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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) P A T I E N T E D U C A T I O N S E R I E S W hat is IBS and its symptoms? How is IBS treated? IBS is a chronic condition of gastrointestinal “dys-IBS is not life threatening or associated with seri-function” affecting up to 20 % of the population, ous disease, but the symptoms for some may sig-characterized by symptoms of abdominal cramping/n

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Newsletter Hope you're well and living life to it's full. Here's your next edition of my newsletter. Struck down with a cold. It is all guns blazing with clients coming back from holidays and back to business as usual. But last Sunday I was caught in the rain while fishing. Being the hardcore fisherman that I am, I thought it would be a passing shower, but it rained consistently on

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LEEDS METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF HEALTH (STUDENT SUPPORT OFFICE D803) COURSE: Notes to Candidates: Answer ALL questions in Section A (contributes 50% of total mark) Answer ONE question in Section B (contributes 50% of total mark) Use separate answer books for Sections A and B You may consult your Practical Portfolio for Section B only after handing in your Section A SEC

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xundfood Letter Nr. 3 Ein guter Fang EINE KNUSPRIGE HAUBE mit würzigem Pesto bedeckt das zarte Seelachs-Filet. Das Wasser im Mund läuft zusammen. Noch vor wenigen Jahren war Bio-Fisch eine Rarität. Neu sind Delikatessen wie frische Pasta gefüllt mit Bio-Lachs, Bio-Shrimps, irische Wildlachs-Steaks oder Öko-Muscheln. Beliebte Klassiker wie Fischstäbchen oder Kabeljau- und Schellf

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