et Route — © 2002 Fédération Française d’AthlétismeLogica Cross et Route — © 2002 Fédération Française d’Athlétisme 1h00'04'' 1h00'07'' 1

20th national congress of the italian society of criminology

20th National Congress of the Italian Society of Criminology. 984 Cyclosporine and traffic of organs Eric Sottas, director of “International Tortures”, reminds us of the 1,395 sick youth who disappeared from the psychiatric hospital of La Colonia Montes de Oca in Argentina and were found in pieces in the morgue of the Department of Medicine in Baranquilla, Colombia. Their removed organs


9Chapter CARDIOVASCULAR EMERGENCIES & ! Recognize angina and heart attacks and provide! Apply the knowledge of risk factors of cardio-! Understand the need and benefit of early defibril-! Apply the knowledge of preventative health! Recognize a stroke / TIA and provide first aid! Apply the principles involved in treating car-! Provide care for all cardiovascular emergenciesThe changes

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Résumé des Caractéristiques du Produit DENOMINATION DU MEDICAMENT SEPTANEST NORMAL, 40 mg/ml + 5 microgram/ml, solution injectable COMPOSITION QUALITATIVE ET QUANTITATIVE Chlorhydrate d'articaïne . 40,000 mg Adrénaline . 0,0050 mg Sous forme de tartrate d'adrénaline Une cartouche de 1 ml contient 40,000 mg de chlorhydrate d'articaïne et 0,0050 mg d'adrénaline. Une cartouche de



Christina piperi, phd

CHRISTINA PIPERI, PhD Surname : Piperi Home address Forename : Christina Date of Birth : Nationality : Marital status : Married, two children Tel . +30-210-7462610 office hours Mobile: + 30 6944-318861 FAX . +30-210-8037372 E-mail ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS 1995-1999 PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Immunology, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, MRC Cel


PROGRAMA DE SALUD ORAL BASADO EN LA ESCUELA Y LANZAMIENTO DE LA RESPONSABILIDAD Como parte de la iniciativa “Niños Sanos, Mente Sana”, el Departamento de Salud Pública de Chicago y el PROGRAMA DE SALUD ORAL BASADO EN LA ESCUELA de las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago (el “PROGRAMA”), dentistas licenciados vendrán a la escuela de su hijo(a) en un futuro próximo para proveer EXÁMENES


(Lassen Sie sich ggf von uns ein Zol formular für rezeptpflichtige Medikamente ausstel en) Persönliche Medikamente: …, …, …., …., inkl Bril e, Reservebril e, Sonnenbril e m UV-Filter, Kontaktlinsen und Spül ösungen Persönliche Angaben : Kopien von Impfausweis, Al ergiepass, Blutgruppenkarte, Medikamentenkarte, Blutverdünnerverordnung Sonnenschutzmittel: Sun and Pic, Daylong


The Skil s Development Service Ltd Master Practitioner Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Approved by The British Psychological Society LC) Evidenced Reading Module Topic: Interpreting Research in CBT Reading List* Agras, W. S., Walsh, B. T., Fairburn, C. G., Wilson, G. T., & Kraemer, H. C. (2000). A Multicenter Comparison of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and

Tempo p 39 3a prova.p65

ISSN 0101-4838 Considerando que vivemos num contexto cultural em que a lei domercado se impõe e transforma tudo e todos em mercadorias e bensdescartáveis, onde o corpo é banalizado em apelos comerciais, interroga-mos as fantasias subjacentes ao erotismo na contemporaneidade. Para tal,recorremos à Psicanálise e à Filosofia, mantendo na clínica cotidiana nossointeresse predominante. Pala

Nebo policies and procedures on student use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs

Nebo Policies and Procedures on Student Use of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs Purpose and Philosophy The use, possession, influence, distribution, and sale of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and/or other similarly harmful substances or drug paraphernalia jeopardizes the safe environment [conducive to the learning process] and constitutes a hazard to the welfare of students and faculty, i


