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Curriculum Vitae Cathy Deckys, MSN, RN, COHN-S Professional Education Boise State University School of Nursing Boise, Idaho Masters of Science in Nursing University of Washington School of Nursing Bothell, Washington Bachelors of Science in Nursing Lewis-Clark State College School of Nursing Lewiston, ID. Associate Degree in Nursing Certification and Licenses Licensed Regist

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Headache in Childhood and Adolescence Headache in Childhood and Adolescence: The Evidence • Children and adolescents can have all types of primary and secondary headache. In particular, migraine and tension-type headache (TTH) are highly prevalent in these age groups. The spectrum of secondary headaches is somewhat different in children and adolescents, with a higher prevalence of


Hong Kong Ophthalmological Symposium 2011 Scientific Programme 10 December 2011, Sat 1300-1400 Institution SYMPOSIUM 1 Ocular Infection and Uveitis Chairman: Dr Timothy Lai Co-Chairman: Dr David Liu 1430-1445 Periocular cellulitis: Emergent Management PlanCytomegalovirus Anterior Uveitis in Immunocompetent Patients - A Hong Kong Case SeriesIntravitreal ganciclovir for CMV retinit

Tabelle 2: antiretrovirale stoffklassen, substanzen und dosierung

Antiretrovirale Medikamente Stand März 2011 Was ist neu? Zerit (Stavudin): Die Herstellerfirma BMS schränkt im März 2011 in einem „Rote Hand Brief“ an Ärzte und Apotheker das Anwendungsgebiet für Zerit® (Stavudin) aufgrund potenziell schwerer Nebenwirkungen ein. Stavudin soll nur noch dann verordnet werden, wenn keine andere Therapiemöglichkeit besteht . In Stu- die


Shape-based image retrieval in botanical collections Itheri Yahiaoui1, Nicolas Hervé1 and Nozha Boujemaa1, 1 Projet IMEDIA, INRIA Rocquencourt, Domaine de Voluceau-Rocquencourt-B.P. 105. {itheri.yahiaoui, nicolas.herve, nozha.boujemaa}@inria.fr Abstract. Apart from the computer vision community, an always increasing number of scientific domains show a great interest for image analysis

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Gebruik “cholesterolverlagers” Ommen, 1 juni 2007 Geachte heer / mevrouw, Al geruime tijd gebruikt u een geneesmiddel tegen een verhoogd cholesterol. U heeft dit medicijn gekregen voornamelijk op voorschrift van een van de specialisten in het ziekenhuis en wij herhaalden dit medicijn. Het middel moet u blijvend gebruiken om uw cholesterol te verlagen. In het kader van goede behand

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Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Mixtures Experiment: A computer controlled high performance liquid chromatography system is used in this experiment to gain familiarity with the HPLC instrumentation and the experimental variables effecting chromatographic separations. Using a C18 RP-HPLC column and 1 mM solutions of theobromine (TB), theophylline (TP), and caffeine (CA), the basic qu

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Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences College of Arts and Sciences Qatar University Doha, Qatar P.O. Box 2713 E-mail: [email protected] Name: Dr. Khadiga A. Hassan Program: Department: chemistry and earth sciences Academic degree: phD in Chemistry Date of Last Degree : June 1991 Institution of Last Degree: Reading University. Professional Hist

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Anal. Chem. 2006, 78, 5900-5905 Lab-on-Valve System Integrating a Chemiluminescent Entity and In Situ Generation of Nascent Bromine as Oxidant for Chemiluminescent Determination of Tetracycline Mei Yang,†,‡ Ying Xu,‡ and Jian-Hua Wang*,† Research Center for Analytical Sciences, Northeastern University, Box 332, Shenyang 110004, China, and Department ofChemistry, Liaoning Normal Un

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C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E FULL NAME : DR. ALFRED M.E. NABURI Tel/Fax ++255-27-2753702/2750330 RDTC. DATE OF BIRTH 26th June, 1958 PLACE OF BIRTH Koboko North Village, Nasai Ward, Livishi Division, Siha District, Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. NATIONALITY Tanzanian MARITAL STATUS Married with two children QUALIFICATIONS - Master of Public Health - KCM College of the Tumain


You can make the most of your pharmacy benefit plan and control your prescription medication costs by using this Preferred Medication List. Be sure to share this list with your doctor to select cost-effective medications that are clinical y appropriate to treat your condition or maintain your health. This Preferred Medication List (PML) was developed by • Therapeutic categories are listed alp

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PINELLAS COUNTY MOMCARE PROVIDERS As of December, 2013 (Health Insurance for Pregnant Women – A Special Medicaid Program) * Practices may see you before your Medicaid case is approved without collecting funds from you - they may go backwards and bill Medicaid when you get your ID number. **Healthy Start Care Coordinator on site. Drs. Hugo Perez & Jose Calderon (

In this morden age the incidence of accidents has steeply risen, which is mostly responsible for different types of wounds

THERAPEUTIC POTENTIAL OF PLANTS IN WOUND HEALING Rajinder Raina, A.K. Srivastava, Shahid Prawez and Azad Ahmad Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology, F.V.Sc. & A.H., SKUAST-J, R.S. Pura, Jammu Introduction Wound is defined simply as the disruption of the cellular and anatomic continuity of a tissue (Bennet 1988). Wound may be produced by physical, chemical, thermal, microbial

The legal services authorities act, 1987


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Ibuprofen Ibuprofen is a widely used human non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. In dogs, this medication can cause stomach and kidney problems and even impact the nervous system causing symptoms such as depression and seizures. If you drop a pill, be very careful to find it before your dog does. Labs and Beagles are notorious for snarfing up dropped drugs. If this happens in your household, b

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MINI-IVF Low stimulation IVF protocols are nothing new. Clomid based medication protocols have been around for decades. With the advent of injectable medications many years ago, Clomid based cycles were largely abandoned. This is due to the overall poorer success rates with low stimulation type protocols - especially Clomid based protocols. There is unfortunately a strong misconception that so


Travel Top 10 places in America to enjoy music | USA WEEKEND Magazine Home Page advertisements Site Index In this report R&B: Detroit BLUEGRASS: Bean Blossom, Ind. Personal Finance Frame Games Stickdoku Sponsored Links Trickledowns Sales Management Courses Special Reports Master Closing Skills, Negoti

Adhs - der zappelphilipp als experimentierfeld der pharmaindustri…

ADHS - Der Zappelphilipp als Experimentierfeld der Pharmaindustrie oder: ADHS-Kinder als Pharmameerschweinchen Die Geschichte des neuzeitlich als ADHS (Aufmerksamkeits-Defizit&Hyperaktivitäts-Störung) und früher als Hyperkinetisches Syndrom bezeichneten auffälligen Verhaltens von Kindern (v.a. Jungen), begann bereits 1845 mit der literarischen Aufbereitung des Themas durch den

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This pamphlet indicates which most commonly usedmedications could potentially cause damage to your hearing, or aggravate an already existing problem. It is important that you, the patient, takeresponsibility in knowing which drugs you should try to avoid. Usually anyhearing problem will only be caused by exceeding the recommended dosageof the medications. Often these problems are reversible


Retail Program The retail program provides up to a 34-day This program is based on the CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst) supply of medication. Simply present your or CareFirst BlueChoice, Inc. (CareFirst BlueChoice) preferred drug prescription drug identification card at a list, which is made up of all generic prescription drugs (Tier 1) and preferred brand name prescription dru

032901 preventing recurrent upper gastrointestinal bleeding



STUDENT WITH DIABETES Target range for blood sugar (BS): > mg/dl to < . Monitor Blood As needed for signs/symptoms of low or high blood sugar Blood sugar (BS) at which parent/guardian should be notified: LOW < mg/dl or HIGH > mg/dl. Hyperglycemia: If blood sugar (BS) >300mg/dl with ketones or 2 Hypoglycemia: Do not send student unaccompanied to the office if c


Original Contribution O R I G I N A L C O N T R I B U T I O N Hydradermabrasion: an innovative modality for nonablative facial rejuvenation Bruce M Freedman, MD, FACS Plastic Surgery Associates of Northern Virginia, McLean, VA Background Hydradermabrasion is a relatively new procedure that combines crystal-freemicrodermabrasion with the

Press information | oeko-tex® test criteria 2013

Press information OEKO-TEX® Test Criteria 2013 Zurich (hm) With regard to product certification according to OEKO-TEX® Standard100, the OEKO-TEX® Association has as usual updated the applicable test criteriaand limit values at the beginning of year. After a three-month transitional period thefollowing new regulations will come into force for all certification procedures on 1 April2013.


Option D: Medicines and drugs (15/22 hours)The aim of this option is to give students an understanding of how medicines and drugs can influence the functioning of the body. Students should be able to recognize the fundamental structures and relevant functional groups of several classes of drugs and medicines (as listed in this option or in topic 10), and should be able to distinguish between them.

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Calcium Plus Vitamin D Calcium Plus Vitamin D is a balanced supplement providing a 2:1 ratio of calcium tomagnesium. As the name indicates, Calcium Plus Vitamin D contains vitamin D, as well asphosphorus, for improved calcium utilization in the body. As an added bonus, Calcium PlusVitamin D contains alfalfa herb, a rich source of plant enzymes, to enhance mineralabsorption and bioavailabili


CEREXAGRI B.V INSTRUÇÕES DE USO: Equipamentos: INFORMAÇÕES SOBRE OS PROCEDIMENTOS PARA A DEVOLUÇÃO, - Não desentupa bicos, orifícios e válvulas com a boca. - Fique atento ao período de vida útil dos filtros, seguindo corretamente as Sintomas e Exposição Respiratória: Tankhoofd 10 - 3196 KE Vondelingenplaat, Rotterdam - HolandaO produto deverá ser aplicado em


רדנו הנאיטט ר" – ד םירקחמו םירמאמ PUBLICATIONS 1. Valdman S, Vander T, Bersudsky M, Ifergane G, Wirguin I. The Many Faces of the Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Neurology 2000;54(Suppl 3):A368. (Presented at the Annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, San Diego, Ca). 2. Vander T, Medvedovsky M, Hallevy H, Gozman G, Herishanu YO. Listeria monoc

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Stuart Shortland B.Pharm (Syd) GradDipHlthSc (Herbal Med) HMR Accredited Pharmacist & Herbalist Dear Dr Blank, Thank you for referring Mr John Blank, an 84 year old man with a history of diabetes, GORD, hypertension, IHD, tinnitus and vertigo, for a home medication review. I visited him at his home on Friday 6th August. He is currently taking the following medications. Brand Name Key Re


HANOVER MONTHLY MEETING • RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS 43 Lebanon St. • Hanover, N.H. 03755-2513 • (603) 643-4138 Meeting for Worship each Sunday at 10:00 am When entering meeting for worship, Friends should leave seats close to thedoor for late-comers and should try to find places farther into the room. • February 2011 • Fritz Weiss, Clerk , Betsy Morse, Ass’t Clerk

Holy cross episcopal church

Holy Cross Episcopal Church Gender: ______Grade (2011-12): _____--_ Youth Email:________________________________ School: ___________________________ Birthdate: _____________ Home Phone: _______________ Mother Cell:________________________ Father Cell: _______________Parent/Guardian Name(s): _______________________________ Parent/Guardian Release (full name of participant), has my per


KURSINNEHÅLL: Medicinsk Tränings Terapi för patienter med höft-, knä- och fotledsbesvär – dysfunktioner i nedre extremiteterna. Den Medicinska Tränings Terapins behandlingsfilosofi vidDet finns idag omfattande vetenskapligt belägg till fördelolika dysfunktionstillstånd i nedre extremiteten grundar sigför closed chain träning i jämförelse med open chain trän-i viktbärand


CJR Home » Issues » 2005 » Issue 6: November/December n May 18, 2004, the Institute of Medicine, a branch of the prestigious National Academies, delivered its eighth and final report on vaccine safety, seeking to end a Oscientific controversy that had built to a slow boil over the previous five years: whether a mercury-containing vaccine preservative called thimerosal was to blame

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HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION ADVERSE REACTIONS These highlights do not include all the information needed to use The most common adverse reactions (incidence >5% and at least twice as high HETLIOZ safely and effectively. See full prescribing information for on HETLIOZ than on placebo) were headache, increased alanine HETLIOZ. aminotransferase, nightmares or unusua

Iv encuentro internacional de historia de la prensa en iberoamÉrica

IV ENCUENTRO INTERNACIONAL DE HISTORIA DE LA PRENSA EN IBEROAMÉRICA “La investigación hemerográfica como paradigma de interdisciplinariedad” TÍTULO: LA INFANCIA A EXAMEN. LA REVISTA ‘LA INFANCIA ANORMAL’. AUTORES María Concepción Martínez Omaña. Institución de adscripción: Instituto de Investigaciones Dr. José Ma. Luis Mora. Investigadora Titular “C”. Correo Ele


Treatment of head louse infestation with 4% dimeticone lotion: randomised controlled equivalence trial Ian F Burgess, Christine M Brown and Peter N Lee 2005;330;1423-; originally published online 10 Jun 2005; BMJ doi:10.1136/bmj.38497.506481.8F Updated information and services can be found at: References This article cites 10 articles, 1 of which can be accessed free at: 5 onlin

Claramonte nieto, marta

Assistència a l'expulsiu el 13/05/2013 Rh matern: 0 Positiu. No precisa gammaglobulina anti-D. Inhibició de la lactància amb Dostinex. 1r dia post-part: BEG, HDE i afebril. Àlgies controlades. EF/ M: sense turgència. U: ben contret L: escassos i normals P: íntegre TV: correcte. PLA/ Alta domiciliària. TRILLA SOLA, Afegit a anotació anterior: Assistència a l'expulsiu a les 20h30. Pes feta

Bisphosphonates in bone disease: from the laboratory to the patient, 2000, 212 pages, herbert fleisch, academic press, 2000, ebook

Bisphosphonates in Bone Disease: From the Laboratory to the Patient, Herbert Fleisch, Academic Press, 2000,0122603702, 9780122603709, 212 pages. This book is an essential handbook on bisphosphonates, the mostwidely used new class of drugs for osteoporosis therapy. It reviews basic physiology in addition to theindications and adverse reactions of these drugs. Bisphosphonates in Bone Disease, 4E,

Cry wolf minimum wage nov 5

CRY WOLF PROJECT Minimum Wages By Stephanie Luce REVISED DRAFT November 5, 2010 The idea of minimum wage laws has been around for more than a century. As workers toiled in early factories, they fought for a floor wage that would allow them to meet their basic needs. In the U.S., the first minimum wage law was passed in Massachusetts in 1912. A number of other states followed suit, and

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HARTFORD MAGNET TRINITY COLLEGE ACADEMY Hartford Public Schools Nursing Services Authorization for the Administration of Medicine by School Personnel The Connecticut State Law and Regulations 10-212(a) require a written medication order of an authorized prescriber, (physician, dentist, advanced practice registered nurse or physician's assistant) and parent/

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A D D I C T I O N T R E A T M E N T Methadone-Drug* Interactions (*Medications, illicit drugs, & other substances) Stewart B. Leavitt, PhD; Editor, AT Forum The Importance of Drug Interactions thereby slow the metabolism of drugs that are substrates forPharmacotherapy is increasingly complicated by the intro-those particular enzymes, which may result in excessively highductio

Disorientation (printer-friendly)

http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/577860_printFrom Health Affairs Disorientation Alok A. Khorana Published: 09/02/2008 There is snow outside the kitchen door. It covers the deck in white sheets, unbroken except for the occasional paw print, and it cascades off the steps in thick, soft layers onto thepine trees in our backyard. Inside, our home hums with the usual Sunday evening flurry of act


3.5 The exec Function The fork function creates a copy of the calling process, but many applications require the child process to execute code that is different from that of the parent. The exec family of functions provides a facility for overlaying the process image of the calling process with a new image. The traditional way to use the fork–exec combination is for the child to execut

Mania: a short history of bipolar disorder, 2008, 296 pages, david healy, jhu press, 2008, ebook

Mania: A Short History of Bipolar Disorder, David Healy, JHU Press, 2008, 0801888220, 9780801888229,296 pages. This provocative history of bipolar disorder illuminates how perceptions of illness, if not theillnesses themselves, are mutable over time. Beginning with the origins of the concept of maniaвЂ―andthe term maniacвЂ―in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, ren

Information for health care professionals (revised)

Information for Health Care Professionals Marihuana (marijuana, cannabis ) dried plant for administration by ingestion or other means This document has been prepared for the Drug Strategy and Controlled Substances Programme to provide information on the use of marihuana for medical purposes. Marihuana is not an approved therapeutic product and the provision of this information should n

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PEGINTERFERON ALFA-2a AND RIBAVIRIN IN PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC HEPATITIS C WHO HAVE FAILED PRIOR TREATMENT Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, Richmond, VA The first study to be completed and published from the HALT-C trial appeared in the April 2004 issue of Gastroenterology (volume 126, pages 1015-1023 ) . This study described the results of what we call the “lead-in pha

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[This document should be read in conjunction with the General Guidelines on Higher Training (Radiology)] 1. Neuroradiology is a subspecialty that involves diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology in the management of diseases of the central nervous system and spine. Although diagnosis relies heavily on cross-sectional imaging, advances in technology enables not only morphological and ana

Sap r/3 implementation at geneva

SAP R/3 Implementation at Geneva Pharmaceuticals 1 Company Background Geneva Pharmaceuticals, Inc., one of the world’s largest generic drug manufacturers, is the NorthAmerican hub for the Generics division of Swiss pharmaceutical and life sciences company NovartisInternational AG. Originally founded by Detroit pharmacist Stanley Tutag in 1946, Geneva movedits headquarters to Broomfield,


Bronchial Asthma In the case of acute respiratory distress, hospitalization is needed initially, and your cat may be kept in an oxygen cage or in a cool, Overview Asthma is a lung condition associated with airway obstruction caused by sudden narrowing of the bronchial tubes. In cats, asthma may also be known as "Feline Allergic Asthma", "Feline Allergic Bronchitis", &#


International Committee of Medical Journal Editors Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Sample References Articles in Journals List the first six authors followed by et al. (Note: NLM now lists allauthors.)Halpern SD, Ubel PA, Caplan AL. Solid-organ transplantation inHIV-infected patients. N Engl J Med. 2002 Jul 25;347(4):284-7. As an option, if a

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Diane H. Munzenmaier, Ph.D. Office Address: Place of Birth: 4. Citizenship: U.S.A. 5. Education: Postgraduate Training: 05/1995 – 06/1999 Postdoctoral Fellow Medical College of Wisconsin Cardiovascular Research Center Milwaukee, WI 7. Faculty Appointments: 07/2009 – present Education Coordinator Human and Molecular Genetics Center Assi

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Main Issues Frequently Raised in the Office Action Han Sung International Patent & Law Office 1. Pharmacological Use in the Composition Claim [Art. 42(4) of KPA] A. Pharmaceutical composition comprising a novel compound • Use is not required to be defined in a composition claim if the characteristic inventiveness lies in a novel compound itself in the composition. • But, in practice,

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The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional Healing is possible! Vibrant health is our God-given right, and our responsibility. I have learned there are 3 keys to health and I spend much of my time offering what I’ve learned in hopes that it will ins

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Effect of Efavirenz on the Pharmacokinetics of Ethinyl Estradiol and Norgestimate in Healthy Female Subjects H. Sevinsky, T. Eley, B. He, A. Persson, D. Garner, C. Yones, R. Nettles, R. Bertz and J. Zhang Bristol-Myers Squibb Research and Development, Princeton, NJ USA Introducti Introducti on Results (Cont’d) Results (Cont’d) Results (Cont’d) „ Efavirenz (EFV) is

Changing the landscape for .