IN CONTEXT ALCOHOL: FRIEND OR FOE? A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE Alcohol is the oldest and still probably the drinker. Remnants of this belief persist to moderntimes. We still refer to alcohol and alcoholicmany consider it as an ally. Moderate amounts“The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filledstimulate the mind and relax the muscles, butwith beer”, is an ancient Egyptian proverb. In

Montpellier, francia a 7 de diciembre de 2006

Montpellier, Francia a 21 de junio de 2007 DR. POLIOPTRO MARTINEZ AUSTRIA DIRECTOR GENERAL DEL INSTITUTO MEXICANO DE TECNOLOGÍA DEL AGUA P R E S E N T E Es del dominio público que durante la administración que le precedió, el IMTA fue utilizado para fines facciosos de intereses personales; entre otros, en flagrante abuso de autoridad, el ex-director empleaba los recursos del Estado y

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ROSACEA What are the aims of this leaflet? This leaflet has been written to help you understand more about rosacea. It tells you what rosacea is, what causes it, what can be done about it, and where you can find out more about it. What is rosacea? Rosacea is a common rash, rarely occurring anywhere other than the face, which predominantly affects middle-aged and fair-skinned people. It

Bon usage gemzar

Recommandations 2006 de la Société France d’Hématologie concernant le bon usage de la gemcitabine (Gemzar®) en hématologie Membres du groupe d'experts : Conseil des Affaires Hospitalières, Universitaires et professionnelles et Conseil Scientifique de la SFH. Sur proposition d’un texte rédigé par Charles Dumontet (Lyon) Groupe II : indications pertinentes Traitement

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Medos, Fobias & Outros Bichos. "Um dos efeitos do medo é perturbar os sentidos e fazer com que as coisas não pareçam o que são." - disse Miguel de Cervantes em Dom Quixote, século XVII. O distúrbio do medo patológico pode se apresentar como Fobia Específica, quando o pavor tem um objetivo certo, como por exemplo, medo de animais, de escuridão, de água, altura, etc.


A Prospective, Double-blind, Randomized Trial ofMidazolam versus Haloperidol versus Lorazepam inthe Chemical Restraint of Violent and SeverelyAgitated PatientsFlavia Nobay, MD, Barry C. Simon, MD, M. Andrew Levitt, DO,AbstractObjectives: To determine if midazolam is superior toCI = 0.5 to 19.3 minutes). Time to arousal was 81.9 minuteslorazepam or haloperidol in the management of violentfor p


Original Research: Perioperative adverse airway events in cleft lip and palate repair Perioperative adverse airway events in cleft lip and palate repair aAdenekan AT, MBBS, DA, FWACS aFaponle AF, MBChB, FWACS, FMCA bOginni FO, BChD, FMCDS, FWACS Departments of aAnaesthesia and Intensive Care and bOral and Maxil ofacial Surgery, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife,

International children's continence society's recommendations for therapeutic intervention in congenital neuropathic bladder and bowel dysfunction in children

International Children’s Continence Society’sRecommendations for Therapeutic InterventionY.F. Rawashdeh,1 P. Austin,2 C. Siggaard,3 S.B. Bauer,4 I. Franco,5 T.P. de Jong,6T.M. Jorgensen7* and International Children’s Continence Society1Pediatric Urology, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark2Pediatric Urology, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and Washington University, St. Louis, Missou


Preparing for Your Colonoscopy at the Surgery Center at Tanasbourne Following these steps helps ensure your procedure is successful and your recovery is as quick as possible. If you have any questions regarding the procedure, please contact us at 503-216-9500. 4 Days Before Your Procedure • If you are taking Coumadin, Warfarin, Plavix and/or Ginkgo, please call the surgery center at

Patienten 10/2005 erstellt 17.11.2005

Abteilung Anästhesie/Intensivmedizin Dr. Klaus Lang Chefarzt Anästhesie Frau Dr. Christa Brenig Leitende Ärztin Anästhesie Dr. Urs Denzler Leitender Arzt Intensivstation CH-8208 Schaffhausen, 23. November 2005 , La Perioperativer Umgang mit vorbestehenden Dauermedikationen Patienten nehmen vielfach chronisch Medikamente ein, welche potentiell mit Anästhetika interagieren