Changing the landscape for FDA approvals - Mass High Tech Business News http://www.masshightech.com/stories/2009/04/06/daily28-Changing-the-. Most Popular Stories Segway teams with GM on newurban vehicle PUMABrigham and Women’s completessecond-ever face transplant inU.S. Four takeaways from theMicrosoft-TomTom settlement Guest Column A123 to provide electric carbatteri

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www.healthresponse.ca Pricing | New Products | Formulary News | DIN Changes | Packaging Company News NOW AVAILABLE Valeo Pharma Inc. is pleased to introduce: Pr VAL-VANCO® RE: Update regarding rosiglitazone-containing medicines (Sterile Vancomycin Hydrochloride USP) In light of the recent announcements by the EU and FDA, we wanted to update you regarding rosiglit

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Brendan Burke Director of Marketing Headwaters MB One Tabor Center – Suite 900 1200 Seventeenth Street Denver, CO 80202 Phone: 303/531-4603 [email protected] Headwaters MB advises Consolidated Utility Services, Inc. on sale to Tricor Pacific Capital Denver, CO – April 16, 2006 – Headwaters MB LLC, the Denver-based middle market i


Brand Name Generic Name Important — Please Note The Blue Cross mail service prescription drugbenefit does not cover drugs that do not require a prescription, for example, aspirin, laxatives,vitamins, drugs used for cosmetic purposes (such as Propecia and Renova) and non-FDApharmaceutical guidelines and manufacturerspackaging, there are dispensing limitations on somemedication


The Catamaran™ Preferred Drug List (PDL) is a guide identifying preferred medicines within select therapeutic categories. The PDL is an abbreviated drug list which includes the most commonly prescribed Tier 1 and Tier 2 medicines. Tier 1 drugs are listed in lowercase italics and Tier 2 drugs are listed in CAPS. This listing is revised periodical y as new drugs and new prescribing infor

Forsmark 1 & 2 bwr stability benchmark,nea/nsc/doc(99)9

For Official Use NEA/NSC/DOC(99)9 Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Economiques 18-May-1999 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 21-May-1999 __________________________________________________________________________________________ English text only For Official Use NEA/NSC/DOC(99)9 NUCLEAR ENERGY AGENCY NUCLEAR SCIENCE COMMITTEE FORSMAR

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Guidelines for Application for position of Foundation Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine, HKCOG Category A: (1) The applicant is a FHKAM (O&G). (2) The applicant is currently a certified subspecialist by overseas college withtraining programme acceptable to the HKCOG. (3) If the applicant does not satisfy (2), the applicant has to satisfy the College thathe/she has been practi

Technology review: tr unive.

Technology Review: TR University Research Scorecardhttp://www.technologyreview.com/printer_friendly_article.aspx?id=125. TR University Research Scorecard Patenting and licensing at U.S. universities is going strong. Biotech in particular gets high marks. The economy might be hiccupping toward an uncertain fate, but one of the engines ofinnovation is still hitting on all cylinders. Technolo

Alfs reisecheckliste für die urlaubsvorbereitung

Alfs Reisecheckliste Stand: 06. Juli 2002 1 Vorwort Nimm es mit, dann wirst du es schon nicht brauchen (frei nach Murphy). Ich denke jeder ausgezeichnete deutsche Checkliste sollte einen gesunden Zwischenweg finden. beginnt es im Kopf des Urlaubers zu rattern: Hab ich auch nichts vergessen? Doch dann ist umfassend, dass es eine beträchtliche Teil des es meist zu spät. Ei


After sponges have been removedFrom this point on you need to keep to the following These terms are used to describe the rods or routine. You do not need a new toothbrush each time, but wires that connect your fixator to the bone. make sure it is new from the start and is kept clean. The external device that holds your fracture in 1 Do the following every morning and every the right positi

Business commentary

HSBC HOLDINGS PLC – INTERIM MANAGEMENT STATEMENT HSBC Holdings plc (‘HSBC’) will be conducting a trading update conference call with analysts and investors today to coincide with the release of its Interim Management Statement. The trading update call will take place at 12.00 GMT (in London), and details of how to participate in the call and the live audio webcast can be found at In

State of wisconsin village of hales corners milwaukee county

STATE OF WISCONSIN VILLAGE OF HALES CORNERS MILWAUKEE COUNTY __________________________________________________________________________ WHEREAS, Section 13.09 of the Municipal Code provides for fees for ambulance WHEREAS, the Committee of the Whole of the Village Board of Trustees has determined that the Village should adopt Advanced Life Support (ALS) rates recommended by the Milwaukee County

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PubMed® Hints Select the Search box and type in desired term(s ). Select Go. PubMed will try to map your term(s) to related Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) as well as search for your term as a textword. If it does not find a MeSH term, it searches by textword. NOTE: Pubmed will AUTOMATICALLY Explode any MeSH terms. The asterisk (*) is a t


A European perspective on intravascular catheter-related infections: reporton the microbiology workload, aetiology and antimicrobial susceptibility(ESGNI-005 Study)E. Bouza1, R. San Juan1, P. Mun˜oz1, J. Pascau2, A. Voss3 and M. Desco2 on behalf of the CooperativeGroup of the European Study Group on Nosocomial Infections (ESGNI)1Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and 2Experimental Med


Door Els De Letter, Bart Vandekerkhove, Willy Lambert, Dirk Van Varenbergh en Michel Piette Een doorverwijzing naar een hospitaal of rust- en verzorgingstehuis (RVT) is meestal een geruststelling voor familie en vrienden. Toch gebeurt af en toe een onverwacht en accidenteel overlijden als gevolg van verpleegkundige handelingen en meer in het bijzonder het gebruik van bewegingsbeperkende maatr


Diabetes Protocol for Madina and Mobile Clinics To detect diabetes mellitus in its earliest stages in order to provide effective treatment and to reduce the risk of diabetic complications Suspect diabetes if any of the following symptoms or signs Type 1: fairly obvious, acute, drastic weight loss, thirst, polyuria, smell of ketones Type 2 : more insidious, thirst, polyuria, nocturia, tiredness


SUPLIMENTE ALIMENTARE ARMUHEP (supliment alimentar) ARMUHEP - hepatoprotective CATINOFORT – Seabuckthorn fruit pulp and 60 capsuleCOENZIMA Q10 în Ulei de CĂTINĂ 60mg Spi COMPLEX ALFALFA (supliment alimentar) ALFALFA COMPLEX COMPLEX DETOXIFIANT NATURAL NATURAL DETOXIFYING COMPLEX R TROZ PLUS CONDARTROZ plus– prevents articular ECHINACEA extract concentrat (capsule ECHI

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Understanding Parkinson’s Disease By Susan Locke, M.D. Healthnetwork Medical Director Parkinson’s disease (PD) affects the brain’s ability to control movement. It is a progressive disease that worsens over time, although the rate of deterioration greatly varies from person to person. It is a common disorder that affects more than 1 million people in the U.S., most of w


Reply Form To: Sino Haijing Holdings Limited (the “Company”) I/We would like to receive the Corporate Communications (Note 3) of the Company in the manner as indicated below:( Please tick ONLY ONE box ) To receive Corporate Communications via the Company’s website (the “Company Website”) and to receive the notification of publication of Corporate Communications (the “

Wellbutrin sr

NDA 18-644/S-039 NDA 18-644/S-040 NDA 20-358/S-046 NDA 20-358/S-047 Page 56 (see CLINICAL TRIALS under CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY). Based on these limited data, it is unknown whether or not the dose of WELLBUTRIN SR needed for maintenance treatment is identical to the dose needed to achieve an initial response. Patients should be periodically reassessed to determine the need for maintenance treatme

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  Klinische Arbeiten im Umfeld zu Soja und Isoflavonen aus den Jahren 2009-2010 Hintergrund Im Mai 2009 fand in Mailand ein Symposium zur Anwendungssicherheit von Isoflavonen statt. Auf diesem Kongress wurde die aktuelle Datenlage zur Frage des Zusammenhangs von Isoflavonen und der Proliferation hormonsensitiver Gewebe beleuchtet. Das Ergebnis des Symposiums war eine positive Beurteilu

Franco corelli · repertoire and performance history

FRANCO CORELLI REPERTOIRE AND PERFORMANCE HISTORY This document arranges Corelli’s performance chronology by composer and role. Detailsfor concert and recital appearances have been more difficult to obtain than for completeopera performances, and indeed, the programmes for many recitals are known only becausethey were recorded. The dates of performances that were recorded are indicated in


Proposal for implementing mandatory commodity inspection of secondary lithium cells and batteries, secondary lithium mobile power bank and battery charger for computer, communication and consumer electronics By the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI), Ministry of Economic Affairs Background: Along with the development and popularization of science and tec


Sound Advice This is an audio reco in rd g of a telephone interview recorded in September 2010. Marsha Raulerson, MD, FAAP, has been a pediatrician in Brewton, Ala., for more than 30 years. She is a member of the Committee on Federal Government Affairs for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Q: Dr. Rauler son what role does the community play in creating a healthy lifestyle for pe

The unmerciful servant

Leaping Lepers Bible Story: Leaping Lepers (Jesus heals 10 lepers) • Luke 17:11-19 Bottom Line: Take time to say thank you. Memory Verse: ―Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God‘s will for you in Christ Jesus.‖ 1 Thessalonians 5:18, NIV Virtue: Gratitude—letting others know you see how they‘ve helped you. Basic Truth: I should treat others the way I

Government announces largest health care fraud settlement in u.s. history; glaxosmithkline, llc, enters corporate integrity agreement with novel provisions

July 2012 Government Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in U.S. History; GlaxoSmithKline, LLC, Enters Corporate Integrity Agreement With Novel Provisions Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that GlaxoSmithKline, LLC (“GSK”), would pay $3 billion in criminal and civil penalties to resolve multiple investigations into the company’s sales, marketing and

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Name ____________________________________ 3.2 Notes and Exercises Exponential Decay Model y = I*(1 − r)t I = the Initial Amount r = the rate of return (%) and t = is a unit of time Most major cities population is declining. Detroit is a good example of this. Detroit is declining at an average rate of 1.53% per year. If Detroit hit its peak population in 1950 of aroun

Distinguished guests, fellow members, ladies and gentlemen:

Distinguished Guests, Fellow Members, Ladies and Gentlemen: Good evening and welcome to the Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s 39th Annual Dinner. This year, we are privileged to have Dr. York Chow, the Secretary for Food and Health, as our honored guest, to share his views on healthcare. It is also HKAPI's great honor, to welcome friends and colleagues from the entire health

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Name: Dr.med. Dr.phil. Mag.rer.nat.Andrea Martinek Strasse: Ort: Telefon: Email: KRANKENGESCHICHTE 4 Art der Krankengeschichte: akut Initialen: H. D. Geboren:16.04.1918 Geschlecht: weiblich Alter beim Erstkontakt: 89a Familienstand: verwitwet Beruf: Pensionistin Diagnose: Insektenstich, chronisch cardiale Insuffizienz NYHA II, mittelgradige Demenz, Z. n. Schenkelhalsfraktur

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Introduction Economic activities in flood-prone areas are increasing around the world. At the same time we face changing weather conditions and a rising sea level as a result of climatic change. If no measures are carried out both probability and impact of floods will increase severely. In the Netherlands flood hazard and flood damage are combined in a risk-approach using a cost-benefit an

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Medikamentöse Behandlung der Spastik Wirkungen und Nebenwirkungen Medikamentöse Behandlung der Spastik Wirkungen und Nebenwirkungen Von Dr. rer. nat. Michael Speer , Möglichkeiten informieren. Die Wahl des faktoren (wie z.B. eingeschränkte Leber- on; Hauptarbeitsgebiet: Sichtung der internationalen medizinischen Fachliteratur auf Arzneimittelnebenwirkungen; Bearbei-

Gomes et al., 2010 adm rhcg

L. Mramba et al. / International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 108 (2010) 152–160procedure and the injury was repaired shortly after the incarceration. In the first case the patient underwent hysteroscopy and laparoscopy5 years after the surgical termination [3]. When uterine perforation is suspected based on an abnormalfinding in the retrieved material, although rare, tubal incarc

030213 initial treatment of hypertension

The new england journal of medicine This Journal feature begins with a case vignette highlighting a common clinical problem. Evidence supporting various strategies is then presented, followed by a review of formal guidelines, when they exist. The article ends with the author’s clinical recommendations. A 50-year-old black American has a blood pressure of 160/110 mm Hg on repeated


Address: Palio Faliro, Dimitros 3-5 TK 17562, Greece; Phone: +30 210 988 6016 ; Fax: +30 210 988 6016 ; Mobile: +30 695 506 6088, +44-780-48.19.525; Email: [email protected] Web: www.hellasmed.co.uk Product Name Pic. Of the product Packing information Inner tray+ gift box for packing , plastic bag for packing 1. Power: 230 V AC /50HZ or 120V

Health services form

HAWAII BAPTIST ACADEMY 2012-2013 Health Services Form STUDENT’S NAME:______________________________________________ GRADE:______ Last First M.I. MEDICAL INFORMATION Does your child have any health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, seizure disorder, ADHD, or any other health problem that the nurse should be aware of? ______________________________________________________


April 13, 2007 under the standard, contact-trip triggers can continue to behazardous tools. Moreover, additional training material on nail-sold with nail guns or as an option. gun safety to supplement product information included withThe findings in this report are subject to at least four limi-the tools should be provided at the point of sale or rental totations. First, the total number


S H O P P E R ’ S G U I D E T O P R E S C R I P T I O N D R U G S — N U M B E R 1 Pill Splitting w w w . C R B e s t B u y D r u g s . o r g If you take prescription drugs to treat a chronic illness, you could save money by splitting your pills — literally cutting them in half. Not all pills can be split, so pill splitting cannot be used in the treatment of every chronic disea

Title of the contribution

In Pursuit of Free Access to Law in a Least Developed Country: Creating LiberLII, Liberia’s Legal Information Institute Start-up Kevin George*, Coleman Foster° *Country Director, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative-Liberia º LiberLII Project Manager, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Abstract. Ensuing from the novel experience in Liberia of fashioni

Fruit logistica 2010

FRUIT LOGISTICA 2013 6-8 februari 2013 Deelnemerslijst Hal 3.2 Naam / Name Website standnr. 1. à Bon VegetableLinq B.V. 2. ABCitrus B.V. 3. Adafresh B.V. 4. Adafresh Ltd. 5. ADB Cool Company B.V. 6. AgroFair B.V. 7. Aj Ticonel 8. AJB’s Fruitbox B.V. 9. Al-Rafique Enterprises 10. Alexport B.V. 11. Arava Export Growers Isra


Managing inadequate response to treatmentFailure of response to initial therapy or loss of initial BP control occurs due to a wide range of prescriber-related, patient-related and drug-related factors. First, check that treatment has followed recommended prescribing guidelines for achieving BP targets (see Drug treatment , page 19). If BP remains above target despite maximal doses of at least tw

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PHARMACIE « HAUTURIERE » ASSEZ COMPLETE POUR FAIRE FACE A PRESQUE TOUT CE QUI PEUT ETRE FAIT SANS HOPITAL ET SANS SPECIALISTE. Pour utiliser tous ces produits et instruments vous devez avoir des connaissances medico chirurgicales de base saines : pas des on dits et des remèdes de grand mère. Il me parait indispensable avant de partir en croisière lointaine d’investir quelques centa

Crohn’s disease

Crohn’s Disease A full feeling in your stomach, accompanied by abdominal pain and regular bouts of diarrhoea, may be signs of Crohn’s disease. According to research or other evidence, the following self-care steps may be helpful: Fill up on fibre Improve stool quality and other symptoms by eating high-fibre fruits and vegetables and by taking fibre suppl

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Managing Greenhouse-grown Peppers in a Saline Environment Indian River Research and Education Center Keywords: Capsicum annuum , transplant depth, irrigation, physiological disorder, soilless culture, stem rot, Fusarium Abstract Under certain conditions, greenhouse-grown pepper plants from various areas of the world, including the Mediterranean and North America, exhibi

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STUDENT INJURY ANDSICKNESS INSURANCE PLANThis Certificate Contains aDeductible ProvisionThis Plan is Underwritten byUnitedHealthcare InsuranceCompanyTOLL-FREE NUMBER FOR INQUIRIES: For inquiriesand to obtain information about your coverage, or forassistance in resolving a complaint, please call1-800-505-4160. Table of Contents Privacy Policy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A case of a patient with sunct syndrome treated with jannetta procedure

A case of a patient with SUNCT syndrome treated withL Gardella, A Viruega, H Rojas & J NagelSanatorio Parque, Cordoba, Rosario, Santa Fe, ArgentinaGardella L, Sanatorio Parque, Cordoba 2324, Rosario (CP 2000), Santa Fe, Argentina. Received 12 September 2000, accepted 18 June 2001wind, lateral head movements to the right and rapid eyemovements also triggered the pain.After the painfulSUNCT

Geriatrics 22/1/98

5. Fromm E. The Art of Loving . London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd. oral hypoglycaemic agents. As most of our patientsare relatively old, their control is generally loose toprevent hypoglycaemic complications. Unexpected Life-Threatening Drug Interaction: Often, the classic side-effects of appetite sup- Hypoglycaemia secondary to Anti- Helicobacter pression, nausea and vomiting due to


CASE STUDY / WESLAND HEALTH INSURANCE / PAGE 1to Align Strategy & CultureA Case Study of Westfund Health Insurance, Australia CASE STUDY AT A GLANCE Grahame Danaher, CEO of Westfund, a health insurance company, which has operated in Australia for over BUSINESS OVERVIEW: 79 years, knows how crucial it is to align the people and culture of an organisation with the business strategy. !

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In a constant state of flux In a constant state of flux Pivo, firestone walker Pivo, firestone walker On the hand pull: On the hand pull: Albatross Albatross Saison with galaxy Saison with galaxy hops, funkwerks hops, funkwerks Levity, odell Levity, odell Weizen bam, Weizen bam, jolly pumpkin jolly pumpkin Grass


Light therapy is not for everyone. Specific medications or conditions can cause a person to develop sensitivity to light. The fol owing questions are intended to help determine if light therapy is the best choice of treatment for you. Please read the fol owing questions and circle YES OR NO. Have you ever had any of the fol owing conditions: Acute or Cutaneous Porphyria Y


How to Live Longer and Better – A Main Philosophy of Anti-Aging Medicine By Thierry Hertoghe, MD, president of the World Society of Anti-aging Medicine over the 5000 physicians) and of the International Hormone Society over the 2000 physicians). How to live better and longer 1) CHECK THE DIET BAD FOODS BAD DRINKS HEALTHY FOODS HE

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SECRETARIA DE ESTADO DA SAÚDE INSTITUTO DANTE PAZZANESE DE CARDIOLOGIA Seção Médica de Infectologia – Serviço de Controle de Infecção Hospitalar Protocolo de Doses Suplementares de Antimicrobianos, Antifúngicos e Antivirais em Pacientes Submetidos à Terapia Dialítica Os antimicrobianos administrados em pacientes submetidos à terapia dialítica devem ser realiza

Heinz infant allergens july 25-11.xls

ALLERGENS TREE NUTS (almonds, brazil nuts, INGREDIENTS cashews, hazelnuts, (fish, crustaceans, SULFPHITES macadamia nuts, (soybeans) shellfish) pecans, pinenuts, pistachios or walnuts) Stage 1 - Beginner (Cereal with Milk) Rice - 227 g rice flour, dry skim milk, dicalcium phosphate, safflower oil, soy lecithin,inulin, oligofructose, natural flavour,el


Federal Register / Vol. 75, No. 129 / Wednesday, July 7, 2010 / Notices requirements of section 4205 to elect to 2010 (FDA–2010–P–0027), requesting a (risendronate sodium) Tablets, 75 mg, or biannual registration. FDA is sodium) Tablets, 75 mg, is the subject of all other legal and regulatory requirements for the approval of ANDAs DATES: Submit either electronic or are met. If FD

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The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) supports national governments to expand high-quality care and treatment to people living with HIV/AIDS. CHAI offers reduced prices for antiretrovirals (ARVs) to members of its Procurement Consortium. CHAI has agreements with eight manufacturers of ARV formulations, active pharmaceutical ingredients and/or pharmaceutical intermediates: Aurobindo Pharma,


Summer 2006 By Hedva Barenholtz Levy, PharmD, BCPS, Director, HbL PharmaConsulting What Are Laxatives? axatives are medications that are used to prevent or treat constipation. Consumers spendmore than $734 million dollars a year on laxatives. Constipation is estimated to occur inup to 40% of patient 65 years and older living in the community and is a common concernin older adult