Southwestern oklahoma state university

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Department of Athletics Drug Education and Testing Program Introduction The Southwestern Oklahoma State University athletic administration and coaching staff expressly condemn the use of banned substances and the abuse of alcohol as their use may endanger the safety and health of the student-athlete. In an effort to address the problem of s


Affectivity and Identity in the Treatment of mood Disorders 1. Mood disorders and the “real self” circumstances authentically identify with S3? In order to bring into focus what is at issue here, I will now explore It is not uncommon to hear patients who suffer one specific important aspect that is often reported to differ from depression complain that they are not themselves. Give

Societatea europeana de medicina de urgenta (eusem) sub conducerea d-lui gunnar Öhlén s-a intrunit anul acesta la cel de-al vi congres european de medicina de urgenta in perioada 11-14 octombrie la stockholm

Participare romaneasca la al VI lea Congres European de Medicina de Urgenta Societatea Europeana de Medicina de Urgenta (EUSEM) s-a intrunit anul acesta la cel de-al VI lea Congres European de Medicina de Urgenta, care a avut loc in perioada 11-14 octombrie la Stockholm, Suedia. Congresul s-a desfasurat in City Conference Centre , unul din cele mai mari centre de conferinte din tarile nordice. Se


SPSO decision report Case: 201102321, Glasgow and Clyde NHS Board Sector: health Subject: communication, staff attitude, dignity, confidentiality Outcome: Mr C complained on behalf of his partner (Ms A) who was a hospital in-patient receiving treatment for schizoaffective disorder (a mental disorder affecting thinking processes and mood). Ms A was prescribed unilateral

Annex iv

PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES Horses taking part in a competition must be healthy and compete on their inherent merits. The use of a Prohibited Substance might influence a horse's performance or mask an underlying health problem and could falsely affect the outcome of a competition. The list of Prohibited Substances has been compiled to include all categories of pharmacological action. The followin

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SOUTHWESTERN BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE, INC. FORMULARY Adderall (mixed Amphetamine salts) Adderal XR Atomoxetine (Strattera) Catapres (Clonidine) Clonidine (Catapres) Clonidine ER (Kapvay) Clonidine patches Concerta Daytrana (Methamphetamine) patch Dexoxyn (Methamphetamine) Dexedrine (Dextroamphetamine) Dexmethylphenidate HCI (Focalin) Dextroampheta


Reprinted from: Perspectives on new crops and new uses. 1999. J. Janick (ed.), ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA. Immune Stimulants and Antiviral Botanicals: Echinacea and Ginseng Preparations of echinacea and ginseng likely comprise the most popular and commercially successfulcombination of medicinal plant products in North America. Interestingly, the development of Echinacea spe-cies for medi

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Elizabeth Ann Becker Psychology, 220 Post Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19131 Tel:(610)660-2894 * Email: [email protected] ________________________________________________________ EDUCATION Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI Delta Certificate in Research, Teaching and Learning University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI B.A., June 2005. Lawrence University, Appleton, WI B.M.

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END-OF-YEAR SALE (18-19 Nov 2009) Bargain Corner @ 50% Discount Original Price in Price in S$ after 50% discount incl. GST Annotated Guide to the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2004 by Wong PartnershipAnnotated Guide to The Building Maintenance and Strata Biomedical Science Law & Practice by Zaid HamzahCasebook on Insolvency & the Construction In

Life-style advice to men who have had one or more abnormal sperm function tests

Any alteration in adverse factors can take 10-12 weeks to show an normal fertilisation after intercourse, but cannot be guaranteed to do so. A poor swim up has less than 4 million/ml rapidly motile sperm and would be unlikely to achieve fertilisation after normal intercourse or standard in-vitro Parameters measured in sperm function tests fertilisation (IVF). Persistently poor sperm swim u