Tricor uk press release draft (en) 4july12 final

Hong Kong, 6 July, 2012 Tricor Group acquires UK Woodside Group companies Tricor Group (“Tricor”) , a member of The Bank of East Asia Group, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Woodside Group companies (“Woodside”) in the United Kingdom. The companies include WOODSIDE SECRETARIES LIMITED (“WSL”), WOODSIDE CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED (“WCSL”) and WCS NOMINEES L

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Social, moral, spiritual and cultural education (SMSC) Review Date: Summer term 2014 AIMS The personal development of pupils spiritually, morally, socially, and culturally plays a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve. We therefore aim to provide an education that provides children with opportunities to explore and develop their own values and beliefs, spiritual awareness, high s


Update on Laboratory Testing to Identify Individuals With Inhalant Allergies Anna Wetherbee (President, HW Consulting) Originally published in LAB MEDICINE (Lab Med. 2007;38;649–650). The quality and cost of health care in the United States isand enzymeimmunoassay (EIA) tests that use color development,increasingly a focus of media and political debate. Breakthroughsfluorescence, or ch

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NUVARING NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT NuvaRing® 2. QUALITATIVE QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION NuvaRing contains 11.7 mg etonogestrel and 2.7 mg ethinylestradiol. The ring releases etonogestrel and ethinylestradiol at an average amount of 0.120 mg and 0.015 mg, respectively per 24 hours, over a period of 3 weeks. For excipients, see 6.1. 3. PHARMACEUTICAL NuvaRing is flexible,

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From the Shingles Support Society, 41 North Rd, London N7 9DP; tel 020 7607 9661; www.hva.org.uk/shingles ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Treatment of post-herpetic neuralgia in the elderly Notes for doctors by Dr David Bowsher, MA, MD, PhD, FRCPed, FRCPath, co-founder of th

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The following is a brief snapshot of the changes within the Practice over the past 10 years. It has been an interesting exercise for us as a practice to produce this comparison and we hope you find it interesting. There is a commentary on all the data listed at the end of this document. Should you have any observations or comments the practice Consultation Rate Actual Numbers and Percenta

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CENTRO HOSPITALAR DE SETÚBAL, E.P.E. Hospital de São Bernardo Hospital Ortopédico Sant’iago do Outão Comissão de ética para a saúde   COMISSÃO DE ÉTICA PARA A SAÚDE    RELATÓRIO SINÓPTICO DO MANDATO 2006‐2009    A Comissão de Ética para a Saúde, adiante designada por CES, iniciou o mandato em Março de  2006.  Sistematizam


4025_CH08_p398-443 01/02/04 12:34 PM Page 408 C H A P T E R 8 I n f e r e n c e s f r o m Tw o S a m p l e s Using Technology STATDISK Select Analysis from the main menu bar, then number of trials for Sample 1, in cell C1 enter the number of suc-select Hypothesis Testing, then Proportion-Two Samples. Enter cesses for Sample 2, and in cell D1 enter the number of trial


Homeobotanicals Prescribing with Power and Precision classic herb range A ALLERGY Acute and chronic allergies for Albizzia, Golden Rod, Baical, airborne, dietary and idiopathic sources. 7 DYNAMA Stamina. The maintenance remedy P PANCREAS For the support of pancreas function. Fenugreek, Gymnema, Jambul, Balances hormone & enzyme physiology. B BLOOD AND LYMPH “Blood Pur


Understanding Bone Metastases - When Cancer spread to the bones Cancer that has developed in one place can spread and invade other parts of the body. This process of spreading is called If a tumor spreads to the bone, it is called bone metastasis. Cancer cells that have metastasized to the bone can damage the bone and cause symptoms. Various treatments are available to control the symptoms

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Demographics/Medical History Some secondary school – grade 7 to 11 Demographics/Medical History PLEASE ENTER IDENTIFYING INFORMATION BEFORE PROCEEDING. Please answer all of the following questions regarding your most recent contact with Pain Questions 1. Have you had any pain prior to your last contact with the clinic? 2. During your last visit to this clinic, did any medical p


Press Contact T. +65 6222 5087 | M. +65 9138 7668 E. [email protected] T. +65 6222 5087 | M. +65 9363 4077 E. [email protected] HAVE RAW, ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED JUICES DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP SINGAPORE, 14 NOV – A healthy combination of unprocessed and natural organic farm produce and California-imported cold press technology, hic’Juice comes t

Current learning in palliative care

Helping patients with symptoms other than pain 4: Oral problems Introductory level Aim of this worksheet To learn to assess and manage oral problems Coleman Education Centre How to use this worksheet St. Oswald’s Hospice You can work through this worksheet by yourself, or with a tutor. Read the case study below, then work on the questions overleaf. The work page is o

Voiceover resume (deutsch) website)

HEIKO OBERMOELLER Cast-a-voice Stimmenagentur, Brigitte Beyer & Guy Adrian, +49 2254 1709 Werbung (national, TV und Radio, Auswahl) Pernod, Vodafone, McCain, EMI Music Germany, Bayer, Bahlsen, Deutsche Post AG, Mars Delight, Sinalco, Ferrero, Lipton Ice- Tea, Das Oertliche, Provinzial Versicherungen, Sparda Bank, Citroen, Peugeot, Toyota, Volkswagen, Daimler- Chrysler, Ford, Volvo, Lu

Afb flyer

Hawai`i Department of Agriculture Apiary Program Cause: Paenibacillus larvae , a spore-forming bacterium. Effect: American foulbrood (AFB) is one of the most widespread and the most destructive of the honey bee brood diseases. At first, the population of an infected colony is not no-ticeably decreased and only a few dead larvae or pupae may be present. The disease may develop slowly, wea

Attenuation of ssri-induced increases in extracellular brain 5-ht by benzodiazepines

Attenuation of SSRI-induced increases in extracellular brain 5-HT by benzodiazepines Chapter 8 Attenuation of SSRI-induced increases in extracellular brain 5-HT by benzodiazepines. Abstract Enhanced serotonergic neurotransmission is generally thought to be the neurochemical basisof the antidepressant effects of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). The anxiolytic benzodiaz


Sicherheitsdatenblatt gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1907/2006 (REACH) Art. 2280, INSEKT-EX 1. Bezeichnung des Stoffes bzw. der Zubereitung und Firmenbezeichnung Bezeichnung des Stoffes oder der Zubereitung Bezeichnung / Handelsname: REACH Registrierungsnr.: Verwendung: Bezeichnung des Unternehmens Hersteller / Lieferant: Straße: Postleitzahl / Ort: Telefon: Tele


Declared Runners LEOPARDSTOWN Sunday, 3rd November 2013 Going - Soft (2:00) 302D Knockaire Stakes (Listed) €26,000.00 (3:40) 302H Leopardstown Christmas Festival (12:25) 302A Irish Stallion Farms EBF (Fillies) ( 7f - 3yo+ )[MAX 18] 2013 Mdn €6,900.00 ( 1m 1f - 3yo+ )[MAX 22] M'dn €11,385.00 ( 7f - 2yo )[MAX 18] 1 11 Bold Thady Quill(101) (KJCon

Hsbc brazil services pmi press release - january 2012 (brazillian portuguese)

Índice Gerente de Compras™ HSBC Comunicado à Imprensa Embargado até: 10:00 (SAO PAULO), 3 de fevereiro 2012 Produção do setor privado aumenta e atinge seu ritmo mais rápido desde março de 2011 um modo geral, os preços de insumos no setor privado do Brasil como um todo cresceram fortemente em janeiro, e A produção do setor privado brasileiro como um todo pelo ritmo mais r


D o s s i e r : o b é s i t é A la recherche de la potion magique Keywords: obesity – children – adolescents – drug therapy – orlistat – sibutramin – rimonabant – metformin Le traitement médicamenteux Introduction En combinaison avec sa prescription, une de l’obésité est pratiqué depuis A la recherche de la potion magique: la alimentation pauvre en graisse


Tardive Dyskinesia is a side effect of antipsychotic medications. If an antipsychotic medication or Amoxapine is prescribed, this policy must be followed in combination with the "Psychotropic Medications Administration Policy”. Persons who receive the service of medication administration and/or monitoring of medications from Home and Community Options, Inc. shall be free from chemical restr

Hairdx - version 2.0

CLINICAL VALIDITY AND UTILITY OF THE HAIRDX GENETIC TEST FOR ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA This document discusses the clinical validity and utility of the HairDX genetic test for androgenetic alopecia. INTRODUCTION: CLINICAL VALIDITY OF GENETIC SCREENING The goal of genetic screening is to identify subjects for preventive treatment or extended surveillance prior to onset of symptoms; therefore

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CHANNEL 4 Film Reviews Alan Parker The Life Of David Gale 130 minutes USA (2002) starring Kevin Spacey , Laura Linney , Kate Winslet , Gabriel Mann , Matt Craven , Rhona Mitra , Leon Rippey , Melissa McCarthy , Jim Beaver Anti-capital punishment thriller starring Kate Winslet as a journalist investigating the death row incarceration of - ironically - anti-death penal

Microsoft word - halophytes as medicinal plants

Chapter 21 MUHAMMAD QASIM, SALMAN GULZAR AND M. AJMAL KHAN* * Institute of Sustainable Halophyte Utilization, University of Karachi, ABSTRACT Halophytes are plants of significant economic potential which can contribute tremendously toward the environmental restoration besides a potential source of medicine. This paper reviews available literature about the status of 45 coastal and n

Vv surgery pis web

Surgery for Varicose Veins What are varicose veins? Veins are the blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart. Varicose veins are abnormally enlarged and tortuous veins that are visible just below the surface of the skin. Smaller veins in the skin itself are sometimes called "thread veins" or "spider veins". Although these may be unsightly they are not the same a

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HOSPITAL Z. E. “DR. NOEL H. SBARRA “ 16. CRUP (LARINGITIS AGUDA) Definición Síndrome caracterizado por disfonía, tos seca (perruna), estridor y grado variable de dificultad respiratoria. Epidemiología afecta a niños entre 6 meses y 6 años, predomina en varones 3:2, durante otoño e invierno. Etiología los agentes que predominan en otoño –invierno son: P


MediCal Managed Care HEALTH PLAN OF SAN JOAQUIN DRUG FORMULARY Foreword This document provides physicians and pharmacists with a method to begin to evaluate the various drug products available. The medical treatment of patients is frequently relative to the practical application of drug therapy. Due to the vast availability of medication therapy and treatment modalities, a reas


Liangwei DU Ph. D., Associate Professor, Analytical Chemistry School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Guangxi University Tel: 86-771-3236374; Fax: 86-771-3233718 Email: RESUME 2002, Zhengzhou University, B Sc. 2008, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph. D. 2008–2011, School of Life Science and Technology, Guangxi University, Pos


Treatment Every 2 Weeks or Every 3 Weeks for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (r-CHOP 14 Versus r-CHOP 21) Introduction Diffuse large B cell lymphoma is a type of Non Hodgkin lymphoma. The recommended treatment for this disease is a combination of chemotherapy drugs which are commonly known as R-CHOP. The drugs which make up R-CHOP are R= Rituximab C= Hydroxydaunorubicin (also known as doxoru

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Hypoparathyroidism Newsletter (The Voice of the Hypoparathyroidism Association, Inc.) 2835 Salmon Idaho Falls, Idaho 83406 USA A Tax-exempt Non-Profit Corporation: 82-0505424 Volume 10 Number 4 1490 Members of Record December 2003 E-Mail: [email protected] Web Site: Phone Number: [email protected] http://www.hypoparathyroidism.org 1-208-524-3


PART A–MATHEMATICS The product of n positive numbers is unity. Then0 ≤ x ≤ 2π , then the number of values of x isIf the straight line x–2y+1=0 intersects the circleLet P (x)=1+2x+3x 2 +.(n+1)x n be a polyno- x 2 +y 2 =25 in points P and Q, then the coordinates mial such that n is even. Then the number of realof the point of intersection of tangents drawn at Pand Q to the circle

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Annual Report of Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Indiana – Health Care Excel   The template below was provided to Health Care Excel, the Indiana Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid The information in red represents data supplied to the QIO by CMS. The information in blue represents information entered by the Indiana QIO. I.

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Savel, Kelly, Boreman, & Odom M.D.’s INFLUENZA • Influenza or the flu is a severe viral infection of the respiratory tract. • It is extremely contagious through coughing & sneezing with an incubation • Symptoms are much more severe than regular colds. • Fever is almost always present. It can start suddenly & may last 3-5 days. • There may be exhaustion or an o

Flu fever cold

Sneezing, watery nose, sore throat, body ache, fever? Swine Flu? Almost all of us, at least once or twice a year, with season change, get this common ailment with varying degree of severity, some times lasting for 48 hours, gradually with waning of symptoms as the days go by. Some times we go to Doctor or more often than not, we self medicate, some taking happily over the counter “Cold

Pii: s0959-4388(02)00365-3

Techniques for gene transfer into neurons Philip Washbourne* and A Kimberley McAllister† To illuminate the function of the thousands of genes that makevarying sizes, including cotransfection with multiple up the complexity of the nervous system, it is critical to be ableconstructs; third, have limited cellular toxicity; and fourth,to introduce and express DNA in neurons. Over the past two


INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE (IBD) This is a condition shared by dogs, cats and people that involve inflammation and immune response in the structures of the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. This is not to be confused with another condition called "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" which is not inflammatory or immune mediated but is thought to be stress related. It does not show any


About Kemlite…. What is frp…….? Frp, fiberglass reinforced plastic, is a composite made from fiberglass reinforcement in a plastic (polymer) matrix. A construction analogy would be the steel reinforcing bars in a concrete matrix for highways. By reinforcing the plastic matrix, a wide variety of physical strengths and properties can be designed into the frp composite. Addition

Nhs qipp medicines management implementation august 2010

NeLM news service DOH “Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP)” 2010/11 report on medicines management Source: Department of Health (DH) Date published: 28/07/2010 16:02 Summary by: Sheetal Ladva In response to the challenges of the current economic climate within the NHS, the Department of Health’s has focussed on identifying areas where it can simultane

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WFYI Public Broadcasting to Award Speaking of Women’s Health ® Community Investments Grants to Girls Incorporated of Indianapolis and the Hendricks County Community Foundation FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 19, 2008 Contact: Lori Plummer (317) 614-0462 - [email protected] As part of WFYI Public Broadcasting’s on-going commitment toward promoting the health and wel -being of

Harrison school district

EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION FORM TO PARENT/GUARDIAN : To serve your child in case of ACCIDENT OR SUDDEN ILLNESS, it is necessary that you furnish the following information: EMERGENCY CALLS: If not available, who else may we call for help? PHYSICIAN : 1ST Choice HEALTH INFORMATION : List any health conditions such as heart disease, epilepsy, severe allergies, eye or ear prob

timothy alikakos, md, facc

Timothy J. Alikakos, MD, FACC Robert B Johnson, MD, FACC Board Certified Board Certified Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular Disease Interventional Cardiology Interventional Vascular Medicine C a r d i o v a s c u l a r S p e c i a l i s t s , S C Patient Instructions for Nuclear Stress Testing: Please follow Instructions carefully

Vng instructions and questionnaire

INSTRUCTIONS FOR VIDEONYSTAGMOGRAPHY (VNG) The VNG is a group of tests looking at the balance functions of the inner ear and brain which provides information about the source of your dizziness or unsteadiness. We schedule 2 hours for the test, however, it may take as little as 1 hour to complete. Many people experience some dizziness during the test however, it usually does not last long. It

Microsoft word - tkf2 grlit.doc

1. Description générale Graisse multifonctionnelle spécialement développée pour résoudre la plupart des problèmes couramment rencontrés dans l’industrie. Constituée d’huiles minérales, de savons de lithium avec additifs antioxydant, anti-usure et anticorrosion. 2. Caractéristiques • Diminue l’usure et accroît la longévité des équipements. • Résiste aux charges

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HOMEOPATHY– FOR WOMEN’S HEALTH CAM therapies such as homeopathy are gaining acceptance in countries across the world, both among health providers and consumers (1). A majority of patients consulting with CAM practitioners are women, often seeking help for reproductive health problems , menstrual disorders , menopause , problems during pregnancy and childbirth . Homeopathy has a l

Happy tails kennel contract

Happy Tails Kennel Contract Name of Owner _______________________________ Pet name(s) ____________________________ Please take a brochure; this has the policies you need to be aware of. Please take a price list: this has our rates and dates for holidays and summer and how we charge **We are an active facility. Some examples of reasons you may want to board with a vet are: Your pet

Outpatient prescription drug rider

HEALTH ALLIANCE HMO PRESCRIPTION DRUG RIDER BENEFIT Health Alliance administers pharmacy benefits through a national pharmacy benefit manager. Many independent pharmacies and most national chains are Participating pharmacies. To find out if a pharmacy is a Participating pharmacy, call the Customer Service Department at the number listed on the back of your Member Identification Car

Palliative care emergencies

D R L E S L E Y H E N S O N P A L L I A T I V E C A R E R E G I S T R A R M A R C H 2 0 1 1  Gain confidence in managing a dying patient in the community Be able to write a syringe driver prescription for medications  Understand the role of the district nurse and palliative care community team in managing patients at the end of life Fentanyl Patch 75mcg/hr 3/7 Paracetam


Fueling Ultraendurance Athletes Fueling Your Sport Fluid Needs • For both training and competition in ultraendurance• Good hydration allows you to train and compete at a highevents, athletes need a lot of calories to stay energized. intensity. It also protects against cramping and heatFor the Ironman triathlon, an athlete may need 8,500 to11,500 calories in training and compe

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FDA Drug Safety Communication: Updated drug labels for pioglitazone-containing medicines This update provides a follow-up to the Drug Safety Communication: Update to ongoing safety review of Actos (pioglitazone) and increased risk of bladder cancer issued on 6/15/2011. [8-4-2011] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is informing the public that the Agency has approved


2013 Patient Medical History Date of Birth: _____________________ Emergency Contact/Phone:________________________ Name: ___________________________ Pharmacy:____________________________________ Family Physician: _________________________ Referring Doctor: _______________________________ Do you wear? Glasses Contact Lenses (What type?) _______________________ □ No Glasses or Con

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LEVETIRACETAM VÍA ORAL EN EL TRATAMIENTO DEL STATUS EPILÉPTICO NO CONVULSIVO INICIAL Y REFRACTARIO Romano LM, Besocke AG, Migliacci ML, Castellino LG, Ioli PL, Zorrila JP. Servicio de Neurología. Hospital Privado de Comunidad, Mar del Plata. INTRODUCCIÓN El Status Epiléptico No Convulsivo (SENC) es una entidad tratable y potencialmente reversible, subdiagnosticada, pero de


Dr. med. Arthur Filusch Dr. med. M. Natour FESC und Partner Ihre Privatklinik für Innere medizin, Kardiologie und Pneumologiestudium der humanmedizin an der Ruprecht-Karls- Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology european Cardiologist Blutdruckspezialist der Deut-schen hochdruck Liga (DhL)Promotionsarbeit: „Kontrastechokardiographische Untersuchungen zur Beurteilung der my


Nonprescription Availability of Emergency Contraceptionin the United States: Current Status, Controversies, andFrom the Department of Emergency Medicine, Brown Medical School, Providence, RI. In October 2004, the American College of Emergency Physicians Council joined more than 60 otherhealth professional organizations in supporting the nonprescription availability of emergencycontraception. Th

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Communication: The Bridge Between You and Your Physician Hair Restoration When you consult a hair restoration specialist, you and the physician sharethe same objective—to determine if your needs and wishes can besatisfied by a hair restoration surgical procedure or medical treatment. Youand your physician have to begin building mutual understanding about:. Your objective and subjective percep

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TITEL III - SPORTIEF REGLEMENT VELDHOCKEY (SR) HOOFDSTUK 1 - KAMPIOENSCHAPPEN VELDHOCKEY Artikel 1 - Organisatie van de wedstrijden . HOOFDSTUK II - BEKERS Artikel 2 - Algemene Organisatie . Artikel 3 - Indeling . Artikel 4 - Mechanisme - Beker. HOOFDSTUK IV - RANGSCHIKKING, TITELS, STIJGEN EN DALEN Artikel 5 - Rangschikkingen . Artikel 6 - Testwedstrijd - Eindronde . Artik