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My Journey with Schizophrenia (Excerpts) For the last 8 years (since age 33) I have been experiencing mental health issues – and was diagnosed with schizophrenia and mild depression. While there have been many ‘down’ moments, I have discovered a lot of good out of it as well. For instance, for the last two years I have been living independently. Around May this year I will mov

Diagnóstico ambiental e de saúde humana no garimpo são chico, itaituba, pa

DIAGNÓSTICO AMBIENTAL E DE SAÚDE HUMANA - CONTAMINAÇÃO DE MERCÚRIO NO GARIMPO SÃO CHICO, ITAITUBA, PA Saulo Rodrigues-Filho1, Roberto C. Villas-Bôas1, Flávia M. F. Nascimento1, Zuleica C. Castilhos1, Ronaldo Santos1, Allegra V. Yallouz1, Silvia Egler1, Bernhard Peregovich1, Luiz Roberto M. Pedroso1, Marcello M. Veiga2, Christian Beinhoff2 1 CETEM, Centro de Tecnologia Mineral, Av. Ip�

Patient history: 69 year old previously healthy male with onset of progressively worsening neurological problems after a brief

Handout case No. 5 Patient history: 69 year old previously healthy male with onset of progressively worsening neurological problems after a brief febrile illness. MRI of the brain showed extensive post-ischemic lesions of the white matter of both hemispheres. Onset of first neurological symptoms till time of death – 8 months Postmortem examination: Examination of the brain showed mild


Purim @ E55 SATURDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY 27th @ 8pm Not to be missed! Costumes welcome! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ March Shabbat Service Schedule March 6th Shabbat Parah March 27th Shabbat HaGadol Friday February 26, 2010 Candle Lighting 5:19 pm This week's Torah reading: Tetzevah Shabbat Zachor Exodus 27:20-30:10 (annual) Exodus 29:19-30:10 (triennial) Maftir: Deutero


From the President:Medical Practice: Gone to the Dogs Tamzin A. Rosenwasser, M.D. The operative note is brief, to the point; there is no ludicrousE&M code, or “procedure code” that must be satisfied. There are nomandates that certain specific things be mentioned, on pain ofOne day toward the end of November, Koochi seemed lethargic,down-coding, with the result that the veterinarian

Fellow and future members september 1, 201

FELLOW AND FUTURE MEMBERS SEPTEMBER 1, 2011 PTRX, the Fund’s Pharmacy Benefit Management Company gave us a performance summary that ended on March 31, 2011. It was noted that if we had not transitioned to mail order with PTRX the projected cost to the Fund from inception would have been $10.4 million. The cost of medications resulting from transitioning to mail order during this same period

Ausführliche information an Ärztinnen und Ärzte

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie und Diabetologie Société Suisse d’Endocrinologie et de Diabétologie Società Svizzera d’Endocrinologia e da Diabetologia Societad Svizra d’Endocrinologia e da Diabetologia Ausführliche Information an Ärztinnen und Ärzte Avandia®, Avandamet® – Sistierung der Zulassung in der Schweiz Aufgrund der Sistierung der Zulassung


Singapore Shipping Association Ref: SSA/047/11/EML 25 March 2011 JAPANESE EARTHQUAKE – UPDATE AS OF 25 MARCH 2011 Please be advised that the Singapore Shipping Association has received the following information concerning the emergency situation in Japan: IMO Briefing The International Maritime Organisation has issued IMO circular letter No. 3175 announcing that: • Screenin

Medical care

Recommendations for cholera clinical management Washington, D.C., 28 October 2010 These guidelines will be reviewed and may be modified if new evidence comes to light or there are changes in the susceptibility profile of the pathogen. Description of suspected cases of diarrhea caused by Vibrio cholerae O:1 These cases are characterized by the abrupt onset of painless watery diarr


Arent de Gelder 1645 – 1727 Esther en Mordechai schrijven de eerste Poerimbrief olieverf op doek (102 × 152 cm) — ca. 1685 Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden Dit werk is gekoppeld aan Esther 9:20 De joodse inwoners van het rijk van de Perzische koning Ahasveros hebben wraak kunnen nemen op hun vijanden, de aanhangers van de listige Haman. Mordechai en Esther vinden dat de ge