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The Antiseptic 2008; 105(3): 139-141. Clinical Evaluation and safety of Liv.52 Drops in the management of loss of appetite in children: A subset analysis Subhasish S. Bhattacharya, Department of Pediatrics, Medical College, Kolkata, India Pralhad S. Patki, M.D. , Head - Medical Services and Clinical Trials, S.K. Mitra, M.D. , Executive Director, R&D Center, T

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EG-Sicherheitsdatenblatt Handelsname: Haarweg fl. Produkt-Nr.: 89246 Stand: 07.12.2007 1. Stoff/Zubereitungs- und Firmenbezeichnung Angaben zum Produkt Handelsname: Angaben zum Hersteller / Lieferant Adresse: Notruf-Telefon: 2. Zusammensetzung/Angaben zu Bestandteilen Chemische Charakterisierung: Wässrige Lösung von Alkalien, Hilfsstoffen, Emulgatoren, Fa

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HealthWatch – for treatment that works Highlights of Newsletter no 90, July 2013 NEWS: RIAT moves for trial transparency Pressure on pharmaceutical companies to make available their unpublished clinical trial data moved up a gear in June with the launch of the RIAT (Restoring Invisible and Abandoned Trials) initiative by British Medical Journal, PLoS and researchers.1 It is a call

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meddelad i Stockholm den 23 december 2008 KLAGANDE Intrång i tilläggsskydd för läkemedel ÖVERKLAGADE AVGÖRANDET Svea hovrätts dom den 6 november 2007 i mål T 5467-06Högsta domstolen fastställer hovrättens domslut. Pfizer Aktiebolag skall utge ersättning till STADApharm AB för rätte-gångskostnader i Högsta domstolen med tvåhundratjugosextusenfemhundra(226 500) kr, avseend


Huronia Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic 3331 Line 4 North, RR1 Shanty Bay, ON L0L 2L0 Ph) 705-835-7545 Fax) 705-835-6424 PLEASE RETURN FORMS VIA: FAX, MAIL OR DROP OFF TO CLINIC CLIENT APPLICATION FORM-CHILD/ADOLESCENT The Huronia Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic collects, uses and discloses your personal information in compliance with the guidelines of the Personal Health Infor


cine solution for 12–24 h (Kligerman and Bloom 1977). Adult Herpetological Review , 2005, 36(1), 45–47. frogs, on the other hand, will need to be injected with a small© 2005 by Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptilesamount of colchicine (1 mg/ml deionized water) using a 23-gauge PIT Tag Retention in Trachemys and Pseudemys needle (1.9 cm in length). To ensure circulation

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Wednesday 4th Thursday 5th Friday 6th Saturday 7th MUCUS AND NON-PYLORI AND EFFECTIVE H. EXTRACELLULAR EXTRA-GASTRIC PYLORI VACCINE MANIFESTATIONS David Thornton: F. Haesebrouck: Markus Gerhard Abstract Abstract Phil Sutton presentations presentations ADHESION AND “- OMICS” SCIENTIST VIRULENCE P


Preoperative and Perioperative Instructions Mini Gastric Bypass/Sleeve Gastric Bypass One Month Before Stop Smoking! Clinical studies have shown that smoking cessation at least twoweeks prior to surgery significantly reduces your risks of serious lung problemsafter surgery. Your primary medical doctor will be happy to start you on anicotine patch or other program to help with your transit


Successful Management of Rosacea with Lasers Specialists share insights to help dermatologists and patients get the most from laser therapy for rosacea. By Paul Winnington, Editorial Director Though a novelty just a few years ago, the use of ically uses the Gemini (Iridex) with a 10mm spot,lasers to treat rosacea has become mainstream. allowing her to “rapidly treat the entire face.

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THE ABC's Of CARDIAC MEDICATIONS is for Aspirin and other Antiplatelet medications. As you know a blood clot forming A in blood vessels causes heart attacks and strokes. Aspirin at 80 mg to 325 mg a day or higher doses helps decrease the chance of having a heart attack and stroke. The major side effect is stomach upset. Often a coated Aspirin taken at supper time eliminates the problem. New


2012-13 NCAA Banned Drugs It is your responsibility to check with the appropriate or designated athletics staff before using any substance The NCAA bans the following classes of drugs: a. Stimulants b. Anabolic Agents c. Alcohol and Beta Blockers (banned for rifle only) d. Diuretics and Other Masking Agents e. Street Drugs f. Peptide Hormones and Analogues g. Anti-estrogens h.

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Traci A. Wilgus, Ph.D. Phone: (614) 366-8526 Fax: (614) 366-9389 Education: Bachelor of Science, Microbiology The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH Doctor of Philosophy, Molecular Virology, Immunology & Medical Genetics The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH Dissertation Title: Inflammation in ultraviolet light B-induced carcinogenesis, wound healing and fibrosis in adult and f


List of slang terms for drugs A-bomb: combination of marijuana with heroinAtom Bomb: see A-bombAcapulco Gold: marijuanaAcid: LSDAdam: MDA, MDE, MDMA, MMDAAlley juice: nonbeverage isopropyl and methyl alcoholAmytal: amobarbitalAngel Dust: PCPBabtists Communion: flunitrazepam (Rohypnol)Base: cocaine free baseBash: HashBarbs: barbituratesBennies: amphetamines/speedBeverage: alcoholBhang: marijuana

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Community Infection Guidance 2011 Aims • To provide a simple, best guess approach to the treatment of common infections • To promote the safe, effective and economic use of antibiotics • To minimise the emergence of bacterial resistance in the community Principles of Treatment 1. This guidance is based on the best available evidence but its application must be modified

Hate and hedonism

INovembre, in Paris: a prize Maecenas of the prize, a pessimistic—that systematically Photo : Sophie Bassouls Corbis / Sygma all failed to honor MichelHouellebecq’s “Les ParticulesÉlémentaires,” and for months lecas Houellebecq had beensimmering. Schoolteachers hadprotested the book’s explicitsexuality; the author had beenHouellebecq’s novel—his second—was very French in its


Bleaching products fade areas of unwanted pigmentation by disrupting the production and distribution of melanin in the skin by targeting overactive melanocytes (pigment-producing cells). There are a variety of ways to accomplish this and studies have shown that the best results occur when using a combination of two or more of these ingredients. Tyrosinase Inhibitors: Tyrosinase is a coppe

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"KEEP Reading This FREE Report To Discover What Many Doctors Don't Know About RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME. Find Out The Truth About Your Problem And How To Get Rid Of It Once And For All. Without Drugs!" Inside This Insider's Report, You'll Learn. -- What Many Doctors Don't Know About Restless Leg Syndrome! -- The Hidden Spot Most Doctors Fail To Check As The Cause Of Your Prob

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Halton Healthcare Services Georgetown / Milton /Oakville Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital 327 Reynolds Street, Oakville ON L6J 3L7 Ph 905-845-2571 ext 3545 Fax 905-338-4453 Michael Lang, BSc MD FRCPC Anna Labuda, BSc MD FRCPC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Requisition for Comprehensive Spasticity Manag


Level 13, Mid City Tower, 139 Willis Street, Wellington 6011PO Box 11649, Manners Street, Wellington 6142, New ZealandTelephone: 64 4 381 6816 Facsimile: 64 4 802 4831 NEW ZEALAND HEALTH PRACTITIONERS DISCIPLINARY TRIBUNAL SUMMARY OF DISCIPLINARY CHARGE BROUGHT AGAINST DR H Introduction: 1. This summary relates to the outcome of a disciplinary charge brought against Dr H by the D

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www.antiventurecapital.com How to Successfully Launch a Business in Tough Times How to Successfully Launch a Business in Tough Times Launching a new business has always been a major challenge. In the current economic climate, it is even tougher to do because of the lack of both personal and investor capital that an entrepreneur can tap into for funding a start-up. So it becomes imperative to

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HEROIN AND RELATED OPIATES DAVID J. NUTT Psychopharmacology Unit, Bristol University Heroin is a derivative of morphine and both belong to a large family of drugs called the opiates, that were originally extracted from the resin of the opium poppy and which have been used by humans for millennia. They have strong pain-relieving actions and play a prominent role in the management of

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R E A D I N G G R O U P One Pill Makes You Smaller by Lisa Dierbeck A New York Times Notable Book of the Year ISBN: 0-312- 42286-5 About this Guide Eleven-year-old Alice Duncan has a problem: growing at a breathtaking pace, her body has taken on a life of its own. Heads turn whenever Alice leaves the house. Men everywhere are mesmerized by the two huge globes that

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THE HIGHLAND COUNCIL Resources Committee – 5th October 2005 Report by Director of Corporate Services Smoking Cessation Support in Support of the Policy on Managing Smoking at Work Summary This report proposes that smoking cessation support be made available for elected members and staff in support of the policy on Managing Smoking at Work. Introduction It was agree

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REZA FARID HOSSEYNI, MD, DTCT, FAAAAI 55 Nastran Ave. Nasteran 8 Mashhad, Iran [email protected] Home: 0098 511 761 15 80 Cell: 0098 915 111 13 80 Fax: 0098 511 761 06 81 Intrested Research : HTLV-1 , Allergic disease Adjunct Professor of Allergy Health Promotion Sciences Adjunct Professor of Immunology College of Medicine . The University Of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public


The HANDLE® Institute 7 Mt. Lassen Drive, Suite B110 San Rafael, CA 94903 415-479-1800 CASE STUDY ADD, Autism, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder in 14-year-old femalePresented by Peg Simon, certified HANDLE® Practitioner, from Judith Bluestone’s client notesThese case studies, each submitted by a Certified HANDLE® Practitioner, demonstrate outcomes ach

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NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center 1-800-367-2229 www.healthychildcarenc.org Facts about E.coli 0157:H7 What is E.coli? E. coli O157:H7 is one of hundreds of strains of the bacterium Escherichia coli. Most strains are harmless and live in the intestines of healthy humans and animals. This strain produces a powerful toxin and can cause severe illness. Spread through

Pii: s0029-7844(99)00480-9

Progesterone, Inhibin, and hCG Multiple MarkerStrategy to Differentiate Viable From NonviablePregnancies MAUREEN GLENNON PHIPPS, MD, JOSEPH W. HOGAN, ScD,JEFFREY F. PEIPERT, MD, MPH, GERALYN M. LAMBERT-MESSERLIAN, PhD,JACOB A. CANICK, PhD, AND DAVID B. SEIFER, MD Objective : To determine whether a combination of serum Conclusion : Serum progesterone appeared to be the single and uri


Articles Adjuvant capecitabine in combination with docetaxel and cyclophosphamide plus epirubicin for breast cancer: an open-label, randomised controlled trial Heikki Joensuu, Pirkko-Liisa Kellokumpu-Lehtinen, Riikka Huovinen, Arja Jukkola-Vuorinen, Minna Tanner, Raija Asola, Riitta Kokko, Johan Ahlgren, Päivi Auvinen, Akseli Hemminki, Outi Paija, Leena Helle, Lauri Nuortio, Kenneth

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schützt vor Pilzbefall10 Jahre Langzeitschutz*lösemittelhaltigfür außenfür alle lösemittelhaltigen Lasurenhoch tiefenwirksamfarblosHolzschutzmittel sicher verwenden. Vor Gebrauch stets Kennzeichnung und Produktinformation lesen. n uchsfertiges, flüssiges Holzschutzmittel (PT 8) auf Lösemittelbasis zur Farbloses, gebrauchsfertiges, flüssiges Holzschutzmittel (PT 8) auf Lösemittelba


• geen zin meer in wandelen? • geen zin meer in • geen zin meer in eten? Middelen en tips om het gedrag van uw hond te stimuleren! gesmeerde gewrichten, als hij geen zin meer in wandelen heeft? een goed werkend hart, als hij nooit meer wil spelen? speciaal seniorenvoer, als hij geen zin meer in eten heeft? Het is tegenwoordig heel normaal om uw hond een zo


Problem Gambling Day Treatment Program Information and Referral Package (Revised November 2011) Dear Colleagues and Clients: Thank you for your interest in the ADAPT Problem Gambling Day Treatment Program. This 5-day program runs Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 3:30pm. It is available to any resident of Ontario. Our program is facilitated by professional counsellors, who sp


Leitlinien der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie und Nervenheilkunde (DGPPN) Zitierbare Quelle: Der Nervenarzt 10, 2003, 939 -946 ADHS im Erwachsenenalter I. Autoren der Leitlinie II. Gründe für die Leitlinienentwicklung Die Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit-/Hyperaktivitätsstörung (ADHS) beginnt im Kindesalter. Häufig, nach Verlaufsstudien

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LIPOSUCTION INSTRUCTIONS All liposuctioned areas will be mildly to moderately swollen and sore. Please wear your liposuction garment as much as you can comfortably tolerate. You may remove it at intervals for comfort. Nighttime wear is not required, but is suggested to maximize edema control and hasten your new contour. Liposuction is not an exact science. Overall, body contour can be

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Psychology 413: Research in Physiological Psychology Lecture/Discussion (123 Millington): TR 9:30-10:50 p.m. Laboratory (123 & 10 Millington): T 2:00-3:20 p.m. Instructor: Josh Burk, Ph.D. Office: 231 Millington Office Hours: T 11-12; Th 2-3 and by appointment Telephone: 221-3882 e-mail:[email protected] Graduate Student Assistant: Matt Howe Office: 123P Millington e-mail: [email protected]


Independent Clinical Study Shows that BreatheRite™ MDI Chamber Delivers Patient Medication More Efficiently. Choose between the economical rigid or • 22mm O.D. round mouthpiece fits any mask collapsible holding chamber and enjoy • Geometrically advanced chamber allows for increased portability. • Low resistance exhalation valve angles exhaled • Inspiratory apertur

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U r b a n a n d S u b u r b a n A r e a s S Y S T E M D I M E N S I O N S C H E M I C A L A N D P H Y S I C A L B I O L O G I C A L C O M P O N E N T S H U M A N U S E S Plants and Animals Species Status W h a t I s T h i s I n d i c a t o r , a n d W h y I s Status of "Original Species" I t I m p o r t a n t ? This indicator will report on the degree to which


UNOFFICIAL COPY OF HOUSE BILL 719 ____________________________________________________________________________________ By: Delegates Pendergrass, Weldon, Bobo, Bronrott, DeBoy, Dumais, Frush, Heller, Jones, Kaiser, King, Krysiak, Love, Madaleno, Malone, Mandel, Marriott, Menes, Moe, Montgomery, Petzold, Rosenberg, Rudolph, and F. Turner F. Turner, Goldwater, Hurson, Hammen, Boutin, Bromwell

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Psychiatria Danubina, 2013; Vol. 25, No. 3, pp 266-267 © Medicinska naklada - Zagreb, Croatia DULOXETINE-RELATED GALACTORRHEA AND RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME: A CASE REPORT Hasan Belli, Mahir Akbudak & Cenk Ural Department of Psychiatry, Bagcilar Education and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey INTRODUCTION weeks. Six weeks later, she applied to our clinic with the compla

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Prevent unplanned pregnancies: help patients plan ahead and be prepared. Frequently asked questions for healthcare providers. How effective is Emergency Contraception? • Progestin-only Emergency Contraception Pills (ECPs) reduce the risk of pregnancy by 89%; • Combined ECPs, including both progestin and estrogen, reduce the chance of pregnancy by 74%; • A single


Hôpital Joseph Ducuing SUSTIVA ® ( Efavirenz ) Quel bénéfice ? Sustiva est un médicament anti rétroviral (inhibiteur non nucléosidique de la Formes pharmaceutiques Sustiva se présente sous forme de comprimés dosés à 600 mg (boîte de 30) Les comprimés peuvent être conservés à température ambiante. Comment prendre votre médicament ? Prendre : 1


ENERGY DRINKS: A NO-NO FOR YOUNG SWIMMERS 11/14/2011 The USA Swimming Sports Medicine and Science Committee has carefully reviewed the risks and benefits related to energy drinks and is providing the information below to call attention to the differences between energy drinks and "sports drinks" used for rehydration, to point out the risks associated with such drinks, and to pr


EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY Dear Dr. __________________________, We at Eastern Kentucky University Student Health Services are happy to administer allergy injections to your patient,_____________________. We must, however, clarify the conditions under which these shots are given. The serum, upon receipt by SHS, is immediately refrigerated. When the patient presents at our clinic, vital sign

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Meeting Minutes – September 2010 Anne Cuskelly, Natalie See, Michael Malvicino, Janice Adams, Jennie Wragg, Kendi Burness-Cowan, Michael Cuskelly, Michael Webb, John Morgan, Elaine Lee Lesley Norris, Yasmin Alameddin, Wayne Barry, Sevil Ilkbahar, Catherine Gregory Tuesday, 12th October 2010 at 7.30pm in the Community Resource Centre Connected classroom is in room 3 upstairs and is n

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Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Currently Enrolling HCV Clinical Trials Research study contact: 646-962- HepC (4372) Description Key Information A Phase 1b Randomized Placebo-Control ed Clinical Trial to Study the Safety Genotype 1, Treatment Naïve, Stage < 2, males age 18-55, study and Efficacy of MK-7009 in Hepatitis C Infected Patients period 22 d


H C V F A C T S H E E T F O R P A T I E N T S P R A C T I C E S U P P O R T T O O L K I T TRIPLE THERAPY FOR CHRONIC HEPATITIS C In May 2011, two new drugs to treat chronic hepatitis C (HCV) were approved by the FDA. Telaprevir (Incivek) and boceprevir (Victrelis) are protease inhibitors that interfere with the ability of the HCV virus to multiply. These new drugs are ONLY for patients

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DuPont™ Krovar® I DF herbicide TABLE OF CONTENTS ACTIVE INGREDIENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1STORAGE AND DISPOSAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1NOTICE TO BUYER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9First Aid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Revista del Hospital Privado de Comunidad PENFIGOIDE CICATRIZAL DE MUCOSAS Dres. Gerónimo Alazard1, Andrés Alza1, Hernán Cantú1, Marcelo Guagnini2 INTRODUCCIÓN para descartar lupus eritematoso (anticuerposEl penfigoide cicatrizal de mucosas (PC) es una en-antinucleares (ANA), anticuerpos anti-ADN, célulasfermedad ampollosa crónica autoinmune que afecta pre-LE). Todos los valor

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Sujet bac 2010 : Anglais LV1 Série ES – Pondichéry BACCALAURÉAT GÉNÉRAL SESSION 2010 Langue vivante 1 Séries ES et S L’usage des calculatrices et de tout dictionnaire est interdit. Compréhension écrite : 10 points Expression : 10 points Le sujet comporte 5 pages Bac 2010 – Série ES – LV1 Anglais – Pondichéry Mary Ann Singleton was twenty-f

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Blood Pressure Medications and You Antihypertensives, or “blood pressure medicines,” are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs. Unfortunately, about one-quarter of people prescribed medicines to lower their blood pressure stop taking them within six months. Up to one-half stop taking them within one year. Why are blood pressure medicines so important? Keeping your blood


Annals of Internal Medicine Leeches To Treat Knee Osteoarthritis Summaries for Patients are a service What is the problem and what is known about it so far? provided by Annals to help patientsKnee osteoarthritis (“arthritis”) is a common condition in which changes in the knee jointslead to pain and disability. Typical treatments for knee osteoarthritis include oral ortopical me

Haloperidol dose when used as active comparator in randomized controlled trials with atypical antipsychotics in schizophrenia: comparison with officially recommended doses

Haloperidol Dose When Used as Active Comparator in Randomized Controlled Trials With Atypical Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia: Comparison With Officially Recommended Doses Gerard W. K. Hugenholtz, Pharm.D., Ph.D.; Eibert R. Heerdink, Ph.D.; Joost J. Stolker, M.D., Ph.D.; Welmoed E. E. Meijer, Ph.D.; Antoine C. G. Egberts, Pharm.D., Ph.D.; and Willem A. Nolen, M.D., Ph.D. Con

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