Patient Information STENDRA™ (sten-druh) (avanafil) Read this Patient Information before you start taking STENDRA and each time you get a refill. There may be new information. This information does not take the place of talking with your healthcare provider about your medical condition or your treatment. What is the most important information I should know about STENDRA? ST

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Invitación a participar Stuttgart, la capital del estado federado de Baden-Württemberg, y sus socios del ámbito de la ciencia, de la investigación y desarrollo y del mundo empresarial le invitan a participar activamente en nuestra red global "Cities for Mobility". Las ciudades cobran cada día más importancia como espacios donde viven losseres humanos. Hoy día más de la mita


Myasthenia Gravis (MG) Referensprogrammets författare Riktlinjerna stöds av Swedish Neuromuscular Association (SNEMA) och är utarbetade av: Prof. Håkan Askmark, Akademiska sjukhuset Uppsala Prof. Fredrik Piehl, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset Solna Doc. Anders Svenningsson Norrlands Universitetssjukhus Umeå Innehåll Referensprogrammets författare .2 Översikt om MG

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NUEVOS DATOS DE LA LINAZA LOS LIGNANOS DE LA LINAZA TIENEN EFECTOS ANTICANCERÍGENOS EN EL TEJIDO DEL SENO Por la Dra. Diane H. Morris Los estudios poblacionales a larga escala principalmente en el hígado a estrone. El estrone se muestran que las dietas ricas en lignanos están puede transformar en dos metabolitos con diferentes asociadas con un riesgo reducido de cáncer d

Treatment of acne scars using the plasma skin regeneration (psr) system

Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 40:124–127 (2008)Treatment of Acne Scars Using the Plasma SkinRegeneration (PSR) SystemMD,1 William H. Sturgill, MD,1 E. Victor Ross, MD,2 and Nathan S. Uebelhoer, DO1Dermatology Department, Naval Medical Center San Diego, San Diego, California2Scripps Clinic, Division of Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology Center, San Diego, CaliforniaBackground and Objectives:

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Your guide to Type 2 diabetes What is type 2 diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is more common than type 1 diabetes and usually develops in people over the age of 35. It is often associated with being overweight. It tends to run in families and is also more common in people from the Asian community. It is also more common in women who have had diabetes during a pregnancy (Gestational Diabete

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Sewage Sludge Contents / Tip of Iceberg Heavy Metals, Pathogens, Synthetic Chemicals, Hydrocarbons, Petrochemicals & Organochlorines, Pharmaceuticals, Steroids & Hormones. This list of contents represents only the “tip of the iceberg” of toxics concentrated in sewage sludge. Federal and most state and local land application regulations limit concentrations of only nine heavy me

The g4egq rae postal course - lesson i

LESSON 1 INTRODUCTIONThis lesson introduces you to electricity and the famous law of Mr Ohm. His law is behind many of the little formula that you will encounter in the RAE. If math’s is not your favourite subject read this lesson three times instead of just twice! It is always worth working through my examples to make sure you get the same answer as me. In this lesson, definitions that do


All medications, even those you buy without a prescription, from the health food shop or another source, are potent substances. Treat them with care and respect. Storage • Many tablets and capsules are brightly coloured and look like lollies which are attractive to children, so it is important to store them in a locked cupboard. If they are marked REFRIGERATE, then store them in a secure


Cardiovascular morbidity and multifactorial primary prevention: Fifteen-year follow-up of the Helsinki Businessmen Study* T. E. Strandberg*, U. V. Salomaa**, V A. Naukkarinen***, H. T. Vanhanen*, S. J. Sarna****, and T. A. Miettinen* ' Department of Medicine, University of Helsinki. * National Public Health Institute, Helsinki, ** Jorvi Hospital, Espoo, ' "Department of Public Health, Univ


Effects of Astaxanthin on Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammation In Vitro and In Vivo Kazuhiro Ohgami, 1 Kenji Shiratori, 1 Satoshi Kotake, 1 Tomomi Nishida, 2 Nobuhisa Mizuki, 2 Kazunaga Yazawa, 3 and Shigeaki Ohno 1 PURPOSE. Astaxanthin (AST) is a carotenoid that is found in Endotoxin-induced uveitis (EIU) is an animal model of acutemarine animals and vegetables. Several previous s

Medical directives for cm yukon

MEDICATIONS CONSENT H.7 Double-sided The information on this form may be used by GGC representatives or medical personnel to administer or authorize appropriate health care or medical attention for the participant, if needed. The Medications Consent is used only for Red level activities/camps more than four hours away from emergency medical assistance . The Medications Consent f

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Voorwoord 10de symposium Arbeidsrisico’s in de podiumkunsten worden nog steeds onderschat. Het tiende symposium van de Stichting “Harm and Harmony in musicians” dient om tebenadrukken dat bij de uitoefening van het beroep musicus de noodzaak van preventie groot isom tijdelijke of definitieve schade te voorkomen. Deze schade kan wellicht worden onderkend, wanneer men de interactie tussen

Supply contract - contract notice - 020261-2008 - pt

Comunidades Europeias – Fornecimentos – Concurso público P-Angra do Heroísmo: Contraceptivos 2008/S 16-020261 ANÚNCIO DE CONCURSO Fornecimentos SECÇÃO I: ENTIDADE ADJUDICANTE I.1) DESIGNAÇÃO, ENDEREÇOS E PONTOS DE CONTACTO: Saudaçor - Sociedade Gestora de Recursos e Equipamentos da Saúde dos Açores, S.A., Solar dos Remédios, Angra do Heroísmo, Contacto: Saudaçor,

3. runde

Liga-Meisterschaft VSpZU 3. Runde Erste Vorentscheidungen sind bereits gefallen, viele stehen aber noch aus, womit auch in den letzten beiden Runden noch viel Spannung in den Wettkämpfen vorhanden ist. Das macht es doch interessant. Liga A Gleich zwei Begegnungen fanden in der dritten Runde in Dieldorf statt. Im Spitzenkampf empfing Dieldorf 1 die Stadtschützen aus Zürich und Di

Self-medication form.xls

This form is for over-the-counter as well as prescription medications. It indicates that permission is given by parent and physician or other authorized prescriber (physician, dentist, advanced practice registered nurse, physician's assistant, optometrist, podiatrist) for the following child to self-administer the following medications Physician's signature:___________________________ D


JAYSON-PAC The Inspectors Choice – True AC Output With the introduction of light weight Lithium Power cells (which double output energy and which are one third the weight of conventional sealed lead acid units), Johnson and Allen are able to offer for the first time, a co mpact portable AC electro-magnet inspection system. Choose the electromagnet you prefer (either our tr

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A Naturopathic Approach to Beating the Winter Blahs By Dr.Kali Simmonds, ND & Dr.Lana McMurrer, ND In addressing the ‘blahs’ we need to consider the many potential factors involved, including the physiological and biochemical necessities that contribute to a sense of well being, and make a thoughtful evaluation about what may be at the root of the problem. Circumstances, unresolved

Sboc livro 7.qxd

Choque Hemorrágico comoManifestação Inicial de TumorEstromal GastrointestinalMulher de 43 anos é admitida no serviço de emergência porsangramento e aumentando a chance de recorrência. d) A simplesapresentar quadro de hemorragia digestiva (hematêmese e ente-enucleação do tumor deve ser evitada. e) Ressecções segmentaresrorragia). Negava episódios prévios, bem como utilização

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Sarasota Physicians Please print and fi ll out this form carefully and completely. Take it to Surgical Center the Sarasota Ph ysicians Surgical Center on the day of surgery. Procedure: ______________________________________________ Height: _____________ Weight: ______________ Are you allergic to latex? ( Please circle and notify the nur

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